Choosing Favourites


Slim Paley photo

If absolutely forced to choose a favourite colour combination I would have to go with what I’ve compiled for this post.  Rich dark brown, or even black, combined with linen beige, dusty rose, and just a touch of rusty claret or burnt sienna thrown in for good measure (you weren’t expecting just two colours, were you?!)  I’ve  begun with photos of perhaps my favourite room in our home, the master bath.  The mahogany cabinetry and floor are softened by the linen colour of the walls and wardrobe curtains, as well as the dusty rose fabric on the chaise and window seat.  What happened to my window seat throw pillows? I’m wondering the same thing myself as I look at this photo (note to self- look for missing pillows)

In summer, creamy linen slipcovers can be thrown over the upholstery to achieve an even lighter feel.  A narrow band of ebony around the edge of the floor is my touch of black.  The towels are hung on a most unusual antique I found many years ago in Chicago.  It’s made of rich dark wood and I would have thought it was used to hang bed linens or table clothes over, but it has hooks running along the lowest rung and a heavy pewter lined base, as if to hold wet boots or umbrellas. In any case, it now makes one fabulous towel rack!  The large pedestal sinks are original to the house (c.1895) although not to this room.  I raised them to a more comfortable height by adding the ‘globes’ to the legs (the globes are wood and refinished in enamel) and tilted the mirror over the mantle just slightly for more of an old-fashioned look. The fireplace is also original.

Slim Paley photo

The mahogany herringbone glows in the firelight.

Slim Paley photo

Slim Paley photo

A cozy mix of my colours, sans rose, in a sitting room


Love this look

a touch of soft rose and warm wood on the Orient Express

Let’s sit and have a champagne cocktail, shall we?!

Monique lhuillier’s entire  collection in predominately claret and black is absolutely DIVINE, including the hair and make-up.

I love this bedroom  (apologies, a torn out page, with no credit)

This little shoe hanging by the bed holds eyeglasses (or chocolate bars 🙂 )


Slim Paley Photo..

Monique lhuillier

Slim Paley photo

Hot Cocoa Roses from my garden.


Slim Paley photo

Black linen, rose silk and pink marble in one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever stayed in, The Amanbagh, Rajisthan.   .


Warming up a room in London.


A moth works my colours to perfection!

Chanel Fall 2010 (The Shanghai show)

Slim Paley photo



Alexander McQueen Final Collection.

Fabrics from Shumacher


Slim paley photo.

From my collection of Suzanis




I’d love to  just jump right into this photo…

From the cover of Australian Vogue Living

A detail from a mantle in my home.



I joyfully welcome other colour combination suggestions for future posts!

And may I add – How much of The NEW BLUE have I seen in just the last couple of days?!  Kind of crazy- tempted to post again Kidding (sort of…)



  1. Slim, you don’t just see the world through dark, horn-rimmed, claret-colored glasses, you let us see it that way, too. Thanks for an inspirational post on an inter-racial combo that sparks the senses. With this post in mind, I’m off to eat my well-browned toast with lemon-plum jam 🙂

  2. I love turquoise and coral together. or varying shades of pale aqua with deeper blues.
    How about my personal favorites white and cream?

  3. I’m not a a big rose/pink fan, but your combination makes it beautiful! I’m dying over your bathroom and please show us more of your suzani collection!

  4. Slim-
    Absolutely gorgeous, you have an amazing eye and it is evident in your stunning home. How is it that you are raising boys here ? Is this lovely bathroom off limits to their wet towels and toothpaste in the sink ?
    I am normally drawn to a cooler color spectrum, but the warmth of all the photos on this post is giving me brilliant ideas for an upcoming project. As always looking forward to future posts from you,


    • Hi Pat
      The answer to your second question is YES, and No… Large, dripping, towel- wrapped boys are very often glimpsed sneaking out of the one and only steam shower. However, my new Egg Oil shampoo that finally arrived from Thailand today 🙂 will now be under lock and key!

  5. Cosy!
    That Aman looks good!
    I have a tee shirt…AMAN JUNKIE.
    Some one in USA asked me if I was a man junkie?

  6. Gorgeous bathroom, bathtub, fireplace…I’m loving it!!
    And I love pink too..
    GREAT POST (as always)

    Kisses from Spain♥

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…… looks like my color scheme, but who’s is the “Love this look” diaphanous (sp?) plaid dress with the belted slouchy coral sweater?…… to have it!
    …is it Monique? Couldn’t find it on her site.
    Thanks for any info!

    • Sorry Marsha. I promise to mend my wicked ways and write down credits AS I compile posts from now on. I always think in the moment that I won’t forget… God knows why, when I can’t even remember where I’ve parked my car. A few weeks ago at a wedding, my husband and I got in someone else’s car- and didn’t notice until the owner came running after us.

  8. If I had that bathroom I would stay in the tub more than Mary Tyler Moore when she got her toe stuck in the faucet. Beautiful Slim!!!

  9. Oh dear lord, your bathroom is breathtaking. Did you do it yourself, or did you have a designer come in?

  10. GAJ said it all BINGO.(and beyond )
    You never cease to amaze me ,oh that rose,? Until next time , happy week and thank you . ox

  11. dearest slim,

    you know i love you, and your house and your garden and your travel photos, oh yeah and your fashions. but this is spectacular. you really MUST compile your home/garden photos under one label. you MUST! this is so drop dead beautiful.


  12. I’d need to hide more than Egg Oil shampoo in that bathroom….for I would NEVER leave. Truly, it’s THE most exquisite haven. That color combo is SO me as well. GREAT post…

  13. SP, you are a genius with this palette. I don’t think it would be that easy to work with. Even though the colors are very muted, you make them look incredibly vibrant. Love the outfit on the girl above the photo you want to jump into.

    A color combo I love is ivory and charcoal, with a gilt frame or two. Anchor it with some black. Throw in a huge bundle of antique purple sweet peas for a shock of color and joy.

    Fav color combos – what a great topic. More later about that later…… (Am half cut.)

  14. I can’t stop thinking about your beautiful bathroom! I have never seen anything quite like it. Swoon worthy. I don’t think I’d ever leave, except when I need to get another bottle of wine or run out of reading material! And your roses! The colors are truly remarkable. I have never been much of a rose person, thinking they’re difficult to grow, need a lot of work, etc. But your roses and pictures are making think I ought to give one a try.

    You are such an inspiration and I eagerly await each new post! Thank you for sharing your gardens, house, and random musings with us.

  15. Amazing, amazing, amazing….this is a beautiful, beautiful post filled with a perfect collection of your home and garden with lots of fun bits and pieces to compliment in all. All wonderful!!
    Can you tell I love this post????


  16. Another delicious post that has me shamelessly drooling over every single thing!
    How can you have so much exquisite taste oozing from every pore? Your color
    collection is at once feminine, masculine, smoky, sexy, luxurious, sophisticated,
    and warm.
    I bow down…..not worthy….; )

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