Friday Favourites

Slim Paley Photo

This Friday’s Favourite:

Going to the Farmer’s market this morning and picking beautiful spring flowers!

I just plunked them in a bucket on the counter and took some photos of the early sun filtering through them.

Ahh- Life is GOOD!

So, I thought it might be a fun idea to implement a regular weekly feature because sometimes a girl needs a little structure in her life.

Not much mind you, think Spanx rather than a corset…just enough to be assured that if you pop by Slim Paley on Fridays  you’ll always pick up some new ideas for your dwelling, wardrobe, bookshelf, pantry, make-up bag, or gift list.

  It won’t be organized or have a theme, or colour scheme (it’s sounding more and more like the inside of my head)  Just “Some Stuff” that’s good.  Sound like a plan?  Great- let’s shop!!

My new Favourite Magazine– INDIAN VOGUE

Ever since my trip to India last year, I’ve become addicted to Indian Vogue.  Sure, some stories repeat from American Vogue, it takes about 3 months to arrive here and it’s not cheap, but the armchair traveling and exoticism is worth every penny!  Until I can return there, this will have to do it for me.

My Favourite nail polish of the moment (because remember; Grown Up nails for 2010) is O.P.I.’s


Well, first of all, does a name get any better than that?!

Secondly, I get compliments on it constantly, including one from a rather dashing fashion designer infamous for his impeccable taste  (I slept with the bottle under my pillow that night 🙂 )

Caveat;  It is more of a browny-grey than the greeny-grey it looks here.  Actually it’s the perfect brown-green-grey-black-mushroom-mulberry colour (you can see why my painter hides from me)


Seriously, I have no stock in this company! And I hate the prices, but this is my Favourite Tinted Moisturizer – It’s just fantastic- the perfect consistency and right amount of tint for day and even night with a little powder.

Diane Von Furstenburg “Peggy Wrap Bag” $950

Because no matter how much tie-dye, florals, fringe and antique lace I’ve worn throughout  my life, I’m always going to be a Boho Gal at heart.  Besides, this way, I can go into my dotage being described as “Eccentric” as opposed to “Demented”- just planning ahead…I’m a Virgo.

Speaking of Boho- whoah- LOVING Kenzo Fall 2010

I admire the daring of Antonio Marras mixing all that tweed, plaid, floral, pinstripe…

The shoes, boots and bags are wonderful too.

Kenzo Fall 2010

What I’m reading

Sargent’s Daughters by Erica E. Hirshler

John Singer Sargent is one of my favourite artists so this book was a must for me.  This is a good review from the NY times, so I’ve just attached it in full.

The NY Times Book Review

Slim Paley Photo

My Favourite Hat Shop ( mostly men’s hats- but good for women too) in LA on Melrose

Favourite TV show right now- too funny!!

Slim Paley Photo………………The Pier in Santa Barbara last night.

Favourite Dish at Brophy Bros.’s on The Pier-  Garlic Breaded Clams- yum!

Lastly, My Favourite new song

Silver Soul from Beach House‘s CD Teen Dream



OH- and speaking of Favourites- FAVOURITE thing to do in the year tomorrow night- Don’t forget to turn your clocks forward!!





    I am subscribing to Indian Vogue right now! (will make magazine # 60 or something.) I do recycle them to the hospital. I get thank you notes from the people who work there. I like to think I am spreading education and taste around to people who are dealing with health issues.

  2. O.P.I.’s “MY PRIVATE JET” is on my To Do list for tomorrow since I have a feeling I know who gave you that compliment. And I will sleep with it under my pillow too.

  3. John Singer Sargent’s work is beautiful. That book is a must. The little girl sitting on the carpet looks like a young Lisa.

    Who knew there was an Indian Vogue?!? Not me. Another must.

    LOVE the idea of Friday Favorites!

    Have a fun weekend.

  4. You are such a lovely photographer Slim. I was just on the same pier in Santa Babe on my trip. Must read that Sargent book, he is my fav too. Just read Olmstead’s book whom Sargent painted for his last job before he retired the Biltmore.

  5. Love it all from start to finish. Couldn’t wear that polish with my pale skin, but love it all the same. And Sargent is magnificent. One of our local Gold Coast mansions now open to the public has a portrait he did for the family – love him …

    Thanks for a great share!

  6. Love the photo of the flowers with the sun shining through. Pure joy. I would love to try the tinted moisturizer-how do you know what shade to order? I’m cosmetically challenged.

  7. You have just fed into my “inner beast”! I love shopping on Fridays! I think it relates to something going back to my parents/grandparents generation of getting their hair done for the weekend. By Terry, eclat de rose – medium tint for me!

  8. Oh Slim! Everything in this post speaks to me! And…I’m a Virgo too, and adore anything boho! Loving the flowing Kenzo dress and all the photos of course…those spider mums (is that what they are?) are scrumptious! Outstanding
    photograph! Thanks for all the beauty!

  9. I was eagerly awaiting a new post from you, truly worth waiting for. Those flowers are sooo beautiful. Every shot brought a smile to my lips.

    Have a wonderful weekend everybody and yeah for another hour of sunshine!

  10. Okay, you are probably the 5th person who has recently said their favorite show is Modern Family. I must tune in. Gotta check out that OPI nail color too. And the book. Oh Slim, you do a girl’s heart good! Looking forward to other recommendations and favorites next Friday!

  11. A perfect post for a Saturday, taking notes all the way from the tinted moisturizer to the nail polish to Indian Vogue (who would have thought?). Make a visit soon. Have the best weeknd.

  12. Great reading material while I’m waiting in an hour long line-up at the Canada-U.S border crossing 🙁 . On my way to Palm Springs and hoping for sunshine!
    Fantastic photo of the flowers with the sun shining through them.

    Gawd I hope I’m not getting charged roaming charges yet….

  13. How did you get music on your blog.
    I love new music. Flowers are a must off now to
    Saturday Farmers market . oxoxoR

    • OK, Roxie- this is what I do- I download the music, either from a link, or from iTunes, put it in my iTunes library and from there, drag it on to my desktop. If it is in MP3 format I’m good to go, and I just link it to my blog thru the little music note icon on WordPress. If it is an M4p I start to cry and call one of my sons to help me.
      Hope this helps.

      Happy Farmer’s market!

  14. Mary , we will be turning our clocks Forward. !!! I know one hour less to sleep, but lovely bright lighter afternoons. That’s good news, right??

  15. Thank you so much for the book recommendation, and for including the NY Times review. I have been desperately looking for something new to read, and the story of the 4 girls has me completely intrigued. I have also been on the search for the “perfect” moisturizer, I may have to check it out…

  16. way good post – groovy new tune – going to itunes now … also favourite day of the year – been tempted to turn clocks before midnight … joy! alas!

    • Thank you Joanna! that is so nice! You’ve made my Sunday 🙂
      my camera is a Leica D-Lux 3. About 4 years old give or take. There is a D-Lux 4 now, which I hear is better for night time shooting, which my D-Lux 3 is not.

  17. Have you tried OPI’s new Axxium nail gel? It’s nail polish in gel form. It’s the latest and greatest thing OPI has to offer. And I wouldn’t preach to the choir without trying it myself…it’s a miracle! First time I tried it, not ONE chip for 2 weeks! Typically when I get a mani on Fri it’s half gone by Monday. But not with the gel…
    Before I start sounding like the infomercial, check it out:

    • Oh! A Daughter! FINALLY!!
      Thank you so much for this wonderful tip- I can’t wait to try the OPI gel!

      And call if you’re going to be staying out late 🙂

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