Hanging Around

lakeside hammock, Muskoka, Ontario

 Perched on the edge of Lake Muskoka, Ontario,

A heavenly hammock swings between a pair of perfectly placed trees in the garden of our friend’s charming old cottage.

It just doesn’t get much better than this.

I’ll spare the Jim Croce song, but “If I could save time in a bottle…”

This would definitely be one of those times.

BTW, have you ever been to Lake Muskoka or the Lake Region of eastern Canada?

Lake Muskoka

This is how beautiful it is. For miles and miles and miles.  No filter, plain & simple.

Put it on your list.

But once again, I digress…

hammock on deck

I told you I was still putting up a hammock post.

September, Schmmeptember.

beach hammockI could possibly have saved this for my “Indigo” post-which, in my timely fashion, should debut just before Christmas.

Cause I know when one hears the word “Christmas” one instantly thinks Indigo!

porch seat hammock

But for real, who doesn’t adore the promise of a cozy hammock with all the dreamy, romantic emotions  they evoke?

A macramé cocoon twisting gently from the creaky ceiling of a sleeping porch, a mattress ticking pillow, Hudson Bay blanket thrown over the edge and a great book nestled within?

or perhaps it’s more

Robinson Crusoe meets Swiss Family Robinson with Johnny Depp lurking behind the nearest palm tree, whittling you a coconut vessel from which to sip your rum. Together.


Hey, It’s all good, Matey 🙂

At the other end of the spectrum…

hammock under the trees

This romantic vignette helped inspire my English Country Garden Tastemaker Tag Sale on “One King’s Lane” last week.

indoor hammock, tile floor

I also think it’s awfully fun to hang a hammock indoors, given the right setting, don’t you?

I’ve never done it, but never say never, though I think they’re especially great in a young person’s abode.

Lots of dash for little cash.

Besides,extricating one’s self from a hammock can take some manuoevering manuveouring effort.

black & white hammock photo

I love this photo, but I’m sure I’d have that basket weave deeply imprinted on my entire body for the rest of the day.

Ahh, once again, the ageing process…

it’s a beautiful thing.


Fancy bathing in a hammock big enough for two? check out  Splinterworks.co.uk


Here’s one sporting my favourite combo of black & white, plus a handy thick rug placed strategically underneath for a two-martini roll out.


The pinnacle of Hammock Chic- the woven leather one by Hermes

I’ll take two, on either side of the fireplace thank you very much.

boat bed

And a most charming turn on a nautical hammock, a vintage boat brought indoors.

Don’t you just love creative people?!

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 7.27.15 PM

2013 A Space Hammock. For the ultimate threesome.


Hammock in Greece

Or the perfect old school hammock swinging gently above the olive groves of Greece.

Pass the feta please.

seaside hammock

Tropical, indoor, old school or space age

Let’s face it. Hammocks rock.

Bora Bora

At the Nui Nui in Bora Bora

Paging Fletcher Christian…

Marlon Brando as Fletcher Christian



Here’s to sweet languorous dreams of a life lived slowly…

But only 9 more months ’til next summer!

Australia-you’re not even allowed to say a thing right now!

Happy September All



All uncredited photos from Tumblr or pinterest


  1. Is there anything that is more romantic than a sultry afternoon swinging with someone ( I’ll take Johnny Depp ! ) in a hammock. Anywhere! On the beach, in a forest or field .. in your own back yard. I agree – hammocks rock !!

  2. The whole Muskoka area is literally covered with lakes ranging in size from as large as Lake Muskoka to the tiniest of puddles lovingly called “lakes”. I visit a tiny splash of a lake, called Sunny Lake just south of where you stayed. You can see the fish swimming between your feet as they check out your wringling toes. Aaaahhhh, cottage country, so close and yet so far. You should have stopped in to see Goldie and Kurt…on Lake St. Joseph or was that Lake Rousseau???

    Wait a minute…was the friend you were visiting, Rita, by any chance?

