Can We Talk? (#3)




I‘m just going to come clean and confess.

I’ve had such a bad case of blogging ADD lately that I’ve worked myself into a corner (bed)

   My computer desktop is a mosaic of partially finished posts I can’t quite ferry into port.

Meanwhile, Life’s clipping by at an almost comical speed and the end of each day sounds a chastising gong;

‘You didn’t accomplish enough!’ gonggong

February 6th and already my New Year resolutions are in the “Fail” column.  I know that’s pretty much a given, but man, Feb. 6 is early-even for me.

Nike Fuel Band ,

My Nike Fuel band has registered this just once since January 1st 🙁

I’m not proud, but there it is.

I think it’s broken.

The re-design of Slim Paley remains inert and that, my loyal readers is truly just the tip of the iceberg.


Speaking of icebergs, I’ve yet to go through my Patagonia pics to write the two more travel posts I’d been planning.

 I sit down at my computer, commence a blogging and then perhaps Pinterest, sultry siren that she is, curls her comely finger at me.

BTW, did you read this on Remodelista? How I learned to Love Pinterest by Diane Keaton (don’t read it ’til you finish my post!)

See what I mean? You peeked, didn’t you?

(I know I’m not the only ADD person around here )

Then, oh, I don’t know…the phone rings, the dishwasher breaks, my credit card gets hacked, more emails & texts pop up.

 I go back to editing photos…hold the phone, wouldn’t this look great Waterlogued?? Wow-that looks so cool-I should have it printed!

In fact, I should print a bunch of them as gift cards, or maybe a book of Waterlogue photos on Artifact Uprising

Are you Waterloguing your face off?!


“Oh my — In the past 24 hours, I have Waterlogued EVERYTHING … old family snapshots, my friends’ houses, flowers, palm trees, sunset/sunrise, postcards, impressionists’ paintings, my toes, and on and on. Truly an impressive amount of fun for $2.99. Did you know that the creator has two other photo editing apps: percolator and popsicolor? Percolator looks kinda klimt-y.”

(Thank you to Slim reader Susan Hodges for her comment above on my last post)

Are you also aware of the oil painting App Glaze”?

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 11.27.57 PM

IMG_8461 copy

glaze copy

and, and, and,

 That book mentioned in the NYT’s this Sunday sounded fabulous, I should download it on my Kindle-whoah-what’s this? A choice of a free book a month as well as one from the Amazon Prime Lending Library…what else should I get? I’ve never read “Middlemarch” and this one recommended on Instagram looks good!

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 11.24.14 PM

This could be the answer to all my problems

Wait, is that the time? I have to get to physical therapy!

797142e90277f393a9e3d0769fc426d3 I continue to make good progress-this is just about my range at the moment.

I haven’t even touched on the fact that it’s hockey season (I’ve switched allegiance from the Vancouver Canucks to the LA Kings who are killing me-nope, I take it back, they just scored! I have to go on Twitter for a minute)

Yes, I am watching hockey as I post.

K, I’m back. We won! Where was I?? Oh, and the Olympics are starting tonight.

Are you going to be watching?  I’m torn. I’m worried that Sochi’s like the kid who has a birthday party and nobody comes. Crap cake, bad party favours.

I want to support the athletes (not just the hockey players!) BUT it’s  just…

Let’s face it, it’s another thing to DO.

It will keep me from…DOING other things!

And believe you me,  I haven’t even touched on all the boring sh#%

Not going there.

Is it the weekend yet??

Have a Focused one 🙂



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  1. Me? Parusing the blogs past midnight, watching Leno’s last show and checking my email…ya caught me! The bonus was your post! I bid thee goodnight…right after I order the book on how to organize my morrow.

  2. I get that all the time. I try to be disciplined when I realize that I’m caught in the vortex. Try taking 1 post at at time and give it 30 minutes of uninterrupted time. If something else distracts you, make a screenshot for your to do item to you later and before you know it, you will be back on track. You’ll find that you that I the 30 minute mark, that you want to continue to the finish line. Give a try.

