Friday Favourites #15

Slim Paley photo

Happy Friday Favourites Everyone!



I think this humble little daisy(?) I photographed last night makes a perfect segue from the Plummy post to Friday Fav’s and may I begin by saying that one of my FAVOURITE things this week has to be how absolutely beeooutiful the light has been every single day in Santa Barbara.  Ooh la la, I am loving this weather. I go out into the garden at dusk and marvel at the deep golden hues the sun is casting upon my still blooming roses.



Slim Paley photo

My roses at dusk last night



I’ll start with my Favourite Quote of the week;


Slim Paley photo

“The thinnest yellow light of November is more warming and exhilarating than any wine they tell of”

Henry David Thoreau

(via my F.B. friend Linda Ervin 🙂 )




Favourite New Book suggestion;



Beautiful black & white photos of glamorous women in the 50’s & 60’s by famed N.Y. photographer Jerry Schatzberg (Oct. 2010, Rizolli)

A perfect counterpoint to what’s coming up further down today’s post…



Favourite “Sigh” pick:



Bryan Ferry’s brand new album “OLYMPIA”,  just released last week.



With the forever young and amazing Bryan Ferry collaborating with several other rock legends (David Gilmour of Pink Floyd being just one) and the forever young and amazing Kate Moss on the cover,  how could this possibly miss?!

(P.S. Bryan Ferry is 65!)




OK, speaking of looking youthful…


I know this is such a boring F.F. item- not pretty, not chic, not glam, but my dear husband will not stop raving about this moisturizer:


He says it’s the best one he has ever tried.



Now that I’ve started to tease him about it, he sits on the edge of the bed and takes a languorous approach to applying his new unguent that is sadly more reminiscent of a Betty Grable pose than Maximus oiling up for battle.



You have to love a man that moisturizes though. (I bet Bryan does)




And for your dining pleasure;.


Favourite Condiment:

A friend gave us a gift basket of yummy things recently, one of which was this Maple Pepper from Golden  I now keep it in my condiments caddy for the kitchen table.


It’s fun thinking of things it might go well with.

You should get it.


Or this one.


While I was searching for the photo on Google (because I’m too much of a Virgo to take a photo of my own smudgy jar)  I found  this little recipe that looks so delicious and easy.  I haven’t actually tried it yet, but I’m going to for sure.



Roasted Onions with Maple Pepper

6 large onions
1/2 cup olive oil
sea salt to taste
Maple Pepper (you may use 3 Tblsp. maple syrup and 1/2 tsp. salt with 1 tsp. freshly ground black pepper instead, but I highly recommend looking for this maple pepper. It is great!)

Via;  Keen




Favourite new chips:


Next time you’re at Trader Joe’s pick up a few bags of these (if they are not out of stock, which they have been the last couple of times I was there)


Just trust me on this one.  You might not thank me, but trust me.




And lastly, Favourite New Person To…..Not Like Very Much (there, I tried to be kind. Really I did)




Alright, so I know that many months ago I said I wasn’t going to watch these shows anymore…and to be perfectly honest I’ve  kept to my word…more or less…but I have a friend who practically insisted I give Housewives of Beverly Hills a gander.  My husband, well, he’s right in there cheering, as any time I’m up for Good Terrrible TV he’s a happy man.  So may I just say, with great dignity and eloquence;  OMFG.  WHAT is wrong with these women???! and I don’t care how “staged” or “scripted” the show is, they still agreed to be a part of this humiliating spectacle despite watching Kelly “I was married to Gilles #$%^& Bensimmon” self-emoliate emmoliate catch on fire by her own hand on Housewives of New York.  I was trying really hard not to bring it up on S.P. but then I saw last week’s  “People” magazine cover story on Camille Grammer  where she was spilling the most intimate details of their “Painful” divorce and I could control myself no longer.



If an implant falls in the woods…




And there’s no one there to hear it…





The New Yorker.


