Are you going to eat that?


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This is one of my favourite Instagram accounts to follow;  @rawveganblonde


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Fresh fruits & vegetables, leaves, nuts, flowers…all exquisitely arranged by this really talented young lady in the U.K. named Amber.



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Just gorgeous, right?!


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Like the most beautiful Hermes scarf you can eat.



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You can read more about Amber on her website  HERE 




I’m guessing her mother never told her not to play with her food.


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“It’s a joy to use beautiful ingredients and my work aims to showcase their unique qualities, reflect the changing seasons of the year and also be a celebration of healthy living!”  Amber


Some of her photos are available to order on the website. She also accepts custom orders.


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Like this fabulously embellished “N” for a company logo.



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Some people are so damn talented.




If these didn’t make me so happy,  I’d be sad I hadn’t thought of them first.

Not that I’d be able to execute anything even vaguely close, but at least I could say I’d “thought” of it.


Though we’ve never met or spoken, I’m sure Amber must have a lot of fun designing and putting these amazing creations together.

How great to be able to combine all the things you love to eat and drink into works of art.


Cheers to Amber’s creativity and fresh smoothies all round!



PS. Stayed tuned for my empty wine bottle art in the near future! 😉




All photos via Amber’s Instagram & website.

*I have no affiliation with


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  1. Divine! Hermes scarves came instantly to mind! What an artist! Love love love!


    Have you seen what my brilliant former assistant…..(25 years ago; I am still patting myself on the back for hiring her and having her accept my job!!)

    Haney in Paris with Sally Perrin!

    Lord have mercy!!


  2. Gorgeous!!! What an incredible idea and talent. The last one with the Paisleys (genius) made me think of the V & A exhibition the Fabric Of India I saw yesterday, which is stunning, I think you should come to London to see it.

  3. okay, so that is the coolest thing EVER! Wow, what a great find!!! and yes, I am FINALLY home from Round Top! Goodness! And yes, I’ll be going back in the Spring!!!! It was CRAZY fun Slimmy!!!! xoxox

  4. Simply brilliant. Thanks so much for sharing Amber’s amazing work & delightful blog.

    A teeny observation. Me thinks the Harrod’s style editor may not get the Vegan strategery. Suggesting: “Amber’s Autumn salad…perfect with meat or fish…” heee🍆🍷

  5. It is funny that you mentioned Hermès scarves—-that is exactly what I thought of when I saw her art. It is exceptional when you can take nature’s bounty in it’s simplest form, arrange it and create these beautiful arrangements. Thanks for sharing! I am going to take a peek at her website.

  6. Pretty good stuff here, Slim. As my mom says:”If you are an artist, you gotta have a gimmick!” 🙂

  7. Beautiful …pretty and all the rest….My grandson, Connor, (family week-end at Rhodes College) created me an Instragram account (oh what have I been missing) and after grandkids of course I followed you & Frances Schultz ….a new adventure from the lens of so many cameras.

  8. “PS. Stayed tuned for my empty wine bottle art in the near future!” OMG!! You ROCK MY BOAT!!! I absolutely adored ALL of the above!! franki

  9. Spectacular, unusual, refreshing, Hermes-like! I would wear one!!!! Are they on silk?
    Thank you for sharing a very unusual find.

  10. Slim, I just started following her, adore her great style!! Amber is so talented!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Parish-Hadley Tree of Life

  11. These are amazing. In fact, when I saw just a portion of the first image as I was scrolling down, I thought it was going to be a post about scarves…I actually thought the paisley was just paisley, not paisley designed with food. Wow, this truly is one talented woman. I’d love my initial adorned with pretty vegetables and fruit!

  12. I would love to go to a dinner smorgasbord extravaganza spread like that, such a feast for the eyes and so yummy!… fact, I’m going to do that for Thanksgiving! What a fab idea, I can hardly wait!

  13. Beautiful…and I hope someone from Hermes reads your blog and commissions a scarf design from Amber!
    Not clever enough to cut and paste from my iPad to your comments, but check out Floraforager. (.com?). She does clever collages from flowers, leaves, etc.

  14. L.O.V.E. Love her artistic eye and flexibility too! I want the kale one!!! Looking forward to the empty wine bottle post…almost tossed ours last weekend during a pantry remodel.
    Loved catching up here…will you re-design my blog so it behaves the way yours does?
    xo LP

    • Thank you Lisa, but I can’t even tell you how much you DON’T want your blog to behave the way mine does!!
      I’m happy with the overall look and very pleased with the ‘SEARCH’ tab (this was huge for me, as so many people would ask for links to old posts and I had no quick way to do that)
      However my subscription sign-up box & email alerts (or rather lack thereof) still prove to be a constant source of frustration. 🙁

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