YVES KLEIN (1928-1962) blue; immaterial sensibility


Helena Christiansen in, hmmm, I wanna say Versace.  What say you?



Michael Kors Spring 2011

I‘m in a bit of a blue mood tonight.  Not too much to say, just feeling this colour, so I thought I’d share it with you.

I heard the best line in an old movie last night ;

Man to a Woman ; “Maybe he just wants to be alone. Didn’t you ever just want to be alone?”

Woman ;  “Sure,  but with somebody else!”









I’ve lost the credit, but let’s be honest, we weren’t buying this anyway were we?


.SMEG fridge


.CITEAUX stove, France

Imagine spending this much $ on a stove and being brave enough to pick blue?!  (Not that it wouldn’t look fantastic in the right setting)

Lost this credit too. Please don’t report me to the Blogger’s Defense League




Now that’s the way to tone down a Ladies Who Lunch Bag





The entire collection was this silhouette, no joke.  Mr. Margiela, come back to us.

Definitely not for Squares 🙂


.Slim Paley Photo


Blue Agate and Sodalite Cuff by SIMAN TU





Trying to imagine my husband’s face if I came downstairs in this outfit


He’d like these much better!





DYSON bladeless fan






BLUE BOAT designed by artist XAVIER VEILHAN  (this IS a real boat, not a painting 🙂 ) Aprox. 200,000 euros


internally flawless, deep blue diamond weighs 31.06 carats and is one of the rarest stones in the world.






18kt white gold, set with 282 baguette-cut blue sapphires of 25.60 carats

(I’d say it probably comes with a mighty fine case too )


From the Blackthorn collection by SHAUN LEANE




Donna Karan


Phew.  I feel somehow less blue after all that…blue

How about you?!


PS. So glad my jammies aren’t by Margiela 🙂

PPS. Don’t miss reading the comments on this post- there’s a link to a fab video ode to blue posted by Kendall Conrad!



  1. Your blog is done so tastefully that it makes me feel so great. It is like eating just right amount of healthy food. Thank you!!!

      • ’tis a yummy cocktail that is the most beautiful colour blue:

        Quantities for one drink:
        •2 parts Brandy
        •1 part Curacao, blue
        •1 part Liqueur, vanilla
        •1 part Cream
        •1 dash Lemon Juice
        Blending Instructions:
        •Pour the brandy, blue curacao, vanilla liqueur, cream and lemon juice into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes
        •Strain into a chilled cocktail glass, and serve – ENJOY!

  2. Only thing missing was Sinatra in the background ….”Blue moon, now I’m no longer alone…… What wonderful variety you find! Trying to decide on a favorite I never imagined I could be torn between a Dyson fan and a Van Cleef pin with pave sapphires.

  3. In the boat, full blue moon, wearing only the cuff and feather shoes
    with george clooney or mr depp
    another stunner ms p

  4. Love the Dyson fan and oh that blue diamond! Strangely enough I have just bought a blue/black dress similar to the Fendi one, lovely.

  5. Let me tell you something… I’m not sure that you know, but I was born and raised in Brazil, moved to Canada almost 10 years ago. When I moved here I couldn’t speak any English… I mean, ANY! So, when I first started hearing people say they were feeling “blue”, I thought it was a good, positive thing, because if you say in Brazil :oh, everything is blue today”, they’ll think you’re feeling great, because blue is such a beautiful color, peaceful…. so, “blue” there is the opposite of here. So, you can imagine people saying to me: “oh, I’m feeling blue” and I would say: “That’s GREAT! Me too.. Isn’t it a beautiful day?” And now, imagine the person’s face? What is she smoking? LOL

    I hope this could cheer you up a little. 🙂

    Have a Better Day Today! 🙂


    Luciane at

  6. okay, that Prada dress was hideous. I mean really, what WERE they thinking? I mean, I would’ve been embarrassed to wear that if I was that model! however, the blue quilted Chanel bag is a must have…..FAB.

