Heads Up

vintage cameo buttons

Cameos are cool again.

Just thought I’d mention it, in case you hadn’t noticed.

cameo braceletThen…

Amadeo cameos


…and Now

cameosCameos & tats, who’da thunk it?!

890A4843Italian Vogue


Victoria Hardstone via Fourtane

cameo earrings

muse-china-12-e1335986433479Arizona Muse via Vogue China

Old photo cameo

cameo braceletsAmedeo  on Lexington Ave. in NYC is the place to buy cool cameos.

cameo ringsThey even customize.  A loved one, or perhaps a favourite pet, or just beautiful initials.

carving cameosBoth images via Amedeo

carving cameosThese are not your Grannie’s cameos

downton abbeyBTW, shouldn’t the Dowager have a cameo on her collar?!


890A1716A most beautiful head in the Palace of Versailles

marlon-brando-julius-caesarand the most beautiful head in movies.  No contest.


Heads are in-house too.

cameo rugs

cameo rugsRugs by Stiles BK

the-libertine-magazine-campaign-january-2013-yatzer-patrick-gilles-and-dorothc3a9e-boissier-at-home-in-thier-flat-in-paris-3via The Libertine magazine

The trick is to keep a cool head.


and don’t let it get all stuffy.


Axel Vervoordt



Go big or go home.

Screen Shot 2012-04-14 at 1.16.38 PM


I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: `Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed….

Percy Bysshe Shelley

bust in garden

Lanvin cameoLanvin


287315651197294231_q7VgiVIX_fcredit unknown

Just don’t lose your head  (Sorry)

slim paleyand make sure to have fun with it.


Hey-How about that last episode tonight?

What the…  🙁

Still, we must soldier on. We’re British after all (caught up in the show much??)

Try to have a good week all the same.


(Buttons top photo, my own. Green desk photo via Pinterest)


  1. I appreciate the Brando…but my favourite head, hands down, is Mr. Paul Newman’s at ANY age he graced a photo. So jealous of Joanna…

    • I love Marlon Brando and Paul Newman – they are a TIE on Eye Candy. I watched Cat on a Hot Tin Roof yesterday, and I was so dazzled with watching both Paul Newman & Elizabeth Taylor during the entire movie. I wished I was in that boudoir with Paul Newman screaming through the entire movie at him, while we were changing our clothes through the entire movie. 🙂

  2. Brando and Newman Slim ,and I thought you lost your head for Gary Cooper.

    These images are just sublime …Is that Marquise de Pompadour’s plump arm avec cameo? all this and Shelley too..you’ve outdone yourself

    • I ADORE The Coop but I was really just referring to the shape of Brando’s head-it was definitely coin worthy. Not that the rest of him was bad either…
      I can’t wait to read Rita Moreno’s new book, just for all the Brando dish!

      • 2:10 am smr? Slim – you’ve caught my breath again! I LOVE cameos and busts – especially busts in the garden. That could be the Marquise de Pompadour (Louie XV’s mistress, whose real last name was, curiously, Poisson) but Queen Caroline had the most extensive collection of cameos – dating from the 1500’s. I want one of those bracelets from Amedeo! I may have to come east to visit a dear friend….

      • Seriously, TRUE? ! Now I don’t know how to feel. Yes I do. Still ripped off!
        I can hardly wait for season 4. 🙂

        Wore my family cameo (Great Grandmother’s) in the early 1980’s after receiving it as my 21st Birthday present from my Grandmother. It was always the first piece of jewelry I would go to when we were given permission to “look through” Grandma’s jewelry drawer as little girls.

        Looking forward to being “on trend” with it once again! Wonder if Hubby would feel #2 if I had one made with the dogs profile?


  3. The cameo pearl cuffs from Amadeo made my jaw drop.
    Same goes for the young Brando photos. 😉

    Lanvin’s large Wedgwood blue cameo against the green dress with the blue-grey gloves … gorgeous and so modern!

    Amazing post!

  4. Beautiful cameos/beautiful uplfiting post on a Monday morning. I am with Bianca in thinking Paul Newman is supreme. Sean Connery might also be considered.
    We are hooked on Downton Abbey and now we have Season 4 to look forward to. Never a dull moment.
    Helen xx

  5. The ending! What the???? We knew ‘Matthew’ was going to leave the show, but how cruel to send him to his demise after that tender scene of Father and son – ahhhh! J.F. warms the heart and then rips it out of your chest!
    As to the cameos, I will take mine stuffy or otherwise. I have my Grandmother’s and it has always been a favorite – the old craftsmanship is so superior to the knock offs, though the new ones are entertaining!

  6. Thanks for the heads up! Just got the “cutest” cameo earrings on Etsy. Does that mean I’m ahead of the game?!?!? franki

  7. I would love to find a cameo in an antique shop. They look so classic and timeless.
    The image of that lacy dress and the cameo shows just how modern they can be. My daughter owns one and she has great style. Do you have one too Slim? How do you wear yours?

  8. Still sobbing here! And I just gave Mary Mcnamera a few words on what I think of her criticism of Downton in the LATimes. But what can you expect from Neanderthal critics?!?!?
    Love cameos and yes, the dowager could have used one at her throat. I plan on getting mine out, thank you to my Granny. Thank you Slim, for keeping us up to speed! You are such a God send!

