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Slim Paley photo

.Ok, time to get that last Halloween post down!   I’m happy to have added a few new scary movies to our viewing list, so thanks for all the great suggestions.  I think we’ve all had our fill of orange & black for awhile though, and I’m sure that many of you might also be a little tired of red & blue after these last few days (whoah- talk about colours repelling! but, let’s not go there)  Instead, we’ll take a nice rich trip to the land of plum & violet hues…and one of my very favourites  that come along this time of year, concord grapes.  Note to growers- What’s up with them still having seeds??  Don’t you realize how much faster and therefore more, we could consume if we didn’t have to bother with an albeit ladylike, possibly even bedazzled spittoon beside our beds?!  Just sayin’…they can do it with green and red grapes…even watermelons


The “Mona Lisa” by Cesare Paciotti

Dior Fall 2010

Ohhhh….does it get much prettier than this?  methinks not.

Except  maybe this?!

Slim Paley photo

Sunset at my beach house


Painting by Katherine Bowling

D.L. & Co. create rich, decadent candles with the most gorgeous packaging!


Chanel in “Strong”


 British Homes & Gardens

Vivienne Westwood Fall 2010

I love the “Frock coat” but it’s pulling a bit and I could probably do without the mustache.

Its a look.

Please don’t hate me for losing some of these credits.  Besides, I’ve noticed some much bigger blogs don’t credit at all.

They’re the super naughty, popular kids in class I guess. The ones that get bad grades and good girls.

Elle McPherson in Louis Vuitton Fall 2010


I’m glad I lost her credit.

Oh shoot. I just found it-  her name is Mona Johanneson

And as for this girl…

Nicole Bentley

Now I don’t want to say that she copied me,


S.P. at a masked ball in Venice

She flipping COPIED me!!

(Plus, I made my mask and headpiece myself with stuff from Michael’s- I bet she didn’t)

Don’t ask.  We probably can’t afford it.  (secret code for I’ve lost the credit).

D.L. & Co  room diffuser.

Pass the grapes.

In solid or liquid form please 🙂


  1. I have to call my little daughter to see this post! She’s only 4 y/o but her favorite color is purple and she has an strong opinion (already) for everything! She will love this thou.

    But, here’s my opinion. I was tired of all the orange, scary stuff about Halloween, I even mentioned on your last post. I told you that was the funniest one yet and that was fun to read. But I got tired of seeing way too many pumpkins this year. Maybe I should spend much less time online! 🙂

    This post is: FRESH! We all need it! So, Thank you for so much inspiration! Another day I also made a very colorful post. I think I am craving color these days. Not sure if it’s because it’s getting colder and gray where I live or because I find to be more cheerful around vibrant things, I mean, colors… … ops… don’t get me wrong! LOL (blushing..) LOL

    Have a great one, SP!


    PS: That picture in Venice is so elegant, madame! 🙂

  2. Gosh Sherry I totally agree with you , especially the stunning shot of S.P in Venice. !!!!!
    Really. Show us more of the ladies with moustaches, and those thrashed shoes. I could go on and on, but once again Brill Blog. made my day ox

  3. Dear Slim-

    Simply luscious! I loved the ‘old’ plum shoes juxtaposed with the latest fashion….thank you for your wonderful blog – a little bit of ‘champagne’ in my day.

  4. Oh Slim – you are stunning! Gorgeous gorgeous you! I adore that photo. So glamorous and chic. I sigh. And that sunset. And those shoes. And that Dior dress. Ay, yay, yay, what you do to us Slim! And She? TOTALLY copied you.

  5. Slim, you look gorge in Venice and I cannot believe you MADE that headpiece! Wonderful. I love purple and lately have been into it. I want more purple. Yesterday I thought, “I need a purple purse.”

  6. hi slim,

    i was not a plum fan until just now. how are all those women so freaking beautiful. and finally a pic of you and your headress. you know if i looked like you…well you know what i’d be doing. each image was better than the last and if you keep this up i’m gonna faint.

    i’m a little weak right now.


    ps ~ i just veganized your mushroom crostini from a post or two ago and it was delicious. i’m gonna post it soon.

  7. That Mona Johanneson is a Slim Wannabe… she ain’t got nothin’ on you, my friend 🙂
    Lovely post… plump, juicy, delicious!

  8. Slim, as I think I mentioned about a year ago, YOU are responsible for my jump from absolutely hating anything purplish mauvey grapey plummy bordeauxish to actually loving these colors, but only in your photos and selections!
    The Vivian Westwood ensemble was totally brilliant, mustache and goatee included!
    Those crushed shoes/slippers were breathtaking.
    That 1940’s sofa slipcover “thing” that Ms McPherson was wearing I could do without however!
    Your sunset was heavenly.
    Your plums?……. speechless.

  9. Having the advantage of knowing you I wasn’t the least surprised at how fabulous you look floating in, it appears, the direction of Giudecca and the Cipriani, dripping dramatic flowers. What does surprise me is I hadn’t realized what a close resemblance you bear to my adored friend the late Pauline de Rothschild when she was young. If you have the new Rizzoli book on Billy Baldwin check the photo of young Pauline Fairfax Potter on page 38. Think you’ll see it too.

