As Valentine’s Day is but a breathless day or two away,

I thought I’d gather a few of my roses for you.

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 12.24.26 AMSome fun with Instagram 

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 2.57.51 PMI zoomed these roses through a shop window in Paris. I think the glass had a beautiful effect on them, don’t you?



The Beloved

It is enough of honor for one lifetime

To have known you better than the rest have known

The shadows and colours of your voice,

Your will, immutable and still as stone.

The shy heart so lonely and so gay,

The sad laughter and the pride of pride,

The tenderness, the depth of tenderness

Rich as the earth, and wide as heaven is wide.


Sara Teasdale


L1010648From my garden.  

K, I’m ready for spring.

screen-shot-2011-02-13-at-1-41-21-pmDo you have any special plans for this romantic day that, let’s admit, has become just a tad commercialized ?


Remember way back before political correctness when as kids in primary school we were allowed to send Valentine’s cards to whomever we wished and not necessarily the entire class, girls & boys both??

I DO. Oh, The Horror.

I will have dinner out with my husband of 25 years (this April. He would have sent me a Valentine in class) and then we’ll rush home to watch the opening season of “Survivor!”

I know. Can you believe how hot that is?!


Thank you to all you sweethearts that have voted for me in the final round of the  HOMIES 



And have a beautiful Carnation & Baby’s Breath-free Valentine’s Day!



(moving pic & children via Tumblr)


  1. You are so adorable! ”
    Baby’s breath free day” Such a
    perfect wish. We are so lucky to have you.
    Wishing you the same along with big gifts
    In small turquoise boxes.

  2. Ahhh, this is just what I needed tonight! I could smell the roses through my computer, I’m sure of it! Happy Valentine’s Day! And yes, highly commercialized. Which is why my husband and I celebrated on Sunday with homemade steak and frites, a bottle of Champagne after kids went to bed. Glamorous!

  3. Hi Slim,
    I will be in Alabama for Valentin’e Day, watching my God-daughter get married to her sweetheart! How’s that for a romantic Valentine’s Day! Btw, I am a huge “Survivor” fan, NEVER missed a season! Cheers!

    Cathy :-}

  4. Beautiful photos; lovely poem; your posts always raise my endorphin levels – as good as a box of chocolates – and calorie free! Have fun celebrating, Ruth

  5. We are going to celebrate over the weekend and part of the reason is because of Survivor as well. I am so glad to hear we are not the only ones still watching that show 😉 I did give up on the Bachelor a few seasons ago so I feel like I still have room for Survivor in my schedule. Now if I can only get rid of those darn Housewive shows on my DVR…….

    P.S. You deserve 1st place in the Homies. Vote everybody!! Vote, vote, vote and share! 😉

  6. Happy Anniversary, Slim (come April) in case I forget to send a card! We’re celebrating 40 years the 24th, I was but a child when we met.
    I love the roses and can hardly wait for spring! (Don’t let our east coast readers hear what our (California) definition of “cold” is!
    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your Valentine, and Survivor.

  7. I remember choosing who to send school Valentines to and it had meaning. Then my kids had to send them to everyone in class…lame. A bottle of bubbly and a nice Lobster dinner for us! Congrats on 25 years! I’m ready for spring too!!

  8. thank you for those images of roses…just brings a sense of calmness, serenity and beauty…and, yes, in true Slim style, the quip about the carnation/baby breath made me chuckle…those just seem to fall short, don’t they? a rose is a rose…the poem by Sara was exquisite..I have never had a poem written for me…nor have I ever tried to write one. heartfelt words….now that is a gift!

  9. The Paris roses divine and yours perfection! Thank you for sharing. Carnations…how they have fallen from favor. I agree, especially when tasteless people color them – green for St. Patrick’s day for example? What is that about?
    Loved the poem…

  10. LOVE the children and the HUG! But the ROSES brought tears to my eyes. Can we doubt divinity while gazing at a rose? And of course your candor, Dear Slim…the plans for your evening…YOU are love. Thank you.

  11. Just perfect ~ from the stunning flowers to that heartwarming hug at the end! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours! {As a fellow marriage veteran ~ 29 for us in August! ~ your plans sound like our idea of fun! Just add in some Ben and Jerry’s and we are happy love birds!}

  12. The 14th is all about the kids: mine are still in grade school, so cards & candy abound. The husband & I are going out on Friday night…as long as we don’t go see the new “Die Hard” movie, that’s romantic enough for me. 😉

  13. Roses are not my biggest Flower Love but yours are divine. So blowsy. As my mother would say.

    I can still remember the excitement of being 15 and wondering if I would get a card from an anonymous boy.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you my dear.


  14. Slim love your gorgeous roses..Wish i could grow such lovely ones…Valentines has changed! Now my son ( and all kids at our school’s upper grades) has to make compliment Valentines for each individual in their class with a heartfelt compliment and it can’t be about a physical feature or if they are good at sports. It takes some time to fill these out! I do think my son liked getting them last year, but he said some kids just filled them out with anything… This is besides the regular cards!

    We do a family dinner together by the fire at Valentines…Hope you have fun. And win the Homies!


  15. Happy Valentines Day to you! And yes, Carnation and Baby’s Breath free as well. (My husband got the memo years ago). Beautiful colorful roses, Slim! Looking forward to Valentines Day and our 35th anniversary on Monday! Thank you for your beautiful posts!

  16. Valentines Day is fairly new in Australia certainly it wasnt ‘celebrated ‘ when Iwas a child or in my teens or my twenties come to that .

    In the film “Picnic at Hanging Rock” the girls celebrate St Valentine before going on a picninc to the Rock

    Love the roses

  17. i love baby’s breath and carnations 🙁 jk anyway, I am gnawing on a piece of cold steak right now, hoping the protein will boost my immunity ( ? still sick) I am HOT, seriously, I am hot…either fever or hot flash, this Valentine will be in bed alone, keeping the germs to myself ….are those roses from your garden right now????

  18. No flowers, no commercialism here, just 3 days of heaven sent weather, fabulous eats, l o n g walks on the beach, hiking Cold Spring…all thanks to you, SP. We have spent all Valentine’s days in memory in your adopted hometown and environs. Your tips and favorites have added to a family tradition starting with my parent’s honeymoon at San Ysidro Ranch. Congratulations on your upcoming HUGE anniversary!
    xoxo, Chris

  19. Thank you “Homies”! I finished 4th in the finals. Pretty darn good, all in all, but no medal for me this year.
    Good thing I’m lucky in LOVE 🙂

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