Can We Talk? (#2)



Can we talk again??

Have you ever been applying  your make-up and thought that a very fine, stray hair from your make-up brush was stuck to your face and gone to remove it only to find it was a line??!

  Me neither.

(right by my your eye)

I was just wondering if that had ever happened to you.


So, speaking of getting gussied up…

We attended a stunningly beautiful wedding this weekend.

Now Santa Barbara, as most of you probably know, is a magical location for a wedding,

and this one was no exception.



Love was literally in the air 🙂



Of course due to privacy,  I won’t go into any details but…

‘Twas a Black Tie affair.


I wore an ultra-violet evening gown with hot pink suede Christian Louboutins (never to touch my feet again, such was the agony of the experience) and carried my hot pink patent Alexander McQueen oversized clutch.

(We’re talking borderline too big for ‘carry-on’)

I do love a clutch that you can actually fit $%#@ into though, don’t you?


The Satan Spawn Shoes (sorry Mr. Louby)

You know it doesn’t bode well when you’re applying band-aids before you’ve even left the house.



I wish I’d had these instead.



and while we’re on the subject of shoes

( I think we can all agree; a subject very near & dear to our collective heart 🙂 )

Never have I been to an affair



where the men seriously gave the women a run for their money in that department

(no pun intended)



Wish I’d gotten a better photo of this gent’s wonderful zebra skinned evening slippers



And I so wanted these…


Gorgeous bespoke beaded gems (size 15 1/2 no less. Dude-that’s a lot of beads…)


Truth be told, I’m absolutely loving the resurgence of the evening slipper for men & women right now.

So much so I even convinced my husband to pay a visit to the Stubbs & Wootton website the very next day.

See? miracles DO happen!

it’s just all in the timing…

When love is in the air, anything is possible.



And is it embarrassing to say I still get a little thrill at a good cluster of Disco Balls?!
If only I’d had velvet slippers to dance in!
Congratulations Beautiful Newlyweds
May you trip the light fantastic for many decades.
*Footnote ;
Many thanks to Leslie v.W. for sending in this additional pic. from the evening!
Great Minds…or what?!!



  1. Those shoes hurt just to look at (but they are SO gorgeous)! I was eyeballing those bistro chairs – love them!

  2. Wow, what a wedding. I loved all your pics of the shoes. Looks like some serious dandies were present. Your outfit sounds gorgeous. Too bad the shoes failed you! You looked marvelous darling I’m sure and that’s what matters.;)

    By the way, I thought you were going to say the hair way actually growing out of your face. I’ve had that too..and the wrinkle experience 🙁 Sometimes I think magnifying mirrors are best left unused.


      • As an Engineer I always hated doing anything to my face, including taking the time to put some cream on at night. I never felt the need to put on makeup either, since I always received enough attention without it, and my family genes always made me look younger than my age.

        Within 3 months of moving to Switzerland, I discovered a myriad lines on my face that were not there before. It had me rushing instantly to the nearest Estee Lauder counter for some face creams. The weather there just dries out my skin. Maybe since it is landlocked, and I always lived next to the ocean before.

        When I started looking at all the Swiss around me that is when I discovered that all of them have too many lines around the eyes. Even high school girls. Guess I should add that as well to my article on Things You Did Not Know About Switzerland:

  3. YOWZER 🙂 That pink McQueen clutch is out of this world!
    Mr. Louby’s peep toe pumps – wow as well.

    Love the men’s evening slippers; especially the zebra’s.

    Beautiful post … any more of these and Vanity Fair will be out of business.

    • I love the pink peep toes as well. I find it really interesting that evening slippers are a trend now in the US. They are tradition in most Turkish and Balkan households, since outside shoes are not allowed in the house. So most guests travel with a pair of evening slippers in their purses, when visiting someone else’s house. I have received slippers similar to the black pair in your last photo as a gift several times from my friends from that region.

