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Slim Paley photo(ish)

Over the holidays we were blessed with the company of our dear friends from Paris.  Amongst many of the lovely gifts they brought us were these divine macaroons fresh from Laduree. Be still my heart. My friend snapped these two photos with my camera but I’m going to call it a ‘a team effort’, or rather ‘un effort d’equipe’  (my macaroons, my camera, my house, my rules :)) This is the very same friend who originally introduced me to my first Leica camera,  So Merci J.M.!



I’m afraid it’s been a rather hectic week so my original intention to reintroduce ‘Friday Favourites’ on a timely basis (that would be on Fridays, as opposed to at some point over the weekend) has already fallen by the wayside, along with using my Clarisonic every other day and removing my mascara before bed, no matter how late it is.

Whatever. What sort of uptight Square keeps to those sort of lame resolutions anyway?

I play a much wilder game than that.




I am SOOOO not sweating the small stuff anymore in this Year of Growth, 2011

but just for the sake of one last nod to my OLD Self, may we pretend this Chanel boot was included in my ‘Icicle post’ from last week?

Oh good. I feel so much better now.


So, for my Favouritist Things This Friday I am recommending you take the time to just watch these two short videos;


I know I’ve mentioned The Sartorialist’s website once before and mostly everyone is familiar with it, but I wanted to share this new little documentary being featured on YOUTUBE right now.

It’s cool, he’s cool and what a fricking cool idea ‘The Sartorialist’ originally was. There are so many ‘Sartorialist inspired’ sites in the blogosphere now, but in my opinion, the original remains the best.

BTW,  Do you ever get dressed in the morning and think ‘But what if I run into The Sartorialist?!’  Of course seeing that he is based in NY and I live in a small town in California with a population of 9,600 , I usually feel relatively safe.  The downside is the days I do make the effort  (ahem, vintage tartan skirt…) I never run into him.

Perhaps I will see New York Son on there someday 🙂

Visual Life-The Sartorialist (click here)



I know those of you that follow me on Facebook and Twitter have already had the pleasure of seeing this fantastically glamourous first look at Tom Ford’s new Women’s collection VIDEO, but for those who haven’t,  the link is just below.  The show features some of the most amazing super models, including Lauren Hutton, Daria Werbowy,  Marissa Berenson, Amber Valetta, Karen Elson (whose great music also accompanies the video) as well as Beyonce, Julianne Moore, Rita Wilson…Well, I could on and on (really Slim?? noooo!)

Just watch and enjoy and let me know what you think!


A few peaks at the show;

Karen Elson





Rita Wilson

Marissa Berenson


My Favourite dress (shame about the hideous model :))

speaking of being hard on the eyes

For Tom Ford’s New Women’s Collection VIDEO click here

OK, I couldn’t wait to hear back from you.

This new ‘ Practice Patience‘ Resolution is bull@#$% too.

I have to weigh in now and say how great is it to see so much glamour packed into just a couple of minutes and still see a fashion industry audience enjoying themselves so much, including God forbid, the models in the show??

I LOVE that!




Oh, and P.S.  Here’s the machine that I was going to use every other night

If I took off my mascara…

but I’m thinking waking up looking like Norma Desmond is making a comeback, aren’t you?

paging The Sartorialist…




kiss kiss

Ring by Solange Azagury-Partridge





  1. Slim, another original, fabulous, post. Love the Tom Ford collection so so much!! Can’t wait to tune into the Sartorialist. Going to NYC next week…must think about daily wardrobe in case I run into him…

    • Slim, just bought the Clairsonic. It is charging as I write. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Hi Slim – resolutions are for pussies and I never make them. Mind you since I started remembering to take my make up off at night at the age of 40 just 2 years ago my skin has markedly improved..

    The Sartorialist came to Australia last year I think it was and even though I love his site I just don’t think he captured ‘our’ style at all. I think you need to spend lots of time in a place to really do that.


  3. So glad you had the video…I had read a great article on the show: how he called or emailed Lauren H., Rita W., asking them to model. I want Rita Hanks’ eyebrows! (…and a cookie from Paris, please).