  3. This post was sooooo timely. I was just telling a friend yesterday that my brain is going seemingly a million miles a minute, with never a rest and it is ADD on steroids! Between the increasing tasks I am allowing myself to take on and our world moving just too darn fast and then all these apps….its killing me, and I am just getting my feet wet:) Blogging, my online shop, Pinterest and now Instagram, then I have my 14 words with friends games going on, oh and Jeopardy (yes I am fierce) and then don’t even get me started on Waterlogue/…i am addicted as my post tomorrow will attest:) Coolest thing until the next great thing comes along……..

    And this is just computer stuff, then you throw in real life:) C R A Z Y!!!! I need to decompress and in fact am next week and am looking forward. I can keep up but it’s my poor brain I am worried about:)

    So this is my long winded way of saying….you have company. LOTS of it I am sure!

  4. Oh Slim, I hear ya loud and clear! It is already February 7…I have gained another 5 pounds – not the way this was supposed to go. Stiill haven’t done anything except add more things to my to do list. Plus it is mercury retrograde which doesn’t help at all. I am thinking I will renew my goals for the Spring equinox instead. It’s still cold( where I am). Just concentrate on your physical therapy and get better soon so you can raise your arms every time your team scores a goal! Having said that I wont be downloading the waterlogue app bc I won’t be able to get anything done! May the second wind be with you xx

  5. This post was sooooo timely. I was just telling a friend yesterday that my brain is going seemingly a million miles a minute, with never a rest and it is ADD on steroids! Between the increasing tasks I am allowing myself to take on and our world moving just too darn fast and then all these apps….its killing me, and I am just getting my feet wet:) Blogging, my online shop, Pinterest and now Instagram, then I have my 14 words with friends games going on, oh and Jeopardy (yes I am fierce) and then don’t even get me started on Waterlogue/…i am addicted as my post tomorrow will attest:) Coolest thing in a long long time, until the next great things shows its pretty face!

    And that is just the computer and phone, then you throw in real life and needless to say its C R A Z Y!!! You definitely need to decompress from time to time, which I will be doing in about a week for a few days, and looking forward! I have the stamina (thankfully) but its my poor brain I worry about:)

    This is my long winded way to saying…you have plenty of company!

  6. Oh dear, I recognize the symptoms, having been personally acquainted with all of the above for the past, oh…10 years or so. I blamed it on perimenopause for a while but that can only last so long.

    I read that book “Manage you Day to Day, etc.” The daily schedules of dozens of creative types are described and there are some common threads through most, but not all, of them. The first order of the day is creating a routine or ritual. Doing the same thing every day whether you feel like it or not, as in “It’s 8:00 am and this is the time I write/paint/draw”. Sounds counterintuitive for creativity but works like a charm when you carry it out faithfully. Also, it appeared to me that most of the subjects used the early morning hours to accomplish their important work. Again, not all, but most. The power of repetition and routine cannot be underestimated.

  7. Can so relate to this, Slim! It’s 6:30am on the east coast and I’m supposed to be making my kids’ lunches but here I am reading YOUR BLOG! 🙂
    I must go, now, and focus, ahem, for a few minutes. Happy Weekend and you really should watch the Olympics. Think of the discipline and FOCUS our young athletes must have to get where they are right now! If only I could absorb some of that…

  8. This made me giggle. I think that we are all a little ADD these days. Non?
    And sorry to end on a sad note but have you read about how they are killing the stray dogs in Sochi? 🙁 Nooo….
    Keep Calm and Slim Paley on…

  9. Love the Waterlogue app. It is way cool. 🙂 I am also glad to read, I am not the only one who is doing 10 things at once at any given time. It is a wonderful gift to be alive and I do get sooooooooooo much done. When talking my friends say repeatedly, now back to the original story Leora. I am all over the place with my (I am sure gone undiagnosed a.a.d.d). Well ya know what? Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care. I iz what I iz 🙂 I mentioned the Waterlogue app to my sister in Ottawa, she loves it. How info flies over the internet. I did peek at the Diane Keaton article. I am a full blown Pinterest junkie, and being a visual person I wander over to the Pinterest side on any given day, and visit there for hours. I look forward to your posts on Pantagonia. Always a pleasure.

