Can we talk? (#IV) … or, Don’t be a heel




Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Can we talk?

I feel the need. There was a story in the news this week of a kerfuffle at Cannes when some female guests chose to wear flats to the screening of Cate Blanchett’s film “Carol” and were summarily turned away. Apparently the C.F.F. dress code states women must wear high heels.  Granted, in the realm of important news, this does not dwell…however the more I pondered the pedicament (see what I did there?) the more interesting it became. Is Blanchett’s film good? I don’t even know, and to the point, I heard much more about “Flatgate” than the audience’s response to the screening.

My knee-jerk reaction was how silly, how petty, how… crazy is that?!   How many times have I attended perhaps not a formal, but ‘dressy’ event sans stilettos ? My husband will say (not so jokingly) a lot.  I’ll cop to fairly often but with a caveat-I never wear inappropriate shoes. Jamais! If I’m not wearing heels it’s because I’ve deemed my footwear-  a glittery wedge, a strappy flat sandal, or a low heeled boot to be the chicest choice. Based on style rather than comfort because trust me, I will wear an uncomfortable shoe. Not to an event where I’ll be on my feet all night, like a concert-I’m not that much of a fashion martyr, but I’ll suffer a pinch in a pinch if silhouette dictates. What happens under the table stays under the table.



The opening scene in “Roman Holiday”




But back to the festival and Flatgate.  There’s no doubt the heels for women rule was originally implemented as a gesture of respect for the films and filmmakers and to encourage a glamorous ambience.

Is that so terrible?




Sophia at Cannes












Jane Birkin then…




and at the closing ceremony tonight.  No heels and no tie 😉


Sticking with the program…



Fan Bingbing at Cannes last week.  (Do they ask to check under your hem??)




Lupita Nyong’o




Julianne Moore



CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 15:  Colin Farrell attends the "The Lobster" photocall during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 15, 2015 in Cannes, France.  (Photo by Tony Barson/FilmMagic)

CANNES, FRANCE – MAY 15: Colin Farrell attends the “The Lobster” photocall during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 15, 2015 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Tony Barson/FilmMagic)


All men attending the evening are also required to adhere to black tie dress code, even the paparazzi. This photo of Colin Farrell (so cute) was taken at a photo call earlier this week.


Alas, while there are still many celebs who seem to nail it every time, like Julianne Moore, in my humble opinion the red carpet has become a bit of a tacky ‘Who wore it Least’ contest. Why is it acceptable to arrive with your bum completely visible but heels are still insisted upon?




I shouldn’t really get started…oh woops, too late.

The sheer, quite literally, desperation to be ‘Most Photographed’, at whatever cost to  one’s dignity, has wrestled good taste to the ground and won.


Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 11.54.19 AM

Rita Oro


Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 11.53.30 AM

Mariah Carrey


Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 11.54.57 AM

I don’t even know who this is, nor do I care, but speaking of shoes…

I’ll spare you the visual of some of the worst offenders.

People no longer dress appropriately for the theatre or opera either. Shouldn’t there be some difference between attire for a sporting event and the theatre? The productions are so costly and gorgeous, many theatres elegant and the actors and musicians all work so very hard- Is it really that much of a pain to put on a jacket or, I swear to God, pants??!

I was in NY a couple of weeks ago and was lucky enough to see “The King and I” starring Kelli O’Hara and Ken Watanabe.




I must say it’s the most beautiful production. And I don’t love musicals, but of course it’s such a classic and you’ll be surprised at how many of the songs will stir your heartstrings-either again, or for the first time. Ms. O’Hara is perfect as always, so is the rest of the cast and the set design is stunning.


THE KING AND I - 2015 PRESS ART - Kelli O'Hara, Ken Watanabe and company -  Photo: Paul Kolnik

THE KING AND I – 2015 PRESS ART – Kelli O’Hara, Ken Watanabe and company – Photo: Paul Kolnik


I know you might be thinking ‘who could ever play Yul Brunner’s role??’



Uhh…Ken Watanabe, that’s who.

And if you’ve read the reviews that say you can only understand 1/2 of what he’s saying- not true. You’ll understand probably 75-80%. (It’s his singing that is difficult to understand and he only has a couple of songs)

Plus, it doesn’t matter.



At all.








Not a bit.


