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I found this vintage toaster at an antique show and I thought it was so pretty that I decided to collect them.

That was about 10 years ago.  So far, this is the extent of my collection, but I’m working on it.

Slim Paley photo

A very inviting “Come back to bed” in the English country side

Are you a morning person?  Pas moi.  Do you love breakfast? Not me.  I find breakfast to be the most boriiinng meal of the day; so few choices and usually accompanied by bad hair & make-up.  That being said, one of my semi-resolutions for the New Year (and I say “semi” very loosely, as I just made this resolution last week, is that I’m going to try and eat healthier breakfasts and drink freshly squeezed fruit & vegetable juices.

Don’t get me wrong…I love a good fry-up just as much as the next guy, but some effort will be made to Go Greener this month year.

Behold The Old Me;

Slim Paley Photo of an old Simpson’s  menu

Be still my cholesterol challenged heart  (well, truth be told, I could have lived without the lamb bits)  Simpson’s In-The-Strand on Piccadilly St. in London used to be my favourite place to go for a good old fashioned English Fry-up, with lashings of good strong tea on the side.  Sadly, this breakfast is no longer with us (I’m probably the last remaining survivor)

Slim Paley photo

This morning’s breakfast included bacon and eggs with white truffle salt, fried toast and fresh squeezed apple & carrot juice


.Slim Paley photo



Technically, this should have been garnished with a slice of green apple but I thought if I used cucumber I could recycle the photo as a Bloody Mary, so if you see it tagged as such in a later post, just play along

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Gorgeous mushrooms

Slim Paley photo

Tomatoes roasting over my kitchen fire in Sun Valley.

My iron monger made the iron ‘roaster’ for me. It swings in and out on a hinged arm.

Slim Paley photo

My small & cozy Sun Valley bedroom

After a Sunday breakfast like the one above, climbing back into bed is pretty much mandatory.

Slim Paley Photo

A well rounded breakfast is always served at our friend’s glorious home in Greece.

Via Flickr

Do you prefer a healthy herbal tea in the morning?

Slim Paley photo

Chamomile and stone bench in my Santa Barbara garden.

A regular cuppa tea?

(PG Tips or Marks & Spencers are my personal favourites, as are these Tea Cup pigs, as long time readers know. Check out her little pinky held up!!)

Slim Paley photo

A big fat capp?

Slim Paley photo

A delicious fresh berry smoothie?

Slim Paley photo

Or something a wee bit naughtier?!


And Now, Behold; The New Me;

Slim Paley photo

The breakfast table will always be set like this

Photo via Simply Breakfast

Slim Paley photo

Have you tried the “Granola Snack” mix from Costco?  It’s delicious!! Although it says snack on the box, I pour milk over it and eat as cereal. It has tons of nuts and dried fruit.

This photo is also via Simply Breakfast

Another very inviting bedroom (credit unknown)

Slim Paley photo

Slim Paley photo

Yum- that Greek yoghurt is soooo delicious with fresh honey, berries & figs picked off the trees

Morten Holtum


Slim Paley photo

Breakfast in Bangkok

Bring on the Mangosteens!


I love these little egg shapers from Williams & Sonoma

via Food & Wine

Sure, once and a while there will be the occasional slip up, when the boys all want to go to IHOP and I can’t resist the cheese blintzes smothered in sour cream and strawberry jam. I’m no angel.

Speaking of jams…

Slim Paley photo

This is only a partial selection of the jams available at Fortnum & Mason in London

Vons- Hang your head in shame


This will be the next toaster I buy –  For the Collection!


Slim Paley photo

Slim Paley photo


Now Don’t Forget; Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day!



photo J. Schlabotnik

If I make it into the Final 6 in “The Homie” awards…

Tangerine Mimosas For Everybody!!


It would really make my day if you would listen to this.  I just hate to cry alone.


Click here

How can anything this short, and without any visuals have so much of an emotional impact?  I’m a complete puddle on the floor now.

