Lusting For Exotic Shores…

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Firstly, I must begin by saying how much I enjoyed ALL the wonderful suggestions for “The WHITE LIST” on my last post. What a creative, funny and esthetically gifted bunch you are!  I will go through them again (while sipping some white wine) and compile the entire list for another White post in the not too distant future.  After all, It’s not like I’ve had much of an opportunity to tire of white this “summer” 

@#$%^&*    OK, I feel better now.

This post is about nothing more than soldiering on in a tropical vein, with the hope that visualization is indeed the first step to realization.  I read that in one of my self-help books and I’m going to start right now;

How I would love to be on some exotic shore in a Liza Bruce caftan, nursing a frosty pineapple beverage, a whopping great satchel of books by my side and a fake tan, of course.  I can almost smell the coconut oil and freshly caught fish wrapped in banana leaves roasting on the beach firepit.

  Whoah- my drink umbrella just slipped a little.

    Please DOUBLE click for perfect beach music accompaniment

Wonder Bread Art by Catherine McEver

The most appetizing Wonderbread has ever looked to me!

Slim Paley photo

“Sound of The Sea”  at The Fat Duck.

The course consists of ground crawfish (the sand) seaweed and raw sliced halibut.  It’s presented with a sea worthy foam on a sheet of glass balanced over real sand, and to engage all the senses, an ipod with earphones hidden within a conch shell delivering the gentle sounds of the seaside.  It may sound a little twee, but the combination of all senses being engaged while not being able to converse, really does heighten the taste buds!

Scary Book! The Lords of the Flies meet up with Pirates- Trouble ensues…

Slim Paley photo

The Beach at Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Necker Island

Veranda Magazine photo

India Hick’s home in the Bahamas

India’s newest book on Beauty

We’re about halfway through the post already…time for a palate cleanser…

Tropical Sorbet martini from!


Rug from The Rug Company

Rodarte for MAC (available September 2010)

Christian Chaize photograph of Portugal

Matthew Williamson For Belvedere Pink Grapefruit Vodka

Theurel & Thomas Macaroons from Mexico City

I believe this was from an old H & G magazine- check out the chandelier

Anastasija Kondratjeva

I dunno- she just worked with the room above. There’s really nothing tropical about her. I think I just related to her thigh-because it looks like my arm..

.Chanel  polish in ‘Nouvelle Vague’, ‘Riviera’ and ‘Mistral’

I ‘d pick ‘Nouvelle Vague’ for my tropical vacay.

When not reading or napping,  I would  work with pastels…


…and get results like this (remember, visualize, visualize…)

Richard Branson’s Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands; one of the most tranquil, relaxing places I’ve ever been!

Love the chairs, lost the credit

And now it’s…Martini time!

California farmers have recently started growing these juicy Australian Finger Limes.  LA restaurants such as Craft and Sona are using them in everything from Sushi to sorbets-  Look for them at your local farmer’s markets and press your local grocers to start stocking them.

Then fix yourself a little;

Recipe and photos from Morsels and Musings

Finger limes also available from Deer Creek Heights Ranch

Gisele, 6 seconds after having her baby (I spared you the shots without the caftan)

Gisele, 6 seconds after having her baby (I spared you the shots without the caftan)

For great bathing suits in Santa Barbara, check out Tropical Affair

Necker Island

Wonderful Vintage Moschino Bag

(If I were a tropical fairy I would live  here 🙂 )

What’s your dream destination these days??

(and what’s SHE looking so unsure about for God’s sake??!)



  1. my dream destination is Brookwood Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama where my daughter is in labor right now! I’ve been dreaming about this [vacation] for 8 months now!

    • Yay!! Congratulations Kendall
      You win the dream destination prize for sure!
      What a wonderful weekend you’ll be having- enjoy every moment with your growing family!!

  2. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your blog posts…..they are so entertaining! I love your sense of humor, visual effects, and sound effects!

  3. hi slim,

    love the above comment! congratulations kendall.

    at first i was like, friday favorites on friday? what gives?

    love this post as usual. the arm/thigh reference kills as does giselle in caftan.

    have a wonderful weekend.


  4. Slim,
    Give you a theme, and you put together the best montages of fashion, decor, products and nature I have ever seen.
    You continue to amaze me!
    My dream destination right this very minute is Monaco!
    Your comment about the woman with Brando made me laugh so hard, the dogs came running in!!!!!

  5. Ah, Necker! I’ve had the incredible good fortune of vacationing there twice. Truly heaven on earth! But sometimes hard to remember on days like this when I’m sitting in front of my glowing PC for hours on end. Thanks for helping me re-engage my senses.

