Greetings From Sun Valley


Slim Paley photo


Greetings from Sun Valley!

I escaped the “June Gloom” in Santa Barbara and I’m basking in the gorgeousness that is Idaho this time of year.


Slim Paley photo

My intention was to treat this as a “spa” week; no naughty foods, no alcohol, lots of water and plenty of exercise. For the most part I’m doing well, but last night I got carried away listening to 70’s music on satellite radio (again) and all that reminiscing about high school and boys forced me to crack open a Corona!

A Bob Seger song led me to the edge and “Bachman Turner Overdrive” pushed me over. Remember the faces boys used to make when they danced to those “Guy songs”?!


We’d be like “Gaawd-that’s Ricky from my math class” and your friends would be like “How do you know? You never go to math class” and then you’d be like “that’s why. Dorks.”


The first day I arrived this is how much snow was still in the higher mountains


A few days later it’s almost entirely gone.

It’s not hot yet but the days are long, with a hint of light still lingering in the big sky til after 10:00pm.

I know because last night I was telling myself I couldn’t possibly go to bed before it was dark!


I love roasting vegetables in my kitchen fireplace winter or summer.

These are Anaheim chiles meant to be stuffed with cheese, except I ate all the cheese so they were just served drizzled with ghee, lemon and sea salt. Delicious.

Ever since “The incident of The Missing Wiener” on the outdoor bar-beque last year I’m a tad fearful of outdoor grilling .



The scene of the crime

Tell me a bird can get into this grill when it’s burning hot and smoky and located underneath a really big overhang and fly away with a jumbo wiener.

I think not.

(don’t tell the fire dept. about the “big overhang” part)


Speaking of animals,

Does this giant sweet potato/yam not look just like a walrus?

 It even has whiskers!

This photo was taken before the Corona.




Speaking of the Great Outdoors, what are we watching on TV now that “Madmen” is over? 

Anyone going to watch the new “DALLAS”?





  1. Welcome Back Slim. Enjoy this wonderful time of year.
    Time to start all the new planting now that the snow showers are hopefully over.

  2. I was gonna check out the new “Dallas”, but forgot.

    As you SB’ers flee, some of us (from No. Cal.) flock. Moving down for 5 weeks while our daughter works as a camp counselor at UCSB.

    Happy trails…

  3. Adorable post,one of your best. Pics fab. I love the bear-Perhaps tomorrow Dean K. Wilson’s bear will be chatting while sharing their cocktail hr.
    Funny story your math class. Yep you did escape june gloom in S B. Many more days of clouds expected I believe. enjoy!

  4. I recognize those pictures, and wish I was there too. We are having frickin January weather in Vancouver, I hope we get some sun eventually, it’s ridiculous. Lucky you, have an enjoyable time there, I hope the weiner snatcher doesn’t reappear.

  5. Helloooooo from Yosemite where there is also a tremendous amount of snow leftover. So beautiful! Fab hiking and fresh air. Have a great time!
    PS – I know why we are friends because Bachman Turner Overdrive is one of my all-time faves!

  6. Not buying it Slim, there is no way you took that pic of a yam before you had a Corona. I think we better get you out of that place soon………but it does look relaxing. And the bear looks like good company. XO

  7. Beautiful photos as usual. Would love to trade places with that teddy bear.

    That yam could easily pass for a walrus.

    Have fun! 🙂

  8. After seeing the the picture of the stream now have the theme from Daniel Boone in my head. are there any real bears there? I absolutely adore them

  9. I giggle most times I visit! You must have a ’70s Girls Weekend for your dearest friends you’ve never meant aka Blog-stalkers!!!! Yes, I have to watch Dallas as a long-time friend who lives there was an extra. I’d hurt her feelings if I do not. Enjoy your spa vacay and…..the Coronas!

  10. I LOVE your idea of making a vacation like a spacation! I may try that in 2 weeks when I go to OBX. Your scenery is TDF!!!! And, I have said before: that railing is gorgeous. XO, Pinky

  11. Breaking Bad in a few weeks! We just re-watched the first Mad Men last night. I can’t believe how much hair Pete used to have!

      • I watched an episode of Breaking Bad the other night because it came on right after the Madmen finale. It gave me extreme anxiety! but my sons both LOVE it and think Brian Cranston is amazing.

  12. Slim,
    What a beautiful getaway whether from June gloom or just to enjoy the great outdoors.

    I kind of like Suits…the older attorney is so darn cute…and Burn Notice…they may not br Madmen but they are entertaining.

