Cabin Fever

We’re having our first cloudy and very windy day here in almost two weeks- oh! I just looked out the window and it has started to pour! Still, not complaining- compared to what’s going on in other parts of the country, we are blessed indeed.  In any case, it’s the perfect day to take a visit to some snowy scenes and cozy hearths, I’d say.   (and may we have just a moment here? There is NO FOOTBALL today!! I don’t know what happened, but I’m not saying anything…the peace is heavenly 🙂 )

Something beautiful to listen to while you stroll; 

(Is that a voice, or what?!)

Slim Paley photo

My kitchen is Sun Valley

One counter is zinc with an integrated sink, the others are Absolute Black granite honed.  The lower cabinetry and floors are all reclaimed wood. The island is 3/4 wood and 1/4 granite for chopping by the stove. I always like to put a hidden plug on kitchen islands to place a lamp- it feels homey 🙂  Also, please note my “Butler’s Bells” above the zinc counter, a la “Downton Abbey”!

Slim Paley photo

There is only one small overhead cabinet in the kitchen, which you see to the right of the fireplace- and I don’t even fill it. All our dishes are kept in the antique armoire to the left of the fridge. Now that TV’s are flat, there’s a lot of armoires out there out of a job!   The dish towel rack is a vintage heated towel bar that mounts to the floor and the wall.  Don’t look at how messy my pots are.

Inside the armoire

Who does ” Chic Rustic Cabin” better than Ralph Lauren?

Fendi, Dolce & Gabanna, and Max Mara

Slim Paley photo

Sun Valley

Nothing better than a fireplace in the bedroom- although now I’m looking at this photo, I’m wondering who stole the ottoman…

photo Mercia De Vries

From one of my son’s old books “Teddy’s World”


Mandatory Cabin Libation

Slim Paley photo

The metal fireplace surround in the Sun Valley dining room my genius Iron monger made (he made all the log holders too)

Fireplace by AK-47

I think this is so cool! When not being used, it has a cover so it can also be a coffee table.

via Marie-Claire




Slim Paley photo

A cozy lean-to at The Point, in the Adirondacks

The Point

Slim Paley photo

Sunlight streams in over one of the built in beds in the boy’s room, Sun Valley

Slim Paley photo

The boy’s bathroom in Sun Valley. It was hard to take a good photo as the skylight was covered in snow

Slim Paley photo

Junya Watanbe Men’s Fall 2011

My Front Door, Sun Valley

Chanel Boots

Slim Paley photo

My friend brought me this from a shop in Paris. She said she saw it and instantly thought of me. It’s a pre-measured  rice pudding with caramel and hazelnut concoction. If you’re ever in Paris, you must look for this shop- she said it’s beautiful and amazing.

Note to self;  Make sure to remove all the wraps from caramels before dumping into milk next time 🙁

Slim Paley photo


A wonderful Christmas present- a set of these adorable mini Le Creuset crock pots in aubergine.

D & G and Martin Margiela

A Definite on MY BUCKET LIST:

WHITE POD, Switzerland

All photos via White Pod.  Please check out the video link at the bottom of the page.

and now, back to Sun Valley;

Slim Paley Photo

a nice afternoon walk in the ‘garden’

J.W. Anderson SS11 “Festival Boots” with Swarovski crystal toes. Made in England.

The Ultimate Snow Boots!!  I can’t help it- I love them!!

Slim Paley photo

Then a nice long bath

Slim Paley Photo

Grab a book from the mezzanine

Slim Paley photo

and curl up to watch the sun go down…

Slim Paley photo

Happiness is a pile of old books


Recording of Robert Frost reciting his poem “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening”; 






  1. I’m dying over your armoire in the kitchen. Genius! I agree with Danielle… one does it better! Now put that song on your blog playlist!

  2. I am in love with your kitchen fire. I think that is why I subscribed. To be able to come back to it ! Thanks for posting it again. But everything else super special too! Oh and the fireplace from AK-47 – exactly the idea I needed for a solution in a renovation we are planning…super cool idea. So happy I saw !

  3. This is one of your best blogs ever! I love that you have embraced Winter! I am a wimp and a whiner, I guess, because my blog just shrieks “Get me to Spring!”
    Love the armoire in the kitchen – genius!