  7. Perfect shades of blue. I will forever think of Kate Middleton when I see this colour.
    It certainly is the ‘it’ colour around London at the moment. You found every perfect shade of the deepest blue…just lovely.

    Jeanne xx

  8. I want to wear my stubbs wooten slippers on my blue boat whilst the Tom Ford guy surprises me with that blue diamond. Or even the agate cuff.

  9. The snow last night was absolutely radiating, right as we went to bed. Could it have been the full moon that brought about this blue mood? I don’t care because as long as you are feeling better, and it inspired this amazing post… was a good thing. That Fendi outfit made me howl!

  10. Hmmmmm. Not a “blue” gal………but I am feeling the Fendi. Maybe my husband can get it for me after my hip replacement on Monday (Yes!)…….will so be looking foward to your blogs to get me through. Thanks in advance!

  11. I have never been afraid to say I am a fan of blue – any blue. Isnt there a saying (or song) “Blue is the color of my true loves eyes” ?

  12. I’m not much of a blue girl, but you may have changed my mind! I’ll take the stove in cherry red, please and thank you and the cuff as is. Hope you’re feeling more yellow and orange soon!

  13. Picasso went through a blue period too – and his best work came out of that. I like the Tom Ford Menswear model – reminds me of a young Hunter Thompson. Hunter would have bats instead of crows 🙂

  14. Can’t wear this color but can certainly admire it!! And clearly lots to love. Love the van cleef of course – so looking forward to the exhibit at the cooper hewitt. Those velvet manolos are pretty amazing and have never seen those stubbs before – love them!

  15. To Lucianne — you’re not alone! Blue always makes me feel peaceful, calm and content so when someone says “I’m blue” I almost say, “Good” too. I guess I’m lucky as I rarely feel blue in the sense of down. And when I do some perky music or a brisk walk will pull me back out of the blues.

    Slim, this post is my favorite. The images and range of blues are delectable. And the Chanel bag, one to covet! A friend of mine who lives on Middle Road has that stove in light blue. It looks like a piece of art and she actually uses it regularly. It needed serving after a few months so that was disappointing.

    Last week I had a rental apartment painted in light bird egg blue. My handyman thought I was nuts. But everyone who viewed it likes the paint and put in applications…maybe I should spring for that blue refrieg and raise the rent. But then the I would need that stove — never mind!

    A sunny day to you and all to chase away the blues!

    • THANK YOU so much DeeAnne!
      I am honoured 🙂 (wish i knew how to do smiley face with big eyelashes fluttering)

  16. Hmm apparently a Blue Angel is 1 oz. Brandy, 1/2 oz. Blue Curacao, 1/2 oz. vanilla liqueur, 1/2 oz half and half, dash lemon juice, shark with ice, strain into chilled cocktail glass. Not sure how that sounds but feel one must try it to see if it worked with the post.

    Can’t wait for the final RHOBH tonight!

  17. Dear Slim, gorgeous post! I love this shade of blue. The Van Cleef and Arpels pin, the blue diamond, both handbags, your fabulous shoes… There’s nothing I didn’t like. I must wear more of this colour. And I agree, please Margiela come back!! xx

  18. LOVE this BLUE post Slim…
    Call me brave (or crazy) if you want to but I did install a great big blue
    La Cornue range, oven, and rotisserie dans ma cuisine!!
    I feel pure happiness every time I cook!

  19. Hm. I found a blue patent clutch the other day that was wonderful . . . and your post made me want it, even though I have NO budget for it right now . . . curses!

  20. Blue is my favorite color and I loved everything here – except that Prada dress! I lol at your comment on your husband; even the model did not look happy having to wear it. And those Margiela silhouettes…looks like he was playing with everyone’s brains, “What will they wear if I say it’s ‘new’?”

    As always, loved the post.

  21. This post took me back to high school; I had this fab wool black and blue checkerboard skirt that I wore with a royal blue hat with a black band (too eccentric for school, maybe…). Also, I know models usually look unhappy on the runway, but I think the Margiela models look extra miserable.

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