Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone!

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The table is done, and just in the nick of time.  My theme this year was “More is More”; inspired by wanting to use my cranberry glass collection after a long hiatus, as well as the lushness of the garden still, even though the cold is finally here in Santa Barbara. Despite the chill in the air, it was a gorgeous sunny day and just as I was finishing my floral arranging, I was blessed with the stunning golden light that November brings…

Slim Paley photo

thanksgiving table

Only the pink lilies and small orange chrysanthemums (Omg- I just spelled that right the first time!)  needed to be bought for the table. Everything else came from the garden.

umm…except the pomegranates… the figs are from my garden though, I swear.

One of the flower boxes where the ruby coloured leaves and plum ‘daisies’ grow

(little “Polaroid photos all taken with iphone”Shake it” app.).

Slim Paley photo

The smaller table at the window seat serves as the buffet

(or the place where those misbehaving at the grown up’s table are banished 🙂 )

Still have a few little pears hanging on to my Weeping Silver Pear trees…

The Silver Pear Allee

Ignore the fact there is no water coming out of that damn font. I swear the birds deliberately poop right in the spray holes

Oh…wait…but I’m thankful to have so many beautiful birds in my garden

Slim Paley Photo

For Peaceful Homes, and Healthful Days

For All the Blessings Earth displays

We give Thankfulness and Praise


Wishing everyone a Healthy, Hearty, and Happy Day!!


  1. I could eat that table setting.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Slimmy

    P.S.–what’s the dinner china? pretty pattern.

  2. Wow, wow, wow!
    Seriously Wow!
    That is a table to behold.
    I’m sorry I can’t make it to do the washing up Slim. Mr Louise won’t let me come. Says a trip to St Petersburg (the Russian one), Lapland, Norway and Italy in 2 weeks time is enough for me. Plus the Qantas A380s are not back in service yet.

    Hope you have a fantabulous Thankseating,
    Louise in Townsville .

  3. oops, there’s an extraneous p in that post and I can’t get it out.
    “to” St Petersburg, but I’m sure it will be a “top” place too.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Slim – Gorgeous table setting. Love the cranberry crystal. I wish I was there with you all celebrating the day. I will be with you in spirit.

  5. LOvely…..lovely……lovely.

    gratitude is one of my very favorite things……in your beautiful blog.

    We have so much to be grateful for……….you remind us never to take any of this beauty for granted

  6. Thankful for beautiful inspirational blog whose images burst off the screen – the coleus! the colors! Is reading at the table allowed, or is one banished for that? I would be so tempted to see what lovely tooling might be inside the cover or handsome marbelized end papers! Happy thanksgiving to our favorite bloggess…may blessings abound for all at your table!

  7. I love how the whole room connects to the table, the curtains, the walls, the flowers, fruits and china. Everything is done perfectly with the same punches of color. It’s really beautiful, but most of all, it feels a dinning room where a family (a lucky one I must say) dines. That’s the spirit of a well designed place. It has to feel that you can enjoy it, and with that table, I know you will. 🙂

    You’re so gifted, SP.

    I also want to wish you a really HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I really admire you, your work, your sense of humor and especially how down-to-earth you are. I will never forget that, when I started my blog back in September, you were so sweet and sent me an email explaining how this works and giving me advices. I know more people in this virtual world now and my blog is growing and I am grateful to you, for taking a moment to explain things to me. So, honestly, Thank You for being so kind.

    Have fun with your loved ones. Enjoy every minute of today. 🙂


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  8. Such a clever gal! Love the coleus mixed in and the cranberry glass is gorgeous and have total respect for you since you can spell that flower (not even going to try). I have a bit of cranberry crystal from my grandmother and every so often I take it out and drink a toast to “Lucy”.
    Happy Thanksgiving Slim. XO

  9. hi slim,

    stunning, stunning, stunning. of course my table theme this year is less is less. ahahaha.
    i think i know where i’d be siitting if i were your guest.

    have a wonderful thanksgiving day!


