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Sunrise on the beach at Hualalai, Kona, Hawaii



Aloha from The Big Island!!  I’m here for one hopefully glorious week with my menfolk.  They are golfing and doing manly things, including getting up early to watch World Cup this morning, hence the photo above.  I hope to do a whole lot of reading, yoga, imbibing of shamefully creamy, delicious drinks whose names I will slyly attempt to use in Scrabble, and not too much else.   Our travel day yesterday was hellish in the extreme. Battling Friday morning traffic from S.B. to LAX spelled a very early departure from home. After sitting at the gate until 10 minutes before the flight was due to leave we learned it was delayed due to maintenance issues. Then, they changed the plane entirely.  A new plane meant completely re-shuffling and rechecking in every single passenger on the full flight. The substitute aircraft had fewer seats, so people were asked to accept $500 coupons and take the next scheduled flight. Had we known we were going to be surrounded by a cast of tiny humans auditioning for ” The Exorcist In Air” we might have considered taking the vouchers.  All I can say is I’m thankful I taught my boys manners enough to not say anything to other people who aren’t doing the same.  OK, I have to say this too; WHAT THE @#*&(%$ ARE PEOPLE THINKING??!!



But all that’s behind us now (other than the pathetically useless email I’ll be sending to Amercian Airlines, booo hiss)

OOHHMMMM…I’ve already done a PiYo class (for the uninitiated including me, up until today, that’s Pilates and Yoga combined)  But more on that later.

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole- Some nice Hawaiian Over the Rainbow…


Slim Paley photo

Apparently the Geiko Gecko is quite the lothario  over here on the Big Island…



Slim Paley Photo

The Beach at Hualalai, Four Seasons, Kona


I brought several books with me;  “Byron In Love” by Edna O’Brien, “Growing Pains, The Autobiography of Emily Carr“, “Colombo Heat” a novel about Ceylon in the dying days of the Empire by the author of The Killing Fields, Christopher Hudson, and “Nature & Nurture; The Art & Science of Living The Good Life” by Brad Woodson. I have no idea where this book came from but it was small and in the bookcase outside my bedroom so I grabbed it.  I also figured out how to download all the books from my Kindle onto my iPad – Look at me, all growed up and technical!


Have you ever actually read Michener’s “Hawaii”?  I have.  Really, I did! and I loved it.  As Michener novels go, this one is relatively light on the geographical, dinasoury stuff at the beginning and although it’s a beast (over 960 pages) once you get past the early chapters (no cheating- the book police are over your shoulder) I remember it being hard to put down.  People, I’m embarrassed to admit it but I read “The Help” last year (see November posts) and didn’t love.  I feel like I’m the only one and no doubt we’ll hear they’re making the movie any day now but there you have it.


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I believe these are Plumeria Trees, but I’m not sure.  I can’t get over how they thrive so profusely here, jutting out of all the black volcanic rock. I wish for the 100th time I could add scent to my posts!


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I love wooden screen doors, don’t you?!


Slim Paley photo

More gorgeousness growing out of rock!.


Slim Paley Photo

Time You Enjoyed Wasting, Is Not Wasted Time

T.S. Eliot


Oh- better go- I think I hear a large frothy concoction calling my name…

I’ll check back in in a couple of days 🙂

Have a wonderful Weekend Everyone!






  1. Yes…it is Plumeria or Frangipani…also known in the Islands as Grave Yard Flower as they grow so easily, anywhere and yes, in grave yards. They also make a great lei. When growing up, if you needed to make a lei you just took the wire off the milk bottle, attached your string and walked around the yard stringing your lei. If you have a broken part of a branch..just put it in the ground and your tree will grow. The other red flower….is Red Ginger. Way back when, Kona was a sleepy little town with The Kona Inn (now long gone), a few shops, churches, Hulihe’e Palace (vacation home of the Royalty) and a couple of small restaurants. When it was time to pick the coffee ….kids had vacation from school. By the mid 50s it really started to grow. Great memories of the old days. Have a great vacation!!!!!

    • I loved reading those memories of what Kona used to be like- especially making the leis from your milk bottle wires. It must have been utter paradise.
      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Plumeria! exactly! score!

    don’t you love your ipad!?!! LOVE!