  4. I love your color combination of ultra violet and hot pink! The men’s shoes are fabulous. I’m going to get my husband to look at the Stubbs and Wooton website also.

  5. I do love a formal affair every now and then. I also have always wanted a pair of Stubbs and Wootens…they make them for girls, right? What a great weekend, weather wise, for a wedding in SoCal.

  6. Ha! I agree with Kim – I thought you were going to say it really was a hair! But much rather find in my own magnifying miror than have someone tell me about it…

  7. Oh I love a good frock up. Sorry to hear about your weapons of extreme torture – nothing worse than sore tootsies 🙁 and I’m loving sick your AM Clutch. Don’t you just love a well heeled man – yum!

  8. Whaaaa! Holy cow, you do know how to make a girl dream now and again Ms. Paley. Although, ever greedy for more, I would have loved to see the gown. Ah, the hordes are never satisfied are they? Holy moly, it has been ages since I had the opportunity for a proper dress up. Didn’t the swish of the gown around your ankles feel lovely?

    Yep, been a long time S & W fan–my velvet leopard prints are still my favorite but how fantastic that so many men were wearing them for a formal affair. Flair in abundance…

  9. CL’s can be SO painful. I have a pair that I bought at Saks and wore them ONE time and wanted to throw them away. Tried to sell them on ebay, some one from France bought them and contacted me and said she took them to the Louboutin store there and they said they were FAKES!!! Can you believe that *&%$??? I had to give her her money back and I’m still stuck with the 1,000.00 shoes that are rotting in my closet. I refuse to wear them again. What size do you wear? you wanna try them??? hahah!

    • whaaa??? I’ve heard of faux bags & luggage but never shoes! Were they in a Louboutin box with the shoe bags & everything?

  10. Loved seeing your wedding photos. The men’s shoes were very fun since I’m used to seeing guys in L.L. Beans.
    I recently rescued my feet from torture via some Vera Wang peep toe wedges by using those Dr. Scholl’s high heel insoles. They actually worked!
    BTW are those your feet in the pink shoes in your new mast head? Those are very cute!

  11. A completely random question here – you do love a good product. Some of us…of a certain age, MAY have dry, dull hands. What is YOUR favorite hand cream, Slim? Thank you!

  12. THANK YOU for calling out the Loubs for the pain they can inflict in spite of their fabulousness. Too many days I’ve had to pop on some ballet flats — or suffer in silence as Mr. H really cannot understand why I would put myself through that kind of torture — on account of my red-soled beauties. (I still love them though.) Also love a clutch or any bag that actually hold things. Your McQueen one is excellent, as are those amazing shoes for men. Looks like a lovely time in spite of the shoe situation. Thank you for sharing. xx

  13. The slippers, frocks, etc were great..BUT THOSE BALLS!! How I luv me some disco balls..I use them to decorate all the time and they NEVER FAIL to make me smile!!! franki

  14. Well, I always wondered if I spent $$$$ on a pair of gorgeous shoes, for the money would I at least get comfort as well?……..sounds like not so much, so guess I can spend my $$$$ on a couple of new kayaks instead! Thanks for sharing!

      • HOT PINK kayaks! Why didn’t I think of that?…….except maybe not so good for gliding up unnoticed near the momma loon and her new baby chick……a dilemma………hmmmmmm.

  15. Slim you are definitely in the midst of a Best Dressed group there in Santa Barbara! I love for men to be elegant (think Cary Grant) at these affairs. Ferragamo sold a gorgeous quilted pair of men’s evening shoes…I believe in both satin and suede.

    I shy away from suede heeled dress shoes; once at a wedding I found myself having to stand in grass for photos and my Gorgeous Stuart Weitzman pumps were a one time wear 🙁

    Art by Karena

  16. Those pink babies may have killed… but I am sure you looked a knockout in them… No Pain… no gain 😉
    Great velvet slippers… I am loving them… xv

  17. Great post! The wedding sounds amazing, and I love how you featured the shoes!
    It seems like it is the year of weddings. We are attending a wine country wedding in a few weeks. What to wear? Will it be too hot? Sure not wearing uncomfortable shoes though!
    The night before, I’m hosting the rehearsal dinner at our home in the wine country. What to wear to that? You have inspired me to go shopping! I’m thinking hot pink!

