Bed & Brrreakfast

L’Hotel de Glace, Quebec City



It was cold today in Santa Barbara! Clear and sunny but I’d say the temperature didn’t get higher than 63F.


Made me think twice about telling my husband I’d be game for staying at an ice hotel for a night.



In fact, there’s probably about as much chance of that happening as there is of me being a contestant on “Survivor!”


But, hey, it could happen…



If I had enough of these…

But what drink is this blue? Is this to match your lips?

or would I even care at that point??



Actually, my sons used to joke that I would be the first person in the history of “Survivor!” to be kicked off the show before “Tribal Council”

for correcting the other contestant’s grammar.

As if I would do that.

Thank God  Unfortunately, I couldn’t prove them wrong because you must be an American citizen to try out for the show.




So pretty, but seriously-only the bathrooms (which are housed in a separate building) are heated. Not to be vulgar, but that would be the longest bathroom trip of my entire life.


The Ice Hotel is constructed every year just about 10 minutes outside of Quebec City in Canada.  Taking 15,000 tons of snow, 500,000 tons of ice and 60 workers approximately 90 days to construct, it stays open, or “on ice” (sorry, couldn’t resist) from the beginning of January until the end of March.



If I ever go, I’ll be sure to wear these-so I can still write my blog

(albeit from the bathroom 🙂 )


Echo “Touch” gloveswork with all touch screen devices (and they come in cashmere!)

GREAT gift idea for college kids back east.



C’est le jour cinq(5) mes amis!


(Images via Hotel de Glace, for more info. and very cool virtual tours if your computer will support them, click here)



  1. This is definitely the ice sculpture or ice “luge” gone amok. Or maybe that’s mukluk. As a matter of fact, I guess it was only a matter of time until the igloo went uber cool. I’ve always been intrigued by these beautiful images of an ice hotel (I think it was Dr. Zhivago that got me started). It should probably go on the bucket list – which I really should be making now. I hope to sit on that ice bar stool and opt for the red drink (at least the colour is warm) and drink until that fire melts my seat down and I flow into the bedroom with the animal furs.

  2. Ah memories of winter…REAL winter! Every year there would be an ice castle built on the campus of McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.
    Would look very much like this and last a full 4 months (at least) I used to love to see it melt.

  3. I’ve always thought I’d like to see it…looks “cool”..(sorry I couldn’t resist either).
    BUT you’ll be happy your in SB as here in Sun Valley it’s 8 degrees right now.
    Smiley Creek was -20 this morning. That’s BRRRRRR
    Thanks for these wonderful days of Dec.

  4. L’Hotel de Glace is so cool … or cold …. i would love to see and experience this place …it is truly an ice castle … i searched and there are others in Sweden and Noway, i recall this hotel in Canada from your earlier iceberg post last year … i’m with you on cold weather – are 60’s that cold in Cali – even in Dec? – we got our first snow last night – a range of 20-30s today in West Texast! beyond brrrrr! thanks, Slim, your blogs are the best … an escape…you inspire me to dream… back to reality now …

  5. Ah, oh…a citizen soon?? And then what??
    I’d love the “bear room” cause I’d have to add my own sculptural graffiti to the those carved walls…and I know you would too!!!! 😉

  6. Seems like hell in a cooler to me. The only ice I ever want to see should be at the bottom of a martini shaker! 🙂

  7. I had read about this hotel previously……..there is no way in he__ that I would ever be enticed to visit. Now, Montreal–that is another matter. Super fun post–I wonder what is in those cocktails?

  8. After living 10 years in Anchorage your 63 degrees sounds like the Bahamas!! It is in the 40’s here in southern(?) Idaho so feels like the Sun Belt to me!!! PS. Being cold is a state of mind!!!

  9. Your daily post is quite addictive. Did you think you might start something that your readers will want you to continue? A daily hit of Slim. So celebratory and festive – I hope January never comes!

      • Triple what Mary said and that from a newbie who rarely dares make a comment!

