Leftovers and Wrap Rage (or Hey- It Can’t ALWAYS be Pretty)

Hall window, Sun Valley house, slimpaley.comMy favourite little window in Sun Valley  (I had to put in ONE pretty photo 🙂  )

Bread sauceMy Bread Sauce from Thanksgiving

Well, I trust your Thanksgiving was better than Tiger’s…

FYI,  I did make the bread sauce after all because, as they say in the old country;

“My eyes are bigger than my belly”

Now I am completely over turkey leftovers and feeling slightly appalled that we will be ramping up for the same meal, in essence, just a few weeks from now.  Perhaps a lovely Christmas Roast, what are those ones that have the bones going all the way round the outside? And some Yorkshire Puddings would be nice.  Dear Lord, I have to stop talking about food…

Some Random Musings then before we enter the slam of December:

-Somehow, these “Bills”, especially the 1,000 + page ones, getting passed over weekends seem a little shady to me.  I don’t think I want monumentally important decisions being reached by a room-full of tired people that would much rather be home with their families (or mistresses), or just relaxing in bed with a good book (or mistress).

– can we please come up with something new to replace “LET’S GIVE IT UP FOR….” when asking audiences to applaud?  Doesn’t this date back to Arsenio Hall?!  Even if we just return to “I am thrilled to introduce…” or “join me in welcoming…” or …whatever, I’m open to suggestion.

– If one more person on television says “you’re mah brothah from anotha mothah” I’m going to throw something.

-I know this is a tad boring, but in light of the holiday season being upon us, honestly-WHAT is with the ludicrous plastic clam shells on everything? The tiniest, most innocuous items are being packaged in containers that could travel to outer space and back.  Why should opening a tube of hair serum involve the very real possibility of stabbing yourself?  Who is planning on tampering with camera batteries??  NOT to mention how incredibly toxic all these jaggedly cut-up, bloodied trappings are for the environment. Or the ridiculous amount of space they eat up in shipping.

Paper hats off to Amazon for their Frustration Free Packaging  InitiativeHow genius is Jeff Bezos?  I love that guy.  He and the Dyson Dude.

-So I’m willing to pay you at this point to just suggest, let’s say, YOUR top 25 Apps. for iPhones.  I’m so daunted by the 70,000 there are to choose from, I can’t even bring myself to go on the Apps  page.  I feel like a sad little Amish girl with my 9 Apps. Practically an App. Virgin.

 Even the Koi in my “Koi Pond” App. are looking up at me like “can’t you get some new friends, Lady? We’re full”

you see my problem.

I’m debating “Zombie Pizza”…what say you??

.-Lastly, I hate to admit it but I am bailing on Barbara Kingsolver’s new book “The Lacuna” after 179 pages.

Life is too short.



  1. “Bump”-makes swapping contact information as simple as bumping two phones together (literally).

    “Ping”- free instant messaging anywhere in the world.

    “Barcodescan”- an application for the iPhone that turns the device into a barcode scanner. Using image-processing techniques and the iPhone’s camera, the application reads a product’s Universal Product Code (UPC), then scours the Internet for prices, product reviews and other online information about that product.

    “Skype”- Unlimited Long distance calls anywhere in North America for $2.99 a month. This ones great for me because I only have a cell phone, and my carrier charges me 30 cents a minute to call long distance.

    I’m sure I’ll think of more

    what are vitamins?

  2. oh my gosh i want an iphone just for the bar code scanner. about vitamins-every time winter comes around and everyone tells you take vitamin c i buy a bottle and start taking it and bam, i get a cold. so i gave up on vitamins, they just do the opposite of what they’re supposed to for me. i think your body reacted the same way. why don’t you like the book? i loved poisonwood bible.

    • “The Lacuna” – Incredibly disjointed, awkward and far-reaching (and not in good way). So disappointing, as I also loved Poisonwood Bible.

