Black Gold


Photo via Grazia Magazine

MOSCHINO  Fall 2010



I was going to save this Black Gold post for a date a little closer to Christmas (so festive, this combination, after all) but with the just released news of actress Carrie Mulligan being cast in Baz Luhrmann’s remake of The Great Gatsby…

…coinciding with the release of Penguin Books’ gorgeous new  Art Deco editions of F.Scott Fitzgerald’s novels just last week (to coincide with the 70th anniversary of his death) …

which also coincides (Pause. Take breath. Appreciate the amount of times I’ve worked “coincide” into this so far)

with having just seen The Elevator Repair Service’s  6 hour production (!!) of “GATZ” last month in NY with my older son… BTW, we loved it!


Still from the  production of GATZ (click here for info.)

I thought to myself;

“Slim- The Black Gold Gods are sending you a sign! do not ignore this!

There’s still plenty of time to get the final Thanksgiving post up.  After all, it’s not like you have anything else to do 🙂 )


So, let’s start with the remake;

“First look” at Carrie Mulligan for Gatsby


Sorry, don’t really love this casting.  I hope I’m wrong, but I think that Daisy needs to be not only heart-breakingly beautiful, but very fragile and ethereal…more like Natalie Portman


(hey- want to get sort of depressed on your Sunday? Google photos of Natalie Portman).

or Kiera Knightley

Who would you like to see as Daisy Buchanon? (or are you happy with C.M.?)  How about for Gatsby?!


Mia Farrow and Robert Redford as Daisy and Gatsby.

There’s a plethora of naysayers and negativity out there already with regard to this remake of Gatsby, but the truth is even the Redford/Farrow one wasn’t really great- it just looked good. Robert Redford pretty much made anything look great in those days.  Maybe Baz Luhrmann will create something really magical here. I hope so-  I just wish he’d called me about the casting.  Maybe he thought I was too busy with my new friendship with La HRH or something.

Leonardo DiCaprio is set to play Gatsby and Toby Macguire is Nick Carraway.


Meanwhile, a few more Black & Gold images for your enjoyment…

After all the traditional colours of Autumn draw to a finale this week, it will be time to get your Deco on!



Cle de Peau Holiday 2010 Limited Edition Bronzer ($125)



Louis Vuitton evening bag



Bulgari watch.  oh…Okaay. I’ll take it.


Isabel Marant, Barbara Bui and Moschino


SKY HIGH Louboutins

(or, and then, the husband woke up)



hmmm…there I go again…




Some of these credits might be trickling in at a later date.

Blame my sister for teaching me how to take “desktop photos”




I have these- they’re pretty fab.  I just need to start taking my Biosil again.


Alexander McQueen 2010




Catalogue and  dress belonging to Queen Maria II of Portugal (circa 1845) from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s “FASHIONING FASHION” (European Dress in Detail 1700-1915)


Louis Vuitton 2010



“The Zodiac Collection” candles ($24 per box) from  D.L. & Co.



Photo via A Gift Wrapped Life (a great blog!- especially at this time of year)

(Also find in Slim’s Pickings)



Deco Journal from DL. & Co.



Gui Pei shoes

Omigod- I almost got these, but then I opted for the striped wool Uggs instead.



Rose gold Delaneu watch


Balmain Fall 2010



Freja  Beha Erichson via December British Vogue

Bottega Veneta


Alexander McQueen



Lanvin Fall 2010

Dolce & Gabbana



Stationary also from DL & Co. (link above)



Guiseppe Zanotti boot



Sorry men- this just reminded me;

Seven Deadly Sins candles D.L. & Co. (Link above)


You’re coming up right after Thanksgiving- Promise!!

PS.  Late edition:

Many thanks to Julie Brody from Australia- who sent the link to “Black & Gold” by Sam Sparro.

Give it a watch;


This is a dancing in my car tune if ever I heard one

Thanks Julie!



  1. I love that photo of Robert Redford and Mia Farrow — I need to watch that again soon. Did you see RR on Oprah the other day with Barbara Streistand? She sang the way we were..