  10. Funny…I was just wondering if I could stream leno’s last show while I’m at work today – watching tv at work; are you kidding me? It is ok to listen to my fav radio show though.

  11. I’m so busy trying to learn how to focus by reading books, and listening to pod casts that I never have a chance to implement them. Oh, and meditating, another opportunity to sit still and actually witness the frenetic thought patterns in my head. It’s all exhausting!

  12. Today is my birthday. I got my daughter off to school…sat down with a cup of coffee and my iPad for some me time. There in my inbox was Slim Paley!! I can’t think of a better way to start the day! Thank you!!!!

  13. I swear..! some times I think there is a little Slim Paley living inside my head…!! or at least there some kind of stange ESP going on…..o more contemporarily said, it is Chopra´s Synchrodestiny at its best! I loved your post ! It hit home.
    I´m a new blogger, (4months) in Mexico City, where hardly anyone is blogging, much less women of my age (55!!!) so often I just wonder why I´m working my butt off just so some of my friends (the more techie- savy) and myself can read what I think is cool stuff worth sharing.
    Just last night I was writing how hard it is to keep it focused, and how it all tangles up with my “failed” 2014 resolution list and specially how hard it is not to get sucked up by endless diving into Pinterest and all the other bloggs in the world (is it only180 million by now? )…..and so on…I feel jus like reblogging your text…too bad its not in spanish! But it says exactly how I feel!
    Well , for now, I ´ll try the new apps you mention, and yes… I think I´ll add the book to my amazon shopping cart.and work on whatever lesson I can learn on focusing..sounds right
    Keep them coming please….it inspires some of us and lets us knows we are not alone in this….!

  14. Good Morning Dear Slim, even in your moment of self claimed scatteredness and A.D.D. frame of mind, you are able to post the most funny, fun, informative, interesting, pretty and real post out there in blog land. Not too shabby. What makes your posts so great is that you are creative and passionate and human, of course it is hard to contain all that to just a few thoughts 🙂 YOU ROCK!!!!! Take a moment Slim and breathe……. Just breathe

  15. I love the internet as much as the next person, and give thanks for it daily, but have you noticed that it was sooo much easier to concentrate and get “things” done before it became a part of our lives? A double edged sword to be sure. At least it has given me Slim! 😉 You’re not alone in your adult ADD – so much to pin and waterlogue…so little time. I’m trying to be more mindful each and every day, but man it’s hard!
    Totally agree with you about the Olympics and love the analogy. Now, I’m off to try and check some things off my “to do” list…just as soon as I peek at Instagram!
    P.S. Go Bruins!!

  16. I hear you… 🙂
    February… can’t be… and now I’m worried about March… it’s all too, too fast and I never accomplish all that I intend… C’est la vie… Have a fab weekend… xv

  17. Hahahha this is one of the funniest posts and sooo sounds like me, I was just doing exactly that when I got this! There are just too many things to look at especially when you do your blog is like a tidal wave of information , visuals , stories, apps, the more you research the more there is and suddenly you don’t even know what you were looking for in the first place!
    Oh and i feel you with the new design I take 100 steps forward and then suddenly it just stops for months!
    Am hoping getting back into meditation will help me? Clear the clutter in my mind…but then creative people are like this! No?

    Have a lovely weekend xo

  18. I hear you on the ADD Slim. Just reading this post, I jumped up to do about 5 other things…and your photos from your recent holiday at Christmas? Ha, I have still to organize our 25th Wedding Anniversary trip photos from 17 years ago. Relax, we are patient followers!

  19. I can so totally relate. Add instagram to the mix and my days are shot before my feet even hit the floor. And then there’s that F word…Facebook! Horrors. Glad to hear your shoulder is on the mend. I will now google and purchase that book. I need it desperately. Wishing you a productive day 🙂

  20. Hi slim
    Your blog cracked me up!
    I am sure you haven’t gotten back into the grove since your surgery but honestly, you just sound menopausal. ADD is just part of that and then you will start to forget things too.
    Try making a list every day of what you want to do. If you don’t get it done it goes on the next days list UNTIL you do it.
    I take great pleasure in scratching things off my list!
    Good luck darlin

  21. Okay .. I am literally peeing my pants right now. If I have not said it before my clever friend (though I am pretty sure I have!! ) the visual I get from your writing is something else. Maybe you need to go back to Yoga to find your zen. But I guess that would just be something else you would have to do !! yikes.

