Can We Talk??



John Currin

It’s a nice cozy Saturday afternoon but the weather is in a fickle frame of mind. One minute it’s sunny and gorgeous and the next, deep whale grey clouds roll in threatening rain. The fire is crackling and I’m gorging on Trader Joe’s peanut butter cups, sorting through today’s mail, which includes magazines with Christmas covers-a tad anxiety provoking as I still haven’t started my shopping yet.

Also, the pre-Christmas onslaught of catalogues has begun in earnest. I’m going to conduct my Leaning Tower of Commercialism, Commerce & Wasted Paper Contest again this year. Anybody else in? Just collect every catalogue you receive from now til December 25th and we’ll measure off. In this instance, size does count.

Very shortly my house will be throbbing with testosterone as my husband has ordered “The Fight” on cable tonight.  No doubt there will be lots of boisterous boysiness going on, but  I have Beef & Beer chili and also running down to pick up a deli platter for Round Two.

In the meantime, can we talk a little??

I have just a few utterly random observations, thoughts and revelations I’d like to get off my chest;



-First confession;  I’ve been terrible about exercising lately. Ugh. I just can’t seem to get motivated. Is it the weather? Hormones? The cornstarch in the peanut butter cups?? Who knows.  All I know is it’s certainly not my fault.  (ps. put the P.B. cups in the microwave for 4 seconds-hellooo)

– This is the honest to God’s truth; I once went to a hypnotist with the hope I could be hypnotized into enjoying exercise. It didn’t work. One of the first questions the “therapist” asked me was “Do you sleep with one leg out of the covers?”  I thought WTF?? What does that have to do with not liking exercise? I knew the session was going downhill after that.


Me, looking out for my Pilates instructor


My pilates instructor, the infamous Kristi C.W. (long time readers will be familiar with her) has gone on to brilliant career opportunities, (more on that in another post) so I’m no longer adopting the above pose twice a week.

I am, however, looking forward to tomorrow morning’s yoga class. Hopefully it will help me to get my mojo back.





– It seems I’ve been driving a fair amount lately and therefore listening to the radio more than usual. Is it just me, or is “Name Your Price” just about the most unfortunate name you could possibly think of for an online dating service?!  Have you heard this commercial? Is this for real?  Just wrong on so many levels.

-I listen to the 70’s-80’s station a lot.  I can’t help singing along super loud to “Urgent” by Foreigner whenever it comes on in the car, and I don’t even like it that much. I amaze myself at the awkwardness of those 3 minutes.

-Do you think there is anyone who doesn’t turn up the radio when T.Rex or Queen songs come on? My boys don’t seem to agree but I think it’s some sort of rule, right?

-Have you ever called in to a talk radio show? I’m perpetually in awe of the people who call in and disclose their most intimate health or marital problems without any apparent concern about someone recognizing their voice.  It’s a small world you know “Josephine”. Just sayin’…




-I finished Michael Ondaatje’s “The Cat’s Table”.  I feel terrible saying this as I adored “The English Patient” but I didn’t care for it. Very disappointed as all the reviews really had me salivating for a luscious read, but it just didn’t do it for me. Am I going to literary prison now??


– On the flip side, I watched “Howard’s End” again last week. It had been many years since I’d seen it and I was quite amazed at how many parts I’d forgotten. What a film. The acting, the cinematography, the dialogue, the music…it’s absolute perfection. If you’ve never seen it, or like me, haven’t watched it in years, do take an evening and treat yourself. It will tide you over until “Downton Abbey” season two begins on this side of the pond.








-I have a pretty decent sized crush on Paul Rudd, and yes, I know he’s shorter than me.

I’m not saying I’m throwing Sawyer over for him or anything but there it is.

 Who are you loving lately?



OK, that’s all the disclosure fit to print.

The Fight (or as I just referred to it, to much rolling of eyes; “The Game”) will be starting shortly, so I must go sharpen my pencil and get my score card ready 🙂


I’ll leave you with something to make you smile and appreciate the real meaning of the words;


Please click below, it’s really adorable.

Little Dog, Big Leap



Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


PS. THANK YOU to all the Veterans, those Serving still and your families xx





  1. Really enjoyed your analogous post — fickle weather, fickle mind – haha So fun to enjoy as we have similar interests, similar thoughts about the radio, the game, the exercise, the TJ’s PB cups, the movie tastes, good books, cute fuzzy & cuddly videos, sigh. We could be great friends in real life, (chuckle) 😉 I haven’t seen Howard’s End since it came out in the theater, and now will drop that baby in my Netflix queue..can’t wait!