    I love the reissues of the books — what a great host gift for the holidays!

  2. Staggering post – agree completely about miscasting of C.M.-
    for the same reasons although she is a wonderful actress -she is physically wrong for the part-
    far too earthy and not refined enough-
    Love Leo and he is always good but would like to see someone else for a change-
    and as for Toby- while I think he is a fine actor, all wrong for the part to me-
    but then, alas, I am not deciding-
    the book jackets are superb and the timing of the remake is more than curious-
    I guess we can expect a remake of Trading Places any minute

  3. I wait with great anticipation for the Great Gatsby…my choice for who should play Zelda is more like Nicole Kidman or Drew Barrymore or are they too old?
    My 91 year old mother who has Alzheimers and rarely speaks said, “oh, my” at the shoe photos as I was sharing your blog with her. Thanks, Slim!

    • Ohhh… you’ve made me all misty-eyed now about your Mother. That is so sweet. What a lovely comment Nel. Thanks back to you and your Dear Mom!

  4. I’m thinking I could justify those Sky High Louboutins by telling my husband that they aren’t just drop-dead gorgeous shoes, they’re also a weapon!

    Not thrilled with the pick of Leo – I’m just not a fan of his. I loved Inception, but not him. I loved The Aviator, but not him. My husband kinda feels the same way. He loved The Departed, but not him. And Titanic? Sorry… didn’t get all the hoopla. But do they ask me these things? No, cuz I buy a ticket anyway.

    • That’s too funny!
      Definitely NOT suffering any Art Lust over that piece- yikes. I’d rather have Koon’s balloon dog in my living room- and that’s saying something

  5. Slim, always love your posts, so many stunning images!

    Was watching BH Housewives and wanting to smack Camille, as well as Kim – her lack of a back bone is so annoying.

    Some blogs when you click on the life a new window opens, which is great b/c then you can still be on the blog you love, like SP 🙂 and see other things that the writer suggests. Here is a blog where the person’s links open a new window, so for example if you click on “hamptonoes” a new window appears.

    Must make sure I know how to do desktop photos too.

    Can’t wait to see your TG table. Not hosting this year and am missing the opportunity to decorate the table.

    • Thanks for this “L”- I know I must learn how to change that on my links. A couple of people have mentioned it to me already.
      As for HW of B.H. – This last episode actually gave me a stomachache. (that spelling doesn’t look right to me, but whatever) I FINALLY understand the “phenomenon” (until now) of women actually wanting to punch each other. I fear the day I’m ever caught in a room with Camille “Bad” Grammer.

  6. Slim, there were so many things I wanted to comment on I had to take notes during the reading of your blog.
    1.Must add Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume in divine black and gold bottles
    2. Scarlett Johanson for Daisy ..she was up for could Baz not have cast her? But love Leo and Tobey for the boys. And Carey is a wonderful actress.
    3. I think Kate Middleton should hire the new girl at Alexander McQueen for her wedding gown. How divine would that be??? What would A-Mc think if he were alive about dressing a future queen?
    4.Please let us know who designed the liquid gold gown worn with ankle boots, that is uncredited as of now.
    5. Cartier panther bracelets of gold with black panther spots.

  7. Lurvley – glad you didn’t wait…I think Carrie Mulligan
    is going to be sensational…just a feeling I have.
    Love the beautiful new editions of Fitzgerald.
    I cannot wait to check out a Gift Wrapped Life.

    Thanks, Slim…

  8. Wow! my fave post yet! And that is saying a lot!

    I am thrilled with the new editions……hopeful for the movie!

    I LOVE Fitzgerald……..I was an English major and I wrote my thesis on him. Good Lord!

    I found all these short stories written by him and published in magazines……at that time not published anywhere else. What a writer. I had such a crush on him. (he was already dead…… young)


    ps some of those shoes………..Lordy!

