Happy Easter!

Slim Paley photo

Wishing everyone a beautiful Easter Weekend.

 It was indeed an exquisite day here in Santa Barbara, though I’m fending off a touch of melancholy as has been my custom the past few Easters; reminiscing about egg hunts with our little boys and how those days are long gone for us now. Peculiar that this holiday more than any other affects me in this way.  I’ve one photo in particular of my little men with their Easter baskets that almost makes me weep every time I look at it. My older son’s hair is as gold as if the sun itself has bent to kiss him, and younger son is trailing along,  sporting overalls at half-mast and a look that suggests he’s not at all satisfied with the day’s gatherings just yet.


As nature (and Khalil Gibran) remind us

“Life goes not backward, nor tarries with yesterday…”

Slim Paley photos

 Columbines photographed today in the garden. I only have this colour at the moment, but I’m on the hunt for the coral and pale yellow combination as well.

I love the little tails that shoot out behind these flowers. They are a sweet addition to a bouquet.

Looks as if we’re going to have another bumper crop of roses this Spring and Summer!

I can barely stand how beautiful the colour of this rose is.

I could almost cry (again. Oh dear…)

Merci to a dear friend for my delicious bonbons

 I hope you receive many treasures from your bunny(s) this Easter Morning!

Looking back to Easters past (a post from 2010);  Peeps & Paas 

And for newer readers;

 if you care to take a peek at the post I hold dearest in my heart  (I warned you I was emotional)

  Here; Bringing up Boys  (please do play the music)

and once again,

Happy Easter and Passover to you all!





  1. I am spending the last Easter Sunday with my son before he marries his wonderful fiancé, I printed the photo of him as a two year old standing under the flowering cherry tree in his sailor suit holding his basket of eggs. We shared an entire chocolate egg under the same tree today. I feel the love Slim!


  2. I read your post on bringing up boys — with music. I have two sons, now grown, and one a father of his own son. For those of us who thought we wanted daughters, raising boys to men was truly joyful. Happy Easter.

  3. Your columbine photos are gorgeous. And seeing the photos of your boys again was just precious. This post arrived on my son’s birthday who, sadly, passed away twelve years ago. It was a nice reminder of just how wonderful those years with my son were. Now, I go to celebrate the passing over into a new life that this day represents with my daughter and two beautiful grandchildren.
    Wishing that anything your heart desires will come to you,

  4. I know exactly how you feel…our only child is away at boarding school in MA. We used to have huge, dressy Easter egg hunts…oh, how I miss them! I am so pathetic I had an egg hunt this morning for my husband…who is 62!!! Loved the Birthday Boy Post…made me teary.

  5. “Wishing you a star” filled night and day on this beautiful morning…and chocolate bunny ears!! franki

  6. Dear Slim

    As always your flowers are gorgeous!!
    I have those same memories of when my children were young!

    Have a Blessed Day!

    Art by Karena

  7. Happy Easter to you as well. I have three boys. They are 26, 23 and 16. I read your post about bringing up boys (which was beautiful by the way). It brought back a lot of memories of bringing up my boys and also how fast the time has gone. No more Easter egg hunts for us either. My father who passed 6 years ago used to make treasure hunts for them with clues to finding their treats. He made a separate treasure hunt for each boy. I know that will be a treasured memory of their Grandfather at Easter. Someday you and I will have grandchildren and we can relive it all over again and make Easter special for them.

  8. Oh, heavens….Easter morn IS so tender and add a Slim-post, I am beyond myself. Went back to your BUB post WITH music. Our season at the moment is a {very} unexpected one. Yet, I am thankful for it all. Happy Easter dear Slim!

  9. Hi Slim, I know, I know–it is not easy to be a mother. Those tiny trusting hands and looks. But today I’m spending time with 3 sets of tiny trusting hands and rejoicing in watching how my son has grown in fatherhood–he is amazingly devoted to his three baby girls–and being witness to this transformation might even be a greater joy!!
    Have a wonderful Easter Sunday–the roses are going to be gorgeous and can’t for photos.

  10. Happy Easter Slim. Thanks for the link to “Bringing Up Boys”. I had forgotten how much i loved that post.

  11. Happy Easter ! I enjoyed your post about your sons. And if I knew how to show my pics of my one son they would almost mirror yours! Even the blonde hair/style. It helped that since I was 13 years old I knew I wanted 4 boys,(as fate would have it that didn’t happen),I did name him w/3 middle names.On Easter I would take his stuffed bunny and hide him by a door or window and on Easter morning we would search for ‘Bun’. He would always say “I wonder if he saw the Easter Bunny.” So this morning I took Bun out (of course I still have him!) and emailed my son in Texas (so far away) that I found him at the back door looking out! love and best Easter wishes to you! jd

  12. Good morning and happy Easter to you! I have been secretly following your blog for quite a while now and just wanted to tell you how much I truely enjoy it! Grandchildren…that’s the only cure! Of course, watching our two grandsons, 3 and 4, still brings a tear to my eye! And how silly is it that I have only two Columbines! They are the pale yellow ones, must get more!
    Thanks for