Indian Summer

All photos Slim Paley

.Well, the beautiful Indian Summer we’ve been enjoying here in Santa Barbara has finally packed it’s bags and gone to Australia.  Darkness is settling in earlier each day and suddenly I’m addressing the Winter Hit List; chimneys need cleaning, furnaces, heating ducts and rain gutters inspected, flannel sheets aired and fluffed-Oh, it’s all very Martha!

So yes, it’s time for change, and that includes the look of my blog.

I’ve been having some issues with my original template lately, including it’s completely arbitrary decision to shrink the size of all my photos. Hellooo, WordPress-I liked my photos nice & big, thank you very much.  That’s why I chose that template. Now that it’s secretly attending Jenny Craig meetings behind my back  I’m going to retaliate by dating other template designs. Please bear with me these next few weeks. The dating process, as we all know, can be fraught with awkward moments.

But thats a whole other post, isn’t it?!

Let’s get back to “Indian Summer” which reminds me that I never posted about my first time visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico in August.

I naturally expected to appreciate the unique architecture the region is so famous for

loved the gorgeous thick, straw filled adobe walls.

I was warned the shopping would be great, which of course was true


Our favourite shop was “Nathalie” a mix of vintage and new clothing, jewelry, textiles, a little bit of everything wonderful.

The amazing Nathalie (elle est Francaise!)

and her charming husband. (and her sister is the editor of Cote Sud magazine-love)
We visited the Millicent Rogers Museum which I wished was a store…

Sorry, no flash in the museum

We walked across the Rio Grande.

Ya we did! It was very “One Eyed Jacks”

(One of my favourite movies)

Don’t look down

We watched a real iron monger doing his business the old fashioned way

Not an easy profession. I couldn’t stay in the room for more than 30 seconds the smoke was so acrid.

(Ps. not to toot my own horn, but doesn’t this kinda have a Norman Rockwell look to it?!)

Our friends, who have a home in Santa Fe, invited us to come in August for “Indian Market”, a yearly gathering of talented Native artists and craftspeople from all over the country and Canada.

The downtown area is filled with hundreds of booths of fabulous hand-made textiles, paintings, silver, jewelry and of course, plenty of turquoise-in every colour.

And no, you haven’t really seen turquoise until you’ve visited New Mexico.

The gorgeous, pure silver belt below was made entirely by hand

Each plate, crafted painstakingly layer by layer, tells the story of one village, the depth and level of detail just stunning. The belt took almost an entire year to craft and is worn here by the daughter of Tchin, the artist who made it.

As I said,  not your average craft fair, People!!

One of the highlights of “Indian Market” for me was definitely attending the Traditional Native Clothing contest.

We were there bright and early to secure front row seats.

As the contestants range from age 1 or 2, up to adults, it promised to be a fun show

And didn’t disappoint !

I won!

Some contestants were just born to it

 others weren’t quite so sure

Look at that face!

This young man, I believe a previous winner over the years, was just fantastic.

Even the audience was colourful! This is Tziporah Salamon from NY. Her ensemble was so much fun the contest commentator asked her to come up and talk a little about her style.  You must read more about Tziporah here!

Oh, you know I did.

The Barktorialist was also in town 🙂

Even the leather man was right out of central casting.

Its easy to see why our friends love New Mexico so much


For more information about Indian Market click HERE

PS. Let me know how you like this new format, but remember it’s my first foray. You might notice I also have a new “Travel” tab at the top. Don’t read it yet, it’s not finished.

PPS. To leave a comment click on the comment bubble in the top right corner of the post!

Lastly, I didn’t include Tziporah’s own website; Here



  1. I love your photos of the children. As a new resident of Maui, my husband took me to the Polynesian Tahiti Fete in August where we saw very young dancers- it was so much fun. Your pictures reminded me of that wonderful day.

  2. Oh Santa Fe is another place on my wish list for years .. it is just full of creativity. Love the jewellery, the art, the fairs, the architecture. I love everything Southwestern. Oh and those children are so cute !! Just all wonderful.
    I love the new look, very clean and the pictures look strong and big, I am all about the visuals too. I did take a sneak at travel and also a great idea! Cant wait to see the evolution there.