  2. Hi Slim – We had a very rainy day here yesterday as well, and it really got me down. My house was too dark, and I didn’t want to drive anywhere. Luckily it was sunny today!

    I also think Paul Rudd is darling; he probably wouldn’t misbehave as Sawyer is bound to (although it would be worth it). My current “too young” crush is Armie Hammer.


    • Dear Kate
      I don’t know where you live, but I believe (from reported sitings) that “Sawyer” & Armie Hammer both have abodes in my neck of the woods. Apparently I have to get out more 🙂

  3. I so needed to hear from you right now, Slim! I am sitting here gorging on Nestlé Toll House Chunks. Tucked into the baking stash after depleting the candy drawer of chocolate and too lazy to go to the store. It’s only 6:00 but pitch black out and feels like bed time. Of course it’s not your fault, Slim. It’s the change of time and season that’s to blame. This too shall pass, and we will not get fat. <3 Enjoy the fight. : )

  4. Okay, if we’re really doing full disclosure…our youngest son is marrying a pilates instructor…yikes, she’s got a darling figure and her MIL to be could stand to take a few classes (maybe more). Also, do not tell anyone…son #2 downloaded the Downtown Abby, part II…it’s already aired in England and he was able to download it. Please don’t report us. I’m planning on watching it tomorrow.

    It’s rainy here today (Saturday), hope we’ll see some sunshine behind the Orange curtain tomorrow.

  5. wait – paul rudd is that short? i didn’t know. not that it matters, i’m still a little in love with him too – move over slim, you got some competition girl!!! ahah!!!

  6. There’s nothing fickle about the weather here. It has been snowy for a week. After doing a bad job of backing out of someone’s driveway, I enjoyed some solitude in the ditch until my staff member who was with me, flagged a guy down. Things got worse before they got better. Imagine being dragged further into the ditch and then along the ditch for approximately 100 yards before I was freed. All the time, the car was hanging over a presipice. Two days later a really handsome tire salesman was calling me “girlie”. Sometimes, it’s all in your perspective. Enjoy the fight.

  7. Were you watching me today?………….I only had two of the Halloween peanut butter cups this afternoon (safely stored in my office), I swear! I knew i would get caught! I am with you on the exercise though I am also feeling guilty as can be. Need to work off a few lbs. before the holidays……….we are thinking of doing the California coastal drive during xmas and New Years and those extra lbs. may make it easier to get in and out of the car. I am so prepared to do that often as we drive along that Highway 1 and along those coastal drops…….makes me a tad nauseous. I may need a few suggestions so I will email you.
    Fun post as always Slim. I am certain you can eat those PBC and not put a lb. on. Right? Much love XO

  8. Oh Slim, How do you manage to be interesting, thought provoking and hysterically funny all at the same time? And YOU never overshare to the point of embarrassment which seems to be the norm every where else these days. Microwaving PB cups is a brilliant idea – I kinda’ wish I didn’t know about them now though-heh, heh. Best exercise tip I have – get a dog and go for fun walks every day. Which leads me to telling you that I have a dog just like the one in the video and, of course, he is the best dog ever. One of the great things about dogs is that each one is the best ever to their own family. Thanks for the tip to revisit Howard’s. Best regards, Ruth

  9. As usual soooo enjoyed your post. I will add Howards End to our Netflix list also. I love Downton Abbey. so looking forward, the scenery alone is worth waiting for. Paul Rudd. Yep. Very cute.
    When I first read Kate E.’s comment I read you liked “ARM and Hammer”!!!
    Slim thanks again for a great read. That dog-how adorable is he? and the expression on the baby’s face!
    Encore Thanks to all our wonderful veterans and their families.

  10. I think you touched a nerve with this one, Slim! Blame it all on the time change and the left over halloween candy. I can’t get my tuchus to yoga and even went for a B12 shot. Maybe now was not the best time to bring home a Chihuaua puppy.

  11. I love the tj’s pb cups too…the mini ones. And, i hate to introduce you to these, but i recently tried the tj’s dark chocolate bar ‘toffee with walnuts and pecans’….and well, they are crazy good. My goal was to just have a square or two a day, and enjoy the benefits of the antioxidants in the dark chocolate. But apparently i really like antioxidants, soooo i tend to have a few more squares at a time. I am certain i am reaping the health benefits daily. 🙂

    • I’m a milk chocolate girl myself- I know it’s neither en vogue or nearly as rich in antioxidants as the dark, but such is my curse.

      • i am a milk chocolate girl as well….but the sweet crunch of the toffee tipped the scales on this one! v good with wine too, you know, if you want to add in one more vice to the mix.