Hope you are too – In the best possible way, of course 🙂



  1. If you don’t win- the contest is worthless-
    another incredible post
    the pig in the post
    the berries
    but most the blue on blue cakes
    I shake at the thought of
    lambs kidneys for anything
    and cannot believe the English don’t all die at 20
    I will see you at the table in Greece
    the way to live

  2. OK so I have only a double latte skim with 7 Splendas for b-fest cause I’m a 9am spinner and would froup if much more was taken in but both your old and new breakfests look totally yum!

    Also is that a herb grower box with dirt right there cut out of your white and grey marble kitchen counter? Very unique! Tell us more about that! I also think that is the most awesomely awe thing over your Sun Valley kitchen fire—you have very innovative ideas!

    Go Slim on the Homies!!!

    P.S. Show somenore pics of your beach house–love love all your homes!

    • Hi KT
      Yes, that is a planter that sits directly into the counter. As the window was bayed and receives great morning light, I thought it would be a pretty place for a built in flower/herb box. It is lined in copper and drains directly into the flower bed below it outside.

      Here is a much better photo of it from one of my earliest posts;

      (sorry I don’t know how to attach a photo into a comment)

      SEVEN SPLENDAS??! You are a naughty, naughty girl!

      • Thank you Slim! I loved the pic of the planter on the green post and so clever of you to line it with copper and have it drain into the plant area outside. I ponder over every beautiful pic of yours looking at all the many wonderful details.

  3. DRRRRRREAMY !!! Breakfasts of my dreams…by the way …I went to Fremont Diner in Sonoma yesterday and had the most amazing Hangtown Fry and then the most fabulous spinach salad for brunch at El Dorado Kitchen …and I swear this is true …I did not even think of food until cocktail hour ….both days !!! So there is something to this breakfast thing ……

    • Ditto what tutti said!!

      The English fry-up breaky with lamb’s organs ~ there’s something you don’t see on the brunch menu at Milestones! 🙂

      My a.m. starts with a triple-ristretto-shot Nespresso skim capp. This baby will almost put hair on your chest.

      The other day I tasted a Whole Food’s Caribbean Breeze smoothie with kale and pineapple in it – best smoothie I’ve ever had. We’ll be whipping them up at home in the Juiceman and crossing our fingers that they taste just as good as the ones in the store.

  4. Love that toaster.
    Love the Final 6 potential!
    My breakfast: protein shake (easy!) + berries = delish!
    Please tell me about your chamomile + stone bench!
    GREAT post!

    • Hi Virginia
      The chamomile bench was made from old stone and some partially hollowed out antique ‘columns’ we found. There are supposed to be trailing plants coming out of the columns, but they always dry out and die. Hey- I should put some fake ivy in there! I just thought of that
      The seat is a bed of chamomile, so when you sit on it, it releases the beautiful scent of chamomile flowers (and, depending on the time of day, you get a wet bum!)

  5. I love this post!! I used to hate breakfast, but about 3 years ago I decided that this situation had to change. After three years of retraining my brain/body–I now rush to breakfast. I make myself an omelet (either spinach or broccoli and TJ’s sun dried tomato pesto) with fruit every morning and I have even lost a few pounds and I feel great the rest of the day. Since I can’t do wheat or anything with chemicals or preservatives, eating a super healthy breakfast keeps me from the no-nos.
    Good luck with the resolution.

  6. OMG! “Chamomile and stone bench in my Santa Barbara garden”…… still my heart…….as I drift under for surgery tomorrow at 6:30 a.m. I will keep that image in my mind’s eye…….can’t think of a more relaxing way to go out.

