Escape to New York


Room service breakfast, The Mark Hotel, NYC.


Oh, OKAAY, here’s the entire picture…


So, I sneaked away for a quick trip to NY this week.

Didn’t even bring a camera, just my iPhone and walking shoes.

It was, after all, Serious Sale Season.

I kept my packing to bare minimum carry-on by fed-exing my coats and boots to the hotel beforehand. So much easier then schlepping heavy bags and worrying about them getting lost or stolen, which has happened to us on more than one occasion. I brought a pre-printed return slip for homeward shipping. Done & done.

We took in a play the first night, which I didn’t entirely love so I’m not going to mention the name. I think people in the theatre work way too hard to have amateur critics critique them, don’t you?

IMG_2694We had a couple of splendid dining experiences, including one night at “Eleven Madison Park”, mentioned in a previous post and listed in my slow-to-update “Travel” tab

IMG_2687Palate cleansers of heavily marinated diced apples, Apple Jack bourbon, and some molecular  hijinks being prepared in the kitchen at “Eleven Madison Park”

IMG_2666and then there was the wild mushroom and poached egg pizza at “ABC Kitchen

This was my second visit to this really fun & buzzy Jeans George affiliated restaurant and I would highly recommend it.

1f3e2004604411e2913d22000a9e2892_7I also enjoyed cocktails one night with Habitually Chic“‘s Heather Clawson at “Bar Pleiades” in the Surrey Hotel. The rich, delicious concoction sporting a dense head of foamy condensed coconut milk above was called a”Thai-somethingorother”. The perfect libation to evoke the warmth of the tropics on a frigid NY night. We were sitting beside Goop Senior, Blythe Danner, who looked quite fabulous, although I’m sure Gwyneth will be letting herself go all to hell any day now. I can just feel it.

890A5219If you haven’t already checked out Heather’s new book “Creativity at Work” you really should. A thoughtful compilation of creative souls in their work environments, with beautiful photos and very down-to-earth introductions by Heather, as well as inspiring interviews with each subject. A perfect gift or addition to your own library; here my copy (bought the day before Hurricane Sandy hit on my last trip to NY) sits on the living room table this Christmas.

ea28de90618d11e2a2e222000a9e48a3_7As always, walking and window gazing through the streets of Manhattan never disappoints.

I scoped these massive antique crystal urns lit from within on Madison Ave. I’d love to know their origin. Even better, I’d love to see them used now in an entirely modern space. Martyn Bullard would probably know just how to do them justice.

IMG_2633I dreamt and drooled through the recently opened  Christian Liaigre flagship store on the upper east side.

Just give me one of everything, thank you.

IMG_2679and snapped this cute window at Jo Malone, really as a reference for a friend who is opening a tea salon in India! Swoon.

IMG_2646With my good friend Patty, whose hand I’m employing here for scale, I found a wine glass in Bergdorf Goodman that had my name written all over it. (back off Andrew!)

We had lunch in Bergdorf’s Kelly Wearstler designed restaurant which is usually delicious and ripe for people watching.

Somehow I always end up standing in front of the lady’s room mirror, ever so slightly lifting the sides of my face up.

IMG_2705I stayed at The Mark Hotel where, as long time readers are aware, my love of black & white stripes has been applied with reckless abandon.

The best part of The Mark experience? The Jeans Georges restaurant room service!

Rushing into the lobby one day, I humiliatingly tossed a warm hello to a lady I was so sure I knew (who then asked my name and we both drew a blank :() only to realise 1/2 way up the elevator she was a NYC realtor from a reality show my husband watches. Upon returning from dinner the same night,  Sonja fill-in-the-name, from “Housewives of NY” was standing at the entrance and let’s just say Sonja had been enjoying more than a few cocktails. Ouch. But then I guess you don’t end up on reality TV by being a wallflower.

faf06bac60e911e28ce622000a9f13a7_7The Mark hotel (photos from my Instagram)

64c9aed65f5e11e28e3c22000a1f9d44_7So, a little food & drink, a spot of shopping & people watching, a drop of culture and the company of loved ones- a perfect week in NY.

and least we forget (azziff) ‘Downton Abbey’ tomorrow!

890A5785My butler’s bells are vibrating in anticipation


Wishing a Splendid Whheeekend to All!



    • yes, I liked it. I would stay there again, but I’d look for a different room configuration then I had this time.
      Loved the bathrooms, the room service and definitely the location.

  1. Welcome to cold but wonderful NYC! I’ve been back from Melbourne for a month and have had so much fun soaking up as much family, fun, culture and food as I can before departing again next week. Hope you got to see “Who’s Afraid of VW” whilst you were here……thought it was wonderful and didn’t make me yearn for Liz and Richard…..on the other hand, Cat on a Hot Tin made me rush home to watch Liz, Paul and Burl Ives to remember how good it could be.
    And ABC Kitchen is one of my favorites.
    Ain’t New York Grand?!………but I DO enjoy Melbourne….just voted the most livable city in the WORLD.

  2. I do not know how you photograph so
    beautifully with only your IPhone. You
    are no doubt a talented lady and I always
    so enjoy your photographs and your blog.
    You continue to inspire me.

