“Let All The Children Boogie”


Today I must wish David Bowie (My First Love) a very Happy 66th Birthday!

And with his birthday comes some very exciting news; the release of a single from his brand new album due out in March (his first in a decade)


Hear it once and tell me if you don’t want to just keep replaying it again & again.

My love affair with David began when I was 14 yrs. old. The memories that flood back when I play Bowie (which I do on a regular basis, “Hunky Dory” being my all time favourite) are so achingly visceral I could still be sitting in my childhood bedroom. How sweet would that be sometimes?!


Along with Marc Bolan and Robert Plant, David was always there for me throughout those (mortifyingly late) hormonally tempestuous times.

 Bolan was my escape to all the platformed 70’s glamour that I dreamed awaited me the moment I eventually bolted small town life.


Robert Plant was, well, Robert Plant. 

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 1.37.52 PM

Honestly, this was going to be a quick post until I stumbled upon the Robert Plant Tumblr – wtf-reedonkoolus. Don’t even go there if you want to get anything done today.

Don’t look up Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour Tumblr either.

davidgilmour6Just saying.

david-bowie-young-americans-bigbut David… oh, where could I ever begin with David?

He was my boyfriend and my girlfriend. Emotionally ensconced in my heart and head, he was my soulmate and divine inspiration. While other girls imagined Carol King, Joni and Carly were reading their innermost thoughts, my friends were kooks, genies and spiders from Mars. Hey-I was 15. While teachers admonished, David’s lyrics ran through my mind;

“And if the homework brings you down then we’ll throw it in the fire and take the car downtown…”  yeess!


When bodily bits didn’t sprout on schedule and pimples Vesuviously erupted at the most inopportune of times, David’s gaunt visage gazed reassuringly down at me (Plant-y looked slightly put off and I don’t think Marc cared a bit.) With his gorgeous bones, snaggle teeth (which sadly he fixed, for which I eventually forgave him ) and long skinny legs, my one dimensional poster hero brought me countless hours of unconditional happiness. My gawky, stick insect, over-bited, still-waiting-for everything-to happen-self pretended not to hear my parents incessant “Turn that music DOWN!!” as David and I fought the world together…while figuring out what we were going to wear.  



My grief was deep the day Marc Bolan tragically died. So terribly young.

and I still love Robert Plant. He’s remained cool despite, let’s face it, having turned into the Cowardly Lion. (Honestly, I can’t even include his photo now after the young one above)

but Bowie,

ap-people-david-bowie-4_3_r560He’s still the real deal.

The new video is very odd. Of course and thank goodness.

“Where are We Now” available for download on iTunes now.

Try clicking on the arrow below if the above doesn’t work for you;

Thanks for the memories D.B.



*”Let All the Children Boogie” lyrics from “Starman” David Bowie.



  1. My first love shares the same birthday, Elvis would have been 78 today! Had he not been taken from us WAY TOO SOON, I am sure he would still be rocking too! I am glad you still have your first love to bring you new joy (my better half is right there with you) but I would give anything to be able to hear my childhood idol sing 🙁

  2. He is lovely isn’t he? I so wish I’d seen him in concert. He looks amazing!
    Maybe he’ll do a tour?
    Btw I saw Bruno Mars last night. Not performing….eating sushi. 😉

  3. haha awesome post!

    Love all those guys, such amazing music back in those days.

    i’m having issues with your attached mp3’s on my macbook, has anyone else mentioned they are as well? might just be an issue on my side

  4. Hi Slim,
    He was always a little too pretty for me. I was more a Paul McCartney fan. Still, I can totally relate to hearing songs of our youth and being instantly transported! Pretty fun.

  5. Never loved Bowie more than when he stepped out at the Tribute for Freddie Mercury and said the “Our Father”…when he spins around away from the stage afterwards…can never forget that image in my head …just love him!!! Secondly, you are spot on about Robert Plant…i can’t believe i was cool enough to love him at 15 in ’75…seriously
    thanks for the memories- you are the coolest!!!

  6. Ahh, Robert Plant. Can that man still sing, or what?! Bowie and his lovely wife may still be photo-ready, but it’s Robert (btw, my son’s name) whom I can listen to all day long, and well into the next. Saw him with Allison Krauss and the Band of Joy. My teenage self smiled until my cheeks hurt. Happy Birthday David, er, Ziggy!