    Hope you were there in the later part of August when the weather reminded itself that summer was not done. Greetings from a Toronto fan!

  3. I am doing something wrong. I have 3 hammocks — sometimes they get hung for summer but I always see them from afar. Next step is climbing into one.

  4. Believe me it’s not summer in AUstralia yet though Winter was really unwinterish. Yes have been to southern Ontario lakes I remember being there when I was about 3 and my mother showing me a skunk ..we spent 6 months in Canada

  5. Tis HOT here, am planning my summer wardrobe!

    I really want to go to Bora Bora.

    I think I’d fit right in.

    Meanwhile, I am not summer ready. Must lose my winter weight and sort my clothes x

  6. The motion of a hammock gently rocking in the breeze, the distant drone of a small motor boat, the sound of waves lapping the shore….heaven! You captured it beautifully!

  7. I just inked in Lake Muskoka on my BL…I’ve read three wonderful posts describing this vacation spot from various authors this summer. How did I not know much about this place, it’s almost storybook charm is so inviting. I wish I had a spot for a hammock. I wiled away an hour this past July in our son’s backyard with my granddaughter in a hammock…so much fun.
    Summer is hanging on so enjoy these last weeks of California warm weather.

  8. I trtuly believe in ESP…wondering where to hang my Anthropologie pink ombre’ hammock at this very moment!! The first photo could be mine – this one between two oaks…except…that is my hubbie’s..mine is ombre’ 🙂 franki

  9. I’d love that vintage boat hammock!
    Ontario lake country is gorgeous…I love a rustic cottage that has seen generations of families summer in it. Quirky and eclectic and comfy. Not decorated with current furniture but time worn and steeped in history of summers past.
    Your images of hammocks look so inviting that it would be hard to resist climbing into one and recline and gaze up at the blue skies….our summer is slipping away here in Victoria. Cooler days and foggy mornings.

  10. As per the indoor hammock–yes! A beloved Jungian Analyst in Switzerland, a pioneering child psychiatry, had a hammock in his “witch’s” cottage, where he met his patients. He knew the effect of the hammock–a dedicated, womb-like sacred place to rest, and be contained. On the other hand, our family has a hammock we take camping into the wilderness. We lovingly named it “Ham Hock”.

  11. Best hammock post EVA!

    I’m off to Salt Spring Island this weekend, another Canadian Gem…..trying to extend this summer as long as possible

  12. What a beautiful section of the world. I love everything that a hammock suggests, the boat hammock? Too amazing! I loved your ice post too, giggling at all of your fun comments while listening to Sail on Sailor {I did listen}, I decided I’m staying on summer island mode for a little while longer on SM, no matter what the calendar says.

  13. This reminds me of when my then teenaged son Brad dragged in the hammock on large metal stand from patio to his room after I had finshed furnishing with new bedding. He swung in his own unconventional way and still does. It lasted about two weeks without comment from me which was the motive I believe. I now sit back with enjoyment watching his daughter his mirror image give him a ride. Did someone say karma?

  14. Slim, Super cool post. You always come up with something unique! I love hammocks and I love a resort that has them. Seriously though, the best part was the hammock with the rug for the 2 martini roll-out! The best!

  15. I missed this delightful post because I was vacationing on Wallowa Lake in northwest Oregon…either in a hammock or in the lake most of the time! I love lakes, and Muskoka Lake looks very enticing! Just two questions: how was the water temperature, and how were the mosquitoes, at the end of the summer? Thanks for this post, even most enjoyable on this rainy November 3 evening. P.S. We have a beautiful hammock hanging in our garden all summer, but I have yet to relax in it…I just cannot be still in my own garden!

  16. Sounds like you passed a delightful summer! Lake Muskoka is SO gorgeous but let’s just say ‘bracing’!! The mosquitos diminish as the summer goes on, but I guess it also depends on how much it rains too, right? We had virtually no skeeters the last time we were there.

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