  6. She’s not unsure…she be scared!
    Great halibut..for the hell of it.
    have a sunny day!!!! MMMMM!!!!

  7. This makes my weekend trip to the lake appear a little less glamous! Oh well, I’ll just pretend the water is a beautiful shade of blue and that the dirt is sand! Guess none of us can compete with becoming a grandparent!
    Teresa (Splendid Sass)

  8. SP~
    Again, I am transfixed with your destinations AND your humor..I was thinking her thigh looked more like my ankle 😀
    But it does give me a wonderful appreciation for the beautiful gulf coast that I live in…Bora Bora’s water and sand don’t have much on us…I am really fortunate to live in Paradise 24/7 and we were spared the oil spill. Do come visit. I will show you how to swim with the dolphin.
    But besides that, I am headed to Tanzania, Africa in a couple of weeks so will have to research. I am pretty sure you have done some outstanding post on Out of Africa???

  9. Love this post. My dream destination is Buenos Aires, Argentina. Oh! An Out of Africa post, what a wonderful idea!

    • I would love to visit Buenos Aires also, Jackie- Never been to South America, except for Mexico many years ago.

      And yes, I think another Africa post might be in order…after all, it’s an awfully vast place!

  10. Hey Slim, let’s go on a vacation together!!!
    I love water and turquoise water most. I also love Marlon Brando. I even chose Marlon for the middle name of one of my sons.

  11. Wow! Great article in the new House Beautiful!!

    We were in the same book; and my article is right after yours in the magazine!

    Awfully good company I am with!!


    I love love love your blog!!!

    • Right back at you Penny!

      Perhaps we’ll even meet in Real Life one day 🙂

      PS. I also have vines growing in through my second story window- I love it!

  12. Oh, …the arms I can SO relate to…and thanks for not showing us the rest of Gisele! I could be a size 2, but my arms would still be like a tree trunk – unfortunately, Mom and Nana were like that too…sigh. KENDALL! Thinking of you and your exciting news!! Keep us posted! Slim, you’re brilliant as usual. Thanks for the chuckles!
    Let’s see….I’ll choose Necker Island as my destination. I remember when it was such a favorite of the late Princess Diana. It looks absolutely breathtaking! xo

  13. um my dream destination would have to be that beach house that’s featured in the Sept issue of House Beautiful….Ooh la la !

  14. Richard Branson’s Necker Island would be a good place to start … Tahiti, Fiji, Bora Bora. Hawaii looked fabulous on your post. Wish you could take us on a personal tour. I’m ready for my frosty pineapple beverage. Love Bob Marley – one of my favorite summer/beach songs. Thanks!

  15. I am sorry the sun hasn’t come out for your California Summer, but WOW! you just knock us out with your blog! Take the sun way from S.P. and her imagination bursts with the wanting of it! You know the way to the beach!
    Calm down Marlon, she’s heard it all before!

  16. I couldn’t get past the foamy raw food with earphones coming out of a shell. It looked like something out of the movie “Date Night” that would’ve been served at “Claw” (the restaurant where their misadventure starts). Too funny…

    I was happily startled to find you in House Beautiful! I was soaking up every detail of every photograph. When I saw that it was you I had to re-read everything three times. Love the slipcovered car seats!

  17. Hey Slim, I just read your spread in the Sept. House Beautiful and rushed over here to your blog. I too, am a (slightly abashed) lover of all things Karen Blixen…ivory linens, snowy lace, sterling and chintz oblivious to the vicissitudes of the encompassing wild earth. Any case, I recognize simpatico and a good eye when I see it. Love your blog and will include in regular online perusals henceforth.

    Thank You!

  18. I loved this post Slim!!! Makes me wish I was back in Fiji (was there last month). Loved all the images you put together – a great collection. You certainly got me in the vacation mood.

  19. Of all of your trips I wish you would list them 1 – ??? so I can make my very own slim bucket list. xo, MB

  20. So happy to be introduced to your blog by a friend. Having recently moved back to SB from Paris, I was starting to wonder about ways to get my eclectic, multi-sensory, international needs met while slaving away on my computer getting my new business up and running. What a breath of fresh air! Love, love, love your intuition on what to put in the blog-it feels like a much-needed mini vacation. Your content is inspiring at all levels-sensual, tactile, visual, physical, gustatory (you like that?), auditory… Just can’t decide if I want to laugh, drink, eat, dance, sing, make love or get on a plane and go to Tahiti or Necker Island (or all of the above)! Thank you.
    My dream destination right now is Morocco, or Rio, or Bali, or… just put me on a plane and I’ll be happy! As for the girl with Brando… she just needs to relax and let go, she’s THINKING way too much 😉

  21. Congratulations on your beautiful, big spread in HB. I couldn’t believe that it was the same Slim Paley from the blog that I know and love. Also, couldn’t believe that there is a whole new house that is equally as lovely as the ones we have seen on your blog. You are a busy and talented lady and its fun to live vicariously through you.

  22. I, for sure, live vicariously through you. I KNOW I SAY IT MANY TIMES, BUT THIS WAS A WINNER POST. Ran out to purchase H.B. Not one bit surprised how stunning every shot was. Congrats!
    How can the sun not show up this year to celebrate that amazing house? Aug. will be Real Summer as we know it. Ouch, the 8th already.
    But how dare we complain when we see what is happening elsewhere?
    Happy ‘Sun’day and the coming week.x

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