  7. Thanks again for a delicious post. Thank goodness I had eaten. last week when you posted your fry up, served to you, just had to have it. It was delicious. No more for a while.
    Simpson on the Strand, gone ? Shame. It was truly an experience. Do not recognize the mushrooms on the right side of basket. Love all mushrooms.
    Stunning photo of your stone bench with surrounding beauty.
    Last but not least, that little, ever so polite piggy .
    Best of luck for the Homies, I think you have it “in the bag ” xo

  8. I am delighted to finally comment, I could not resist any longer after this delicious episode! I’ve been reading since the house beautiful article, in the process of selling my apt and buying a house – always been a beachy girl, but your sun valley home is so rustically beautiful….thank you so much for inspiring ALL the senses here…! Love, Linda

  9. We must share some mental telepathy as I just finished getting healthy breakfast for the guys ready for morning………..and then saw your post. Steel cut oatmeal mixed with 5-grain oatmeal, berries, chopped walnuts, white egg omlettes with cheese, whole grain toast with nutella (there pick not mine) and fresh-squeezed orange juice. That’s a weekday. We have gone back to the full eggs-and-bacon breakfast for weekends and boy did we miss those the last few years! After looking at yours I guess it means if I really want to raise the bar to Slim Paley level I better get back up there and set a table…………jeez! Great post Slim and oh………….have to add more cut fruit too. I figure my husband’s and son’s patients will appreciate my efforts in feeding the boys before I send them on their way to “help” people. I am also trying to win the wifey award since I am semi-retired. Actually, this comment is more fun, can I do another tomorrow night? Much love XO

    • Hi Cecily
      We stayed at The Mandarin Oriental and absolutely LOVED LOVED it. I rec. staying in the old part of the hotel- it has more character than the new wing.
      Have a great time!

      • Thank you! My husband and I stayed there on our honeymoon 22 years ago and are returning to Thailand for a vacation. I had thought of staying there again but your endorsement tells me it is still worth the cost!

  10. I lurve me some breakfast! I do a smoothie each morning. Fruits, chia seeds and kale! Yes, you cannot taste it. Plus, I lurve me some coffee or tea each morning. Gwyneth Paltrow recently said in a GOOP post how she often dreams about her first cup of coffee for the next day as she goes to bed at night. That is so me!!!! Crazy, huh? We all need something to look forward to each day, and for me that is gourmet coffee. Wishing you sweet dreams and the top 6!!!

    • Try Google! lol. “My” Iron Monger looks like a Harley’s Angels member straight out of central casting- no joke!
      I nearly died when I first opened the door. He also made several fireplace surrounds for me, the front door hardware and the massive iron chandelier in the great room of the Sun Valley house. He is SO talented.


  12. Now I’m hungry.
    I only like breakfast at night.
    I don’t know how you do all this but you are simply wonderful, Slimmy.

  13. “When in doubt, pinky out!” ~Patrick Starr. I am SO taking you up on those tangerine mimosas. The real kind, not from Cafe World on Facebook. Although my definition of “tangerine” is “Trader Joe’s No Pulp Orange Juice.” Love the new breakfasts, great ideas for me since I stopped eating meat. Going to Costco tomorrow.

  14. Slim! How could you?? I just arrived in NYC, starving with nothing to eat in the fridge and I am now salivating over your post. Gorgeous. That cappuccino in Greece looks like “Flat White” to me. Delicious.

  15. I am also trying the healthy breakfast initiative but I make eggs and bacon at 6:30 every morning for my daughter – so hard to resist that bacon. We have a swing out grill also at our ski house and my husband cooks on it every night – everything tastes better over a wood fire!!

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  17. Hi Slim, like you I have never been keen on breakfasts, can’t eat before 10:00 in the morning. This year however, now that I have retired, I am having brunch more often which is great. I follow a blog, Mowielicious, he has a “breakfast page” with some great ideas for a different breakfast (or brunch in my case) everyday. Love your ‘iron roaster’, I noticed it in a picture on one of your previous posts and thought what a cool idea. Love, love love, Greek breakfast, the egg shapers, tea cup pigs ‘pinky’, cozy bedrooms, and your vintage toaster. Good luck with the Hommies, for sure you will win, as I was scrolling down all I could see was, Slim Paley, Slim Paley………..!!!