  10. Okay, I fess up….with all the gorgeous pol nailish colors you post, I’m
    almost tempted to grow my nails and get a real manicure. That brazen
    girl definitely copied…you’re such an original, did she think no one would
    notice?? Tsk tsk. Elle, I adore you, but don’t care for the drapery fabric.
    Reminds me of The Carol Burnett Show “Went With The Wind” parody……
    all that’s missing is the rod! ; )

  11. Delicious post. 🙂

    Clothes, hair, make up, shoes -> FANTASTIC.
    The model in the Westwood dress is a man with girly hands if you ask me; possibly even Johnny Depp’s homely cousin.

    Amazing sunset! My dad and I call that color skybluepink.

      • Oh my gosh! that was the first thing I thought when I looked at it…Johnny Depp!
        Thanks for posting the pic of yourself! It’s (you’re)beautiful…and you did an amazing job creating the headpiece and mask..
        I love your own photos…the plums, the sunset are spectacular.
        I am really liking the teased up hair..wouldn’t you know it…just when I got really good with the flat iron


    • MARY ELLEN… as far as Slim getting a big head? If she has not revealed herself to us over the last year and a half (and she hasn’t) and this is what she looks like, well then she makes Mother Teresa look like one of “The New Housewives of Calcutta.”

  13. Love the Hues. You are so on the button Diane Von Furstenburg had the Vogue open all night party here in Paris and her whole buffet was purple food! Wish i had kept the picture

  14. Wonderful colors.
    Gorgeous colors taken from nature.

    And..a splendid
    The viewing of you in Venice!!!!!


    Now, when seeing and reading yours posts, there will be YOUR face working with the camera and the pen!

    Thanks, Slim.

  15. I am always so inspired by your blog! There are so many beautiful colors in nature and we forget how amazing each is by themselves. I recently bought the most beautiful purple cocktail dress – a color that is almost nonexistent in my wardrobe. I love it! The concord grapes reminds me so much of my father. He used to eat them by the handful growing up in Massachusetts. Do you know where I can get the best natural concord grape jelly?
    thank you so much!

    • Thank you Lindsley!
      I too just bought a very deep purple cocktail dress too! A rare colour in my closet for sure. I’m sorry I don’t know of a good concord grape jelly, I wish i did. Have you ever tried those individually wrapped Japanese jelly candies in grape flavour? so good! Especially when you leave them in your glove compartment and they get all warm- really brings out the flavour.You can find them at many Asian markets.

  16. Pauline de Rothschild was only a Rothschild thru marriage. She was an American, Pauline Potter, she was beautiful and brilliant. The comparison is a great compliment as you know Slim.
    Your photo was superb by the way, publishing your physical identity, finally! Adds a whole new dimension to your blog.

  17. OOOOoooooooooohhhhhh!

    SO Beautiful – You!

    Love your Venice headdress…
    Please – more pictures of you, Slim!

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  19. Concord grapes are the absolute best and seeds… just swallow them… good roughage. Another beautiful picture by Katherine Bowling. I’m definitely a fan of hers, keep it coming.

    Thanks for another beautiful blog… mustache on model… I dunno, but isn’t that every woman’s nightmare?

    That picture of you is lovely, however doesn’t do you justice… you’re a knockout 🙂

  20. Plum is my new black! All just delicious. But hey… Could you make one of those blooming chapeaus for me?! Of course, I would NEVER cause the sensation you did so, I guess… never mind.

  21. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments.
    I love spanning the physical gamut of “America’s Most Wanted” to “Pauline De Rothschild”.
    Too funny.
    I haven’t seen the Billy Baldwin book, but I will certainly have to check it out now.

  22. I copy pics of your flowers ALL the time, and save them for my desktop as well as send them to friends via email. I never take credit for them but I don’t always name you either, but from now on I will refer everyone to your blog. You cannot be kept a secret.

  23. Slim–I love you to pieces. You make me laugh and see things–and your blog entries are just beautiful. I am always thrilled to get a SP posting. From the start I’ve wanted to know what you look like. Once when you took photos in NYC, I stared really hard at the window you were photographing through, trying to capture the reflection of YOU in the glass. I must confess that photo of Venicel is romantic and the woman there is gorgeous and mysterious and has really good “mask-taste”. But how can you be so skinny when you love food so much? And that photo could be a little dated–and maybe messed with??? Are you SURE that is not a photo of some obscure (to us) gorgeous Italian actress and you are still, in fact, going incognito?? And your friends in cahoots with postings to keep us, um, misled?? You are clever enough to make all that happen. Tell…

    • Ha ha- no Mike- you are funny and thanks for all the kind words but
      I would not lead you down the canal like that!
      I just couldn’t resist coming out of the closet (appropriately, for “Slim” with a head full of flowers 🙂 ) when I came upon the head dress copycat!

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