In The Trenches


Carolyn Murphy

So, I’m in London and it’s lovely to be back

but it’s cold. I mean rhilly, rhilly cold.

Like there’s no chance in hell of me trotting out my new “Joseph” trench coat COLD


or asking my husband to take a photo of me for a blog post I’m writing about “cute trenches”


with Spring around the corner, it was now or never for this baby.

234468724319519004_40Q19iQY_cphoto by Signe Vilstrup

 Besides, what city in the entire world is more famous for trench coats than London?!

And I just love a good T.C., don’t you?


So does Lady Mary.

sniffle. I miss Downton already.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s” double sniffle 


Burberry Prorsum

Oh oh. lost credit.

Karlie Kloss in the trench I was really coveting this year.


Oh lovely leather & khaki trench, spectral sylph of my rain-lashed dreams, where art thou?!


I kind of really want these shoes too, but we won’t get off topic will we.

Super Styling the trench

Do you think her husband/boyfriend took the photo? Me too. 

Do you think she has those leopard flats in the pic above? Me too.


Constance Jablonski

Studdy Trench

Kate. Trench. Done.

Model of the moment Cara Delevigne in Burberry


Two Classics of Fashion & Film in one photo

The Not Trying But Really Trying Trench

Jean-Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2013

Rosie Huntington-Whatever, I mean Whiteley  in the gorgeous Burberry lace trench

Fierce Trench


Frothy Trench

48. audrey_hepburn_et_hubert_de_givenchy

Chicest Trench

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 1.29.42 PM

Bureaucratic Trench Warfare


Pop Goes the Trench

 Cheeky Trench

(Both Burberry)


and the darling teeny weeny trench I bought for my adorable God-daughter at Phillip Lim.

(A little worried Suri ??)

Tinier still, there’s even one for your iPhone  by Moschino

I know. Shut The Door!

I think we’re all kind of hoping for just a little rain now, aren’t we??  

( Vancouverites don’t all answer at once 🙂 )


Just not in…

Humphrey Bogart


My next stop!

Alright, Marrakech, but so close. Who knows, we could end up in Casablanca-

“What in Heaven’s name brought you to Casablanca?”

“My health. I came to Casablanca for the waters.”

“The waters?? What waters? We’re in the desert!”


Ciao for now


PS. Don’t forget to follow @Slimpaley on Instagram where I’ll hopefully be gramming daily from all the gin joints in Morocco

and a few gardens too 🙂


(uncredited photos via Pinterest or Tumblr)


  1. Trenches…dress ’em up or dress ’em down the are always chic! Totally in love (and envy) with
    the Caroline Murphy photo you start off with! So classy!
    Hey maybe when you are in Morocco you could write about some of the exotic cosmetics or
    styles you see? Love when the women use dark charcoal to line the eyes.
    Gotta go finish my Hendrick’s gin and tonic now! cheers!

  2. Love the post. . . I once wore a Burberry trench home from London with another over my arm. . . those were the days my friend. . . I thought they’d never end 🙁

  3. MR. is old school and loyal to his London Fog. I love Burberry and also The Art Of The Trench. Love your selections Slim! Safe travels…
    XO Lisa

  4. Love trenches and am frequently amazed by how a little layering can keep me in them when it really is probably too cold. True story: I purchased my most recent trench while Carolyn Murphy (and her dog) were standing next to me at the A.P.C. in SoHo. Gorgeous, tall and seemed really, really nice. And tall. Did I mentioned that?

    Lovely travels to you!


  5. Slim,
    Now I want a trench coat, rain or not, in fact, I bet I can find one on sale since the season for rain coats in South Coast Plaza is nearly over, great prices will be mine.

  6. If I were rich I’d get a burberry trench with a fuchsia pink cashmere lining that I could button on and off.

    I do luff Londy. Will you pop into Waitrose for me and give it my Luff? And go to Marylebone High St to Daunt books and as you sail past the Malene Birger flag ship shoppe blow a kiss for me?

    I spose you’ll be going to Liberty and Harvey Snicks too. Jealous x

    • Love the idea of the detachable hot pink lining-I think you’re on to something FF!
      Went to Liberty’s and the big H, but didn’t make it into Selfridge’s or Harvey Nic this trip, sorry to say.

  7. Thank Heavens you finally added the Prada metallics, I knew you couldn’t possibly forgot those (or miss them for that matter). Hard decisions to be made this year, time to replace my classic black Burberry and I am overwhelmed with choices. guess that means multiple……goody! Free free to direct my choices Slim.Have fun in London (have you looked up the floral designer Jane Packer? ` she has the most fab floral classes that people from all over the world come to London to attend). Anyways, have a most fabulous trip Slim. xx

    • I’m familiar with Jane Packer but I had a very short stay in London-barely time to see a bus whizz by.

  8. Fun post! Fun destination! I just got adorable short pink trench Joan River QVC.
    I’ve just discovered them and HSN. I can buy a trench in middle of the night!