  3. Stunning. It’s colour therapy. Thank you for making me want to pack up and move to Santa Fe. The new format is very moderne. I like it. Good call Slim.

  4. This new format is excellent … love the larger photo size.

    The pictures of the children … too precious for words.

    Travel tab = great idea. 🙂

  5. Hi Slim, I love this post–the children leave me almost in tears. And the turquoise. Beautiful can’t describe the workmanship. As to the new format? I do miss the old Slim–more unique and more you. But this one works. Thanks for this extraordinary post. Mary

  6. Well, what do I love more? The new format or Santa Fe???? LoVe Indian Market. Was on a mission for a certain bracelet (coveting my friend’s). It was stamped and we asked sidewalk-Indians where we could find that bracelet-maker. “No, no, no” was the response. We were so obnoxious a store owner took pity, dragged us to HIS store and there we found a stash. We were giddy. Now 4 of us wear our “Giddy Bracelet” and have a great memory!

  7. Slim!!!!! Love the new look and love the photos! Aren’t those kids so sweet.

    I have your summer right here thanks for sending it.

    As soon as I started reading I thought This has a Millicent Rogers feel and then lo and behold you have a Millicent snap.

    You look gorgeous in that photo. x

  8. I love Santa Fe…and turquoise. Some day, I hope to go there in August for the market and the opera. Thanks for the beautifully photographed tour.

  9. Holy cow, Slim! These photos are insane!!! You just keep refining your eye and it is a joy to follow along while it happens. I defy anyone to read this post and not want to hop on a plane to Sante Fe, pronto.

    And mais bien sur, Nathalie est française. How could she be so fabulous and not be? 😉 She and La Tzip make quite the pair, actually.

    As for the format, well, I have the most boring design ever so who am I to say but this one seems a tad…contained…for exuberant, joyful you.

  10. Santa Fe!!!!! My favorite of all the places I’ve visited, it is beautiful in every way. Slim try to go back in the winter, it is wonderful when the pinon fires burn at night. It is a smell I always connect with Santa Fe. Loved the photos, so wonderful! I need to go!

  11. Your pictures are gorgeous and I loved seeing this part of the world which I am not familiar with at all. Now I’m going to read about Tziporah.

  12. Hi Slim, I like any format that displays your gorgeous photos in a nice, large format. The photo of the blacksmith is, indeed, quite painterly in color and composition. It deserves to be showcased in an ample size. Thanks for showing us your photos of Santa Fe and including your fun and insightful commentary. All the best, Ruth

  13. Again, you’ve captured the essence of the visual moment in your pictures. I get the color and texture of both the landscape and the people. Yumminess. And that little girl was stunning.
    You know I started my blog on a dare too. A dare to myself. The first of two problems I face as a blogger is the technological stuff. (My other problem is not seeing myself well enough to know how best to package me. You, Ms. Slim, have that down pat.) I like this new format OK. Yet I miss that humongous header picture you had. I am about to overhaul my blog and want that bang pow bigness at the top like you had.
    And your comment option is hidden in the comment cloud box in beginning. To comment, one has to click on comment number to get the comment screen to appear. Bully to you for taking the change challenge. And thanks for sharing your visions of beauty.

    • Hi Shalagh
      Re your blog/blogging; the technological dilemmas will always pop up-its the nature of the beast but I wouldn’t worry about how to package yourself at all. Just continue to write about what interests you and what gives you the most pleasure and your real personality will shine through. It takes time and sheer accumulation of writing for a blog to develop “personality”! (in my humble opo.)

      • Got it. Be authentic and they will come. Thanks so much for your replies to my queries dear Ms. Slim. Your attention to detail is noticeable on all accounts.

  14. Slim your photos are stunning!
    The light in New Mexico makes it impossible
    to take a bad one but really,
    you have such a way of grabbing
    the heart & soul of everything you see.
    Wish I had made Indian Market with my mom this year.
    Love Santa Fe so much.
    Started going to the SF Opera back when
    I wore fishnet stockings – Yep!
    Thank you for sharing your photos
    and interesting stories & links too,
    in this BIG beautiful format!
    THAT BELT!!!
    XO Lisa

  15. Sooo glad you are back. I’ve missed reading your posts. And shame on WordPress…I loved your large pics. But hey, i love all your stuff regardless of size. I love Santa Fe and really enjoyed reading this post today. The children are adorable!