  10. Thanksgiving perfection! I am grateful for the joy you give me each time I read your blog. I always have to take a few minutes savour your pictures, designs and thoughts. In all of blogland yours is the one I like to hang around the most. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Stunning table Slim!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family today:)

    It’s snowing here in Vancouver, my dog is going ballistic….fun!

  12. Slim,
    Thanks for sharing a little slice of heaven with us! I loved your pear allee
    even though the birds cause plumbing problems (your off-handed comment
    caught me off guard and I burst out laughing by the way).

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Fantastic colors; the table setting is absolutely gorgeous. What a wonderful place for all your family to be.

    Thanks for all the great blogs all year.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  14. Woweee beautiful as I knew it would be. Happy American Thanksgiving my good friend! It’s snowing here and I love it.

  15. Beautiful and beyond, the cranberry is so inviting, the flowers exquisite. Your table truly is “A work of Art ” One could almost forget about the food. Almost !!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

  16. What a stunningly beautiful day we have here in Santa Barbara! I’m sure it will shine brightly on you and your family today. Just walked the trail and it was Heaven. Oprah is even here today! Why would she not be?

    Who did your cooking today?

  17. ‘More is More’ is THE MOST…Beautiful! The combinations of florals is stunning! Love the Chris-and-the-mums, as I believed them to be as a little girl, lilies and coleus in cranberry…so yummy! Thank you for everyday a visual feast from Chez Slim’s!

    So many blessings and so much to be grateful for.

  18. All looks beautiful and I especially love the use of the old books.
    Happy happy Thanksgiving to all!
    I’m in Hawaii for this Turkey…so

  19. Thanks for the gorgeous table, very inspiring, I would have never thought about books as a table decor, but now I will.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


  20. Gosh SP this is visually stunning. Surely a book of your table styling must be in the offing (if there isn’t one already!).
    I love the figs and pears and leaves and the cranberry glassware is divine.
    What food did you serve if you don’t mind sharing? I think anything would taste delicious in this setting!
    Kate Bx

  21. I am thankful for Slim Paley. Wishing you a wonderful holiday. What a *gorgeous table! Flowers, garden, everything. Love!

  22. Thank you, Slim, for bringing beauty and style and humor into
    our lives daily. I find it very nourishing and essential to my happiness
    to see and share beautiful things, places, ideas and people.

    We love you!

  23. Thanks so much for all the lovely comments!
    I hope everyone had a sweet Thanksgiving.
    I am thankful for family… and great friends that help clean up!

    PS. no special meaning to the page in the little book of Shakespeare-just where it would stay open 🙂
    The china is Wedgwood in the “Bianca” pattern.
    Dinner included honey & pineapple baked ham, cranberry & orange zest chutney, scalloped potatoes, green beans sauteed in garlic butter & fresh parsley, corn souffle, salads and some crazy good home-made desserts.
    Oh …and last but not least- pumpkin martinis- sooooo good!

  24. Oh Slim, I dig you! I’m a new reader. I love more is more, but you held back just enough. I would love to sit at your table. Your tablecloth is divine. I hope you had a great holiday.

    I gave up this year and we ate at the club!

    Love your words and outlook on life.


  25. I really enjoy your blog. Your posts are fabulous and the photos are stunning! If you get a chance, check out a website called “And George,” in Charlottesville, VA. I think you will like it!
    Best Regards,
    Lisa Morin

  26. What a lovely table. And how lucky you are to still have such a beautiful garden to cull from at this time of year. I love the cranberry glasses – especially that there are 2 different sets. And figs in your yard – heaven! I did serve a fig compote with the chevre to start but from a jar not my yard! Hope you had a wonderful day with your family.

  27. Sorry to be late to the THANK YOU party. Still recovering from hosting/playing with visiting family, grandson and new baby for weekend, BUT this post definately inspired my T’day table…………HOWEVER, tell me how one recovers from shattering a large glass plate on top of the turkey platter just as one is about to carry it out to the dining room table!!!!???—-“Oh, Gertrude, just bring out the other turkey!”—what a disaster!—but a Thanksgiving story to tell for years to come. Hope you had a great one and THANK YOU!

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