Friday Favourites (3)

Slim Paley Photo…………….The Wisteria on my kitchen window yesterday

Oh my goodness. It’s Friday again.

Naughty naughty Slim stayed down in The Big City so late. I will pay for it tomorrow as I write feverishly into the night now for all my loyal Slimsters!  I went to two birthday celebrations, both chock a block full of beautiful women who were dressed so chicly, I wanted to nik everything-their bags, their shoes, their jewelry, heck, even their food (they were hardly eating it anyway!)  And one of those insanely delicious Sweet Lady Jane buttercream filled cakes with fresh raspberries was served. Happiness!

So Spring has indeed sprung here in Southern California.  The fruit trees are in full flower with the promise of  delicious bounty.  The artichokes are going insane and the lazy wisteria who can’t hold their heads up are lollygagging about saying don’t cut me and take me in because I won’t last more than 3 hours, so best just leave me here, in my upside down world…

My Brazillian Hair Straightening treatment is finally starting to relax which means good -bye Flat Head, Hello Long Lost Frizz Head.  It’s hard being a girl.  However this time I have something at the ready and I like it and I”m recommending it;  Bumble & Bumble #3 Dehydration Therapy Treament.  Use a quarter sized amount daily into towel dried hair and lo….your hair feels normal, controlled but not greasy or silicony in any way. It has a very light pleasant scent- really nice.  It’s my new Favourite

Don’t you just love when someone comes up with a new way to smell beautiful?
The Perfumed Bracelet

With a wink to the origins of the craft, when the perfumer was also a glove maker.  The glove becomes a leather bracelet.”

The bracelet, permeated with the perfume of your choice, wraps twice around your wrist and fastens with a sterling silver monogrammed and magnetized clasp. This way, you carry a subtle and stylish scent with you all day- Such a cool idea, n’est-ce pas?

Paper incense.  Fantastic for travel.

Photos Nathalie Baetens………………..Francis Kurkdjian

My long, fun-filled day spent in Los Angeles lingers hauntingly on my skin as I sit here, tap tap tapping away, deep into the night, still reveling in the gorgeous scent of APOM (A Piece of Me)  a new scent created by master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. In my weary state, I will not attempt to describe this seriously gorgeous combination of orange flower and cedar wood any further than to say it’s a beautiful blending of old world powdery intrigue with a sexy, contemporary edge.  Love it.

In addition to the perfumes, leather bracelets, and incense papers, the collection also includes  scented bubbles, as in blowing bubbles, in Pear, Mint and Grass,  scented laundry detergent for dark and light clothing and fabric softener.  Although at $45 a bottle, I don’t think you would want to be leaving it around when your sons are doing laundry.  Laundry…sons…joke, get it??

Francis Kurkdjian website and video of  his “Olfactory Installation” at Versailles, click here; Francis Kurkdjian

All available at Neiman Marcus LA

Don’t read this, friend who had these on today.

How did I discover the perfume ? By coveting these adorable JBrand “Houlihan” low rise cargos  that my friend had on at lunch today and rushing right over to Neiman’s to copy her.

Now we can all be copy cats.

Photo from Nordstrom

JBrand “Houlihan” $230

Meanwhile, I know this is a yucky picture (although, hello yellow!) but over at Target they have these pretty cute stretch denim leggings with an orange stitch side seam like regular jeans for only $12.99.  PS.  They run really small.

Have you tried this water yet??  At first I didn’t like it, but I gave it another chance only this time, very cold, and it grew on me.  I’m not saying it’s my favourite, but it’s sort of like drinking really good mouthwash after eating chocolate.  I don’t think it has any calories either.

Sound good?

This candle is so decadent, it smells as if you have just fallen face down into a huge pot of hot buttery brioche with a hint of caramel.  The first is just a lovely, delicate, princess of the world rose scent. Lovelieness

These are My two favourite scents in Laduree candles

Available at Bergdorf Goodman


Just kidding!!!

Happy Friday Friends!!



  1. Slim do not scare us like that! Yellow nails…..LOL
    Luv the bracelet, so clever.
    Not a big fan of people who spray perfume on themselves. The rule is: spray in air count 3 then quickly walk thru the mist. I am shocked how many women ( and men ) who’s mothers never taught them that.