    Enjoy your week.

  13. Corona! I dare say ~ if it was high school reminiscing it should have been a Molson or a Labatt’s oh Canadian sister of mine !! It looks to me like you are literally in heaven. Gotta get back there one of these day.xoL

  14. Sun Valley is amazingly lovely. Sounds like a perfect break to me with the 70s tunes and corona. I was cracking up at the guys dancing. I can see their faces now!

    That yam is so an elephant seal!

    Thanks for sharing. I’m going up to Jackson Hole in a week or so and this is getting me excited about it.


  15. Glad to hear you are in our beautiful state again! I love your lodge…it is so beautiful and looks just like it should be there always. Weather is beautiful now..has been iffy 90’s one day and 60’s the next but keeps the bugs away! Enjoy your stay and hopefully that isn’t a bear snatching the weenies!! Great pictures as always….you could make a living selling your wonderful photos.

  16. I played flute onstage with Randy Bachman at my High School and it was a thrill.
    The Guess Who as they were known back in the day.

    I have driven through Idaho and love it…
    beside the fact that my Irish potato famine family heritage links me forever to those amazing spuds!

    Happy Holidays.

  17. Hi from rainy London, UK. Love Bob Seger! Idaho looks fab. I’m watching Breaking Bad in a box set – Series 2 is affecting my heart rate.

  18. Your beautiful pictures bring back memories of a trip I enjoyed, to Sun Valley, a few years ago. It was in September, and the weather was spectacular. Such a beautiful place!

  19. We were in Salmon, ID not long ago…white water rafting down “that” river! YaHoo!! Enjoy your stay!!! franki

  20. Your part of Idaho is gorgeous! Never been there, adding it now to bucket list 😉 We’ve had a couple of days of utter gloom here in SB County, I mean really wet fog in my town just north of Montecito. I guess I’m weird, but I like the coastal foggy weather and I love the beach on days like these. Maybe I belong on Cape Cod in off season, huh? Enjoy your getaway…I’m with you on 70’s satellite radio,yeah!

  21. I hope you are doing some swimming up there! I must live vicariously through someone who can swim in a crystal blue lake. For me it’s pools full of chlorine and sunscreen. 🙂

  22. Oh You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet. Isn’t that BTO? Always feel vaguely declasse singing to Bob Seger but that never stops me when Night Moves plays on the radio. This post was so charming and funny. Here’s to the lost Wiener!

    • That has GOT to be the first time “BTO”, Bob Seger and the word “déclassé ” have all been used in the same sentence. lol! They’re the songs you’re mortified to be singing along to and yet know every embarrassing, growling, macho lyric by heart.
      Ahhh-the memory is endlessly fascinating to me…

  23. I’m visiting for father’s day in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire and it looks very much like Idaho – picture perfect days and cool nights. Lots of wildlife but no incidents of wiener thiefs – lots of wild turkeys and coy dogs. Wish I had pictures to share. As always – love your blogs.

  24. We were in La Jolla one summer grilling hot dogs on the beach and a bird swooped down and took the entire package of hot dogs, plastic and all! Funniest thing seeing my husband running down the beach chasing that bird yelling”hey! Hey! Hey!” To this day we call every sea gull we see Hey.

  25. HA HA HA HA HA………..We love to play the Rorschach vegetable game!!!…made at ate walrus’s last night!!!!!!…luv how you tick….enjoy the air!

  26. Slim, you’re in fine, fun form on this post. I like the meandering thoughts along with the photos. Bob Seger. Is it a universal thing that all the male gender like to sing his songs in the shower etc.?

  27. India, my dog, would love that bear!

    Amazing photos, super jealous, it’s absolutely pouring rain here in Vancouver:(

    I’m watching that new show “Girls”, really liking it, it’s a bit warped but very well done (HBO style)

    I’m just starting season 2 of Mad Men, have a lot of catching up to do, only good thing about these rainy days.

  28. So beautiful! And yes, that potato does look like a walrus. (And I have only had one glass of wine this evening.) Also glad to read that I am not the only person who tried to have “Spa Weeks” with an emphasis on good behavior. You lasted way longer than I ever do though. <>

  29. The two latest posts cracked me up. I’ve never had a wiener thief but once a squirrel jumped in my lap while I was in a golf cart and stole a bag of Baked Lays. It scared me to death. The guy in the pro shop said the squirrels at the course could identify their favorite chip bags and would steal them all the time. They also warned us about some raccoons on the back nine that were even worse.

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