    Best in 2013!

    • Thank you Deborah! Truly, Instagram really helps to make iPhone photos look more interesting-you should try it!

  3. Okay Slim, I gotta way in again…it’s been awhile. Last time my husband, daughter and I went to ABC Kitchen, while we were enjoying the mushroom and egg pizza, Scarlett Johanssen was at the table next to us. How’s that for connecting the dots! Had a feeling you were in NYC because of a show I watch on Wednesday nights…

  4. Big sigh here! Thank you for my vicarious escape to NYC. I would take the calligraphy “Andrew” card, too! Love love love the stuff!!! Nothing is more gorgeous and elegant.

  5. Food, theatre,family and I ‘m curious to see what fashion you picked up.
    Great sales , but how about fashion forward as always ,in good taste.

  6. But they said Californie is the place you otta be, so they loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly…. Thanks for the wonderful pics.

    • The Surrey bar was great- Bemelman’s should perhaps be a little afraid! (not really, but it is a little easier to converse at Bar Pleiades as there isn’t a pianist there)

  7. What a delightful escape!! Loving the black and white stripes, the wine glass is just my size and I adore Heather from “Habitually Chic”! The subtle face pulling is part of my regular repertoire theses days too. Bizarre. What’s up with that??

  8. Le sigh. Your visits to NYC leave me homesick and wanting to hop on the next plane!!! I too can’t help but ask: did you get some goodies?
    PS. Please don’t feel rushed to change this particular header as it makes me feel all lovely everytime I see it.

    • I did get a few goodies, nothing too terribly exciting except I love my new gold, flat ankle boots from Lanvin 🙂

  9. Dearest Slim, I believe the glass beaded urns came from the estate of SF society doyenne Dodie Rosekrans. If I recall correctly, they were made for her Venetian palazzo by Tony Duquette, who decorated it for her. Next time you are in NYC please take a minute from your schedule for a drink with Reggie and Boy, we would be honored! RD

  10. Sounds like a perfect excursion. That Thai cocktail sounds like a dream, it is very cold, drizzly, grey and stormy here in the South of France, feels like I am back in Seattle! Those urns are just beautiful, it would be wonderful to hear their story, no?Sounds like a wonderful stay in the city.

  11. Thank you for reminding me of places I need to go in my own darn city! How have I never been to Liaigre, for instance? And now a question: I am a Carlyle Girl (yes, we sometimes stay at hotels in our own city…it’s fun), but have been thinking about The Mark lately. But I hate being disloyal…it’s ok to switch it up, right? Safe trip home and thanks for the post! xx

  12. Awesome, as always. Your travel posts are like mini trips for me, without ever leaving my kitchen table. May I humbly submit a request for someplace tropical next time, please? 🙂

  13. Your posts never disappoint! Had to laugh at the incident with the lady Realtor. I once told Rudolph Nureyev I couldn’t talk to him (rushing to the ladies room); When I realized who he was I was embarrassed to come out! Of course it was his fault, he smiled at me.

  14. What Fun! Your post is just the tonic I needed after watching “Annie Hall” earlier. That movie always makes me want to move to NY. “Molecular Hijinks”, Slim you have a way with words, love it.

  15. I would’ve loved to have been the fly on the wall during your drink with Heather Clawson. Two of my favorite bloggers… thanks for the virtual trip!

  16. Martin would perhaps wire them and turn into Mahhhhhvelous bedside table lamps.
    Kathryn would make them perfectly sized champagne flutes!!!

  17. Thanks for taking me along to NYC with you! What a fun vacay! I have run into a couple of reality-stars while on some of my recent vacations! It’s so weird!

  18. What a great way to spend a weekend…I love NY.
    On the how DA front…Mr. B just informed me that he read that Matthew is not interested in returning if there is a season 4. Oh my, poor Mary. I hope it’s just an ugly rumor!

  19. Laughed at you lifting your facxe..well at least you still look in the mirror..What are those extraordinary things on the wall at the Mark?

  20. What a week of fabulous fun! Thank you for sharing it with us. We’re happy you missed the frigid air descending upon us this week and are sorry we didn’t have our new collection on the 7th floor at Bergdorf’s for you to see. You’ll have to come back in the fall when our collection will be inspired by Downton Abbey!

  21. Luv ABC!!!!…….i have pulled my face so much, my ears are now on the back of my head…now i can hear and see EVERYTHING!……love that city for design inspiration, always!!

  22. You are so dang classy. Love that you’re above putting out negativity about other people’s art.

    Also, I had a spiritual experience looking at that pizza. I am 99.999999% sure that is what heaven looks like.

    • Oh no, Rachel-I’m not that virtuous, though I wish I was (were?) I don’t shrink from critiquing books I don’t care for, for example. It’s just that with plays-they involve so many people-the writer, director, producers, cast, stage hands, investors, etc. etc… so much time, money, effort, sweat & tears and yet to my layman’s eyes it appears they can be shut down almost overnight by one or two poisonous Broadway (or lesser) critics. I might be entirely wrong but I get the impression plays have much less of a chance of people deciding for themselves whether they’re good or not than, say, films do.

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