        Ps. You think that is a tough bathroom haul? Imagine sleeping in a tent in the midddle of the Sarengheti with lions all around. Trust me, you really think twice, “Do I really have to go?”…

  10. Lovely photos and the story behind it.

    To stay in the ice hotel is not a “wonder of the life”. It is very natural. Cold itself is nothing and it can be removed by good clothes.

    To me who am living in Finland, it was very interesting to see Your photos from this Ice Hotel. Why? Because in Finland we have

    World’s biggest Snow Castle

    It is not only snow castle, but there is also, ice bar, restaurant, cabinets, chapel and snow hotel. In the chapel there is a possibility to get married!!!

    Well, thank You presenting Ice hotel and I hope that my photos please to You.

    Happy blogging!

  11. I love the reply – seems like hell in a cooler! Love Quebec City though! Thank you for these daily Christmas posts. I appreciate how well you are able to tell a story with your pictures and commentary. So very well done, Slim.

  12. I agree with Mary, your daily posts are addictive! I think we, your fans, won’t allow you to stop the dailies, and just imagine all of us in withdrawal, that could be scary!
    I am so impressed; the busiest month of the year you take on serving us your daily dose of S.P AND you are following through!!!! Love it!

  13. 63 degrees is cold??! slim, you live the life, you really do..!!… someone mentioned this should be on her bucket list — we need to hurry before global warming erases her entry! the ice hotel is such an amazing concept….. thanks for the brrrrrrrrreathtaking post!

  14. As someone who prefers cooler temps, even James Bond couldn’t convince me that I would ever want to stay in an ice hotel. I got a shiver just looking at these images.
    Great momentum, Slim. 5 days and counting, so fun to look forward to being entertained by your clever musings each day during this busy time!

  15. Maybe our men could go to the ice hotel together (I know all three of mine would think it’s totally cool – pun intended) and you and I could go somewhere where the drinks are on ice because the temperature is above 80! Loving your daily posts, Slim!

  16. alwlays wanted to stay at one of those places but could never talk my husband into it. And, based on the typos in this comment, I could use a pair of those gloves…it is about 50 degrees in san diego right now! brrrrrr!

  17. 63 degrees would be like summer. It’s 34 degrees here and cloudy, but your blog made it a lot brighter. Cheers.

  18. So glad you correct poor grammar. Recently heard that kids under ten say “versing” – Harvard vs. Yale – they say “we’re versing Yale” instead of playing or it’s us verses…..”versing” is not a real words kids and it’s scary your parents/community aren’t correcting you.

    Are you still watching RHBH? This season I’m liking Camille, poor Taylor is a hot mess and I wish Brandi and Dana would both get the boot!

    Love daily posts, it’s like our own advent calendar!

  19. Beautiful images , Loving the daily posts. Pass on the ice castles ,Just Too cool. I love the gloves, and yes you are funny. xo

  20. 63 is COLD???????????? That is a riot!!! Here in Pa. it is suppsed to go up to 63 today and THAT is almost unheard of for DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!! I am LOVING 63!!! By Sat. the HIGH will be 43!!!!! Stay out west and stay warm it is too cold here:):) I could NEVER go to an ice hotel, I hate the cold and have always wished I lived in a WARM climate. XO, Pinky

  21. Love Lightness remark about RHBH. What is with these women? They all are soooooo bizarre.

    And, I love these photos…. and, au contraire, James Bond (Sean of course) could EASILY convince me to stay at an ice hotel…. only if we shared the bed…

    Always love your posts!

    Cammy in COLD San Diego

  22. Had friends, from LA, who went to this hotel for a night. Husband loved it-wife, not so much. I think that says it all. In the 60’s in SCA-and that is expected to be the high.Brrrrrr- Grand post.

  23. Absolutely amazing ! all the more since they build it every year…I wonder if they provide hot water bottles though 🙂 Great post ! x Lala

    ps : thank you so much Slim for including me in your list of blogs….a true honor for me…

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