  18. I just love that you have an iron monger !!! Have been trying endlessly to cast my vote for SP
    on the Homies but my internet is moving at a snails pace at the moment. I will keep trying…you must win as the mimosas look delish !!

  19. Hmmmm, granola, bloody mary, granola, bloody mary….
    Geeeze pictures of eggs in the morning would normally have me quickly scrolling along.
    I’m still here and doing just fine though, only because you’ve given me so many delightful choices for the first meal of the day.
    That and the fact that your food editing & photography skills have me salivating!
    Slim, I’m a new reader so I’ve poured myself another cup of coffee and plan to stay put for a while longer to meander around this lovely blog of yours.

    • Good luck Lisa–I found Slim’s blog and could not rest until I had read and looky looked at every single one!

  20. Slim,
    So glad there are others out there that don’t like breakfast! I too don’t like the choices,
    except for super fresh fruit like what you have in the Bangkok photo.
    And thanks for the adorable photo of the tea-cup piglet…and pointing out the little
    pinkie extended, as I didn’t see that the first time.
    The tomatoes roasting over the open fire made my mouth water, as I imagined them
    placed over hot, steaming pasta with a grate of fresh parmesan and thick slices of
    buffalo mozzarella. Now that could be breakfast!

  21. For the first time I beg to differ , I looove breakfast, so thank you for inspiring me to get creative with the “simply breakfast blog”. Is that your “scrap board” in the picture behind the smoothie”???? Oh and I think you better get ready for those Tangerine Mimosas, I just took a look at the homie votes and it looks like you are leading the race!!!! 🙂

  22. hey Homie..

    I’m reading your post while drinking a super strong mug of french roast coffee with just the perfect amount of 18% fat coffee cream….heaven is

    The photos are amazing in this post!

  23. I’ve long had a dream of a wee, spartan cabin by a river to escape to – that’s what helps me get to sleep at night – tonight I’ll be incorporating the Morten Holtum photo into the mix. Perfect.

    Slim – will you be notifying us when it’s time to re-cast our votes once you make it into the final six? I fear I will forget to if you don’t.

  24. That was the best breakfast/morning montage I’ve ever seen. I loved all of those pictures and especially admired that antique toaster! I never was a morning person until I had children. Now I have no choice. For breakfast I usually have a protein shake. It’s almost like a chocolate milkshake so, I feel like I’m indulging!
    Lila Ferraro

  25. I’m so proud of you Slim! Considering eating a good breakfast in the morning is a terrific leap in the right direction. 🙂

  26. Love this post (like all your posts!) Breakfast for me is different, depending on the day. During the week, when I have to get the kids off, etc., it’s usually something more healthful like whole grain cereal or yogurt with fruit or oatmeal. But on the weekend? When we’ve all slept in and are eating later, it will be pancakes, maybe sausage, or waffles. Or, if I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll make scones or muffins. But, whenever we have a snow day, it’s always pancakes and extra coffee and jammie day! (Having had 3 in the last two weeks, perhaps I should reconsider, at least for me, not the boys!) Our yard is beginning to look like Sun Valley! Just wish my house looked like yours… Can’t wait for the tangerine mimosa! You’re the best, Slim.

  27. To Kill a Mockingbird–one of my all-time faves!

    I can’t take the English breakfast, but a good croissant and café au lait would be perfect.

    You’re a shoo-in for the final 6.

  28. Slim,

    This one was fun! My favorite time of the day is during breakfast. Sure I don’t look my best yet, but I feel my best! I have my bread (i love bread, I can live eating just bread.. well, almost!) and my magazine and I dream… and drink my coffee.. and dream some more. I get so many of my posts ideas during breakfast.

    Love the last picture… so pretty.

    Have a great week and thank you for sharing your pics, they’re always the best!


