Colour Me Excited


This is how I’m feeling right now.

Mural by Jackson PollockJackson Pollock


pomellato Nudo collectionrings by Pomellato


I’m redesigning my blog.

I know what you’re thinking

‘Sure Slim-we’ve all heard that one before’ but I really mean it this time. SRSLY.

I’ve hired P-R-O-fessionals. Yes, I did. I’m coming right out and saying the dirty word…


I just couldn’t do it myself. It was like sooooo hard…

and I’m not getting any younger or adept at coding.

So I thought WHAT am I doing??

Surrender to the Truth girlfriend-self. You need help.

Serious, professional help (and not just in blogging. See-I can hear you! 🙂  )

Btw, looking at my photo above, I hope everyone enjoyed or helped Mom enjoy a beautiful Mother’s Day!

But as I was saying,

(In other words, back to me!)

The creative juices are flowing and I’m super excited!!

My head is awash with all sorts of ideas, fonts and colour options

so what better time to post about the kaleidoscope of colour on the runway for this season and the next?

Dior 2015

Dior Resort 2015


Matisse “Danse” socks, shoes Dries Van Noten, photo David Kitz, styling Kate Brien for Vogue

Met ball 2014

Met Ball 2014 via


 Celine S/S 2014

Sonia Rykiel

Schiaparelli Couture

_AG14670.683x1024Dior Resort 2015

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 7.56.13 PM

 Tai Ping Carpets

Chroma-Trend-General-02Tai Ping mood board for Chroma Collection. Fendi coat.

.via Flickr

revlon-scented-nail-polish-w724Revlon scented nail polishes. Has anyone tried these yet? Let me know!

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 22.58.11photo via Pinterest

Time to break out the full paint box of options for Summer decorating as well, but I think that’s another post.


Chanel Fall 2014-15


 Sam Gilliam’s ‘Bursting’ 1972 courtesy Frieze Art Fair this past weekend, via Vogue


Designer Veronica Toub’s Paris apartment via AD




Giambattista Valli’s Paris home photo by Francois Halard

ChanelChanel Spring/Summer 2014

Chanel bag

Where’s Waldo for Fashionistas-spot the bag


Christy Turlington for Missoni Summer 2014 photo by Viviane Sassen

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 9.08.09 PM


Mural by Jackson Pollock Another section of 8′ “Mural” by Jackson Pollock at the Getty Center, Los Angeles,  March 11-June 1, 2014.

Celine Celine

Fausto Puglisi

Fausto Puglisi Fall 2014-15

Lots of geometrics!


via Flickr

Alexander Khoklov photoPhoto by Alexander Khoklov from the series “2D or not 2D” via Wired. Make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan

Fausto Puglisi Fall 2014-15

 Fausto Puglisi Fall 2014-15

brian atwood

Brian Atwood

Personally I shy away from colour, except in bags, shoes, scarves, jewellery…and the occasional summer splash out print. If I had higher natural colour in my skin and hair (wait-what is my natural hair colour?!) I would happily embrace the spectrum more adventurously for sure.

How about you?

paint splattered running shoes

 Still, there are lots of fun ways to join the Crayola party this summer without splashing out Chanel prices. Paint an inexpensive canvas tote from Target. Dye a lock of hair bright. Paint splatter your runners. Fill a water gun with paint and release your inner (or not so inner) child. Buy white canvas throw pillows and channel Pollock.

water gunVia Pinterest

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 18.28.35

 On my NEW blog, I’ll be able to cross out that “YOU” and replace it with “WE”.

In pink SCRIPT if I want.

So, yes, you could call me excited 🙂

I’ll be ‘under construction’ for several more weeks.  In the meantime I’ll still be posting and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for daily inspo.

<3 SP


This time last year; Get Schooled


First image via Australian Vogue.


  1. Love those Prada shoes! (Have seen them in various colors and they are just as beautiful.) And the paint splattered tennies, too.

  2. Color good enough to eat! I am in the process of moving to a new office, and am thoroughly enjoying a splash of color on the walls, and bringing out art and textiles that has been stored away–African, Indian, Betty La Duke… (I heard you too -“where’s your stuff people?”) So, I can resonate with a need for change and for deep, bright colors! Neutral, shmeutral. As for hair color, I discovered a whole new world and palette I could wear when I stopped coloring my hair! (some of you are shuddering). I took the plunge and had to bravely NOT look in the mirror for awhile. Once the silver came in, I have received nothing but complements. I have also received gifts of clothing from family and friends, because, as they say: “this would look so pretty with your hair”. So, dear Slim, who knows what beauty lies beneath? And brava on knowing when to ask for help. Hard to do when one is so capable. Alway, StillDancing

  3. Go Slim!! That was like a session of colour therapy. It’s Spring….let us burst forth anew!!

  4. I absolutely love love your color story posts. You have an amazing “eye” for beautiful color trends and for putting it all together across the different genres. Just Gorgeous. Thank you!

  5. Slim, Your post was like one great multicolored Popsicle for summertime! Yowsah! Love the Dior dresses…splashes
    of color but regions of restraint with the black. Totally love the paint splattered tennis fun is that? A lot and
    totally doable! But I dream of stacks of the Pomellato rings on my fingers…someday….a girl can dream!
    Congrats on delegating…I still have a huge problem with that myself. Tell us how it goes.

  6. You did it again …coffee splutter on reading “What is my natural hair colour?” …I know what mine now is hence some pretty heavy faux colouring .

    Love the Pollocks. In the early 1970s the Australian Government bought Pollock’s Blue Poles for about $1 million ..the outcry ..the days when $1 million bought more than a house in a Sydney suburb

  7. What timing! Just got home from viewing Pollock’s “Mural” at the Getty Center, and Viola! There it was waiting on a new SP post. Love all the color, but just filled my closet with solids. Always a step behind.

  8. Wowza!! That was eye-popping and FUN!!!! Like a jolt of optical caffeine! You absolutely “curate” images better than anyone I’ve ever come across on the internet and..well, anywhere. I cannot WAIT to see what you come up with for the new blog design. HAVE FUN!!!!!

  9. SP, I find myself invigorated after reading this post. Fantastic.
    How about the pom-pom shoes and the geometric manicure?!!
    The Schiaparelli photo looks like it was styled by Grace Coddington. No?
    Can’t wait for you to roll out the new SP.

  10. Am excited for you and can’t wait to see the makeover! I wish I could program design myself but I suppose delegating is key?? Otherwise it ends up another to do on my ever growing list. Hope your shoulder is all mended?

  11. Cannot get enough of this! So so wonderful! Need childs paint gun (water pistol?). Black suit, café au lait Oscar silk shirtdress, starting with white tennis shoes….today is cloudy in Atlanta. Loving blue stripe morning room for a sunny day and the Fendi coat is dynamite.

  12. Don’t be afraid to wear colors, Slim. Just stick to one and pair it off with black! 🙂

  13. Just crazy for this! Makes me want to get my Crayolas out. The shoes are fabulous and love Jackson Pollack! Especially like the ideas pf painting the tote and squirt gun. Some fun summer stuff there! Exciting about the blog changes. I’m afraid I’m going to have to hire a professional one day soon too. My blog is cobbled together by me right now and I’m barely doing that.
    x Kim

  14. Hey Slimmy!!! I’m re-designing my blog/website too!!! My gallery in Atlanta is about to do this huge fashion event with hand-painted clothes/clutches/umbrellas and more!!! I’ll send you pics!!! Hope you are doing great!!! xxxooo kb

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