  16. A travel tab is brilliant, Slim! We have Santa Fe our 2013 travel list–so happy to open your blog this morning.

    But, the fabulousness of Tziporah is what woke up this sixty-something lady. Her name means bird in Hebrew and she is worth tweeting about!

    Millicent Rogers is another glam gal to love. i can’t wait to visit this Desert Flower’s museum. Yes, blondes come with brains and her work for Indian rights still resounds today.

  17. I love the gorgeous photos of Santa Fe – especially the children! I ,too miss the pictures you had at the top of your “old format” – this one seems a little dry, but I understand that you are just trying out the different styles.

  18. santa fe, my husband’s favorite place on earth. Is it true about the sunlight being breathtaking? we here in south fl get to see the seminole tribe of florida present the most gorgeous costumes during their annual pow pows. thanks for sharing!

  19. Slim:
    Always love your posts, and your comments make me laugh out loud! Lovely photos and this is different but good.

  20. SANTA FE has been on my radar for a few years now!Did you find a shop called HOMEFROCKS??!!!AS for WORDPRESS!!!!!!!!!!I too have troubles with the photos the CAPTIONS etc…………….VERY FRUSTRATING!Your new look looks GREAT TO ME!Good of you to break out and try something new!Beautiful photos!

    • After 3 years I feel terribly BOLD striking out with a new format- who knows what’s next!!

      PS. did not get to Homefrocks.

  21. Love that silver belt! What a work of art… of course, if he were making one for my waist, he would have to add a few more villages.

  22. Living just next door in Texas, Santa Fe is a place we’ve enjoyed so many times over the years. But………Santa Fe in October, when the cottonwoods (los alamos) are golden and the sunsets are indescribable is perfection…maybe second only to Santa Fe in December, with smoke coming out of the chimneys from all the little kiva fireplaces and the hundreds of luminarias, candlelight glowing in the snowy nights.

  23. I do love the new look, with the pretty Tiffany colored banner greeting us. WordPress was a bit cumbersome. The pictures are stunning. Another splendid post.

  24. The pictures of the children in their traditional outfits are priceless. We have been to Sante Fe and absolutely loved it. You certainly have an eye for the most wonderful pictures. Love your new style.

  25. Don’t you wish we could wear that stuff all the time! I have many pieces that work in some places, like ski towns, but I feel kinda strange wearing it here the South of California. Used to go to Indian Market every year. Miss it. Fabulous pieces that are so like wearing art. I hope you bought that belt! Never have seen one like it. Thanks for the revisit for me. And, ps, your new format makes my ipad crash. I am on my big mac now. Hope all works out.

  26. I love this post, it’s one of my favourites!

    I like that the banner advertizing your theme is no longer on the bottom of your posts.
    I miss your colorful banner at the top of your post.
    I’m a bit torn with this theme, it’s not bad but I’m not crazy about it. I wish they hadn’t screwed around with your old theme so much (adding that bottom banner and decreasing the size of your photos), it was perfect in the beginning.
    Can you try a few different themes? or is it a lot of work?

    • Thanks Canuck!
      I will continue to play around with this theme and also explore some others. Virtual speed dating, as it were.

  27. I love this post…and the size of the photos a real treat. But honestly…I liked your old boyfriend a bit more.
    He was warmer – softer, even – like you. 🙂 Hmmm….can you marry a few qualities from both ?

  28. I like the juxtaposition (over-used word) of the first two photos – the way the feathered decoration on the young man’s shoulder and the hollyhock flower echo each other. Thank you for a lovely post.

  29. My old eyes can actually read the post–a plus. Miss your old header design–a minus. Great photo size–a plus. It will evolve–another plus. Your post is great, word and photo-wise. Thank you!

  30. As usual… I am scrolling through your post thinking of what I would want to say about something, and then something else and then something else…. Lots of lovely images here, the children in their dress, beautiful. The green chili-chow… I need some now. I have always wanted to visit New Mexico, thank you for taking me along! Oh yes, and Nathalie and her sister, tell me more!

