A Whiter Shade of Pale(y)


Slim Paley photo

Monday. Hmmm…

Is it almost Friday afternoon yet??   I don’t know about you, but I need a nice, peaceful dose of white to still the waters.

And perhaps some beautiful, haunting music to facilitate the mood I’m striving for…

Do you feel it yet??

Alexander McQueen Spring ’11

via DW lighting


.Dolce & Gabbana Spring ’11

Herv Lighting


Stella McCartney Spring ’11

Slim Paley photos

I liked these little glass “jewel” boxes available in the gift shop of the Museum of Design in NYC.

Perfect for cotton pads, et al, in an all white bath or dressing room

Photo David Tsay for House Beautiful

My Beach House bathroom  (floor mat with ‘strewn accessories’ from Tokyo)

.Victoria Hagan’s new book is chic, elegant and understated.

I Love the ‘church pew’ wainscot seating on the cover.

A perfect spot to grill teen-agers with shifty plans for the night, while they wait for your little Angels 🙂 

.Patricia Urquiola White leather “smock chair”

photo via Warren Heath Interiors

You know I’m mad about Pith helmets…I have a beautiful white one similar to this in my collection.

One day I’m going to wear it to the local Starbucks. Just to shake things up.

It’s a small town.

Me. Here. Now.

All photos via Zambezi Queen.

(Next time, they WILL be taken by Slim Paley :))

Rag & Bone  Spring 2011

woops….  it will come to me. Feel free to guess.

..Modern Nursery.com

S.image from Cote Est Magazine

I love this simple little tripod table.

Henry Beguelin white leather folding chair.

.Gandia Blasco outdoor Teepee

Now that’s what I call Milk glass

For more info click here

“La Suite” by Jean Paul Gaultier for ELLE DECORATION (France, with Roche Bobois)

A very marshmallowy hotel room.

Consuelo Castigliaoni ‘marni’ residence.

Theurel & Thomas check it out

I think I featured this once before, but it’s just so gorgeous, I couldn’t resist putting including it in the white post...

Gandia Blasco outdoor daybed 

Paper art images via Flickr.

“Silver Mountain”  by Creed

Supposedly for men, but at the risk of sounding like a ’70’s Irish Spring commercial, EYYYYYE Like it toooo.

Dolce & Gabbana Spring ’11

.Martin Margiela

Reminds me of when girls used to use white shoe polish on their “Sunday Go to Church” shoes and they would be all matt instead of patent!

(and is it just me, or is something slightly off in the scale of this boot?!)

Dolce Finale’ Spring ’11

.The window of Lanvin NYC

.The window of Lanvin NYC

Right, I think it’s just about time for a glass of white wine

or two 🙂



  1. Exquisite!
    White flowers, any, my favorite.
    The white boot IS off somehow, besides being quite hideous.
    Peacocks in Lanvin window, to die.
    Zambizi Queen? Me. There. Now.
    Your music soundtrack, superb.

  2. Lovely, as always. The Zambizi Queen is a dream. I love the contemporary home with the firewood stacked up to the ceiling.

    I’ll be in Santa Barbara in the spring. Will you wait until then to visit Starbucks in the pith helmet??

    most refreshing!

  3. Wow! I will have to take all of this beautiful in three or more doses! I LOVE that nursery image, and the first image (taken by you:)) is gorgeous.
    Have a great week.

  4. What beautiful images!!! I am with you on the pith helmet – you could rock that look at Starbucks and people would be so cool as to not notice.

    Love everything and especially the macaron, which are delectable in any flavour!

    All lovely! Terri xo

  5. What a divinely sophisticated tribute to the color white. While it’s not generally known in the western world, in China white is considered a color. Doesn’t it look more like that is an arm sticking out of the white boot, not a leg???? And how enchanting to end with one perfect small white macaroon after such a visual festival of elegance meal!

    • Oh yes- I guess that would be nice if I mentioned that! It is Bats For Lashes “Moon and Moon”
      I love it too.