  9. Wow – encyclopedic! But even before I got to the marathon portion, I was with you. I saw and loved this Penguin series, which I also included somewhere (and have you seen the fun book Penguin75 about their book jacket?), love pretty much anything from Cle de Peau, would never refuse that spectacular Bulgari watch, and think (how could you not) Natalie Portman is so lovely! I’ve just found you so please excuse my gushing. But…I rather like the casting of Carey Mulligan – not so sure about Leonard. And totally agree with you about original – beautiful to look at but that was about it. Must end before it becomes treatise-like, but count me as a fan. I’ll be briefer on my next visit!

  10. Well I have never disagreed with you ever! My style idol…but I really love the casting of my fav movie/book of all time…as Daisy. Kera Knightly is just so posey and annoying she has one emotion all the time..pissed off and haughty, really bored with it. And baz knocks my knickers off with his beautiful direction and divine visuals. Natalie I could see, but she does not quite fit the old line wasp feel that Daisy was described. Also love those candles at the end great gift idea!

  11. So much glamour! I’m overwhelmed!! I covet that gold fringe coat you opened with and so glad to know about new Art Deco editions. Will order immediately. Also going to be loading up on candles with your D. L. & Co contact. Thank you for that. I agree about the casting. No matter how fine his performance somehow I look at Leonardo di Caprio and I see a young Mickey Rooney! Guess its the unusually round face. A young Pierce Brosnon type should play Gatsby and I quite like the idea of Scarlet Johanson for Daisy. But of course we’ll all flock to the film no matter who stars.

  12. oh I do think you are wrong about the casting. carrie mulligan is such an exquisite actress with a range that surpasses anyone her age. she will create a multifaceted daisy that you never knew was possible. just WATCH and see!!!!! looks aren’t everything. and she makes up beautifully.
    they couldn’t have chosen a more talented actrress… perfect choice…………. leonardo good too. jude law should be daisy’s husband.
    your photography is amazing. i use your flowers on my desktop screen!!!!!!! 24″ of beauty.

  13. The ‘Gatz’ still evokes Edward Hopper.
    Daisy? How about Zooey Deschanel? Rosemary DeWitt? Carey Mulligan will be fine, I’m sure, but I would have preferred an American actress.
    Another glittering post, Slim.

  14. Ooh love how you describe Daisy’s beauty, I always imagined her as a Natalie Portman as well. Either way, awaiting Baz’s new film with much excitement!!

  15. you’re amazing..and your clever string of “coincides” were not lost on me..well done..I agree with you on the Gatsby casting…hhmm we’ll see..and coincidentally..i just today saw those zodiac candles at the montage in laguna beach!..(see how i did that?) xo a

  16. I love the gold fringe you opened with: please, please share the who, what, and wear. Thanks for all your thoughts and inspiration!

  17. I always always loved the idea of not attending your own party. May have even done that from time to time in my misspent youth.

    I agree Daisy should be more elfin. But then it is so hard to get Mia Farrow out of my mind, and that image of CM does look wonderful.

    I am more concerned frankly with the very real possibility that Our Bazz will destroy this wonderful story. I know he thinks he has a jazz age sensibility but will he go all cartoonish and break our hearts?

  18. Lots of eye candy here! Love Fitzgerald. They had better really did a jam up job or a lot of Gatsby folks will come a screaming!
    Have a great week, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Slim!

  19. Love this sumptuous post SP. I ‘like’ Cary but is she chosen for her ‘Mianess’ rather than being right to play Daisy? I adore Natalie and that face is breath taking but has she got the brittleness of Daisy in her?
    Don’t like Leonardo as Gatsby. Just don’t

    PS You might like this song by an Australian boy Sam Sparrow called Black and Gold.
    The clip fits perfectly with your decadent post and maybe a bit Gatsybish too


  20. This was my grandmother’s hey day. I have pictures of her in silk stockings and drop waist dresses and cloche hats. She was a snazzy dresser for the Jazz age. Died beautiful and young. Thank you for reminding me of her.

