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window planter

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Two fun Ideas

What’s the connection?  Both involve carving a space. (plus the colours in the photos worked well together 🙂  )   The soap sans center came from an eco-minded hotel I recently stayed in and the recessed window box is mine.  It’s a great idea for a new kitchen or renovation that I would definitely do again.  Fill it with herbs, seasonal flowers, miniature roses, topiaries…the possibilities are endless. The planter is lined with a copper box with a small drainage hole in the bottom, recycling the water directly into the flower bed outside the window.


  1. Beautiful window treatment, has to make one feel happy in kitchen , even unloading the dish washer. !!!!
    What a brilliant idea for soap, don’t know about you , but I am always dropping my my soap in shower. Good on S.P.

  2. The window box is a great idea, you could even wipe your coffee grinds and tea bags right into it, aren’t they good for plants?

    I’m a bit confused about the soap though, how is it waste reducing? seems like more of a money saving/profit producing scheme by the company to me.

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