Black & Yellow


 I can’t even…it’s April 10th already!

Who do I see about slowing things down a bit around here?! How come school never went this fast?

Occasionally I lose consistency with posting and lately has been one of those times

(uh d’yuh think?!)

It doesn’t mean we’re breaking up or I’m seeing other blogs, just that I’ve lost my gossamer thread of thought or inspiration or, more likely, real life got in the way.

Eventually I find my way back.

tumblr_ms2zvrLiCA1suw27to1_500via Pinterest

So here I am, taking a break from travel posts just for a moment to consider the colours Yellow & Black.

Not the most popular or likely colour combination to be sure, right?

 Or so I thought…

Golden Mustard roses

 Though I’m a fan of warm golds and even yellow verging on mustard in interiors, yellow in brighter hues is not the crayon I gravitate to. I make the exception for flowers, and even then it has to be just the right yellow, like these beautiful “Golden Mustard” roses from my garden. Turning to a caramel colour in their denouement makes them just about the chicest, most interesting rose around, but I don’t wish to get off track here…

b8f1c5cea800e17a1f27a4389201ff5aAlthough these two photos are examples of yellows in super warm, almost gold tones, make no mistake, black & yellow in all hues is having a moment.

The Dutch House, Galle, Sri Lanka An Instagram photo of the parlour at the Dutch House hotel in Galle, Sri Lanka

01-LA-Ace-Hotel-Lobbyvia Voyage Vixen


The new Ace Hotel in downtown LA has used the combination to cool effect in their stained glass windows

a3d5d54993d4901511325fc4ff8ded8cAlexander McQueen bag

PaliHouse03-RemodelistaJust a touch of yellow can make a dark room really sing

Screen Shot 2012-09-01 at 12.32.40 AMRalph Lauren

magazine-kate-moss-08_155450590977 It certainly does something for Kate Moss


 As a person whose biggest design nod to black & yellow is the bunch of overripe bananas I toss out every week, I’m not asking you to love it…or even like it. I’m just asking you to consider it.

Ines-de-la-FressangeAfter all, how amazing is Ines de La Fressange here?

 Ines-de-la-Fressange-chez-Versace_portrait_w674and here.

and don’t we all want to be as chic as Ines when we grow up?

330Or taken in another direction

6fc221f60ed0a8c68c82e11df460a539You have to admit it’s a fresh pop for Spring

Gianvito Rossi

Gianvito Rossi

Cecil Beaton's New York book

Place a black & yellow book on your coffee table, step back and see what happens.

Ask your child to paint you a portrait with black & yellows and lean it on the mantle.

How about a few daffodils popping out of a dark wine bottle? Give it a try.

Go on! Don’t be yellow!! 🙂

Iris ApfelOf course when Iris Apfel does it, she does it.

photo by Sarah Moon

Sarah Moon



2b5841740f537654c33232d96752c973Christina D’Ornano

Add blue and get all primary with it.

Jason Wu slimpaley.comJason Wu

The stores in Dubai were choc-a-blok with black & yellow.




WP81388M-006-Scalamandre-ZebraScalamandre fabric & wallpaper

black & yellowAn interesting mix of textures, new & antique with a pop of chartreuse-y yellow

KOR_0145.450x675Michael Kors

yellow & black

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.43.02

Dior lemon meringue heels.


DIO_0198.450x675Dior Fall 2014

yellow & black

Louboutin for men Christian Louboutin for men (btw-I’ve never seen anything like the selection of men’s shoes available in Dubai-what is that about?)

_D7Q0979.450x675 Celine Spring 2014

One of the most widely featured bags this Spring

fa65b063a57fffb0def179baca298f0cRalph Lauren

Tintagel Hotel, Colombo, Sril Lanka, slimpaley.comThe Tintagel Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka

gold & black

london edition hotel habituallychic 014 The London Hotel, NYC, photo via Habitually Chic

Moda Operandi

 JW Anderson via Moda Operandi

e7be31ace3d5d43f5dd05a2306569f28via Remodelista

black & yellow

ELLE Decoragain with blue for Elle Decor

Manolo Blahnik via Vogue InstagramOh so girly Manolo Blahnik grosgrain ribboned pumps

d2bca74088a615d9c96f5da509583f84So is it kinda sorta slightly starting to grow on you??


Let the sun shine in!

xox SP


Straws via Etsy


 This time last year: Bedouin & Breakfast


Please forgive or provide if possible, any missed credits


  1. The coat – Kenzo
    The blue doors- Christina D’Ornano
    The post-fabulous as usual.

  2. Hi Slim Paley, Do you have a fave cross body bag for travel? Thank you!

    Love love the black and yellow post! Wow

    Warm regards,

    Carol C. Sawyer

    • I like Celine’s cross body bag in a variety of colors. Small but with three different zipper compartments. Also, look at Coach. Prada has a ton for Spring Summer that are wonderful.

  3. I love this color combo…I have a slipper chair ( inherited) in that gold velvet. It’s old but I wouldn’t change it…lovely post!

  4. Really beautiful and amazing. My favorite color combo is blue and yellow. I loved those shoes. That pom-pom reminded me of the pom-poms made out of mums and ribbons for homecoming games. Thanks. One of my favorites. (I’m starting to say that a lot.)

  5. I’ve always loved the combination of gray and yellow, especially in the kitchen or bathroom. These photos are an inspiration. I really appreciate your eye, Slim. Thanks for another great post!

  6. Love the images! I need to go shopping now…I’m inspired to add some yellow to my life! I thought for sure you were going to include the Wiz Khalifa song at some point! I seem to remember you posting about that song long ago…

  7. Coming from a Boston-based family, black and yellow mean only one thing around here – go Bruins! 😉
    But your images are lovely and made me see black and yellow in a whole new (golden) light. I’ll have to look for some daffodils today for one of my many empty wine bottles…

  8. I once read that every room should have a bit of yellow in it; a bowl of lemons in the kitchen, a yellow flower in a living room {or Beaton’s coffee table book!}. Thanks for reminding me of that design principle. And I really love the Henry Miller quote at the end.

  9. “Black & yellow,” yeah that is very funny, quoting a rap song. These designs were very striking, Slim. I just hope no spring snow falls on any of these things and ruins them!

  10. Oh, Slim, how do you get us to expand our minds to such things? I’d probably wear it before I’d decorate with it. I have a fondness for black and khaki, khaki has quite a bit of yellow it, doesn’t it?
    I do love the polka dot pumps with yellow grosgrain bows.
    Happy April!

  11. Totally agree with the time thing…where does it go? I plan to do so much and then, all of a sudden, it’s much later than I knew and I am behind once again!!! I have a feeling that applies to life in general as well as specific day-to-day things. Life has a way of inserting itself into the best-laid plans!! Glad you’re back. Barb

  12. You have me convinced!! Never would have “gone” there but I like the way you have found images that don’t make me think bumblebees, or crime scene tape.

  13. BEAUTIFUL!!! Slim check out my FB or Sarah PhillipsNew could do the fuschia coat in YELLOW for you!!

  14. Slim, Such a joy to pop over here and absorb all the light! Love the combo of yellow and black. So fresh especially with a graphic element. I also see so much yellow and black in the Dutch masters paintings which I adore also. Your note about blogging is cracking me up. I feel the same- focused and then I don’t know what the heck happened! Your Blood Orange post was super. I can’t believe that shot you got.
    So behind on it all, but this is my escape and inspiration reading your posts!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend with the family. x Kim

  15. I grew up not far from where your husband lived and can imagine he is a fan of this post. 🙂 You made a color combination normally reserved for sports teams and bumble bees look wonderfully chic!

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