  2. What a fun trip to LA! I have a list of “I Adore……” and one of them is having
    a signature perfume. I think everyone should, and I can’t wait to get my hands,
    (wrists?) on the scented bracelets which also have my initials on them – two for
    one! I’m dog-sitting this weekend….wide open space to run this hyper pup, so
    I hope he’s exhausted most of the time….sigh! May have to hit Target too, for
    those denim leggings! Wine tasting on Saturday – fun!
    Keep up the Friday Favourites post.
    I look forward to it every week – you have exceptional taste!
    Have a warm and wonderful weekend, Slim!

  3. Metro mint peppermint I found at a cafe in Point Roberts, Wa 5 years ago. But no more. I love it. Love to find more. Our wisteria does not come out until late April end of May. Yours is beautiful.

  4. How does the Metromint taste in your martini? I know you’ve tried ! Might be interesting to use your Metromint to make ice-cubes to shake in your tini!

    • Hey Janet-
      I’m going to add this to my next post, but I wore the leggings for the first time today, and I was disappointed – they are not great. They stretched out like crazy with no bounce back 🙁 darn!

  5. “And one of those insanely delicious Sweet Lady Jane buttercream filled cakes with fresh raspberries was served. Happiness! ” Hmm? Sweet Lady Jane buttercream filled cakes? I thought happiness was a well fitting pair of Balmain Skinny Pants?
    Ms. GTPI

    Only ‘cuz “I care” (see previous post) 🙂


  7. In preparation for a university adult education photography class, I went to an Apple One-to-One on digital photography (I am new to the DSLR cameras). I showed Mac guy your blog as an example of photos I love. He was most impressed and we discussed your composition, color saturation, etc. Do you use any photo software as well? You are an inspiration!

    • Wow! that is so nice Susan!! I take the photos mostly with a Leica D-Lux 3 and on occasion my iphone, and then I use iPhoto. I don’t have any additional photo software. Yet. I hope to soon learn how to use something a little more advanced as I would love to start collaging my photos. A friend shared a very cool iphone App. with me that I will post about as soon as I try it first, and another friend found several “collaging” programs to investigate but as yet I haven’t had the time. As I learn more I will definitely share them on the blog. I think what I pay attention to most of all when I am shooting is the light- I can always crop afterwards to make the composition more compelling as long as the image is clear and the light is good. I often crop in really tightly. So, just like romance and good restaurants…it’s ALL about the light!
      Good luck and have fun in your photography class- I hope it’s great!

  8. Your Blog is by far the best – Who are you – Superwoman?
    Funny – adventuresome – all knowing and raising a family and extremely funny.

    • Oh gees Carmen- so NOT!!
      I’m a ridiculously slow moving, Sloth-like person who happens to be surrounded by males, so I focus on the details just to drive them crazy 🙂
      I probably should have been born in an earlier century (except I would really miss my computer)
      I do love an adventure though and I’m happy you are enjoying the blog so much! Thank you!

  9. Love trying your product recommendations!
    Here’s one of my own….having Big Texas Hair myself, I use #10 Universal Polishing Coat for Wizards by Davines (made in Italy). Brilliant for those annoying frizzy, fly-away ends. They also have an aragon oil (same oil as Moroccanoil) Body Spray which I think you’d like. Smells wonderful!

    BTW: Bought an Indian Vogue yesterday. Could the models be anymore STUNNING??!!! All the jewels, fabrics and colours, it’s a fantastic exotic publication.

    Stacy xo

    • I found the Polishing Coat for Wizards on Amazon! (Love the name)
      Do you use the one in the pink tin?

      So glad you enjoyed the Indian Vogue!

  10. Dear Slim (Is that what I should call you?)

    Can you direct me through your archives with pics of your home and garden? I wanted to show a friend yesterday but could not find them compiled anywhere.

    I am a HUGE new fan and I will be haunting you with annoying questions like crazy I’m sure. I apoligize in advance.


    • Sorry Janet- my own home and garden photos are not compiled separately in the archives, they are sprinkled through-out pretty randomly. One of these days I will get a little more organized, but you know, that would sort of be like “work”!


  11. I am curious, yellow–sorry, that was spontaneous, honest, but where did “yellow belly” or ‘yeller’ belly originate and why does it refer to as one who is cowardly?

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