So here’s the thing; It’s super difficult to procure good theatre tickets to a hot show in NY as you know, but we managed to buy two for the Sunday matinee.  It’s a girl’s day out with Older Son’s girlfriend “Lady C.”. My husband and son are going to The Mets game.  It’s a gorgeous sunny day so C. and I decide to walk from my midtown hotel to Lincoln Centre. Ironically (which brings us full circle-ta da!) as we’re going to a posh theatre and we’re seeing Ken Watanabe and he might spot us from the stage, see my shoes, ask us to come back and meet him and discuss how I fell in love with his character in “The Last Samurai” and about how I never thought anyone could take the part of Yul, but yes, he definitely has, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, I wear heels. New heels. Not high, nothing too needy, but the key word being ‘new’.

By intermission Ken still hasn’t sent us an invitation and I have shredded white paper cocktail napkins sticking out of my open-toed shoes. I’ve made the elegant style choice of napkins over toilet paper. Meanwhile, there’s a man in the front row, stage right, wearing short shorts. The FRONT ROW. A very, very large man with very, very white legs. I mean…my baby toes are on fire and this guy couldn’t even be bothered to put fricking pants on? Hello, no wonder Ken hasn’t asked us backstage. Forget about flash photography, those big white legs at the foot of the stage were probably blinding the King.

Needless to say, we taxied back and now I have to hope Mr. Watanabe will read this post to learn of my admiration.

Fingers crossed!

I don’t know…perhaps this is just what getting older is about??  Great. A year from now, jetpack drones may be imbedded into butt implants, publicity desperate celebrities will be flying onto the red carpet and my grievance with gratuitous ass cleavage will seem quaint.

Time waits for no woman, but in the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts.


Short clip of The DANCE in “The King and I”

Story on “Flatgate”

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope you get the opportunity to thank, or better yet, hug someone who has served. We did 🙂

xoxo SP.


  1. I found a lot of the dresses at the Met event recently to be too tacky. The thing is – these women have lovely figures and the dresses do nothing for them at all. If you look worse dressed than naked, change dresses!

  2. I always ask myself, “Don’t these people (Like white legged man) have a mirror at home?”

  3. So good to have you back, Slim! Wow, how did you get back up to speed so quickly? This post is one of your best!

  4. When we took our daughters to Tahiti many years ago (graduation from 8th grade and high school; they are now 45 and 49!!!) There were very large men walking around on the beach in thongs…..(is that what they are called for men?) The older girl said with disgust: “There is an expression for that! ‘VISUAL POLLUTION’!!! NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO LOOK AT THAT!!!” Pretty good! I would have to say the same exact thing!!! Today!!!

  5. Fabulous blog Slim ,well worth the wait. You covered everything to keep us informed and then laughing. I agree with you on all counts. I can totally relate to your new shoes Ouch !!! Happy to have you back ox.

  6. Thank you for your timely and tactfully expressed opinion. I agree. I am tired of seeing cleavage and butt cheeks everywhere and during all hours of the day. It’s everywhere, the banks, the stores, waiting rooms and most social events. I don’t view it as empowerment for women, I think they are presenting themselves as nothing but sexual beings. We are all sexual, but that alone does not automatically portray class or anything closely important or beautiful by showing so much, so often.

  7. I agree wholeheartedly. It’s just so tacky the way people dress these days. It pains me to no end to see some people’s summer time ensembles. Hot weather does not translate well for certain people. Tube tops and bootie shorts on a skinny person, bad enough! Tube tops and booties shorts on a zaftig person…….Oh no she didn’t!!!!!!

  8. So wonderful to see your post in my email!! Welcome back. The state of dress or undress in public is gross. Just disgusting. Common decency is sadly, not common anymore.
    My visual of the fellow in the front row is blindingly clear! Too funny, (sorry, but it is) about your new shoes and the shredded, white cocktail napkins. Been there and now carry several bandaids with me at all times.
    It is SO good to have your view of the world back!!

    • great post and great comments!!!

      That , if it really happened, is a new low for the Film Festival in France. I am sure that “Slim” would not have published this if it had not really happened…..but yet….how about the long gowns??? did they require them to lift them..I don’t think so!
      Our favorite hotel in France to stay used to be the “Hotel du Cap d’Antibes” We went four or five times….LOVELY beyond!

      It seems as though it has changed……how lucky we were to have traveled to places when we did. The world is changing! You, are too! Lucky to have been many places…would you go back to all of them today?
      We are older….and we are getting a bit cautious!