  6. Beautimus!!! If you are ever “randomly” in Birmingham, Alabama (hey, it’s really not a bad place to visit at all) anyway, if you’re ever there, there is a place called “White Flowers”. It is simply the most heavenly shop to ever go. You would love it!!!

  7. You are by far my favorite blog! And totally agree, the scale is off on that boot. Just looks too big for her foot…

  8. Great way to wake up…I played the track and got lost in your gorgeous images. Love, love the white dresses!

  9. Oh, Slim…

    I am with a huge headache today and I just came here quickly to take a look at you new post. This was heaven.. light, beautiful.. everything that I needed to look at.

    Thank you for the white/calming post.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  10. The white boots remind me of when in the 70-ies I needed a pair of white over- the- knee boots. The only ones I could find were in black so I painted them white. After about 5 steps the white paint started cracking, at the end of the outing, it looked like I suffered from some strange skin disease. Wonder how these boots hold up.
    Another winner of a post, thanks!

  11. Love the color-themed posts. I will need that foyer with the church pews in a few years when my husband grills my daughters’ future boyfriends. I bought the lotion from your previous post over the weekend. I had such horribly dry hands, cracked and bleeding, that people would ask what was wrong with them. In just a few days, they have completely healed. I also had such dry heels it hurt to walk. They are healed too! You are a miracle worker, Slim Paley!

  12. just beautiful…all of it. Especially loved the white macaroon waiting at the end…with a glass of white wine…(in about 12 hours from now).

  13. Love all the images in this post…fantastic!

    Jayne (above) nailed the boot “A Frye boot trying to get pure and sexy at the same time”

    The milk art is so cool.

    I think I could make that tripod table

  14. OMG White is my favorite color to wear and live in
    I thinking of remolding I need you and the cruise and the white wine
    0x0x0x0x0x r

  15. Yes Slim, Roxi loves white, as do I.

    White… calming, clean, pure, fresh.

    Love the white dresses and white shoes… more, please!

  16. This reminds me of my “white lace Stevie Nicks” phase in high school. Every single piece of clothing I owned was white, right down to my white walkman.

    I see white is also the color for Spring ’11 too. Good to note.


  17. Love this post, every single shot is superb. I have to say, white would be the only color in my closet if it made sense. All the gowns are “to live for ” I honestly could not choose only one. Slim if you get away with
    the helmet at Starbucks, return next day with that paper art headpiece, you could make that!!!!
    It really does look like an arm coming out of that silly boot, brings a smile never the less. Zambezi Queen, what an amazing vacation would that be? Perhaps one day.
    Thanks again for your lovely eye candy Slim. xo

  18. Thank you for this White Post!!!! I thought you might have played the White Stripes! lol . OK that description of shoe polish is so dead on. I used to polish my shoes and loved doing it, partly for the smell but also partly for the crispness I could get. I had forgotten all about that! I had white Go Go boots, too, and felt so cool in them.
    Where is the Zambezi Queen and when can we go?
    When we go, can we wear all the D and G dresses?
    I have all white leather luggage.

    • The Zambezi Queen is in Africa L.E.
      and excuse me, ALL WHITE LEATHER luggage??
      It doesn’t get much more decadent than that girlfriend!

  19. White dress is maybe Carolina Herrera?
    And the milk glass website is AMAZING — you can make your own interactively (!)
    What great finds, again —
    Thank you!

  20. I used to love that little fuzzy applicator in the white shoe polish bottle. The Sunday night ritual was to polish my saddle shoes and later Bermuda Bouncers–anyone remember these styles?

  21. Have to give you extra kudos for your choice of Spring fashions in white, I agree much research went into same to please your following. Hope you are looking forward to wearing them Spring ’11.
    I promise I will call it a day and peep no more. One last comment, Lady Eve has white luggage . Now THAT is the “last word ” Lucky lady.

  22. hi slim,

    oh the shifty plans of teenagers. love that line. i wonder why?

    the shoe polish thing got me too. a good catholic schoolgirl always polished her shoes on sunday night.

    oh and did you know white is my favorite color? especially in stripes.



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