  4. Love the two chairs by the fireplace on the persian carpet. Would love to sit there with the Hermes blanket over me and a nice mug of homemade hot chocolate.

  5. Dear lord, Slim, your cabin is gorgeous.

    I would’ve assumed that. But still. You’ve done a nice balance of traditional “cabin” decor and more modern touches. Do the stone floors get overly cold in the winter, or are they tolerable?

    • Dear Tasha
      Alas- the stone floors are one of my favourite things- they are cool underfoot in the summer and have radiant heating for the winter so they are actually warm and toasty!

  6. After chipping away for hours to uncover my convertible!, I then proceeded to injure my wrist in pilates today! So nice to relax at home enjoying your delightful ode to winter – love the chanel and the jw andersons both! And I have been wanting those aubergine le creusets for months – love the beautiful yummy color in your sun valley setting. Thanks so much!

  7. Did you miss all the advertising for the PRO BOWL today????? I guess you must have, if there is no football at your house.

    Absolutely love your Sun Valley home. It absolutely shrieks comfort, solitude and family happiness.

    Cheers, Spirit

  8. Beautiful Slim! Can’t quite make out the photo on the wall in the boys bathroom. Care to share? I see you’ve moved into a tie for second in “The Homies” balloting. Honest to gosh, I’m not trying to be catty here because you’re the antithesis of that but I perused the site that is in the lead and I feel like there’s no comparison to yours. It’s a competent site but there’s no whimsy or wit and photographically speaking, they’re not even in the ballpark! Oh well, you always have me.

  9. What a DELICIOUS post, SP!

    That gorgeous bathtub in your bathroom is simply amazing! Love the way you decorate your houses. They’re full of personality and character!

    Have a beautiful weekend, sweetie!


    Luciane at

    PS: Please, come take a look at my blog if you have 1 min. I’ve changed it a little and I’d love to know your opinion on that. Really! 🙂

  10. The torrential rains have ended and the late afternoon light is spectacular! And seriously…how spoiled are we?! Love being transported to snowy climes (much better than really LIVING it) and your gorgeous SV home. Fun to catch glimpses of charming vignettes you haven’t previously shared. You may have to add on once you’ve exposed all to your loyal followers! 😉 What will we do?! LOVE the kitchen “island” (wood, granite, and lamp), zinc counter, and handmade fireplace surround. Lovely post as usual…thanks!

    • Yes Sooze we have been very spoiled by the light and particularly the paintbox sunsets the last couple of weeks. I find myself at the window or on the porch around 5 every night. And the best part? The days are slowly getting looooonger- have you noticed?!

  11. I don’t want to wake up from this one. It is fabulous !! Everything. Now, I must go back to your kitchen……………….thanks !

  12. YOU are a GENIUS! I have enjoyed your posts for about a year. Each and everyone is a delight, an enlightment and a surprise by joy. Thank you for being so -so–so GIVING.

  13. Right now we are sitting by a blazing fire, drinking chianti and eating homemade pizza. Still, I am SICK OF WINTER and would give anything to be in sunshine, near the sea, and WARM! )(Although, it’s lovely to watch things like Downton Abbey and no football. Next weekend, though…GO STEELERS!)

  14. I love the picture hanging in your son’s room. Do I see an indian teepe in it?

    A very cozy blog Slim… thanks, I needed that!!

  15. Wow. As Tina Fey says “I want to go there.” Your cabin is gorgeous! I love that you thought of every detail – including installing little lights inside the antique armoire. Furry, Holden Caufield hats off to you! Almost makes me like winter…
    Three feet of snow on the ground here with more coming this week (in Masachusetts). Ugh! Enjoy California – even in the rain!

  16. Slim,
    You have such a good eye for editing your decor in the Sun Valley home…never cluttered.
    So unexpected to see the leather arm chair in the bathroom, but it totally works!
    Love the bears with snow sprinkled on them..just precious.
    Your front door is rustic and then a touch of whimsy with the old skates hanging nonchalantly.
    You are so very talented.
    Thanks for sharing ideas…and the White Pod!