  7. “This is ground control to major Tom” ( a Space Oddity) … had me in tears everytime. “Tell my wife I love her very much – she knows” … did me in … crying like someone was really dying. And then there is my all time fav – FAME!! Oh what a song. Did you know Elton John actually sang on that song .. and I think one of the Beattles – Lennon I believe. God is he really 66 ???

  8. Well done, Slim. An evocative multi-media piece with a score by David Bowie, took me right back to the teen experience.

  9. The collective of rock fairy tales! If any of you saw Pink Floyd/Robert Plant in the 12/12/12 concert you were blessed. My son took just old mom to see Robert Plant about four years ago.
    Proud to say BOTH of us never sat down !! x

  10. All those years ago, my girlfriends and I made a promise to one another – not to have a “one night stand”, unless……David Bowie asked!!!!! Thanks for reminding me of it! Great post!!

  11. I really like the new song. SO glad he is doing an album! I don’t know what his connection is to Berlin and what’s with those strange little dolls in the video ( david and that random girl?) but I am so happy there is more to come. Let’s not forget what a good actor he is, too!

  12. I remember watching the “Ashes to Ashes” video on TV (not MTV) when I was quite young and feeling both scared and fascinated. Very rock n’ roll.

    As for Robert…did you see the Kennedy Honors ceremony a few weeks back? I couldn’t help but think as I watched them all up in the balcony, “WHO are those OLD men??” (John Paul Jones has aged the best.)

  13. Absolutely love him! There’s always been something so compelling about him. I love the older songs and later ones like, “Let’s Dance” and “China Girl.” There’s just something transporting about all his stuff. I so know about feeling like your back in your girlhood bedroom! 🙂 He’s looking great still. Love that he’s back. Go Bowie!

  14. Thank you Slim, your post brings back so many teenage memories. The new Bowie song is beautiful!

    My 14-year old son, who thinks I am terminally uncool (completely unfounded!), can’t believe I listened to all this fantastic music he is only just discovering decades ago. A while back he came home saying ‘I’m learning to play this really cool song on my E guitar but you probably don’t know it, it’s called ‘Stairway to Heaven”.

    Kelly, I love the ‘Ashes to Ashes’ video too and was thrilled to find out when I moved there that it was filmed right in front of my beach house on the South coast of the UK.

  15. No wonder I like you! I have a serious crush on David (yes we are on a first name basis) so much so that I actually thought we would marry one day then Iman had to come in the picture and spoil my fun:) Also a big fan of Robert……talent, charisma and the cool factor…the likes of which we just don’t see anymore!

  16. He’s the greatest! snaggle teeth….a product of a time and a place. Do you remember him in Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence?

  17. Totally off topic: I/we celebrated an anniversary on Jan 4th, the day 3 years ago I signed up to be one of your followers! (quite sure I had been “clicking in” before that… took me awhile to have the courage to create a blogland identity)

    Cheers! And to many more years of enjoying your “lead” 🙂

  18. “…soon you’ll grow, so take a chance, on a couple of kids hung up on romancing…” Love it! It’s on my iPod and reminds me of days gone by as well. You are so right how a song can immediately take you back to an exact time and place. Such a strong memory trigger, along with certain scents. (Hopefully good ones! 😉 ) Thanks for the trip! I’m off to listen to the new single…

  19. As much as we have in common, I wasn’t much of a David Bowie girl – much more David Cassidy and Donny Osmond, however contadictory I really loved his music, from Space Odity to Fashion! But I once saw him live in London, and I have never seen such an overtly sexy man, I fantasized about him that night …. and still do.
    On the news when they mentioned his birthday I really thought, shucks can’t belive he’s 60 – when they added the 6 I nearly fell off my chair, he looks amazing! Better than both David Cassidy and Donny Osmond!
    Just goes to show.

  20. One of my clearest memories is falling asleep with the radio playing on my bedside table ( a short phase I went through in high school) and once, in the middle of the night, sitting bolt upright when Ashes to Ashes was played. It woke me from a dead sleep! I had never heard it before and was absolutely mesmerized. From that experience I made a left turn into the world of punk, alternative, reggae… thank you David Bowie!
    That being said, I still love Led Zeppelin–sometime when you’re feeling introspective and a touch melancholy, I suggest listening to “Rain Song” over and over! :).

  21. Robert Plant is still cool because he always appears comfortable in his own skin — thankfully, no facelifts or tucks for him and I’m guessing he marvels and appreciates every new physical change that time brings instead of trying impossibly to hold on to his physical youth. Saw him 10 years ago at Madison Square Garden opening for The Who, and it was one of the sexiest performances I’d ever seen.

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