    I skipped Kindle….my daughter loves hers…..

    Going to reread Hawaii. read it so long ago…….jusst wait until you are 63! It is a wonder I remember the title!

    Lovely post…..


  3. Those are indeed Plumeria trees. Isn’t it amazing the way their scent just lingers in the air in HI? I have tried to grow them in S.B. without luck. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to return to Hawaii…

  4. Lovely photos Slim. Just returned myself from Maui, cannot say that I have the same opinion of Hawaii, way too many Americans and way too American in every way as well, even in the finest accomodations. Have been there on and off since college and my opinion has never been altered for the better.
    Off to Fiji next, will report!

    • Fiji – Possibly the most incredibly turquoise water EVER??! (except perhaps Negril in Jamaica?)
      You’ve just inspired a new idea for a post!

      Have a wonderful time!


  5. Hi Slimmy
    Love the pictures—especially the Gecko porn. What an eye!
    Yeah—Michener was a wonderful storyteller and ‘Hawaii’ was among the best. ‘The Source’ tell a whopping good historical tale, too.
    Have fun.


  6. You take the most gorgeoous photos – I know I’ve said it before – but I am blown away by your photos every single blog! You have a gift – I feel like I am there with you. I too have read “Hawaii” and absolutely loved it and still have my original dog-earred, broken spined hardcopy and I wouldn’t part with it. Thank you for the uplift today.

  7. How divine – evil flight aside, what a lucky girl you are. Those first and last photos especially must be what heaven looks like … sheer gorgeousness. My dad has a large plumeria on his patio – it does smell divine! Love your style sweetie. Enjoy the trip and safe home.

  8. Slim, I envy all of the reading that you do! My son is almost 2 and I feel like I never make time for myself to read (unless on vacation) Did you read much when your boys were little? Hope you are having a wonderful trip…it looks delightful!

    • I am, and always have been, a late night reader Melanie.
      I’m also the woman in the restaurant sitting happily alone with a book and a glass of wine, and I never go to doctor, dental, ortho, or any appt.s- mine or the boys without a book in my bag. Who wants to be stuck reading a chewed up, 8 month old issue of Family Circle?!
      I think it’s also great for children to see their parents reading and enjoying books, don’t you think?

      • We read so many kids books, that I now have them memorized. But, time for some adult reading 🙂 I am going to make a conscious effort to work it into my schedule. Thank you for the advice!

  9. Slim- I love..love..love..your blog !!! Not only are your pictures always so gorgeous, but you always transport me into the computer screen. Yes I would love to smell your lovely photographs of flowers but what a treat today to hear the music with the Hawaian scapes. A far cry from yesterday where I was sweltering at the National Draw lacrosse tournament with my daughter in New Jersey. Thank you..have a great trip and have an extra creamy drink for me 🙂 Cheryl

  10. Beautiful photos as usual SP. The lothario lizard photo killed me. Ha ha. 🙂
    Have a fun break with your family.

  11. Gorgeous photos again Slim.
    Tell me something about your camera, is it hard to use ? (how about by mere mortals that hate reading all the instructions…..) If you could somehow figure out how to incorporate scent on your blog, no doubt it would be extraordinary !
    Are you a fan of any particular swimwear ? Eres, Canovas, Speedo ?
    Have a great times with all your boys.

    • Hi Pat
      Quite honestly, my Camera must be the easiest Leica ever created.
      Instruction manuals ( and deep sea diving mysteries) are the only thing I refuse to read. Positively hive-provoking.
      I basically use only three settings; “automatic”, “scene” and “food”
      I highly rec. it.

  12. Aloha Slim,

    I love plumeria too! When in Hawaii I like to go to the Benjamin Franklin Stores (general hardware) and buy a lei needle and make my own lei’s to wear out at night or hang in my bedroom for their gorgeous scent. I used to bring them home to friends but I don’t know if they still let you do that. Thank you for your beautiful pictures. I use them to change up my screen saver and vacation vicariously :).

    Your fan, VmT

  13. Edna O’Brien sounds good – I hope to read the Country Girls this summer – it has been on my bookshelf for ages. Just finished Little Bee – v good.

