Casual Sparkle

890A5204Firstly,  apologies to my legion of male readers-

but this post is pretty much exclusively for the Laaydies

It’s a real quickie though. I’ll be back tomorrow with a little Christmas wrapping and decor.

Because, God knows, I like to leave plenty of time for you to incorporate some of these ideas.

Ya. I should be getting that Gift Giving Guide  up any day now too 🙂




Anyone else noticed one of the biggest fashion trends of late??


20121120-144814The mixing up of big, chunky, in your face costume jewellery with super casual clothing.

154670568423888160_xlNyzzbI_cThe more relaxed, the bigger the bling.


6051780720774701_PaoXp793_cPersonally, I’m LOVING

152770612329267833_DUWUgL13_cSeriously, What could be easier?

172262754467184025_MKYu9JZC_cFestive, playful & perfect for the Hols.

254946028875351356_H0l5L3Wj_c I think it’s fairly safe to assume that we all have the makings of this fun trend in our closets already, do we not?



149111437632164721_knuR8CUm_cI especially love the plus-size baubles with denim

87046205269476711_zqFviy3H_cplaids, chunky sweaters, grey and white t-shirts and black leather…

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 9.43.03 PMWay to narrow it down Slim.


1Remember for this to feel ‘Of the moment’ it needs to be a little audacious

Throw Coco’s dictum to “remove one piece of jewellery  before leaving the house” to the wind just once and make a statement with your Blingy Ol Self

20336635789272684_XepBMmwh_cD-Squared Spring 2013

But at the same time, be careful…

145593000424597948_TgcOcuJZ_c don’t get tooo carried away 🙂

890A5206Have fun with it and don’t lose your patience untangling all your treasures!

“Adornment, what a science! Beauty, what a weapon! Modesty, what elegance!”
― Coco Chanel



  1. I have been so ABOUT this look!! Isn’t it fun….and compliments, too. I’m “saving” all these “baubles” to make a wreath ala Eddie Ross…oh, yes. franki

  2. I remember the denim-and-bling look…
    We tried to have an understated, low-key Christmas with our decorations this year but at the last minute my partner decided it wasn’t “Christymassy enough” and taped tinsel over every door! Surprisingly, the sight of it lifts the heart every time you walk through the rooms. Amazing what a little sparkle can do to the spirit…
    Hope you have a wonderfully, sparkly Christmas Miss Slim!

  3. Beautifully done! I’m in! Just returned for the holidays to NYC from DownUnder, and the only jewelry I packed along were big bold crystals…some real, some not…….Now I have to go dig around for my mom’s stunning, large “paste” starburst pin…….and I’m wondering if it’s too cold to pull out the denim jacket….hmmm……maybe in place of a blazer, under the wool coat…..Anyway, Love the Look!

  4. Slim,
    It’s so rare that I can say, “yes, I’ve even purchased one of those over-the-top pearl necklaces” and worn it with a t-shirt…but I have. It’s such a fun look, how could I pass up the Stella and Dot necklace that the sales lady assured me goes with everything?
    Hope you’re nearly wrapped and ready for the big day, how can it be here already?

  5. As always, a great post, BUT …I’m WAAAAIIITIIING for your gift suggestions. It’s getting to be the 12 hour Slim! Seems my best gifts previous years were from your recommendations, not looking so good for me this Christmas 🙁

  6. Love it! Will bring out the bling and the casual for our celebrations! Have a Wonderful Christmas and New Year, Slim! Warmest wishes, Pamela

  7. I love this look and have been enjoying wearing it lately…mostly using my vintage stash, but I have also added to the collection with some of the great bling available right now. Merry Christmas.

  8. I am seriously infatuated with all these sparkly rhinestones.
    Must get my mitts on a classic denim shirt to wear with them.
    Happy Holidays Slim.

  9. What a great look! Totally agree you don’t let the stuff sit in the jewelry box…get it on and start glittering.
    Happy Holidays!

  10. I love living in jeans. And I never met a rhinestone I didn’t love. Let em dangle, I say. Now I must say that this “trend” is NOT happening in Eugene, Oregon. But that isn’t to say I couldn’t be the first to import it. I’ve got the stones, I’ve for the denim. And to quote the much quoted and adored (if not actually emulated) Iris Apfel–“others say take one off, I say put on more” Thanks so all the wonderful blogs this year–you do brighten up my days. Barbara

  11. my daughter is sooo happi that she has kept all her betsy johnson over d top necklaces!….oh to be young, modeluscious, and bigblingy!!!!!…i would probably end up looking like the senile lady who decided to play dress-up with all her costume jewelry 🙂

  12. Merry Christmas Slim! I have enjoyed a wonderful year reading your posts and appreciating your photography. I love your book selections as well. Melissa in Hinsdale

  13. I recognize some of the jewelry in your Slim Paley photo….the Prada necklace? Have it! I also gave it to a girlfriend as a gift. Nothing makes me happier than all that bling!!

  14. Merry Christmas Greetings to the SP family! I have that 4th photo of the blingy shirt under the denim. That photo inspired me to begin collecting vintage rhinestone necklaces & brooches! Scored some great finds on Etsy! Have a blessed holiday!
    xoxo, Chris

  15. I have just found your blog for the first time. What wonderful photos and magnificent pieces of jewellery. I love the playfulness of this trend and will be adding one of my necklaces right now!

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