  9. Hi there Slim!
    Love the clip of the dance in The King and I and love the pics of Sophia and Audrey and yes, Julianne Moore always nails it!
    I agree with you and the comments of SP readers. What is wrong with a little modesty and some spit and polish?
    I’m picturing the shredded cocktail napkins peeking out of your new peep-toes. Simultaneously I have an involuntary giggle and feel bad for you. Hope your baby toes are good as new and NO, you would never wear inappropriate foot wear. About a week ago I remarked to a friend at work that I never trust a man who wears inappropriate shoes.
    Great post and great to hear from you!

    • Hi!

      My very elegant friend; the author of many books about elegant surroundings; Diane Dorrans Saeks…..said to me last week…when I was fretting and complaining about the ridiculous and sorry state of the dress around us:

      “Do not let it touch you! Do not fret! Do not let it upset you! Rise above it!” yes!!!!

      So I do. We live in “Inner and Outer Slobbovia” That is where we live. Al Capp predicted it 50 years ago. We are here! Oh well!

  10. God, how I’ve missed you, Slim!! Your social
    commentary is spot on, as usual. I agree whole heartedly, and have to thank you for the visuals, no matter how scary (big, white legs and short shorts). LOL. You’re the best. xo

  11. Good post! Regarding style, I wonder what the future holds. How much more will they want to reveal?

  12. Where have you been? I have missed you. So glad you are back. I was on a flight , not long ago, in first class. A man in front of me was barefooted with his feet up on the bulkhead. He had on shorts. I hated it.

  13. Spot On Slim Paley! I do enjoy reading your blog, and looking at the pictures that bring it all to life, such talent and such good taste! It has been some time since your last post. I thought that I must have made a mistake when I filled out the monkey (or was it a chimp) form for your website which resulted in my being dropped from your blog. What a relief it is to know that I haven’t lost my mind, yet.

    • Ha! No, you haven’t lost your mind at all Sharon. I still have a monkey on my back 😉 but he is ‘unplugged’ shall we say, for the moment, until I get my glitches unglitched.

  14. I think there should be a dress code for the theater. I’m also disappointed when I go to an upscale restaurant and people are dressed casually. I first encountered this at Spagos and was distracted much of the evening by the casual dress at the next table.

  15. Hi Slim,
    I was just commenting to myself that somehow I have been kicked off your site!! Promise. Just as I said that ( to myself) I opened my email and there you were. I am so happy to be back in your good graces. I’ve missed your warm, funny, intelligent blog. Please don’t leave again without so much as a fair thee well! I was experiencing withdrawal pains and had to turn to chocolate. It turned out to be a poor substitute for you. Welcome home ( to your new home). Smiles, Ruth

  16. Thank you for your timely comments. Timely, because they come at the same time as Dame Shirley Bassey’s comments on the same subject in the Telegraph from the UK.
    If things don’t improve wardrobe-wise, the ONLY thing the female celebrities will be wearing on the red carpet will be shoes.

  17. Wahooo, Its been a long time between drinks .!!!!! So spot on with your assessment on modern dressing…When did it become acceptable to go to formal occasions in casual attire. ? Is that people would rather “underdress ” than “overdress”. And speaking of underdressing, the latest fad for seethrough clothing and slashed to the navel dresses are surely used only to gain attention. I too love comfort ,but must meet the dress standard that is required for an event.
    We had a darling friend who when he came to an informal dinner wore a tie . I commented that there was no need for the tie. To which he replied, “If you are good enough to invite me for a meal, it is good enough for me to make an effort in my dress.” I have always remembered that and feel you honour those that invite you to these occasions.

  18. Well, you can’t have it both ways SP! You can’t be upset with Cannes for enforcing their dress code (even though you don’t agree) and then turn around and be upset when there is no dress code ! Well, it is your blog and you can have it both ways but you get what I mean!! I blame it all on those trashy Kard…..however you spell it and Jennifer Lopez making such a huge deal out of her huge derriere…..hate the B_ _ _ word! And while I am ranting isn’t it such a travesty that we are showing our children that it is okay to disregard acceptable morals by showing parts that really no one should have to see. AND you are one lucky lady to get to see the plays!!

    • I think perhaps I didn’t make myself clear Linda. What I was trying to say was that my initial reaction was one of indignance, but when I gave it more thought, I came around in defence of some dress-codes, at least reasonable ones in certain instances. Slippery slope and all that as “ArchitectDesign” mentions in a comment further down.

