A madcap decision to move away from our traditional copper bows to a chartreuse silk garland resulted in a last minute scramble, a new friendship with a ribbon manufacturer in Germany, and a fresh new “pop” for our Christmas tree,  but I can finally relax…

and start wrapping presents!






Slim Paley photo

The chartreuse against the very dark green of the front door is a nice change too, especially in Southern California.


Slim Paley photo



My husband bought one of those giant chocolate cakes with about two inches of icing from Costco.  Although it scares me because it stays fresh (and fricking delicious) for an alarmingly long time, I’m afraid I hear it calling to me from the kitchen right now. Which also means a glass of milk chaser. After red wine with dinner.

Help me



Day 15, that’s less than 9 days left til Sugar Plum Night…





  1. very classy —chartreuse is one of my all time favorite colors and it looks good in any season! Beautiful tree, lucky lady to have a husband that brings home chocolate cake! And Costco’s are grand.

  2. The chartreuse ribbon looks so good, very nice. Oh be still my heart…love that Costco chocolate cake. Even if it feeds 40 and stays fresh for 1 week, I do love it.
    I’m really getting excited for the big event, especially now that I’ve finished the shopping.

  3. You enjoy every bite of that chocolate cake! You must burn calories like a hummingbird! I was hoping we would get to view the finished product when you unveiled the undressed tree. As in true Slim Paley form it is BEYOND spectacular. Thank you for sharing. And Merry Christmas!

  4. oh pretty tree… the dried oranges give off a scent still or are they merely decorative at this point? gorgeous!! did not need to know about the cake, as if one more location for the chocolate fix were really necessary. ;)-

  5. Oh, the orange slices and ribbon, gorgeous! I just got home from Costco this evening and was able to walk past that cake and only bought dishwasher detergent. Even the checker was shocked by my single (boring) purchase. If truth be told, they were out of the item I went there for. Even still, I don’t think I’ve ever made it out of there with just one item. I think I will reward myself with that chocolate cake next time I’m there!

  6. Your tree is incredibly beautiful and so vintage-looking.
    I love chartreuse…especially in silk.
    And your golden lights are understated to perfection!!
    ps…I would also like to comment on how sweet your last post was.
    We slimsters are blessed by you…sending you holiday love.

  7. Hi Slim, What A Treat! Gorgeous tree! Love everything, and that is so sweet of you to share! Do you share your German friend with the beautiful ribbon?JK
    Please don’t feel bad, we have a market less than two blocks from our house that sells everything from Scottish Salmon to Escargot, open 24 hours, Lord help me. The biggest draw for me is their chocolate cake. I have never been a fan of cake, until now. My husband is the type that will run over there all hours of the night! Their lemon bars and key lime cookies are good too. After Christmas I must stop the madness, but I am so happy that I am not alone with my chocolate cake! Once again, your tree is spectacular. I want to pin it, but I don’t want to steal your thunder. I really got on my soapbox about cursive writing being taken out of schools. Glass half full Pam! Thanks again, I’m having fun! Pam

  8. slim I love your new ribbon, your tree is so pretty and I agree it looks amazing on your front door. Wrap the night away!! Have fun, remember Enjoy the Process,

  9. I agree with all, that your orange slices and the silk ribbon are FABU! I also notice how carefully the lights were placed on the tree – most are standing upright like candles – WOW.
    Your work? That can be the task that makes the tree stand bare in our house for nearly a week. Congratulations on moving onto wrapping. Cheers!

  10. Oh my, your tree is insanely beautiful–the most gorgeous that I have seen!

    I had to laugh though because as I am typing, I am sitting in front of our unbelievably bizarre tree that my honey picked out. Every year we buy from a mountain man who brings his trees from the Ardeche region. They are very tall but for some reason this year, my honey picked a very skinny one! He said it is “Zen”. I had bought ribbon too this year but am not sure how that is going to work…Hmmm…

    Have been loving following you every day. Merci!

  11. Gorgeous tree! Mine will go up this weekend. I’m not sure what happened, but the wood floors we were supposed to have installed in October got installed last week (yikes) so I have had no furniture in three rooms on the main floor of my house for two weeks. This weekend it’s a mad dash to restore everything into place, start decorating and put up the tree. I can only hope mine looks as nice as yours when I’m done. Your blog posts have been inspiring. So, do you think you can wrap for me, too?

  12. Your tree is beautiful. I love the fresh green ribbon, and the garland on the door with dripping pinecones is fabulous.

  13. Slim the tree is stunning with your new chartreuse ribbon!! Love it and the pinecone spray!

    Come and enter the Grand Finale of the 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways!!


    Art by Karena

  14. I’m tired. The best thing I’ve done this holiday is getting a tree, lights, and ornaments for a family that can’t afford a tree. The kids actually slept on the floor by the tree that night and said it was “the best night sleep they ever had.” We got the tree at Home Depot(!) and it was actually very pretty and a good price! My tree is almost finished – still have one kid living at home and 3 are home from college for the break – not ONE kid has put an ornament on the tree. Done!

  15. Thanks everyone for all your compliments on my tree. I hope to sit back and really enjoy it this weekend! Going to bring my wrapping down and do it there. Maybe a peppermint martini will be involved…

    Ruth- no, no story, just old shoes!

    Bunny-the orange slices are cut fresh and dried in my food dehydrator.

    TSL- I know. I paid extra 🙂

    Julie- that is a LOVELY thing to do. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  16. Beautiful! Love the oranges! We used to fill our halved orange shells with peanut butter and bird seed and hang from the trees for the birds – or whoever got to it first. It was a fun activity for the kids…your oranges reminded me of those happy times!

  17. Hi Slim,
    I came here via Reggie and my only regret is that I have not “met” you sooner. Your tree adorned with orange slices is gorgeous as well as the photos! I lived in Williamsburg, VA for several years so pinecones and fruit are such a part of the holidays at our house too, but I’ve yet to ever try the orange slices, thank you for the lovely inspiration!

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