  22. Once again Slim you totally crack me up! The thought of you switching from hockey to Pinterest to time management book brings a smile to my face because I know what a perfectionist you are. You can be hopping back and forth between all those things and still manage to finish, in perfect detail, more than anyone I know. I believe this is going to be your year

  23. Slim I can relate completely. It seems as if winter has been here a year, and I truly want to escape!
    I cannot wait to get outside , breath the fresh air and just walk this Spring!
    The Arts by Karena

  24. So happy to see your post come up this morning, yesterday {seriously} I was missing you, thinking hmm, haven’t heard anything from SP lately. Oh dear, I feel your pain. The thing is these are all fun compelling options. The good news is that your blog is your blog and you can handle it however you’d like. I love your complex posts, outstanding analogies and witty reports, but you can also do a few shorter posts to get yourself going again. Sometimes when I’m in a rut and struggling over a post I just hit publish, and oftentimes they become the more popular posts {what does that mean???}. Just keep clicking away, you’ll be great!

  25. I confess, I do not have a problem with routine. In fact, I get FURIOUS if I am pulled away from it. Still, I have accomplished nothing. I envy you Slim. You have style and intelligence even if you are off schedule a bit.

  26. ha, ha and all of this was suppose to make life simpler ,(don’t ya know) + I for one think that is bs + What a relief to read your blog this AM + knowing that I am not alone.

  27. I’ve got the same ADD. We have too much coming at us to focus on one thing. Blogging has become so difficult for me.
    I can’t sit down and complete the three drafts I’ve started. Words fail me. But I think that is just early dementia. I think a vacation might cure what ails me! Going to Paris in a few weeks. We’ll see if that works!
    Great post! ~Delores

  28. Maybe Slim needs a break…but you must take a blade to your arm and swear a blood oath that you will be back soon!

  29. First off I love that image of the squirrel and the kitten….kind of surprised it was not waterlogued! The Canucks are not having a very good season, we watch all their games, after all it is our Canadian national sport and I think you can take the girl out of the country but you cannot take the country out if the girl Eh?
    It is Freezing Cold here…hope you are warmer in California.
    Once you get over this physio stuff I think you’ll get on with working to goal.

  30. Waterlogued has taken priority over Pinterest in my current life on the computer. What kind of paper do you buy that will go through the laser printer and still give the watercolor some modicum of authenticity? I want people to think I’ve just finished painting this charming water color of my house (in my spare time). 🙂
    Don’t tell me about a paint site…it would be the very time-suck that pushes me over the edge!
    I’m watching the Olympics with trepidation that we’re going to loose more medals than we win and that Putin will be gloating for years to come, actually, I think he’ll do that anyway.
    Go teams U.S.A.

  31. Slim, I feel your pain. Being forced into retirement by the upcoming high school graduation of my youngest, I can already feel that I am losing the focus that my job as ‘mom’ provided. I’m looking for ‘what’s next’ so that I don’t wake up to discover that ten years have gone by in a blur of internet surfing…

    • J.- Of all the comments here (10:46 AM PST) your words have matched my place in time exactly.

      Shall we form a support group? If it was not for my dog I may not be walking every (nearly every) day. Let’s all stay connected, but make the time to living life outside the web too? Someone grab my hand – QUICK!

  32. Slim, the great thing about you is that you appear to be drawn in a thousand different directions…and all of them are so interesting!

  33. Ha! You just wrote about my entire January this year. I feel like Rip Van Winklette who just woke up at the computer shocked to discover that I had slept more than 31 days this year. And this occurred to one with every kind of spreadsheet, eplanner, timer, etc available to womankind. Whoosh..whack..that is me shaking it off to get back in my groove.

