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I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling the need for a little light-hearted post as this week draws to a close, so I’m just going to drop right into the Polka dots story I’ve been compiling for awhile-a pattern that, say what you will, could never be regarded as somber.  I recently attended a fabulous birthday party in honour of a dear friend. It was loads of fun, as is usually the case when you have a large gathering of ladies, cocktails and fabulous food all in one room.  Anyway, among(st?) the toasts and tributes, one friend, while extolling the Birthday girl’s many fine qualities, spoke of her well known honesty, particularly when dispensing fashion advice. She recounted the time several years ago, she’d  been somewhat coerced by a great salesperson into buying a polka-dot dress.

Vintage Vogue

The ‘toaster’ hadn’t been sure about the purchase, polka dots had never been her ‘thaing’ but as she said, the shopkeeper had managed to persuade her otherwise. She recalled, with great affection, that our birthday girl took one look at her in the dress the next day and said “Honey (pause) Whoever told you that dress was your friend wasn’t telling you the truth”  Now, before I get a flurry of horrified comments-don’t worry! They’ve been ‘Besties’ for a million years, so all was fine, no harm, no foul. I’m not sure if the dress was returned or not. Maybe I don’t remember the end of the story because everyone was laughing so much and discussing how difficult and potentially ‘ageing’ wearing polka dots can be.


 Or not.

Perhaps I just don’t remember the end of the story exactly because…

Marni polka dot silk trousers, Slim Paley photo

 These are my new Marni silk pants I WORE TO THE PARTY


And no, not even with heels (cocktails, cobblestones, circulating, fun, just the girls dammit)



A) I’m still all about the pajama look for day, night, dressy, casual, up, down, whatever the occasion,  it’s punched my ticket.

And B) The Polka Dot is everywhere at the moment.  It’s fun, it’s saucy, it’s big and bold, it’s not ‘Old Lady Stenographer with a kleenex stuck up her sleeve’ anymore. (remember ‘stenographers’?!)

Le Polka Dot est arrivee’!

polka dot cocktail

 Cheers, Polka Dot!


Christopher Kane S/S 2014

Martin Margiela

 Martin Margiela Couture Fall 2014


Margiela Couture 2014


See? This guy knows what’s uphbz-the-in-out-list-01-sm


So does Pierre Hardy


via FlickrBonpoint Summer 2014

and this little cutie from  Bonpoint Summer 2014

polka dot room



Sportmax Summer 2014

Sportmax Summer 2014


Love these Sportmax trousers!! David Roemer for Harper’s Bazaar Espana, July 14


 Never met a Lanvin I didn’t love

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 6.27.44 PM

via Mod Magazine

She’s trying to resist the Force of the Dot, to no avail

Sarah Moon

Sarah Moon


Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 8.05.15 PM

Burberry Men- Dare to tell him his spots aren’t divine.

polka dots

And yay, hello fashion amortising…Lots of spots on the horizon for 2015

Elizabeth & James- Pre Spring/Summer 2015


Ralph Lauren Resort 2015

Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall sporting a little gold swiss dot to perfection. Talk about style.milly clutch



Marni Men Summer 2014


Ralph Lauren Resort 2015


 Kenzo Resort 2015

Rebecca Minkoff-pre Spring 2015

Rebecca Minkoff Pre-Spring 2015


Burberry Menchristopher-kane-pre-fall-2014-25_150501705708

 Christopher Kane, Fall 2014

Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant 2014


Stella McCartney pre-fall  2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 19.27.17

“120 Prayers” artist; Yoshitomo Saito,  the lobby of the El Encanto Hotel, Santa Barbara, CA.

Lobby El Encanto hotel , Santa Barbara, CA

Made up of pine cones -forgive me, I don’t have the artist’s name at hand.Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 22.47.18


dolce & gabbana mens summer 2015

Dolce & Gabbana S/S/2015

I’m not saying the look’s for everyone…


     But even Mickey’s doing it. (Damien Hurst)

dolce & gabbana mens spring 2015

Dolce & Gabbana, Men’s Spring/Summer 2015

dolce & gabbana ,men's S/S2015

Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2015


Manolo Blahnik Fall 2014

Vintage VogueSuzy Parker via

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 19.09.14

Burberry Prorsum







Polka-d your eyes out didn’t I?!

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 11.23.49 PM

xoxo SP


1st image; artist Andrea Galvani-Lamorte

3rd image from top Alice Temperley dress


  1. Indeed. Would like to see a photo of you sporting those silks. ;0
    Heard a Fresh Air interview with Lauren Bacall yesterday. What a woman! What a life!

  2. Wow! I lost some weight and am happy to be able to fit into a pair of slim black capris with tiny white polka dots which I haven’t worn in a few years. I wore them yesterday and didn’t even know I was in style!

  3. Love the “dots”….reminds me of the funny movie written by Nora Ephron “This is my Life” about the stand up comedian named, Dottie, who as she became more famous her “dots” got bigger and bigger!
    Also, last photo is by Gray Malin….love his work!
    Enjoy your posts so much!!!

  4. I have a pair of Stuart Weitzman heels that were called “circles” when I bought…they are wonderful polka dots & always get kudos when I wear ….loved this post..thank you from the South…

  5. Well…..”The Beer Barrel Polka” is about the only polka I’ll do…………….YoooHoooHoooHooo!! franki

  6. I have never really been a fan of Polka Dots. However, that see-through gown with the black dots I might wear. All the power to you for being able to pull off the dotted look! 🙂

  7. I have always loved polka dots. I did not get married until I was nearly 32 years old. Two days or so after I got engaged, my two best girlfriends insisted I go shopping for a wedding dress. I’m so glad they came. One of them was especially tasteful, tactful and tightfisted. I chose for myself a meringuey swiss dot number. She shook her head no. She mentioned something about that dress being for a younger bride and found a really beautiful dress that was also very economical. Budget was a concern. I still think about that swiss dot, though. 🙂

  8. Dotti for this post. Fabulous and fun to lighten a heavy week.
    Dying to see a pic of the silk Marni trousers with the Birkendots, I mean spots, no stocks!
    SRSLY 🙂 PLZ :))

  9. you are so stinkin funny Slimmy! I write this as I lie here in my black/ivory polka dot pjs. Oh, and you will love this. My BFF and I always say you can wear pjs. to lunch as long as they are black and you put a jacket over them. Who would know??? (we do it all the time 😉

  10. Loooooved this!! Okay how cool are you wearing those pants? I wish you shared your outfit on Instagram! Adored all of these and wondering where I have any dots in my wardrobe and need to add some fun if not!

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