    I have no doubt you’ll find the right template. Much as I love gray, I think a black type is better, your language is too good to be faded.

  31. I was just in Santa Fe two weeks ago and yes, Nathalie’s store is the best. She worked at French Vogue years before I did, but I was happy to purchase wares at her shop. As to your new layout: you and your content are always so stylish, so anything you do will look great. I do not pretend to understand website design, but here are a few “overall” design observations: Your photos look richer, deeper, and more stunning now–the view into the canyon almost gave me vertigo. The “Norman Rockwell” style photo was better than a Norman Rockwell painting. I think the typeface is a tad too large and too soft in color, the spacing between lines too far, and the background color washed out. (Forgive me…I hope you truly wanted our opinion!) I’d love to see you find a way to make the text mingle over a meal with the photos… A scroll of your handwriting in red on the bottom edge of a blue and white image…a large colored chartreuse green first letter in a column of text that complements a color in a photo…a sidebar of little tips…a scrapbook of photos in one frame with text below…
    I am old-fashioned (even with website design) and like intimate, eclectic, journal-style entries– and that would be my suggestion (if there is such a way). You are so talented and obviously there is a learning curve with any new format. So take this for what it’s worth. You are great and so is your website.

    • Thank you Kathryn and thanks for your suggestions- It would be my blogging dream to have a journal style format with the capability of implementing “hand written” font and scrapbook style photos when I wanted. Any web designers out there in the Santa Barbara area??!

  32. What stunning photos to capture your time in Santa Fe…have visited many times but never made market, so thank you for that–what a cutie fest–I was under impression it was static displays of wares…You really need to go back in late Nov. when the decorations for the Christmas season are up: luminarias are lit and the smell of burning pinon wood is in the air–that memory will NEVER leave you…and you will likely get treated to a dusting of giant snowflakes–glorious! the photos and your words are what keep me coming back….

    • Ahhh…Santa Fe. Love it so – at any time of year. The light there is otherworldly. And as seen through your eyes, so rich, colorful and fun(ny). That gorgeous little girl had an Ali McGraw look (who is rumored to live there, so she could be a relative!). As to the new blog design, like the tabs and love the larger photos, but may I say, I miss your old header (vintage? mature? seasoned? As a “girl” of a certain, um, season, I try to never say ‘old’. Lord knows, my college boys like to throw that word around about us!). It had a sumptuousness to it. But new is good, too! No matter, I’m a devoted reader of all things Slim.

  33. Slim, that photo of the Iron Monger is 100% Rockwell!!! I love this post. One thing I noticed in the new format was that I can’t see the entire photo PLUS the caption on my laptop screen. You have to scroll down to read the caption but then some of the photo is cut off. It would be nice to have the photo and caption “captured” in one image. I do like the bigger font and photos, though. I am sure that this relationship will work out as long as there is open communication and commitment. If not, you can always go back to your old love.

  34. Your blog is one of my (maybe THE) favourites, no matter what you do I will enjoy reading it. I’m already missing the header banner, from your flowers to animal prints I knew something good would be in store. The new one is a bit “meh”. Nice to have the big pictures. Like one of the earlier readers I’m also not crazy about the larger font. Don’t give up with your dating, I know you will meet Perfect Theme!

  35. But I still dislike that big grey thing in the corner. i am signed up, I do follow you. i know it’s not your fault, but if one opens your blog post more than once, this big grey thing appears and spoils the experience of your beautiful photography.

  36. hi slim,

    i agree with cindy….. love the post — as i do all of your offerings — but since you asked…. (wink):
    i, too, miss the lovely floral (or leopard boot!) banner of yester-slim. the blue ribbon banner is a bit preppy and restrained. i’m also having a hard time with the pale grey/blue font. i prefer a darker color in a smaller font. maybe it’s just my eyes….. but it’s harder for me to read. i look forward to seeing what you end up with. i know it’ll be great……


  37. I think that this has to rank right up there with my favorite post of yours! Love the new format…photos easier to look at –no distractions or is that just my imagination. You look stunning and happy! The children were all so darling-would hated to have to choose amoung them for a winner. I have never been here but this was a nice peek at what looks to be beautiful country (and shopping!) WELL DONE!