  17. Love love love this post! Thanks for the inspiration. And I should send you some of my gourmet marshmallows to toast over the fire. Or for a hot chocolate or mocha. And- good luck with the Homies- of course I voted for you!

    • Thank you Kimberley
      I see you are Canadian- I used to live in Vancouver! I blogged about marshmallows from Vancouver a long time ago- I bought them….oh my…I think it was in Sun Valley… maybe they were yours!!
      I will have to go back and find that post.

      Thank you so much for voting- please rock the vote in Vancouver for me 🙂

  18. Can’t sleep, wrist still hurts, but just thinking how fun it would be to drive around with the top down wearing that adorably sexy d & g jumpsuit and that huge poufy hoodie! 😀

  19. Slim, this makes going back to NYC and all the snow much more tolerable. I may have to stop by Ralph Lauren’s new shop to see how is Rustic Chic is holding up, but Ralph could learn a thing or two from you.

  20. Ah Sun Valley. I love everything in your Sun Valley home. The kitchen—> to -die-4! Love how innovative you were by attaching the granite to the center island. I looked at this post 3 times –didn’t want to miss anything.

    I also looked at all the other blogs you were competing with for the Homies and yours truly is 1st in quality, content, humor, variety, inspiration and of course, beauty!

    By the way , is the Evergreen restaurant still in Ketchum–it was my favorite but I haven’t been to Sun Valley for probably 6-7 yrs. so was wondering if it was still around. I miss Sun Valley so after seeing your beautiful pictures.

    • Thank you so much K.T.
      The Evergreen is still legendary in Ketchum. I am horrified to say that I have ever been there! I find it hard to leave my house sometimes and my boys always seem to win the restaurant vote (Pizza, Sushi, Burgers) I’ll get there one of these days and I will post about it, I promise.

    • Evergreen has been gone for some time now. I remember having Father’s Day lunch there in 1998. BUt it hasn’t been around for awhile.

  21. Magic words – Downton Abbey – watched final episode, season one just this evening. Is it not the greatest – sets, costumes, writing etc.? Am so impatient for more. Serious, serious, eye candy.
    Something else, Slim. You create beautiful, beautiful environments for yourself and your pictures seem somehow to capture your love of them. Not sure how, but that’s what I see when I view them. Is this so – do you love them?

    • I really do Debra- it’s just my passion, what can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic, especially about the Edwardian era. I just LOVED Downton Abbey. I hope to post about it very shortly. I was transported every Sunday night. The clothes left me slightly breathless.

  22. Oh my…just watched Downton Abbey and now can’t wait for another installment sets,costumes +read your blog with beautiful images. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday evening!
    PS-the floor lamp made out of stacks of books in SV-LOVE IT…

  23. HI Slim,
    We are facing a Category 5 cyclone (I think you guys call them hurricanes)- at present heading straight for Townsville.
    I can’t be bothered worrying about it because these things change route often, plus the other half does plenty of worrying for the whole family.
    I’m prepared of course, as one must always be here in the tropics.
    BUT – I was just thinking, if our house blows away, I must see if I can get some decorating advice for the new one from Slim! Tee Hee.
    What a beautiful post.
    The boots with crystals – I saw so many boots like that in Norway, way up north where they only wear BOOTS. After the cyclone I’ll send you some photos.

    Also, thanks for showing where your fireplace griller thingy I admired last week, actually lives.
    I’m in love with it.
    Louise from Windy Townsville

  24. Oh and I meant to brag, that we stayed in a glass igloo like the ones in Lapland last month.
    You just lie in bed and watch the Northern Lights at night.
    About 7pm, a guy comes along and blows the snow off your glass roof, with a big leaf blower.
    It was serious fun.

    • Oh- it’s so pretty and cozy!! I wish I was there with you…running around Paris in our Uggs and pockets stuffed with macaroons from Laduree. Please go have some hot chocolate at Angelina’s for me!

  25. Loved the post. It is sunny and hot here today so it was nice to escape off to cabin in the snow. I see the US has had soooo much snow this year. The weather patterns are crazy everywhere. Here in Brisbane we have had 8 weeks of rain, rain and more rain and then devastating floods (sure you saw it on the news).