  4. I had just sat down to the computer (after my 11 yr old daughter and I traded massages – it was our Christmas present to each other) when your new post popped up, starting with those devastatingly delicious looking macaroons – I am now officially blaming you for my late night snack. I’m still in remedial stage for eye make up removal as well as patience – working on it, honest! Love both videos and yes, you get points for eking in before midnight – shows concerted effort, which should always be rewarded!

  5. Oooh… yummy! I read about the Tom Ford thing in Bazaar – didn’t know there was a video! Love the boots (saw them on sale at Bloomies and kept petting them but I didn’t bring them home – not very practical in the suburbs of San Diego).

    Tip: Keep the clarisonic in the shower – then it becomes routine.

  6. I have been using the clarisonic every time I wash my face for about a month now. I can’t believe the difference it’s made. I love it!

  7. I don’t have some sort of a machine that is supposed to lift and beautify and boxes and boxes of “serums” to go with it …you’d think I could devote 5 minutes a day to using it…but no. I like the idea of the machinery in the shower.

    The Macaroons are luscious – and that box..!

  8. Dazzling, dazzling video. What a diverse and interesting collection; so many beautiful details … gold hammered cuffs, seamed stockings, turbans … you name it. TF’s sense of timelessness and glamour knocks me off my feet. There is no one like him.

    What an amazing line up of models. No clue who the make-up artist is – someone is brilliant. Rita Wilson looks beautiful with the super smokey eye and pale lip. One of my favorite pieces is the black & white animal print dress. Love it all. Perfect music too.

  9. Great post, Slim, as usual! I loved the video (I saw it on your FB page). I loved the clothes, the music and all! My only complaint – it was too short! I wanted more, more, more! And can I have a box of macaroons to eat while I watch the longer version? Thanks. xx

  10. Just came home from NYC with a box of macaroons from bisousciao (Kiss Goodbye). Pretty little shop and great macaroons. A little closer than Paris . . .

  11. Saw the TFvideo on facebook before reading the blog,.. so it WAS Marissa Berenson..I thought it MIGHT be, seems there was a lot of plastic in that make-up toolbox hm,hm
    Rita Wilson…GORGEOUS, eyebrows, cheekbones ALL.
    Thought the macaroons were the most delish thing ever ’til the picture of Tom Ford came up…thanks for the calorie free eye candy.

  12. Ooooooooh la la indeed……………….wanted this video to slow down so I could catch all the details. Thanks for sharing Slim, a great puppy-nap break. Too bad I really need a bra. Much love XO

  13. I can’t live without my Clarisonic. No twisting my arm to use it often! I love Tom Ford so much! He is a creative machine! Thanks for the video link!

  14. So, my husband and I are headed out to the Angelika to see Blue Valentine AND Another Year, and having coincidentally spent all last night studying the Sartorialist post you included and reading all 247 comments made about, I have spent the past 45 minutes dressing in with my tartan wool shirt and my blue jeans rolled up just so and my gray wool socks showing above my lace up boots…………on the CHANCE that I might run into The Sartorialist on the Lower East Side………even though I I know that he is in Seoul this week……….a woman can dream can’t she?
    My only gripe with ,and I intend to tell him so the next time I bump into him, is that he rarely choses to photograph anyone over 45………but I guess that makes sense since he says in the video that he started photographing as a way to meet “girls”. Oh well, my husband actually made a comment about how cool I looked so all is not lost!

      • How flattering! So how does one upload photos to a comment?

        BTW: Both relationship movies were heavy in one dose (hadn’t done that since collage, but it was a cold dreary day in NYC), and husband looked at me as the credits rolled (he had after all given up True Grit to see them since I looked so cute in my Sartorialist outfit) as if to say……..”I don’t think you looked THAT cute…………”

  15. The Clarisonic becomes like your toothbrush. I actually keep them side by side. It is an amazing device. After a week you will be addicted. Thx for posting the video I hadn’t seen it.