  18. If the feet hurt nothing feels good!, like a great BIG SPACE of hurt + all your energy goes to that “hurting hole”, however those shoes are divine. The men’s shoes-stunning!

  19. Regarding the devilishly painful shoes, take advice from “Fernando,” aka Billy Crystal: “It is better to look good than to feel good.” I’m sure you looked mahvelous!

  20. Im not sure it was your shoes alone… I carried mine in my hands as I walked barefoot to the car to go home!!That is the bottom of my black dress in your shot of the black and white shoes but you can’t see my Satans!!! I have a great photo of the men’s shoes as they stood together and posed for me.. I can text it to you!! It includes a good shot of the Zebras!
    It certainly was an incredible weekend!

  21. Great post, Slim – love the fantastic shoes the men were wearing (I would love to wear any of these). Beats me why a lot of women seem to think that tottering gracelessly and painfully in silly super high heels is attractive. Maybe you can get some value out of your CLs by having them framed – very pretty color.

  22. Sounds like one snazzy affair! I bet you looked amazing, your outfit sounds awesome and I LOVE evening slippers for men and Stubbs and Wootton rocks, wish more men (ahem… own husband would wear them) but no such luck, maybe I need to show him this post. And I concur Santa Barbara for a wedding is a dream, went to a engagement party about 5 years ago there and it left me floating on a cloud for months!

  23. So thrilled, Slim, to see that I wasn’t the only one harboring designs on
    evening slippers. I, too, think that they define a different era, different air,
    and can transport one to glamorous adventures, and not leaving one with
    hurting feet and blisters like those hot pink stabalettos!

  24. Went back and looked at the hot pink sandals in the top border of your post and
    realized if those were your tootsies, then your toe nail polish actually MATCHED YOUR
    DRESS color!!! Too cool! Nice touch.

  25. S.P. – Hoping I’m not repeating other’s comments (too late late to read through them).

    I imagine Mr Paley will choose a slipper that closely resembles a loafer. Most likely soft leather (in the family of brown or black), maybe with a bit of suede detail and if he is really trying to please you, some contrast stitching (not to be confused with a monogram detail).

    You (and I) on the other hand/foot will go for big color!

    Is it too much to wear our “about town” pajamas with our new slippers?

    Nite night! 🙂

    P.S. Is it just me or does that “I imagine…” part have the same rhythm (and words) as the scene in “Mr Blanding’s Builds His Dream House” where she is explaining to the painter the colors she has chosen? hm.

  26. Wow, some serious Pajandrum by the looks of the feet!
    And the lady’s heel – buffed to perfection. Nary a crack or flake, she must have had those babies well attended by a pedicurist of the highest calibre. So envious!
    The Pink heels – amazing – worth a blister!

    • Going by the “learn something new every day” resolution, I just looked up “pajandrum”. Thanks, Jayne…good one!

  27. I love love love men’s shoes! Ryan Stiles had the best shoes when he was doing “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”.

  28. I’m going to a 3 day wedding at a ranch in Santa Barbara in Sept…so there:)

    and I will NOT be wearing heels like that, hard to get tipsy and schmooze around in those!

    cute squirrel photo..

    • OMG! That was fabulous…….how did I not know, remember, that Rita Hayworth was such an incredible dancer! Thanks for sharing…….now I want to watch all of her films!

  29. These posts have reminded me of Steve Martin’s marvelously descriptive phrase, “cruel shoes”. And Sandra Bullock’s character in “All About Steve” saying she wears her red boots “Because it makes my toes feel like ten friends on a camping trip”.

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