  26. I just came across your blog for the first time. You have put together a very entertaining and cohesive group of photos, blending decor and fashion and food effortlessly. Great job………I vote for you too.

  27. No one ‘s blog can even compare! Amazing shots of your Sun Valley home. I love your taste..not a detail missed and not overdone!

  28. If you like I could fly to Sun Valley and spend a few days tidying up those pots and pans for you….it’s no problem, really.

  29. Thanks for another amazing post Slim. I think your lodge in Sun Valley is a feast for the eyes. I hate the cool weather, and only like snow to be enjoyed from afar. You have so excelled in making your S.V. abode the most cozy I have ever seen. Your gift for design sure makes you first and truly gets you my vote. Thanks for sharing and congrats for the votes you received so far, though i still think they should ALL be going your way. Good LUCK! xo

  30. You have outdone yourself. Cat Stevens & Robert Frost. What a lovely setting, Sun Valley and your home there, makes me not want to be so weary of winter. Perfect inspiration for this gloom! Thank you.

  31. Winter wonderland! Just one small problem, I can never get the music to play and today all of the pictures past the white pods would not load, probably my crummy wifi. Loved what I did see.

  32. Thank you for having us over to you cabin in Sun Valley! Thoroughly enjoyed the time spent, the libation, the music, the riz au lait, but most of all the incredible rooms. I had the best time even though only a visual visit.
    And oh, thank’s for the black-board on the refrigerator idea, I’m copying:-)

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  34. Beautiful post!! Just loving your winter wonderland… you have taken me so many places, the best places to be! You got me on the first photo with the lamp on the workbench in your kitchen…I just love lamps in a kitchen!

    Glad you enjoyed Downton screened on TV in England last November. We are waiting for the second installment with baited breath!!

    Have voted and am now following you on Twitter. Looking forward to your tweets 🙂

    Jeanne xxx

  35. I found your blog today as I am sitting in our ski home in Telluride Colorado. Since it is currently -9 degrees out, I am not skiing. I am
    enjoying your blog. Love your kitchen and all the rooms you show. I have not found many blogs that really celebrate winter and yours does.
    So thank you.

  36. dear ms paley,

    perfection in my eyes. starting with the vintage sun valley poster. why doesn’t someone bring back a vintage look to ski clothing. everything is so technical now. i hate it even though it is warmer. next, your home, specifically the kitchen. the next time you need a chef just ask. although i no longer prepare meat, i’d figure something out. the zinc countertops are gorgeous. the whole home drips of ralph lauren and you know i feel about him. your son’s room with the red cross hot water bottle, so cute. and then the men’s sweaters, i’d wear them in a minute. so all in all i’m quite satisfied. very well done, as usual.



    have you heard? the ws are splitting up for good. it’s a sad day, shoulda got the tattoo.

  37. HI SLIM,
    We’ve just finished a whopping big cyclone , Yasi, here in Townsville.
    Our roof came off in places.
    yuck city, water everywhere.

    New kitchen, bedroom, laundry for me probably.
    I am sooo going to go through your archives for inspiration.


  38. Well, because of all your lovely posts about Sun Valley my husband and I chose the area for our vacation and I have been chasing him around the nordic trails here all this week. It is lovely and we have definately done our best to stimulate the local Ketchum economy and have really enjoyed so many great restaurants. The skiing and views have been just fantastic– the Sun Valley Nordic center is beyond great ( restaurant there is fabulous too!) and we have tried Sego, Il Naso and everything else in between plus the little Trail Creek cabin restaurant. My husband says the skiing is perfect and is doing the local Boulder Mountain race here this Saturday– so we wanted to say thanks for showing us to a great ski vacation ! We are falling for the area in a big way. Now I just have to ski off the blueberry pancakes from The Kneadery! ( not to mention the apple strusel from the little European place below Main street– oh and the local Big Wood Bread??! I have enjoyed it all! Thanks– I am off to the festival downtown this evening — there is a snowshoe dance contest! And then drinks at the Duchin Lounge — the spicy Bloody Mary there has won my husbands heart… and I will always remember standing right over Hemingway’s own typewriter at the little museum downtown here and reading his original drafts. Quite a week and such a lot of fun.

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