  34. I’m glad it’s not just me! Twitter, facebook, pinterest, chores, work, creative endeavors that don’t get done…

  35. Yes!!! This!!! I swear the other day I was flipping through TV channels {while simultaneously eating lunch, scrolling down multiple iPad tabs, answering a call, worrying about my headache – is it a brain tumor?, off to Google “symptoms”, THINKING about reorganizing the pantry, making “to-do” list{s}, etcetera, etcetera, ETCETERA} AND {still with me?} …”Little House on the Prairie” popped up and I stopped {for only a brief brief moment,of course} and wistfully thought of a “simpler” time. I USED to have focus and I’ve wondered if it’s {completely} gone because of perimenopause, time spent on technology or WHAT? Let us know if you figure it out. {PLEASE!!} In the meantime, I’m off to order that book you mentioned {and run an errand and plan an upcoming trip and Pin something and…}

  36. sh_ _ t you forgot to take your medicine again………… your brain was all over the place hahahaha luv u 🙂

  37. You may think you are not achieving but this post proves otherwise. Once again perfectly capturing the zeitgeist in the wittiest of ways. I particularly love the “I think its broken” 🙂 Sprinkling twinkling bon mots and joie de vivre across ‘this crazy planet full of crazy people, somersaulting all around the sky’ 🙂

  38. Slim I know from this post that you are a very busy woman but I wish that you would add ” writing a book” to your list. You are witty, wise, incredibly talented, and more and yet with all of your gifts you are humble. The perfect combination when you think about it.

    Thank you for sharing your adventures, talent and humor. You always make me smile.

  39. I’ve done that same massive pressure thing to myself in the past.
    Then one day, I realized that… I don’t HAVE to do anything.
    And then I didn’t for a few days.
    Then I gave myself permission to do only ONE thing a day, and if I didn’t want to, not even that.
    And the world didn’t fall apart.
    And I liked my life more:)


  40. Why yes, yes I HAVE waterlogued my brains out. My favorite is of a black bear raiding a birdfeeder at a client’s house. Also, the flower baskets that adorned my deck last summer really turned out gorgeous. Thanks for the heads up. I am actually seriously considering going to kinko’s and doing some serious printing of those two. Thank you notes, great idea.

  41. Kinda like a squirrel who darts back and forth across the road, not knowing which way to go… happens even in conversations and I have friends who just yell “Squirrel” when it does 🙂 Very funny Slim and I loved Heather in Arles’ comment “Keep Calm and Slim Paley on”. I’ll put THAT on my ‘to do’ list and enjoy doing it!

  42. You mean, it’s not just me? This is HILARIOUS and so on point. You have described my blogging fever nightmare perfectly. I have dozens of unfinished posts, some of them embarrassingly late (ones about people/places/book signing parties) that I’ve been promsing forever, and I can’t even show my face in public for fear that I’ll run across their subjects whom I’ve been telling “I really am going to post this story soon” and the next thing I know months have passed! Then there’s my day job (very demanding), spouse (needs care and feeding, too), personal hygiene (I won’t go into that), mail to catch up on, telephone calls to make, broken appliances (oops, forgot about that), exercize (oh, right), and the list goes on and on. And yes, I have been watching the Olympics, G-D it, and I will continue to do so even though the needy blogging beast is whining and sulking because it expects (demands) my full attention! Hang in there, Sister, you have company! Reggie

  43. Just had a deja vu moment as I was enjoying your post, reading your comments on Waterlogued, and thinking that I’ve read those words before somewhere … then had a massive yikes moment when I realized, “I wrote that!!” Off to create a Lumosity account … right after I check out that Glaze app. Happy Sunday.

  44. Be gentle on yourself…It sounds like you have so much on your plate that you don’t even know
    where to start! Remember, blogging is supposed to be fun…not a chore. Us, loyal readers,
    will be here patiently waiting. 🙂
    Really enjoyed the squirrel…I often call myself “secret squirrel” so this resonated with me!

  45. Just what we all need another book to tell us what to do, how to do it , etc ,etc … I’m glad Im not the only one who wonders where all the time has gone

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