  16. Wow again. Brill Blog. I had downloaded T. Ford’s fashion show from a British newspaper i believe. I wanted to shout out loud, How AMAZING it was on EVERY level. The models all stunning, and smiling. really having fun. really how could they not, wearing his amazing creations. He looked, as usual divine, and ever so proud as he should be. Love him. Rita Wilson never looked more beautiful. All Great.
    What a wonderful life The Sartorialist leads, loved that video also.
    Happy weekend. ox

  17. Great video’s, both of them! The Sartorialist does indeed come across as a very sweet cool dude.

    I’ve never heard of The Clarisonic before reading this post….hmmm, is this going to change my life?
    I’m off to Amazon to read some reviews.

  18. So Slim – how is it that you consistently find the magic, the best of the best? Yours is not the only blog I subscribe to but it is undoubtedly the most inspiring. A post like this one has the power to transform my day. You’ve introduced me to the sartorialist whose blog will now become a regular treat for me and that Tom Ford video is transporting – the music, the energy, the glamour. How do you find these things? I know for a fact that you are a busy woman (do you have a deal with the devil?) Anyway thanks for what you bring to my day. I am in your debt. Debra

    • Thanks Debra- that’s such a lovely comment (well, except the Devil part ) If I’ve made any deal, it’s with my husband and he is an absolute ANGEL (he might read this 🙂 ) He is my biggest fan and never complains about the time I devote to Slim Paley.

  19. Enjoyed both videos and I can totally see NY Son of Slim on the Sartorialist one day. Thanks for the reminder on the Clarisonic. It is one of those things that when I use it consistently, my skin looks and feels so much better. Why I can’t remember to use it is beyond me.

  20. PS – re Clarisonic – I’ve not heard of it before – many of you are big fans – is it really that good? I’ve been on the website and it’s a bit of a financial commitment but if it’s worth it, I’m in. I’d like more feedback from those of you who are using it, if possible. Thanks. Debra

  21. Oh gosh Slim I love this. Marisa Berenson Rita Wilson and Julianne Moore were sublime and looked like they were having the best time. Not to mention the most gorgeous man in the world Tom Ford. I luff him and it was 11/10 (Copyright Faux Fuschia 2010).
    Snaps to the Clairsonic. I use it most days and have it sitting in the shower. That and the Shu Uemura facial oil has changed my skin for the better and given me the glow I never had!
    Oh and thank you thank you for mentioning (somewhere) the Pilates anytime site. I have done a class every day through the holidays and even dusted off my reformer that has sat dormant for the last year. Yippee!
    Kate Bx

  22. Yeah Marsha , your outfit ( look ) sounds very adorable . Yes we can all dream, but truly those words from your Hubby , must make you want to say ” love the one you are with ”
    ( can’t blame you though )

  23. Dear Slim, I can’t believe I haven’t discovered you sooner! Words cannot say how much I love your blog.

    The Tom Ford show is fabulous! And I’ve always had my eye on that Solange ring.

    I’m delighted to have found you! xx

  24. LOVED this blog. Showed the Ford clip to my daughter on her way out the door to the PIERS for FASHION! ANd, coincidentally I gave her the Clarisonic for Christmas – the pink one – some proceeds go to the great cause – Look Good Feel Good – down with breast cancer!

  25. I once waited in line 45 minutes at Laduree, the one near Printemps, at a lunch hour. And it was worth it. Always is. I have tried recreating those ubiquitous little macaroons not quite as successfully. I really must post about that some time.

    xo’s Terri

  26. Those macaroons!!!

    Love the individual pictures of the ladies in Tom’s show, not girls, but friends and really the kind of ladies Bill Blass would have called good dames.

    They liked it, they like him and who else could have pulled this off?

  27. Again, how much do I love that fun video. Everyone having fun, thats so not the shows i have been to…Tom Ford directing too. He looks quite “refreshed” in his latest photo, may do I say.

  28. Just to give credit where credit is due- the sartorialist is not an original idea-
    Bill Cunningham of the NY Times invented the “genre” – he has been running around NYC on his bicycle snapping fashion for decades (he even took my picture in the 80’s).

  29. Thank you, Slim for your comments and your blog is just amazing!!!!!…Very interesting, elegant, very visual…..Actually I am at LaDuree in Paris and having some delicious Macarons!!!!…I watched the pictures and I rushed out to have some….Please, carry on to send us your world’s vision which is just perfect….XXX

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