  19. Heavens to Betsy! I just scrolled back to your last post and mercy me saw that you have moved!!! Oh, I am sure it was so terribly hard for you as you loved that home and property!!! I will miss your roses (well your pics of them) ! Oh, I thought you had dropped me from your list also, so was very excited to get this post today. Best wishes for your new abode–you are very brave to make a move from surely one of the loveliest homes I have ever seen.

  20. The above have said it all. I go to mass on Sundays and the students of the nearby university see fit to wear cutoff jeans – I mean up passed the front pocket. Whew – poor young priest. The young women look so ridiculous.
    I catch you on Instagram and will look forward to your high adventures in your travels. Thank you – you are a lot of fun.

  21. I have missed you. I have the same problem with what people wear to the theatre. Here in Brisbane Australia we have a sub tropical climate, so theatre patrons often wear ‘unacceptable’ theatre going attire. As I live in the inner city and can walk to my favourite theatre, I wear sensible flats and change into my good shoes close to the theatre. Then pop my walking shoes in a shoe bag and check them at the cloak room. Sorted!

  22. Good to find a Slim Paley report in my email again! You were missed. I couldn’t agree more. The Met Ball has been turned into a disgusting offshoot of Vogue Magazine. Of course I’m so old the Met Ball to me was a divine world of Pat Buckley, Babe Paley, CZ Guest, Gloria Guinness , Nancy Lady Keith, love her or hate her the Duchess of Windsor who always dressed beautifully. A world where manners were good, language was good. But there is still hope. I must walk with a cane now and I notice it is the YOUNG now who hold a door for me, offer me to go first in a crowded situation etc. it is the young, not my age group nor my
    daughter’s age group who show thoughtfulness and good manners. There is still hope!

    • I’m glad to hear you are up and around Beverley, cane or no cane. I do hope my boys are out there holding doors open for ladies…I think they are 🙂

  23. The dress shoe conundrum is always a problem for me. I live in Chicago and walk everywhere..if it’s to a nice restaurant or place where I need heels I don’t necessarily want to punish my feet and the shoes by walking there in them. I’ve resorted to a slim leather tote that I can carry my change of shoes in. The problem then is having two bags..unless I can check the tote. I usually put my purse in the tote as well until I arrive. If anyone has found a better solution to this problem, please share!
    On the subject of seeing too many body parts and inappropriate dress, I see it all the time as soon as the weather is above freezing . At least when it’s cold, more things are covered!
    It was so nice to see a post from you Slim! I’ve missed you!

  24. Thank you for the delightful post and for the beautiful clip from the play! I have been having Slim withdrawals!!!!!!!

  25. Audrey is, and always will be, my favorite style icon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in anything higher than a kitten heel, which is about as high as I go. I’m clumsy and it’s frankly not worth the risk of wearing high heals. Plus, I don’t think all women can rock them. Just last week I was at my son’s swim meet and noticed how many women were in 4″ platform wedges with really short shorts. They looked ridiculous in my opinion. Simple, yet elegant is always classy. Speaking of, if you haven’t already read them, Derek Blasberg wrote two hilarious books “Classy” and “Very Classy.” All of those offensive and hideous red carpet gowns deserve a “tramp stamp.”

    Great post!

  26. Wow! I’m so glad I got an email notification of this post – the first in a long time. Looks like your system had gotten its groove back. Wonderful post. Love your thoughts and visuals.

  27. The thing that struck me the most with the arrival of “dèsabiller” is when Natalie Portman – a woman who has long made moral a vocal part of her career choices – arrived at the premiere of the first movie THAT SHE DIRECTED at Cannes in a dress that was entirely sheer in the back. And somehow her facial expression belied nothing in the way of embarrassment that we all were watching her walk in her underwear.
    And yet women wonder why we aren’t taken seriously in the workplace…especially in “the business”?

  28. Cher , at least, had the shape and the (Mackie-daddy) to lend some sort of design to her flaunts.
    The images you posted ? I’m thinking…….Jessica Rabbit . Make that Rabbutt. Cartoon all the way.
    Love your take on it. I subscribe for the articles!
    And the glorious photos.
    Thanks for another good one.
    Just curious– loved /didn’t love Sharon Stone in Gap at the Oscars? I loved 🙂

  29. My thoughts exactly Slim. When did people stop looking forward to dressing up for the occasion? It distresses me even more to see some of these stars with such tacky and tasteless gowns. Alas all we can do is set an example and rise above the fray, praising those who add glamour and beauty to our world!