  12. Hi SP!
    Glad we talked and got caught up on things. One question; did you find out about the significance of sleeping with one leg out of the covers? Very curious about that. 🙂
    Very small FYI – I once got hypnotized in an effort to acquire an appreciation for math. It didn’t work. Perhaps it was because I was very skeptical about the hypnosis working? Perhaps it is because math is too boring for words.

    “Little dog, big leap” is adorable and what a darling baby.

    • Hi Linny
      I never found out the significance of sleeping with one leg out of the covers (which I do).
      I can’t believe you attempted hypnosis in an effort to like math. ASIF that’s possible!!

  13. Most therapists are crazy–they have to be to want to listen to everyone elses problems all day. I went to a psychiatrists’ home (was dating his son) and they had no doors-even in the bathrooms. We were in the kitchen making a sandwich and their monkey came up on the counter next to us and “did his thing” ugh, pooh–sure way to lose weight I guess….needless to say I did not eat the sandwich!!!

    • Trying to get my head around not having doors on the bathrooms of your house…nope, can’t. Straight out of an Augusten Burrough’s biography.

  14. I bought PB cups for Halloween and no one came. Sad thing not that no one came, but that I do not like PB cups. On the other hand, maybe it’s a good thing. I loved Howard’s End and will add it to my Netflix queue immediately. Paul Rudd is cute, but I am a George Clooney admirer, myself. I loved the persistence of that cute little dog; I think I’ll go watch the clip again. Have a great Sunday.

  15. I read this last night while sitting in a hospital chair, curled up in a ball trying to stay warm. I am not hurt, someone else, and I was staying through the night in that cold vinyl chair. I got all the warmth I needed from this post, it made me laugh, which wasn’t easy. Thank you for that. I am able to post a quick comment here now, as I have a sec, your humor I’ve become to rely on. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  16. Since we’re dishing here like real girlfriends, I will say that I am a pilates teacher of 11 years standing and even I have bad exercise phases. Yes it’s true – do as I say, not as I do! Currently I am on a walking kick and you have to get out there and walk! I think it’s hard for a lot of people who live in developments designed around the car (lots of California cities apparently, as I have a friend who recently moved to San Jose and everybody thinks she’s weird for riding her bike to the grocery store). I am learning how to speak Italian as I walk to work. How cool is that?
    We don’t have TJ’s in Toronto but I’m looking forward to an upcoming trip to NYC – gonna stock up on those chocolates!

  17. Love John Currin, hate the gym! Love Queen! Love all English old classic films! Love your posts! Hate time whizzing by so fast! Love Sunday’s. Hate reality tv shows! Love an old friend who’s giving me all his old books to read! It will be a good winter!!

  18. I recommend highly the new Stephen King book 11/22/63. It’s about a guy who is given the chance to go back in time to stop Oswald from shooting JFK. I fell in love with the premise and I downloaded it yesterday. If you download the ebook you get a 13 minute movie also.

    My splurge this week were Toffifays which I haven’t seen in years, but there they were at CVS in all their glory. 5 extra CVS bucks burned a hole in my pocket.

  19. I have often said that I should start a 12 step program for Chocoholics like myself,,,, but decided nawh…….. Best thing I have done for the long frequent trips back and forth to see my Grandson is to get audio books from the library. I started out with stars autobiographys, graduated to history tapes, intermingled with comedy, the latest being Carol Burnett’s, which is hysterically funny. They make the time go by soooooooooo much quicker! LOVE your blog!

  20. ok, ok, Slim…I just have to share this little funny since you brought up Foreigner’s “Urgent” and said you can’t help but sing to it. When that song came out, I was working my very first summer job at Jerry’s Sub Shop in SIlver Spring, MD and we had the music blaring. That song would come on and for the life of me I just couldn’t figure out what they were sayin’, yah know? I finally asked another girl there and she asked me what did I think they were singing?? I swear they were singing “Virgin, virgin, emergency”! Ha ha ha ha. I laugh so hard now about how silly I was. Oh my, cracks me up every time I hear that song!

  21. oh i love howard’s end. i watched it about 3 mos ago and fell in love with it all over again.

    i wish we got the fight but w/o cable that’s kinda hard.

    you gotta fight back the urge to not exercise. i bet it’s hormones, don’t give in gurl.

    and i think you are quite aware of my crushes.:)


  22. Paul Rudd is adorable, I’m loving Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) right now.

    I also love listening to 70’s & 80″s music while driving, so much easier to sing along to than the new stuff. I mean seriously, who doesn’t crank-up any song from the “Band on the Run” or “Breakfast in America” album?

    • OK, he’s super cute, but I wish his beard wasn’t so pointy 🙁

      PS. Breakfast in America?? I need drapes for the car.