    Luciane at

    PS: Drop by to say hello, ok? 🙂

  29. Dear Slim, it’s 7.20am in London and I am starving after reading this wonderful post! Your pictures are gorgeous as ever.

    Simpson’s in the Strand is going strong. They serve breakfast from 7.15am… I am tempted! Have a great week xx

  30. I have been following your blog since the summer. I have loved your style, your sense of humor, your pictures, your reading suggestions. And coming from a person who does not facebook, twitter, wiki,(whatever that is), and barely e-mails, I have never felt the need to comment. I just read and enjoy in my own solitude. While I love breakfast with drinks, great bedrooms, benches in gardens, you so got me with To Kill a Mockingbird. I gasped while I got teary eyed listening to that final scene. So I had to figure out how this posting a comment thing works. Hopefully you get this.

    Love, love, love your blog.
    PS If I can figure out how to nominate you for a hommie, I’ll vote.

    • THANK YOU Jackie!! I’m so happy it makes someone else cry!!

      And thank you so much for all your kind words
      and for hopefully figuring out the voting!

  31. i would simply give anything to stay in bed this morning and have any of the above sent up. Breakfast in bed is my favorite treat in the whole world. Remember how everyone from Cecil Beaton to Diana Cooper used to have bed pillows, and breakfast trays? Nicky’s friend Terry Kramer has the ultimate bed accessory, the perfectly designed lucite cart that houses telephone, notepad, papers, books, trinkets and whatnot….i covet it and hope once my children are grown i will start my day the good old fashioned way….with correspondence in bed while sipping hot strong tea. x Colette

  32. Hi Slim,
    Have you ever burnt the toast in the gorgeous antique toaster?
    I love it, I really love it, so much so that I thought I might source one for myself. Then I thought of my cooking skills, and my record for burning cookware. Decided it might be dodgy in my house.
    Ditto the gorgeous kitchen bench/planter. Another wonderful invention, it looks so beautiful, but alas, I would manage to make a mess of one of those.
    I do like the idea of the roaster over the fire however. anything I burn in one of those, would just go “up in flames” straight up the chimney. That one’s a keeper for me.

  33. Yes Louise, the roaster is a keeper for sure- I love it. I don’t use the vintage toaster, though it works, the cord is made of fabric, which scares me. I now covet both the new toaster I posted and the one Canuck added to the comments- it is cool!

    PS. You are going to be in trouble for not crediting Faux Fuschia for the use of “sourcing”!

    • 1.EEEEEEEk, thank you for that reminder! I’m usually very good with my FF credits, but that one just slipped right by.
      2.On the topic of “sourcing” (Faux Fuchsia 2009, 2010, 2011), Where does one purchase a teacup piglet? Does that little critter look gorgeous or what?
      3.Couldn’t you get a new (but old looking) electric cord for the vintage toaster?
      4. I think eggs are truly “the devil’s work” (FF, 2010) so can’t really covet Canuck’s toaster.

  34. LOVE..LOVE the toaster you got – 10 years ago… keep up the collection !
    Also VERY jealous that you have a fire in the kitchen.
    Just sent me off to my own dreamworld again.
    Amazing blog – first time I see it..definitely coming back..and certainly going to vote for you now !!

  35. i love this. i just posted about breakfast this morning…. in england, we do it a bit different. less fruit. more… baked beans. 🙂

    i loved seeing the fortnum & mason jams though. oh, i die. they have some of the best aged balsamic, too…

  36. Dang, I’m late to the party…Christmas and NYE to blame. Love your old toaster…it’s so charming. Amazing that it works. The Back to Basics toaster with egg cooker is so clever. I’ve added it to my wish list but not sure how much room it takes.

    I love breakfast, guess it’s because I am a morning person and your images made me hungry, very delicious looking…can’t do herbal tea, must have coffee in the AM and black tea of some kind the rest of the time.

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