Dispatch From NYC #1

“Swimming with the Louboutins”

While I’m sorting out my formating issues during the next couple of weeks I’m going to have some fun and share much shorter, more frequent posts.

Little visual palate cleansers if you will.

Today I hit the visual motherlode at Barney’s NY where the window held  a giant aquarium filled with lovely pink fish and yes, Louboutins!

 LOVED THIS!  God knows I’ve had more than one night I’ve wished my  pink Louboutins were sleeping with the fishies!

Now that’s creative.

and look who else thought soThe adorable Bill Cunningham, who told us he has never watched the fabulous documentary about him. Can’t say I’m surprised.

A fun day in NY!

The calm before the storm??



  1. Amazing pink fish. I loved the documentary on Bill Cunningham. How wonderful that you met him and got a chance to photograph him!

  2. Wow, what are the chances…….I took my own photo of Bill today too! After he took a pic of me (be still my heart!) while I was taking photos of the Bergdorf windows. If I had seen you I would have definitely taken your photo!

    I’m soaking up as much of my dear NYC as I can before our scheduled, but unlikely, departure Monday afternoon for year’s residence in Melbourne. Looks like The Storm of the Millennium might postpone that……but in the mean time….ain’t New York grand??!!

  3. Mr. Cunningham! I used to love watch him work–often on the corner of 57th and 5th–to see who he would choose to photograph and then try to figure out why. Oh my, the looks from the ladies that he turned down! I am so glad that you spoke with him, Slim.

    And please, please, please be safe when the storm hits—I am very serious. I know that you are a smart cookie but that is no time to go out looking for a scoop!
    Bisous et Bon Dimanche,

  4. Dear Slim
    The windows are quite extraordinary! So surrealist and yet so beautiful. Amazing colour combinations. and Wonderful Pictures! As an old Aussie, I wonder, who is Bill Cunningham? Forgive my ignorance. Best wishes, Pamela

  5. I saw that display yesterday — so pretty but I was all “Isn’t that a Crime Against Louboutins??” Still, I loved it! And what a great New York siting — Mr. Cunningham is a treasure. Did you see the documentary about him that came out last year? Very sweet.

    Enjoy the rest of your time in the NY, crazy storm and all!


  6. I ADORE Bill Cunningham and have seen the documentary. Such a sweet, charming man! Hmmm. A bit worried if you’re still on the east coast. Run to high ground, but take off those Louboutins first! xx

  7. Loved the fish and Louboutins. What an imagination. What a treat to see Bill Cunningham, was he snapping the same window?
    Enjoy New York, but don’t get blown away. Your new format is great.

  8. I love beautiful pumps, too, but have reached that point in my life when I can’t enjoy my evening when my feet are killing me. I’ve made two personal-style revisions that have actually changed my life.
    I only wear platform heels and only slingbacks.
    Try it—-it is amazing how comfortable this combination makes even the highest heels. I have even outrun a much younger woman challenging me for a cab in a pair of YSL nude suede, 4 1/2 ” heel, platform, ‘Tribtoo’ cap-toe slingbacks ( and they are as delicious as they sound) , sort of a modern spectator .

    I hope this tip changes your life as much as it has mine.

    Kathryn Tunstall

  9. Saw your post in early a.m. and wanted to come back and post about THE Bill Cunningham only to find the rest of the world agrees with me too! I can only say. . . wish it was me. . . loved the documentary!

  10. well i had to google “Bill Cunningham”, but now I’m curious to see that documentary.

    Be safe in New York!

    last night B.C had the biggest earthquake in 40 years…didn’t feel a thing here in Vancouver

  11. Awww…love that little “fella”. He is a treasure and how wonderful you ran into him. Take care and be safe!!

  12. Hi Slim! I love your new format. Your photos continue to amaze. I thought the Louboutins & gold fish windows were amazing when I visited Barney’s last week. Bill should have taken your picture!
    Have you had a chance to see the Diana Vreeland documentary? I highly recommend it. Very well done & an important piece of fashion history.
    The next few days in NYC & on the East Coast will be a rough one. Be careful!

  13. NY is bracing for the Sandy hurricane and we have been shaken here in BC with the 7.7 earthquake…
    I was awake late with the the tsunami warnings.
    Shoes can swim with fish…a calm diversion…
    breathing a wee bit slower now.

  14. I was in NYC last week and saw the Louboutins “swimming with the fishes” and also tok a pic that I meant to send YOU!! Isn’t that window amazing? What about the shoe racetracks??? That was really funny!

  15. Hi sweetie!

    Are you still in NYC? I hope you and your son are safe. We’re getting the storm here too.

    I love this post! About meeting Bill… well, what can I say? Great people attracts great people! 😉


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  16. I love Bill Cunningham and have also seen that documentary on his career. I love how he giggled when he was getting some shots of some girls he saw on the street and they yelled at him, “Don’t take our picture! Stop taking pictures of us!”

  17. Your new blog is bee-yoo-tee-ful !! Hard to believe that Slim v1.0 could be improved upon, but you’ve done it! And Bill C. – be still, my heart. I hope he photodocumented the sighting of Slimus Paleous in its natural habitat!

  18. That is the coolest thing ever! I do believe I would have had to stand there watching those fish all day. Apparently it would pay off in the celebrity-watching department as well!

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