Mandarin & Midnight

oranges in wooden bowl


Tangerine & Noir

Mandarin & Midnight

Kumquat & Charcoal

Persimmon & Jet

Ebony &…

OK, let’s just cut to the chase…

Orange & Black

 It’s a great combination isn’t it?

So let’s not just save it for Halloween.

The black part of the equation is easy. Orange may be introduced as simply as above,

 with art, flowers, fruits, veggies in the kitchen, throws, books, glass or pottery in orange hues, candles, candy in a bowl,

leaving a luscious Leica laying around…

orange Leica

A minor touch of orange carries major impact!

and if you don’t have the element of fire in a room, orange is your man.


To further prove my point;

tumblr_mebiurvIM31rbsp5ao1_1280Love the art propped against the fireplace in this contemporary space.

orange roses slimpaley.comThese are Von’s roses, not from my garden.  No scent, but they lasted about 9 days! Viagra roses.

268949408967282370_THIuSsGo_fTake note how many of these images have some form of natural wood working beautifully with the orange & black combo.

134127529_CtdQBZ7D_cSuch a cool kitch!


Amanda Peet’s entry hall via Vogue

Do I see Viagra roses?

Here, natural wood, orange & black are adding a contemporary pop to an otherwise traditional room.

orange flowers,

 I want to hang a hammock inside somewhere, don’t you?!

Public bike

How about a sexy Public Bike propped casually against your wall

Michael Smith

This is a favorite photo so I’m sorry I don’t have the credit.

The coziness of a sleeping nook, dark wood and the arched leaded window are all so charming.

The Barn, Hermes blanket, slimpaley.comHere fiery orange & deep charcoal in my “Boy Barn”

It will be finished…eventually. You know how I hate to be rushed.

700_roman-williams-stiller-libraryBen Stiller’s library by Roman-Williams

black bookcasesBlack bookcases are terribly chic.

Splashes of orange tones highlight them to dramatic effect in these three photos

one_kings_lane_scents_rusticand Hermes blankets always make Mommy happy.


Pumpkin blankets and crisp black lines help to make this bedroom a triumph.

Oh, you naughty young Parisian man in Hotel Costes! How did you get on this post?!

c0fb762f6ef0f4e96eac0a238136cedeI like the warmth of this living space looking out on to the snow and pines, but can you tell what’s going on on the ceiling?



and a touch of plum in these two pics60728294945475067_c7cdaavm_f


LOVE this bold, fun room, especially the burnt orange velvet cushions on the African bead chairs.



Go bold


Go baby steps

but do think about giving orange & black a go-go (been watching Madmen much?!)



  1. So as I read this I realize I’m wearing black pants and an orange sweatshirt…….BUT every time I wear this I think “Halloween”…and then “so what”….thanks for the great post!….BUT they all are!!!!!!

  2. When my garden roses start waning I pull a few petals from my scented roses and go out search for store ‘Viagra roses’ (cute) and purchase a bouquet or 2 of a match.
    At home I pick roses of the matched petal and, viola, a scented bouquet with volume too!

    • great idea! High & Low, “Couture & Costco” -it works with flowers as well as fashion.

  3. I wear alot of black and white and now I want to match it with my orange purse! Maybe a new summer trend for here????:):) XO, pinky

  4. What a funny coincidence – just this afternoon I met with my decorator and asked him to paint my patio light grey, with Hermes orange block stripes on one wall. It has taken a while to warm to orange but grey/orange is now my favourite colour combination. Thanks for your inspiring post.

  5. have the orange bag, have the GREATEST orange crossbody Prada wallet (a must have) I am now searching for the perfect orange throw. Won’t be used, it will just be folded over a grey and ivory Ikat chair. Any suggestions where to look? I’ve googled everywhere. Thx!

  6. Slim,

    Thanks to you, and Hermes, I now really like orange. I used to reserve use of that color in any fashion for the fall season. Now I can see the beauty of use with black/charcoal and even blue and white.
    Great post.

  7. Love, love, love this! Orange is one of my Go To accent colors and I am always amazed by how well it blends in with just about everything. And there are so many levels of saturation and pigment that you can almost always find the perfect one. Most of them are in this post. Thanks, Slim! xx

  8. JUST yesterday I bought a pair of orange and black reading glasses……have always loved the combo……but I AM a Halloween baby, so I’ve always been partial…..
    Down here DownUnder it’s Autumn (hard to get your head around April-May not being Spring) so it feels more natural as the leaves change…but I think you, dear Slim, will start another trend UpOver…..good on you!…as they say down here. Still a loyal fan!

  9. I love a touch of orange in the garden too! There are some great orange dahlias! I love each and everyone of your photos and the whole expose on orange and black. My Mother did orange in the living room in the 60’s – all things become new again!

  10. I wear orange and black a lot. I have a Hermes tres Kelly scarf in orange and black that is stunning, STUNNING I tell you.

    I have been watching Mad Men and covet Megan’s wardrobe esp that cream and gold number she wore to dinner with Evil Jaguar Guy and his ditsy puppy luffing wife. Isn’t Old Pete EVIL?


  11. I must be “terribly chic” as I painted my bookcases black about 6 years ago–and since I’m seeing tons of black and white, I’m feeling even more chic since I just upholstered a pair of moderne chairs in black RL linen. I loves all of these spaces–I could move right in. Thank you for making me feel chic after a very yucky day.

  12. Orange is my best color to wear–for some reason it gives my face a healthy glow and my baby blue eyes look even bluer……back in the day I had an orange & brown kitchen! Now it would be right in style again.!!! Great post as always

  13. I live in the land of orange and black,Princeton NJ,but you made it all new again.

  14. I loved seeing all the interior spaces! I have been an “anglo indian-safari- furniture -girl” since forever. But am noticing that I am now drawn to sleeker modern furniture (Mad Men influence, maybe???) Just finished redecorating our media room in orange-black and cream!!! Love it! Funny you should mention the “boy barn” because when I read that you wanted to have a place to hang a hammock, I thought, hmmmm didn’t she mention a boy barn way back? I could see a hammock there. As always, a great post!!

  15. oh, my! you find such wonderful photos…had no idea I was on track to having such a fashionable space–i have the dark floors, white walls, black barcelona chairs, a gorgeous natural wood (complete with holes) accent AND an orange/red glass art plate in a stand on my bookshelf! woohoo! i collect throws, so now i have a new mission–finding the right orange. Funny how I gravitated to using bright orange gerbers, but the Viagra roses add an elevated elegance to the room, yes? it is so nice to see a finished room for inspiration!

  16. I have never been a fan of orange, until now. You’ve shown me the error of my ways. I may not be able to wear it, but I could sure work it into my black and white decor. Perhaps some of those Viagra roses. They are gorgeous. Subtle and durable. Great combo.

  17. Slimmy, are you leaning towards contemporary design more now? Since the Boy Barn methinks you are! I love this post. So many great rooms!

  18. Been drawn to orange lately. Do you think I was subliminally influenced by those tennis shoes? Regardless – after seeing your gorgeous post – I’m going for it.

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  20. S.P. – I have THAT Public orange bike just sit’in in the garage. I’ll let you know Hubby’s comments when I bring it into the living room for my summer decor.
    I do know the house keepers will laugh at me. In spanish.

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