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On this day, April 3rd, in 1924, Marlon Brando was born.  With that name.  And that face. And, that…well… you know the rest.

But just case you don’t know ALL of it, and I’m guessing you surely don’t, you must try and watch the new(ish) documentary “Listen To Me Marlon”

I’ve been meaning to tell you about it forever but, as you’ve no doubt noticed, my blog might as well be a recluse on an island in Tahiti of late.

Anyway, if you’re a fan, like me (verging on stalker) I highly recommend it. It’s sad, really tough to watch at times, but totally mesmerising.  With previously unseen film, photos and a treasure trove of raw audio tapes, Brando himself basically narrates the entire documentary. Some pretty powerful and provocative footage.


The Trailer;   Listen To Me Marlon







“and it’s been a struggle to try to preserve sanity and the sense of reality that is taken away from you by success” Brando



Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 8.13.54 PM



“When what you are is unwanted, then you look for an identity that will be acceptable”  (Brando, speaking about his childhood)




OK, as Marlon would say, I have to scram. To search Google choosing Brando photos is to completely write off the rest of my night.  Helloo00.






xx Miss you! Hope you had a great weekend.


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  1. Never confuse the size of your paycheck with the size of your talent. Marlon Brando…well said! franki

  2. Well, this sure is timely, Slim! My Mom would have been 100 years old, yesterday April 3!!! I wonder if she knew she shared a birthday with Marlon!!! She would have been thrilled, I am sure! I will go look for the tape! So glad to get this!!!

  3. I love this show, I tape it and watch it over and over. It is so true, that your paycheck does not size up with your talent…by Marlon. He must know how it is to be a “local” no $$ only if you have a sponsor. As Marlon said in Streetcar, Hey, Canary Bird – to Blanche’s constant Singing around the house.

  4. love this post, thank you!! my best cal gal pal has one of brando’s last known signatures —
    it’s on a cocktail napkin, believe it or not — and she has it framed in her beach house bar!
    what a conversation piece!!………..

  5. Hi Slim,
    I’ve told so many friends about your fabulous blog and then to my horror….I haven’t heard from you! Please come back. You are dearly missed. Sweet thoughts. Ruth

  6. My BFF in Virginia told me a story about her mom in the early forties – M was in his twenties and her mom crossed paths with him in NYC. She saw him in a bar and was so taken by that beautiful mouth that she sent him a cocktail, hoping to meet up with him. He looked in her direction, blew a quick kiss, and was off. A memorable moment!

  7. Off subject, but have you read The Swans of Fifth Avenue? You may or many not want to. I am sorry that I did.

  8. Slim, (Slim Hawks, a fashion favorite of mine) I’m a costume designer, The Revenant, Argo, Benjamin Button. I too have had a life long Marlon obsession. If only I could have costumed him. I married my husband who is a ringer for him: was when we met circa his Last Tango period. Some day I would love to meet you and have a Marlon session with you, Slim. In the meantime, check out my daughter’s website/online shop of everything beautiful Provençal, La Vie en Pastis. She lives there and has a perfect eye like you. Best JW

  9. Unfortunatelly missed Tetiaro island while I was visited all the other “Societies”, perhaps Marlon
    wasn’t still there? Hahah

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