    The Arts by Karena
    Coco Chanel: Three Weeks

  30. Unbelievable about the flatgate scandal! Still, I enjoy flats, maybe it is my age, but it seems to me that if one is appropriately dressed for the occasion and the shoes are stylishly complimentary to the outfit, why not? I don’t think it has anything to do with age to be disappointed with people that feel it’s okay to wear short shorts to any event besides a day at the park/beach!
    The King and I was always a favorite movie. This production looks stunning by costume alone.

  31. I laud all efforts to dress appropriately for the occasion. Nothing bothers me more — sartorially speaking — than when I see folks dressed at special events as if they are there to do some gardening. I think it gives one a lift and shows respect for the event, venue and others around you. That said, it does not mean one must wear heels all the time — as you say, it is all about what looks most chic. Thanks for the post! xx

  32. You made my day !!! You were missed ! I know you need a life but we all savor you posts . I know this is a dicey statement but I have a friend from Scotland who has a saying ” The things you see when you don’t have a gun “.

  33. Slim – It’s the casualization of America and the world – and it sickens me. While the heel rule is stupid – there are plenty of dressy low heeled or flat shoes – I get what they were trying to do. As far as Broadway shows go – if you have to pay over $100 to go to a performance – you can put on a dress or some dress pants for goodness sakes! I have seen more people than I could count wearing jeans or shorts to Broadway shows and to church and I feel like asking them, “Does your mother know that you are dressed like that?”

  34. WELCOME BACK!!! It was so nice to see your post in my email! Thanks for bringing a lot of smiles to my face today. Sandra

  35. The worst part is that these women who choose to dress like that are viewed as “trend-setters”, and young women look to them for style trends. Now we have young women who believe that showing their “ass-ets” is stylish. It’s appallingly disappointing. So many designers have such beautiful clothes, and they are being overlooked because they don’t show enough skin, and therefore aren’t “edgy” enough.

    • Call me a dreamer! People like Slim Paley still set the pace….still show what is right and wrong! Thank God for her followers! Elegance can continue….elegance is necessary for life!!

      but then…everyone has to stop watching the K’s. I think I am the only one on this earth who has never seen even one episode! Now I will lose all my credibility….I have not even seen one episode of “Downton Abbey”; nor…..the true unforgivable….the Jane Fonda /Lily Tomlin…..I am going to do: “what’s it called…..”watchitallatonce” No. it is called something else….but that is what I call it! I am going to watch Jane and Lily…..and I bet I will LOVE LOVE
      tomorrow after my cataract surgery!!! I am allowed to watch tv; which I haven’t watched since “Mork and Mindy”!!!


      LOVE IT!! Slim; have you seen it?

  36. I long for the days of class & elegance. Today all we get is glitz & gratuitousness. That’s no substitute at all.

  37. This was so funny, well written and spot on. I was brought up by a true Southern Belle, and let me tell you honey, we dress. For doctor’s appointments or a plane ride and everything in between. For years my {casual} hubby and I always looked like we were going to seperate events. {He’s come around.} So no, I just cannot get um, behind this sheer-on-the-bottom {and every where else} trend. Too tacky for words. I applaud your shoe game effort for the theater, and admire your Scarlet O’ Hara pluck in fashioning the paper napkin cushioning. By the way, the King in the play goes BAREFOOT! Guess he would never get into Cannes.

  38. So happy to see when people see things the way i do….whats happened????? Seriously it is appalling how some of these “celebs” (use it lightly) dress! They might as well show up naked, have they not heard about leaving something to the imagination, they take “less is more” figuratively!
    With the exception of a few ( Cate Blanchette and Julianne Moore to name a few) elegance, class and understated beauty has all but vanished from the red carpet…what a shame. Its all about skin, sparkle, bling and frankly its too much and I am personally sick and tired of it. Thank you for being a voice of reason!