  9. Enjoy London… sorry I am not there to say hello… 🙂
    We are on the same page today… have those leopard lovelies on French Essence… and I am busting for a new trench… you are so right I wear my trench every day in London ( except now… too cold)… I try and mix it up a bit… but nothing works better there than a trench… and by the way… don’t worry… I am sure it could rain at anytime… 😉 xv

  10. Slim Paley – by name by nature – but still wont hate you for it! hehe

    the pictures of audrey walking along the seine and catherine d. are just breathtaking.

    the rest are lovely but those made me stop scrolling.

    I warned you it was cold here…enters your bones.

    I can not wait for your pics in Marrakech – one of my fave places in the world.

    I hope you are also going to visit the Roseraie – best bunch of roses( in context that is.)

    Bon voyage.

  11. I do love a good trench. I have one from Burberry thats been in my closet for years, a classic just wish it wasn’t a size 4…boo hoo:( Love each and every one above but the one that is “trying but not really trying”…to me its sloppy and not streamlined enough, a good trench should flatter and lengthen in my book. Happy travels to you!

  12. Oh, for the Burberry lace trench! And the figure and legs to wear it! So beautiful – and the booties! Heard it was in the sale, but I was misinformed!

    Have a great time in Marrakesh – and/or Casablanca. Hopefully warmer than London now. Play it again Slim (sorry, couldn’t resist).

    Best wishes, Pamela

  13. I love trench coats. Have 12 in the wardrobe. Most ridiculous was an Armani I bought for a huge sum in London and have never worn. (NEVER!) Most loved is the $5 apple-green bargain I bought on sale in Gap New York last year. You gotta love $5 Gap trenches, don’t you?

    Do you know the right way to wear a trench? I only discovered it recently. A French woman taught me. Sleeves rolled up slightly, front unbuttoned, belt tied to one side. (Never buckled). Is it to the right? Or is the left? Gosh, clearly wasn’t paying much attention to my sartorial lesson.

    Have a lovely time in Marrakech. x
    PS Always loved that photo of Givenchy and Audrey together. He’s very tall, so she must have been quite tall too…

  14. Oh I adore trenches. I never knew there were so many variations! Which one to choose?
    Besides the toddler coat did you buy a trench?
    I know Vancouver gets more rain than we do here in Victoria but it’s really been wet and windy here and cold lately. The good news is that the daffodils are starting to pop up!


  15. I wore my London Fog Belted and Hooded Trenchie, yesterday, with the zipped out lining.
    It was cold and snowy, and I loved it. I am donning my white Trenchie today – awesome!
    I cannot believe this came up – the same day – I got my Trenchies out and wearing. 🙂

  16. In NYC, one of my favorite Signs of Spring is the emergence of the trench!! I’m shopping around for something flared and feminine.
    Bonus: I’m heading to Marrekech, too! I can hardly wait. What a gorgeous adventure the two of us will have there!

  17. Your post really cheered me up , loved the metallics , they really pop.. well of course that’s the point .

    “Bureaucratic trench warfare” very clever as always Slim

  18. Slim, Best trench post ever! This is making me want another. I have a shorter Burberry and it’s the best thing I have bought. Wear it tons. You look tres chic in your jeans and trench! Wonder if you’ll get to Liberty…Also, isn’t the V&A having a David Bowie deal? I’m sure you’ll get there! Can’t wait to read all about it.


  19. Such a fan. Follow you from tumblr and just joined wordpress so I could leave this message! Can I be your god-daughter too… please?! Fabulous post. Loved it… and your joie de vivre! Safe travels xo

  20. I do recall a very romantic meeting (1980’s) with my husband at the airport after a very long sojourn,…..”a la trench coat”…..oh to young and in love…….just thinking of arriving in nothing but the trench now, would be hilarious, the visual and reaction is killing me 🙂 ……luv your instagrams 🙂

  21. Love so many of them. I just got a cute ZARA trench from the Salvation Army for 3 bucks. It’s super cute and it was quite a steal in perfect condition

  22. Love your post! …I am in TRENCH COAT heaven!
    Now I must go dig out my fabulous Linda Lundstrom trench coat. It’s maxi length works wonderfully during our “rainy season” (which, in Vancouver, means fall, winter, spring & sometimes summer…. Don’t get me started…). I also have one of her trenches in black patent …. (Yeah, I know..,I can already see the raised eyebrows & hear the gasps over the ether). It’s more “kooky fun” than “domanitrix sketchy”… (Yikes! I certainly hope I don’t come across as an agent for ‘The Man For Glad Garbage Bags”)…. Ah, who cares?- it just looks great with a pop of red or bright yellow pashmina around the neck. I pair it with my see thru vinyl Japanese style hybrid parasol-brolly & I’m “singin’ in the rain!”
    Okay Trenchies: trivia question: check out the last pix- that gorgeous pix of Humphrey Bogart. Now check out his belt… See the ring clip immediately to the right of where the belt is tied? That’s how you know his coat is an AUTHENTIC trench coat design… Because those rings are where you KEEP YOUR GRENADES! Real trench costs were used in the trenches in WW1 & you could clip your grenades onto your belt & keep them handy…. Now that’s what I call FIERCE!
    Looking forward to your Marrakech posts!

    Yes, we Vancouverites endured yet another “Pineapple Express” weather event this weekend -but brilliant sun is shining thru as I speak … Daffodils & tulips are on the verge of blooming.

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