Have a Buoyant Weekend My Friends 🙂




  1. Love this post, Slim, my sentiments exactly re the Housewives!
    Did you see the birthday party for the “4 year old”?
    Said 4 year old was not having fun…at all…but did like
    the puppy. Oh well, Mom got to have her picture taken
    over and over, with the drums, on the table, with the
    “hat.” My, my, my…

  2. Thank you so much for another brilliant and laugh out loud post-
    I agree with your husband about the lotion- I prefer the yellow one but eyeball the aloe one
    wanting to want it- picturing him doing BG is hilarious-
    but you know SP- I am still in that gondola feeling the movement of the water-
    the air on the skin and the smell of it all-
    and also- late light is the best- especially in the south of france
    -but SB isn’t so bad- wonderful post
    always lifts my miserable human spirit

  3. Friday favourites are my favourites! You never disappoint! What about those “housewives”…omg….and they all tote around birkin bags , if I was Herme’s I don’t know if I would want that kind of publicity….just saying!

  4. hi slim,

    there is a lot here to digest, as usual.

    first, your garden. gasp.

    next, are you turning vegan? keep it up, it’s awesome.

    the vaseline moisturizer, i love it too. it locks in moisture like nobody’s business.

    the beverly hills show, i have not a clue of what it is about, but your comments make me curious.

    so there, you did it again!


    ps ~ your recipe is up, well a bastardized version is.

    • oh hey again!!! you may already know this but I know that your readers probably read all these funny comments (I know I do) and oh by the way,,,,not only are you SO funny, you’ve got some hilarious readers. It’s almost as fun reading the comments as it is reading your blog! Anyway…..Can I steal your blog and promote my givaway??paleeeese?? I’m giving away a yummy turqoise painting! Ends this Wed. so hurry and go to my blog for a chance!!!

  5. Hi Slim, I also swear by the moisture locking lotion! It is simply the best I have ever tried, and I have tried so many! Your garden is incredible. Love when you share photos of your flowers and foliage. So glad the weather seems to have finally turned the corner for you in SB.

  6. My mind is SO in the gutter. I completely thought of something else when I saw the lotion. Annnyyywaaayyyys…more thoughts about an SP book. How about a children’s book? Start it out with, “Once upon a time, there was a lovely house with roses that shone at dusk and whose inhabitants never left dirty underwear on the floor.” If I read that to my daughters at night, they’d say, “Not another FAIRY TALE Mommy!”

  7. That first photo of the flower is fantastic!

    I’m excited about the new Bryan Ferry album, but I don’t like the cover of the album…weird, it looks like a perfume ad.

    I wish we had Trader Joe’s in Vancouver:(

    I love that your husband raves about moisturizers and would watch Housewives Of Beverly Hills…or do i?

    Thanks for the laugh, I’m off to try and download that episode..

  8. Today’s photos from your garden are my new favorites.
    I’m FLOORED by how well you and your trusty camera capture the autumn light.
    Would love to see more of the garden in autumn.

    How about the contrast between the woman on the cover of “Women Then” and the Housewives of Beverly Hills (and camille gramer)?
    Frightening!! 🙁
    Somewhere along the way, things took a left turn.

  9. Great post . . . just ordered the spices (more than one 🙂 ) I have a thing about Henry T and anything Maple . . .how did you know and yes I will be buying the lotion. Now what do you know about the Brooklyn Bridge; is it for sale?

  10. I do SO love your blog! Your photography is heart-stopping! I will be scoping out that Maple Pepper. Not so much on the housewives….and I am sorry but: Camille Grammer is gross in that picture….NOT her best look!

  11. I love the daisy photo- could be framed, so beautiful. And you are so funny- I just saw that People magazine today and while I have never watched those shows I look and think, who the hell is on the cover of People and why don’t I know them? I think I am slipping out of touch with “Hollywood” (true, I haven’t been out to a movie in three years but why do you need to leave the house when you can watch DVDs of Weeds!)

    Anyways, I look forward to reading more!


    ps. I am Tiffany Price’s little sister 🙂

    • Thank you Kimberley
      and welcome to my blog!