  14. I read Hawaii as a young adult. Loved it. Also read “The Help”. YOU, dear Slim, are not the only one. I couldn’t even finish the stinker. Thank you for the beauty.

  15. You know that Hawaii has been such a huge part of my life always.. The BIg Island in particular. It is such a magnificant place. I feel the power and connection to Pele! The Plumeria is the most intoxicating scent. I hae a beautiful water color framed in Koa wood in my room and yes I long for the scent. You can still bring leis home and enjoy the scent for a couple of days. I do know someone here in SB who has been successful growing the plant here. The pink ones, btw, do not have the same scent..Thanks for sharing the mood. I’ll be there next month! Aloha and a hui ho!

  16. Aloha. Enjoy every waking moment in Paradise. All your photos incredible. The plumeria is exquisite
    reminds me of the beautiful Magnolia, which just came in, in all her glory, yesterday. It’s all stunning. Until next time have a Mai Tai for me ox

  17. I went to Kona in 1974 as a teenager… it was wonderful.
    Love your photos!!
    I’m reading “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”
    I saw the movie first… I know, backwards, but there are two
    more books in this trilogy, so I started from the beginning… I give it two thumbs up.

  18. Slim, I adore your blog and am always “geeing and hawing with you” as we say in the South. That’s why I couldn’t understand your dislike of “The Help”, a book I gave all my friends for Christmas last year. I read your November post and have to agree that it isn’t the finest, most subtle book I’ve ever read, but it’s true. It’s really, really true. When you said you like historical non-fiction, I suggest you might view “The Help” in that way. My mother’s friends were Skeeter’s friends….and my friends were raised by “the help” while Mama went to Junior League or a bridge game, or out to lunch. I’m in my 50’s now and my, how things have changed!

    • I am reading The Help now and enjoying it. Yes they are making a movie about it! No surprises there, I guess. Although I did hear that the author insisted that her old friend write the screenplay and direct the movie and that they are using all unknown actors from the south. Can’t be sure if all is accurate. Now, as for Hawaii, the place, not the book, I wish I were there.

    • Hi Nancy
      I didn’t actually say I “disliked” The Help, just that I didn’t love it the way everyone else seems to.
      I couldn’t get my head around the pie “incident”- I felt the writer did a real disservice to that character and rendered an otherwise sympathetic person unlikable- I could no longer root for her.
      I guess this is the “stuff” that makes book clubs fun, right?!


  19. I love Kona, lots of cattle and horse country ; ), and have been to the Trading Post. Enjoy every fabulous moment! Yes, and what IS it with people not teaching their children manners?? I’d rather eat a dirt sandwich than fly commercial these days…..guess I better
    win the lotto if I’m going to travel! Have a wonderful week, thanks for the gorgeous photos!

  20. hi slim,

    love the photos as always. & the ts eliot quote is a favorite.

    i bastardized, i mean veganized your white gazpacho recipe from last summer. it came out really good & i posted it with a link to you today.


  21. Love the pictures. Plumeria was my favorite flower when I lived in Hawaii, it smells so good. We would make leis with the Plumeria and Orchids that we had growing on our property.
    Of all the Islands, I like the Big Island the best.

  22. my very first trip with my husband…….Lordy! 36 years ago! was to the Mauna Kea…….Kona Coast!
    When I was in 8th grade….I went to Hawaii (on a BOAT!!)
    1960!!! The “Matsonia”……we took a boat from Long Beach to Honolulu…….the Hawaiians all came out with leis and music to meet us….(I was 13). It was magic! My mother…..if you can imagine…….lived there in the 20’s! When it was a “Territory” She graduated from the U of Hawaii!

    Then she went on to live in Manila…..and then Shanghai……..She was an adventress!!!!!!!!!

    Her favorite was the “Big Island” also!!!!!!

    LOVE your posts!!!!!!!

    We stayed at the Halekulani……It was a two- story hotel with a thatched roof…….pretty divine. The Outrigger club was very cool and next to the Royal Hawaiian on Waikiki Beach

    • She was ONE alright! She sounds amazing! What I wouldn’t give to have seen all those places- Manilla, Hawaii and especially Shanghai, in those days!!
      Thanks so much for sharing Penelope!

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