  21. Another sensational post!

    I can’t imagine remaking Gatsby. Why? No will replace Robert Redford… and ANYONE can replace Mia Farrow. Guess we have to wait & see.

    Divine Deco shots & book covers! Brava once more.

  22. Hi! I hope you take time to listen/watch this song – and maybe listen as you look through your beautiful post!

    Leo is such a great actor, but not handsome enough. I see someone that looks like Kate Moss for Daisy – I thought Mia Farrow did a good ditsy job…I love Toby Macquire for Nick. If Brad what’s-his-name wasn’t so obvious, he’d probably make a good Gatsby. Such a great story. I love Fitzgerald. I love his short stories and I loved Zelda too. She was brilliant.

  23. I do love Carrie Mulligan, but I too was a little stunned to hear she got the part of Daisy. I agree with you, the first movie wasn’t even that grand–despite the magnificent RR!!! However, it is one of my very favorite classic books, so I will be buying my ticket! Wow, Queen Maria’s dress is magnificent!!!!!

  24. I am thrilled to know about those new Fitzgerald covers. Someone is going to be so excited to get to buy me those for Christmas! I don’t know if I’d thought of it before, but Natalie Portman is SO Daisy. Next time I read GG, she will be the leading lady in my mind… Thanks for the gorgeous images!

  25. What a beautiful post. I think CM looks really lovely in that picture but I do think Scarlett Johannson is more fitting for the role. Leonardo I don’t think so as much as I think he is a brilliant actor. The first girl looks like she is in pain in those shoes and I agree with Richard about the Michael Jackson look a like – ewww!

  26. first off…thanks for a gorgeous post. i have to say that those Pei shoes are absolute madness!

    and my two cents- is see ms portman as Jordan…dunno why, i just do. i will reserve judgement on the rest of the cast- i mean tom cruise did a quite credible (and entertaining) Lestat all those years ago so anything is possible.

  27. My favorite color combo or black and yellow which is pretty much the same thing. Great selection. I want to know who designed the first dress from Grazia Magazine, it is beautiful. I feel like everyone is in the mood for a glitz a little early or should be. So your timing is perfect. Thank you always for your inspired vision.

  28. What a lovely surprise Slim and thank you for inlcuding me in your Black Gold post. Thank heavens it was one of my better ones (if I do say so myself). It is very generous and gracious of you and if I remember right you are quite awesome at gift wrapping too so I am quite humbled in the presence of one so tasteful in all lifestyle pursuits. In fact, email me I have a question for you. XO

  29. I’m fine with Mulligan, it’s DiCaprio and Maguire that I have a problem with. They’re aiming for big box office instead of boys (at least) that can do the parts justice.

  30. So funny, when I read the title to the post, I thought of that Sam Sparrow song! You should check out the cover Katy Perry did…I tend to enjoy it, but who am I to judge?? 🙂
    (can’t figure out how to post here, but thankfully it’s on itunes)

    PS Gold is such a good color for gingers, thanks for the holiday inspiration “Mom!” X

    • You are welcome! I listened to the Katy Perry cover and it was great too! Now I’m walking around the house doing Sam Sparro with a Katy Perry lilt. My son keeps leaving the room for some reason.

  31. Love this posting. Oh why must I go to work today; would much rather spend time with all of the glamor of the photos. I am dazzled.
    Jude Law should have had a part – he is such the right body type but maybe TOO much soul. Possible?

  32. hi slim,

    ack, i’m so behind. black and gold are such a killer combo in my mind. great images here as always. i wish they would leave the great gatsby alone. i don’t like the sound of any of the casting. i’m generally not a fan of the remake but true grit coming out next month really looks like it will be good so i’m looking forward to that.

    have a wonderful thanksgiving – i am so very grateful that we have cyber-met.


  33. Carrie Mulligan just does not look aristocratic enough. Knightly or Portman would be so much better. I mean, all one has to do is look at the old Town and Country magazines (before they allowed actresses on the cover) to see what the old-guard gals looked like. They should have used Billy Hopkins to do the casting.

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