      PS. Have never seen Weeds (but I follow Kevin Nealon’s Tweets- he is so funny, I love him)

  12. Bryan Ferry, VERRRRY wonderful, I cannot wait to have a listen. Your roses are such a beautiful shade. I am so pleased I don’t have a weakness for those shows…I have plenty of other time consuming vices…

  13. I love your photos–they make my heart beat faster!! But what’s better is that you keep me abreast (pun intended) of trash TV–thank you for all of your posts re. “real housewives”, et al.

  14. I swear, Slim, you are too much! Yours is the only blog I “allow” My Guy to read. His comment: “….she’s something!” And that’s verbose from My Guy. The lotion: oh, my. Ok – I’m off to purchase it tomorrow. So sad there is no Trader Joe’s in Houston. 🙁 Love your flowers…….and a buoyant w/e to you!

  15. Don’t stop watching the Real Housewives train wrecks! I love your take on all of them and their messed up (but better than all of us little, unimportant people) lives. I save them up and watch them while on the treadmill – I figure I get an extra workout from laughing while keeping my heart rate up and trying not to fall off the treadmill.

  16. How do you do this, Slim? Keep the Slimmy blog fresh? You never repeat yourself and your segue ways are so clever. I think you should write a Slimmy ‘how to create a blog’ book’ . I go to many blogs but lose interest after awhile because they become stale and redundant. You’re pretty impressive, Slimmy. You really are.

  17. Loved the picture of the rose. Fantastic.

    Hey Canuck, Trader Vic’s is somewhere around exit 253, but do not go across the freeway, just across and down towards downtown.

    Great store.

    Have a great weekend, Slim and family.

  18. I was driving south down from Santa Barbara this evening and the sunset was so gorgeous it was distracting…I had to fight not to keep looking at it in my rear view and side mirrors as it was setting behind me. The weather has been insanely beautiful. I will get that lotion. And btw, Housewives of BH? Addicted.

  19. OMG! that last line…… are so hilarious! Never have I seen any of these shows. I am a virgin. I have only been to Las Vegas once in my life…….30 years ago! THAT took 20 years off my life (I have not learned the “delete” key to my photographic memory)

    Love that sunset…… the light…… will be earlier starting tomorrow!

    Love your beautiful blog.

    FYI a “cougar”….(animal not older woman)…..has been sighted 3 times in the nature preserve next to you and me.

    we have chickens and dogs…..and cats. Cats indoors…..dogs indoors or outside with us…..and chickens free range when we are here and can hear!

    We live in such a lovely place!

    Going to pick some roses tomorrow… inspired me!

  20. I forgot to add……..Bryan Ferry. 65..jet-black hair. Have to see it in person……..It is possible. But , I see a lot of older guys…..(I am WAY YOUNGER…….at 63!) who dye their hair black. It looks like shoe polish in person…… sad. really sad. I wonder if they have a woman who loves them….who will say…..”don’t dye your hair black!!” “Don’t do that comb-over” “That makes you look silly; and not young!”

    Where are those wives? or girl-friends? Are they afraid? Of what?

    Same goes with “toupees”!

    Where are the wives or girl-friends……..who need to say………what the? shave your head……you handsome devil!!!

    I know I am right about this.

    do you agree?

    I hope you have seen him in person…….and he looks good.

  21. Hilarious, as usual, Slim. I’m going to have to try those chips from TJs. And speaking of TJs, when I was there earlier this week, I parked next to someone who had slipcovered their front car seats in what appeared to be Snuggies…For some reason, that made me think of you. Enjoy the weekend and more photos of your beautiful garden in that wonderful SB light please!

  22. Love your beautiful flowers and photos, adore Bryan Ferry (my High School Senior Quote back in the day? Bryan Ferry, thank you very much!) and rave about that lotion! I blogged about it this summer and made many converts. I use it nightly on the soles of my feet and have the softest, happiest feet in town. Not a buffer or a file need touch my toes anymore during pedicures. I love it.

    • Hi Stephanie
      I’m going to try it on my feet now too. I wish the person mat to mat with me at the immersion yoga class had been one of your converts!

  23. This is for Canuck. The driving directions to Trader Joe’s in Bellingham is:

    Take exit 255 for Sunset Dr toward WA-542 E/Mt Baker 0.3 mi
    Merge onto James St
    Destination will be on the right.