  23. Totally agree with you on Paul Rudd… sexy and funny is a deadly combination!

    My latest, who was amazingly gorgeous in Crazy, Stupid, Love, is Ryan Gosling… adorable! Can’t wait for the eye candy in Ides of March! In fact, might be time for a Gosling marathon as we brace this wintery weather (which, by the way is the only way I would ever do a “marathon”)

  24. I had a rainy day here yesterday too. I loved it !
    My mother told me, as a child, we have golden days and silver days and both
    are precious. I cuddled up before the fire and did not feel guilty reading!

  25. I kept waiting for someone to lift the dang dog up on the bed to kiss the baby and get his pink ball. Not a good ending for me !! hehe

  26. LOVE Howard’s End. Have it on videotape – how archaic is that? The Howard’s End house is pretty much my dream house. I love the opening of a woman’s dress trailing through the long wet grass. It is truly a beautiful movie to watch. I am also handicapped by an aversion to exercise, which becomes more entrenched the older I get. Am I the only one who buys exercise DVD’s thinking they’ll motivate me and then never watching/doing them? True confessions – LOL. Walking the dog is my only saving grace. At least there are hills here. Of course the seven layer chocolate ganache cake I had for dessert yesterday didn’t help. No Trader Joe’s here, though 🙁

  27. S.P., I just tumbled to your website while ‘Google-ing’ dried orange slices! So I stopped by for a bit to see what you are about. Very interesting person, love the eclectic wanderings of your posts. Have you book-marked, look forward to dropping by occasionally to see what you are up to. Happy Holidays ahead.

  28. Oh, such nostalgia, to see Helena B.C. looking all Forster and not her current crazycakes self. 🙂 I loved “A Room With A View,” too.

  29. I so relate to the difficulty of remaining motivated to exercise. I just spent a week at The Ranch in Malibu to help me get a rapid kick start in the right direction. I’ll be writing about it next week, please stop by. Do you travel to London? This week I am have a post about the most wonderful Pakastani restaurant…. the naan is unforgettable and well worth the glutens! xo ebh

  30. …….I also love reading your comments! A good way to start my Monday morning….and I’m glad others are having exercise “funkidious” cause I sure am. I should be at the gym this a.m. but NOOOOOOO I’m reading Slim! It’s your fault!!!!
    xo again.

  31. Thanks for the reminder on Howard’s End. I’ll move it up my queue! I am one of the few you didn’t like the dog-jumping video. Painful to watch, actually; and I hung in till the end, thinking he must surely make it. 🙁

  32. oh for gosh sake.
    would it have hurt them to put the poor puppy on the bed????
    talk about exercise!
    cheers to you sp on your beautiful thanksgiving holiday.
    tammy j

  33. Slim you always manage to touch on relevant issues like exercising, cute short guys, and testosterone male viewing choices.
    I’ve solved the problem of exercising excuses by having my yoga teacher come to me. I told husbs it was so my daughter could do it too but really its because I potentially could not be fagged (Australian for bothered).
    I too heart Paul Rudd and don’t get me started on Ryan Gosling. Interesting my 20 year old daughter and I share the same crushes but we are not ever to speak of this again.
    Love Room with a View. But love 2nd series of Downton Abbey more.
    Kate Bx

  34. Love it! The image of you looking out for me reminds me of the time I rang you through the intercom to let you know I was there and your response was “Aren’t you EVER late?!!!” Love you dearly and feel much better remembering that even a hypnotist couldn’t convert you 🙂

  35. Slim your post came just in time. It’s so much nicer to commiserate! Feeling like a slug here and can’t get into my exercise since it’s been cold. All I want is comfort food and to bake. Not a good combo. Thank God bathing suit season is over and we are full-on into the bulky look!

    I’ll have to find time for Howard’s End again. The picture of Helena Bonham-Carter reminded me of my first and all-time favorite English film, A Room with a View. It never gets old and I am always sucked right into that world again. It’s truly a masterpiece. Can’t wait for the next Downton installment.

    As far as eye candy, well my Fridays are now spent looking forward to seeing Patrick Wilson in CBS’s, A Gifted Man. Great show and he’s pretty cute! Husband likes the show too.

  36. Radio talk show call-ins? True confession…. I won a radio talk show call-in contest entitled…. “I didn’t know what it was until AFTER I ate it”…..

    You are hilarious and make me smile no matter when 🙂

  37. Exercise malaise, check.
    Name Your Price =’s Tragic, check (This is a professional opinion.)
    Howard’s End, check, check!
    Paul Rudd, CHECK (And another check for Steve Martin. Funny is very appealing.)

    Basically, check, check, check on the entire, hilarious and totally true post. Thanks for giving me a giggle.

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