  38. Love the new format Miss Slim. Your photos are always beautiful so the bigger and glossier the better! Slim Paley is almost as good as Conde Nast Traveller – more whimsy and wit, and the themes are so fabulous.
    BTW, House Beautiful magazine (US) contacted me for blog recommendations. They were going to contact you to feature you. Do hope that’s okay?
    Congrats again on the new format — just beautiful! Janelle xx
    PS Am in London seeing the just-opened Tim Walker exhibition of fashion photographs. Now that is something you would LOVE!

    • Thanks so much Janelle! and yes, House Beautiful has been in touch.
      you are so lucky to be in London seeing the Tim Walker exhibition-I’m such a Fangirl for his work.
      Also, I was in a shop the other day and picked up your beautiful book on Paris. It’s Gorgeous!!

  39. I love the new layout. And this post made me so happy with all those happy colors! Slim, your posts make me happy!

  40. Santa Fe! Be still my heart…well you know, Slim, my heart IS there, as dear son moved to Santa Fe 5 years ago. It is a fascinating place, a crossroad of cultures…just love it. Love the clarity of the new template, but agree with other commenter that I miss the heading. To me, that is the title page, or the cover of the book, the essence of the blog. Your devoted readers already have a sense of what they might find in your blog, but the header, if authentic, tells you much.

  41. Love this lady. She is so inspiring with her style. Also enjoyed your photos of the trip. Millicent Roger’s museum I would love to get to one day. This new design looks very pretty and clean with your photos!

  42. So glad you told us how to post a comment, it wasn’t obvious with the new layout…which I totally love!
    It really showcases your amazing photographs…soooo much better than the old way.
    BTW your Santa Fe photos are superb! You really captured the essence of Santa Fe, the people, the
    crafts, and nature. Bravo!
    Did you get to Canyon Road? It is the main strip for galleries and within walking distance of the square.
    Beautiful posting Slim, once again!

  43. Dear Slim
    Have always wondered why people rave about Santa Fe. Now I understand! In fact there’s so much to rave about in this post, the fabulous pictures and colour and the great variety of the images that are totally linked into your overall theme here. Yet each of them takes the eyes and the mind to another threshold, another open door. The children especially were all just beautiful and so adorable, including the less obviously pretty faces. Nathalie was wonderful – particularly loved her big chunky turquoise ring. And Tzipporah – a great introduction to an amazing lady. With Anna Piaggi gone, this lady could now take centre stage. She’s a work of art in her own right and a great inspiration to take courage and imagination in our dressing for those of us of “advanced style” age – not to shrink away in black or beige. Shocked that the blacksmith you pictured wears no protective clothing in such a dangerous trade – he should at least have eye protection and gloves, no wonder his eyes were watering. This old brain had difficulties identifying where the comment section was. But eventually got there as you see. Congratulations on another amazing post! Whether you change style or not is less important than the quality of your pictures and retaining your own special originality and your pithy, witty words. With best wishes, Pamela

  44. Thanks so much for all your thoughts and suggestions regarding the new format. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your opinions. Looks like the “dating” process will continue 🙂

  45. While I love your blog and your photos I don’t really like this new format. Even though I have a fairly large monitor it’s cutting off about 2/3 of the way through the photo and I have to keep scrolling to see the complete view and your caption. I also find the font colour and overall look too pale – much preferred the former set up. Thank you

  46. Well, since I am sort of a “lurker” and rarely commenting, I don’t want to say anything negative. I have loved your blog more than I can say. It is the ultimate example of “eye candy” with so much depth. You push all of the buttons, beauty, intelligence, desire, taste, vision. So, so much. But, to me the colors seem muted? Still very, very beautiful, mind you, and this was a great post about Santa Fe, which I truly love. So, not going to complain but just saying…

  47. Dying to see Santa Fe! This year, hopefully.
    LOVE the photos of the kids, and the layout is nice, but I miss your header photos. Good luck with the templates–I’m looking for a better one too. May have to bite the bullet and hire a designer.

  48. I lived in New Mexico for 18 short, blissful months before moving to beautiful Ventura Co., California. I’ve never stopped loving and missing it. You know in a heartbeat why it’s called the Land of Enchantment.

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