    Sorry, gave u the wrong exit before.


  24. Bryan Ferry..Roxy Music..I feel so close to you right now ..(kidding..didn’t mean to sound creepy ;) great..

  25. How do you do it? you manage to cover it all — gardens, flowers, weather, books, photos, music, food, fashion, really really good bad tv — humiliation — and BREAST IMPLANTS — you leave nothing out Slim — love it!


    ps..ultra chic picture of you in Venice — total fun!

  26. A few weeks back I got rid of our DVR, after I realized I wasn’t reading as much as I would like to. I turned the TV on for the first time Thursday evening and caught about 20 minutes of RHWBH. $60,000 for a 4 year old’s bday party? I’m not missing my DVR at all.

  27. Why is it I love to read what other people “love”—can’t wait to try the moisturizer and love Trader Joe’s so I’ll pick up a bag of these chips! Have an amazing weekend. Our youngest son went to UCSB—he loved it there, what’s not to love, right? Perfect weather, beautiful views, history, culture, shopping, great restaurants. Lucky you!

  28. Hello, Hello SP! 🙂

    Ok, I told you this before.. whenever I see pictures of your house it makes me want to move to Santa Barbara. Roses at this time of the year? Only in California! 🙂

    About all the “crap” (sorry, but it is!) that there’s on tv today, I really get sick of it. I really, really don’t understand HOW people can sit and waste their time with it! Please, tell me. How? If you’re looking for entertainment you can find things that are funny, but also smart. That’s what appeals to me anyways.
    There’s a quote I like:

    “However little television you watch, watch less.”

    – David McCullough

    BTW, Sp… I know you like traveling & registering it, so maybe you’ll like the my latest post. It’s about my trip across Canada. Take a look and let me know what you think, ok?

    Enjoy your weekend and the sunshine. 🙂


    PS: Roses always reminds me of my grandma and tomorrow is her 85th birthday! So, this post is x-tra special to me.

  29. Ordered the pepper, then linked to a B Ferry website, listened to some old faves and took a trip back to the 70’s. Thanks as usual for a great post.

  30. I love that you watch the housewives! Me too, but it sounds like we’re the only ones. No one I know watches or perhaps just doesn’t admit to it! I only watch nyc and dc – maybe because I’ve lived in both places. Also, have to agree w/ you on the light this week. Morning walk w/ dog, I took phone photos of everything – had to check myself when garbage cans started looking poetic…

  31. That first photo is OMGorgeous. You are a very talented photographer (and gardener).

    Going to get the pepper and make that divine recette.

    And in regards to the new crack from Bravo: It is really getting ridiculous when there is more plastic in a woman’s cheekbones than in her boobs. They should retitle the show Real Fillers from Beverly Hills.

  32. Another Real Housewives addict here…….especially since I come from L.A., it just warms my NYC heart to see all of those palm trees…………..I’m trying to decide which one I hate the least……my husband walks through the room when it’s on, never sits down,……..but, as he shakes his head, you can see him becoming mesmerized…you got to love it.
    Buying stock in Vaseline….yes…..

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  34. Slim, ages ago you posted about the book “Trees” which was the perfect house gift to give recently, thanks 🙂

    OMG – did you see the BH Housewives episode when Camille Grammer “played” tennis with her tennis coach? I know, I should not have been surprised but seriously the money must be amazing b/c there is no way I could hit balls with someone like that. Unreal. And yes, Hermes must wince with some of the people who purchase their products.

    • Dear Lightness you are obviously a much nicer person than moi- I would PAY to hit balls at Camille Grammer 🙂

      And PS.- those “Birkins” Mwah ha ha- they’re probably all vinyl fakes, bought from a street vendor in NYC- “VIRKINS”

      Oh dear, now look what i’ve done…

      PPS. I’ll end on a nicer note- I’m so glad you liked the “Trees” book!

      • Ah – brilliant, to hit tennis balls at Camille, that could be really fun!

        Hadn’t heard “Virkins” like that, have you heard what MBA means? Married But Available…

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