  3. What is the deal with requiring a machete to break into that plastic clam shell packaging?
    Just this afternoon I was cursing a blue streak under my breath as I wrestled for all I was worth with two little packages of Play Dough. Finally managed to saw through the plastic with a big-ass serrated Henkels knife. Getting to the Play Dough containers took an absurd amount of effort and a ridiculously huge knife. (Good thing the twins were not within ear-shot of me … )

  4. Dear Slim,
    Check this app. out….Art Gallery…many fabulous things to gander….:-)
    And two words regarding contemporary health…Pro Biotics….!
    M. L.

  5. Why aren’t there more apps? Only 70,000?? Child’s play! What about an “App. APP” which lets you know that you will never know all the apps that exist so why bother? Or since you mentioned Tiger Woods, what about a golf club app, choose the best one for bashing in windows ? Or a “New Saying” app, which allows you to come up with new sayings instead of “no problem” or “Are you working on that?” And let’s not forget the new website I am designing, QWITTER, a website to follow people who QUIT whatever they’re are supposed to be doing? Like reading Lacuna by Kingsolver. You could “QWEET” about how it sucked. “Just QWIT reading this piece of QWAP.” Follow me on QWITTER! oh, and I am not kidding. I am doing this website. Yah. It’s for all us Qwitters in the world. Which is what I am about to do now….qweet this reply.

  6. Useful Apps:
    •Multi Photo – allows you to add more than one photo to an email.
    •Clock Light – Simply turns your iPhone into a large read-out digital clock, visible across a darkened hotel room as you wander around, looking for a bathroom you cannot find.
    •Redlaser – I recommend this over Barcodescan (Canuck – no offense, eh?). Gets much better reviews. Doesn’t work at Costco, though, but I don’t think that is the app’s fault.
    •Night Camera – Gives night shots on your iPhone camera a better exposure
    •MyLite – one of many apps that turns your iPhone into a weak but handy flashlight
    •Flixster – Get all the movie info you want – Rottentomatoes.com reviews, theaters, showtimes, etc. Comes in quite handy when you’re out and want to see a movie impromptu.

    Fun Apps:
    •Wurdle – basically the game of Boggle
    •Colorsplash – takes any photo on your phone, turns it black and white and then lets you “recolor” any and all portions just by swiping your finger on the screen. Very cool. You can save, send and print them, as well.
    •Word Warp – another word game
    •Moron Test – infuriatingly funny test, one of the highest rated apps for many months.

    And once you decide what Apps you like, a girl’s always looking for a good sale, right? So there’s App Sniper, which notifies you which apps are currently on sale, and which ones you are interested in have hit your predetermined target price. Here’s what the developers say:
    “Many developers drop their prices for only a few days or, in extreme cases, only a few hours in order to get additional sales and reviews. With AppSniper you can be guaranteed that you will never miss those great opportunities to pick up quality software at bargain prices.”

  7. I agree with Dabbsie, if I hear one more person say, “no problem”, I think I will commit murder. I still see red when waiters in restaurants ask me if I am “still working on that?” So American where work is all that counts. I don’t go to a restaurant to work, I go to enjoy myself with friends. Now I know in New York everyone is “working” all the time, but try to give it a rest once in a while. In Los Angeles, the once Latino bus boys are now waiters and even they are asking me if I am still working on my food. Dabbsie is right, what ever happened to “you are welcome”? Even yesterday in London I was paying for something at the farmers’ market and the man running the stall said “no problem”. I thought, “this is spreading like a virus, first the U.S. and now London”. What next, Paris? Actually no, because everything is always a problem for the French, they just don’t say, “pas de problem”.

  8. hello, this is the first time i visited your blog and am loving it. re your vitamins, i know a bit about that subject matter, not all supplements are created equal. im taking lifepak and it makes a lot of difference, plus i can verify thru a laser hand scan that it really does work. happy new year!

  9. Just found your blog and have subscribed. I don’t blame you at all on “The lacuna”.

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