  9. Slim, so nice to see “old techniques” appreciated in the lapidary arts arena. A few years ago, I had the amazing
    opportunity to meet Erwin Pauly who is a master carver from the famous cameo carving region in Germany of Idar-Oberstein. Mr. Pauly not only was generous explaining his carving technique, but he told us of cameos he carved for Arab royalty. Take a look not only at his website but the region of Idar-Oberstein as well. Mr. Pauly’s son is continuing the family tradition.
    http://www.erwin-pauly.de/ (some pages in German)

  10. And, PS, I may have to print your blog. I hate to have to go to my electronic device to see your pictures and reread your wonderful words.

  11. My mother’s most treasured possession was a cameo her brother gave her. I’ve not worn it because with grey hair I thought it would truly make me look like “The Dowager.” But now I have stylish permission to wear it with heartfelt remembrance.

  12. Yes, the end was a shocker. I thought maybe he was badly injured( cept frozen open eye look had me concerned) and will come back next season but from all your comments, alas, he is gone.

  13. Love all of these cameo looks, especially Lanvin – I’m head-over-heels! My Downton fix comes on Tuesdays when the hubby is off playing tennis… sounds like another tear-jerker so I avoided reading any of your fabulous comments. Hoping you have a great week!

  14. oh yes, well I was wondering how he managed to be in a broadway show, so I guess I knew it was coming but did it have to be so so dramatic? Can’t wait for Season 4. Love all of the photos and definitely love the quote..

  15. Yes, Sandra…”stylish permission” from SP. I last wore my grandmothers pink with pearl cameo when I remarried many years ago. Gonna get it out, thank you, Slim.
    …and ‘Matthew’ was seemingly foolish, it was as though he was becoming center-point in the family. Didn’t see that one coming.
    xoxo, Chris

  16. I have ALWAYS been in love with cameos!… ever since I discovered some in my grandmothers’ & mother’s jewelry boxes! There is just something sooo girly & feminine about wearing a cameo! Thx for the great pix! 🙂

  17. Nice to see the classic and pretty’ coming back…such artistry in making cameo’s, happy it’s not a lost art yet!

    I knew what was to come last night, saw a spoiler weeks ago (one of those darn Brits blabbed!)…but I’m actually glad to have been prepared, Sybil’s demise knocked me around silly, can’t imagine how I would have survived last night’s trauma without the peek into the future…still, so sad.
    xo J~

  18. thanks for another off-the-beaten-track post! cameos making cameos in modern day, love that — i have a pair of earrings, given to me by my best friend (with a knack for ALWAYS finding cool and unusual prezzies) that are cameos cut into glass, so the reverse is the front — done in impression — and they are spectacular! i’ve never seen anything like them and always get compliments when i wear them. thanks for picking an unpredictable subject matter, slim!

  19. What can a writer do when real life dictates what you must write? Two beloved family members in one year is one too many. I’m wondering if Sybil’s actress is off on a bigger adventure also? I think cameo’s are timeless and like pearls, can modern-up a white tee and jeans.

  20. Wow, I’ll have to rethink those cameos in my jewelry box, drawing dust. I guess everything really does go around again…still, if the dowager doesn’t care for them maybe we should all rethink them, right? I’m so sad Matthew didn’t want to stay for the next 3 seasons…I’ll miss his smile and those blue eyes.

  21. been thinking of making one given by a former beau into a cocktail ring…maybe now that it will be ever so stylish I shall. Thanks for the “head’s up”…Would like to read the other rcomments, but cannot as I was in Big Sur last night with no tv….I am watching in one hour…so shhhh until then!!

  22. Oh my, I’m off to dig up all the cameos from the drawers in my house and mom’s house. I live 1/2 yr in OXON close to Blenheim Palace. This Christmas season the busts were all dressed in silk turbans and jewels. It was the most cheerful sight you could imagine. I love the little cupid in the top hat; that’s so something I would do. This was a fun post. 🙂

  23. Love all your posts Slim! – the one pic without credit – just before the green Lanvin dress – looks like William Welch and Andrea Filippone’s place in Pottersville, New Jersey?? If you haven’t been there – you should put on your list on your next trip to NYC – art, design, gardens, antiquities, architecture – such a wonderful place!

  24. I loved your cameos. I have 20plus blue Wedgewood Cameo Disks that I use on my Christmas tree. They are lovely and so special. I have one for every year I have owned my home. It is such a thrill each November to purchase my new disk. I adore the Lanvin Dress–I will try and recreate the look. I always enjoy reading your blog.

  25. For my first anniversary I requested a cameo from my husband and received a beautiful one on a gold chain…..it is a real shell one and small but very delicate and beautiful. I also have some antique cameos…one white on a black background. I really never thought they ever went out of fashion as I believe truly beautiful works of art are always perceived to be timeless. Doesn’t really matter if something is “in” or not…..if you love it wear it……..that is what makes you stylish. Lovely post as always,

    • It’s not that they ever went “Out” as that they seem to be very on trend, as they say, right now.
      But I totally agree; If you love it, WEAR it!

  26. I’m glad that the US has caught up with Downton… it’s been hard keeping the ending under wraps…;) I hated the final… thought JF should have replaced him (i know that’s weird) but… Anyway… the drama will continue…

    Love the cameos.. best dust them off… xv

  27. Slim, So much to love here. I’m late to this, but adored all of it. What lovely pieces from Amedeo and I adore the Lanvin too. I’ve always loved cameos and have a pink one set with a diamond that was my great-grandmothers. I think I’ll dress it up tonight and wear to an Oscar party I’m going too. You’ve inspired me with the off-handed way they are styled here!

    I’m totally distraught about DA ending. What were they thinking? Matthew is the blue-eyed boy who stepped in from another age…Adored him. Perhaps Tom will take over now. He’s my other favorite.


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