  39. I’m sure you looked just beautiful. Yes, people seem to not care what they look like anymore and forget it’s a sign of respect to look your best. Whats so special about comfort anyway? Save it for when you get home at night -no one needs to see you in your PJs. I blame it all on casual Friday – it’s a slippery slope. Case in point -my office.
    When I started here, we didn’t have casual Friday and the boss was a STICKLER. Men had to wear ties everyday to prove the point (at an architecture firm!). Well then we had casual fridays as a ‘perk’ during the recession because there wasn’t money for bonuses or raises. Well THEN casual Friday has slowly morphed into casual everyday and no one has said a word about it. The boss is the worst offender -he comes in in jeans and sneakers I wouldn’t wear to garden! I haven’t seen a tie here in years……slippery slope……

  40. Another clever and thoroughly entertaining post. My friend and I were just talking about how we’ve missed Slim’s posts. Welcome back.

  41. I would support the second part…No jeans….I do completely agree with that! What I do not….and never will….

    flats? Ridiculous! Yes……let the inhabitants select the wonderful thing together!!!

  42. Hear Hear! Perhaps we should send a copy of this post to all the stylist culprits in the vain hope that they might perhaps opt to leave just a little to the imagination in the future.

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  44. requiring heels on women is insanity! Women were forced to break their bones and bind their feet for beautiful small feet in China- it was insane! are women going to ever again be told what to put on their feet? If you want to wear heels, I think that’s your right. But in the same vein, no one should tell you what to wear on your feet!

  45. Audrey Hepburn = Elegance personified. Lupita and Julianne knocked it out of the park. As to the colorful photograph following Maria Carey’s one was prompted to exclaim “Eegads, the aliens have landed!”

  46. Dearest Slim,

    First of all, your blog looks lovely. well done and well worth the wait. As to dressing today, red carpet or not, and those butts. … Affreux! One of these days I am going to show up at an airport line and find people in their underwear. And as you say, after you pay all this money to go to the theater, you show up looking like a slob. We have gone to such extremes that I am hoping we will snap back and elegant will be fashionable again. One can only hope, n’est ce pas?

    As to the new King…no, no no. I just finished watching a clip with Yul Brynner lest I was mistaken. You tell me

    and I was delighted to find the whole film following that clip on youtube. which I am now watching. They don’t make them like that anymore!

    Glad to have you back!

    • Thank you ! I watched the clip- it’s SO GREAT. What a movie star he was. Well, both of them really. And how about the colour of her dress??! I love the 2nd clip that follows it too, when all his children come out- so sweet and that music…
      I have my fingers crossed for Ken Watanabe at the Tony’s tonight!!!

  47. Slim, Loved this and I couldn’t agree more! Cannes really burns me up requiring heels when they let these women in with their ‘fannys’ hanging out as my grandma would say. I’m pretty sick of all the bad taste and Vogue Daily is becoming nothing more than a glorification of it all. Style when your backside is out? It’s pretty much gone. Julianne Moore redeems the Americans..
    I also agree about lack of care for dressing up. As someone once said, “Being well-dressed is a beautiful form of politeness,” and I so agree! Love the clip of The King and I. How wonderful you got to see it. I’m headed to NYC this week with my three men and the husband thought he’d bring his hiking boots for the city because they feel good… Yikes! x Kim

  48. Somehow I am no longer getting your blog and miss it…hopefully I can be reinstated as I am one of your blog admirers…

    • Well…there haven’t been many of late Bette. If you are signed up for email alerts and you still don’t receive the next one or two posts please let me know.

  49. Great post and I could not agree with you more. I hate to see women who might well have more to sell than their rear ends displaying their wares as though it was all they were about. It feels to me like a cry for attention tinged with desperation. I work as a research scientist and we host summer students in the lab. Sometimes the females come to work in see through and low cut revealing clothing. I tell them the truth, if you want to be taken seriously don’t display your sexuality. Thanks for the good message in your blog. Ann

  50. Hi Slim, I have missed your posts too. I don’t often comment but thought I’d add my 2 cents. I like to dress up! It honestly makes me feel good….but the shoe’s!!!!
    I just can’t do painful anymore. I always purchase a wonderful pair of big girl shoes, I pretend they won’t hurt and yet an hour later, out come the bandaids. I now have a collection of awesome cute and colorful Puma’s, Chucks. New Balance etc etc. Can’t seem to get enough of them. I’ve even purchased retro Stan Smith’s on Zappos from the mens shoe dept. and I love them. So there ya go. Can I wear my Puma’s to the Oscars? I think Cybil Shepard wore red Rebocks back in the 90’s and took a huge amount of flack for it. If I recall, she looked pretty ridiculous.
    Oh well, since I’m not going this year I wont worry about it : )))))

    xo Kelley

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