It’s Deja Vu Darlings!


Slim Paley photo


Yikes! As you can see, I’m a little behind in my ‘Housekeeping”

 I have a couple of commitments looming and I seem to have misplaced (along with my lens-cap, some important paperwork and half my brain) my time management skills.

So, if you’ll be so kind, allow me to follow the lead of your favourite television shows and post a rerun from exactly one year ago today.

Shocking how quickly one entire year has gone by.


.Slim Paley photo

Click here;  Sunflower Serenade



Enjoy your day and I hope you’re still




This is definitely not me today 🙂




there’s always time to have a good laugh;

If you watch The Real Housewives of NYC  you will love this!


Click here; “RAMOTIONAL”





  1. Cheers ~ I am so with you. I’m buried in paperwork, living in my “freelance pants” and determined to start my new calendar year {fellow virgo}, as an organized, well planned, pulled together gal!

  2. Dear Slim, The sunflowers are a lovely theme worth revisiting. May you experience grace in the midst of the pressure that surrounds you and accomplish all that needs to be done. All the best, Ruth

  3. The flowers are lovely, but I’m lusting over the pocket french doors! (And those boots…) Thanks for sharing “Ramona” – I had to share on FB when you had it up the other day. Looking forward to the new cast members!

  4. Dear S.P.,

    One year ago today, was laughing at Letterman. Link is below.

    Letterman vs. Phoenix. Hilarious!


  5. Just got back from a visit to Carmel, CA and at a wonderful store called Jean de Luz I bought the very same pastry cloche that you have on your kitchen island! Love it!!
    Brilliant minds think alike (lol).
    P.S Husband not too happy about carrying it as his hand luggage on the plane 😉

  6. Hello
    I love your flowers and especially love it that you don’t do those awful tortured arrangements…hooray. Wishing you more time to draw. My camera just died. Gee I’m sad…have a great weekend xxx

  7. yours flowers in the holder are just as lovely as the fallen petals. Everything is just purrrfect! Hope you make time for yourself this weekend. Take care

  8. What?
    A year has gone by?
    Oh, the luxury of time.
    Viewing your posts most definitely makes me happy sweet Slim!
    Thanks for the memories.

  9. A year ago I was working so much! I’m still doing that, but I feel I’m in MUCH better place now. Wow! Thank you for helping me analyze this and actually, feel grateful for all the great changes in my life.

    The time is flying by but it always great to feel you’re in the right path. And if you aren’t, there’s the possibility to change it, one step at a time.

    Have a very blessed weekend, SP!


    Luciane at

    PS: The first picture is so lovely and profound…

  10. Where to begin..
    I sometimes fall behind in my reading of your blog
    So I just read the last 3, and I’m so inspired
    Your photos are always perfect , I just loved the tea dresses and the china and
    Food shots. We are all doing so much, you however are doing it with a lot of beauty and style. Hope your sunday is sublime

  11. Fashion emergency, Slim I was just carrying the family dog up stairs and tripped on a beloved floor length caftan which tore the fabric. Do you know any miracle workers who could fix ripped cotton??

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