A Posy of Easter Violets




Slim Paley Photo

Montecito Wisteria



I‘m delivering  you a posy of ‘Easter Violets’ a little early as I’m off to NY this weekend to visit Older Son.

So excited!

Looking forward to lots and lots of walking with him so that I may enjoy all the dinner reservations we’ve made completely guilt free!

Yes, that might involve a walk to Brooklyn…I hear you…

Slim Paley photo

A very Eastery bouquet in my living room.  Did you know that tulips continue to grow after you cut them?! As much as a couple of inches! Look how much these ones are sticking out of the arrangement.

Measure yours next time if you don’t believe me-

Now would I make that up?!


Via Town & Country Magazine

Stephen Russell Gold & Amethyst necklace circa 1850

Helloooo Easter Bunny!


Slim Paley Photo

I served these pretty Lavender Pudds for a Moroccan themed birthday party last week



This recipe is super easy, most unusual and positively yummy!

But YOU win the prize if you can find in the text where it says to add the two tablespoons of butter listed in the ingredients.

We split the difference in case the butter was just a mistake by only adding 1 tablespoon instead of two.

We also cheated a wee bit by using two Revolution Earl Grey Lavender tea bags instead of the fresh lavender- I had tons but weren’t sure how strong the flavour would be.

I used the red & blue food colouring as I didn’t have violet and sprinkled a few candied violets over the top.

(Tea available on Amazon and it’s delicious and sooo fragrant, with a touch of bergamot)

Slim Paley photo

Always wrap like you mean it :)






Purple Agate necklace $850 via Boticca.com



Slim Paley photo

The Wisteria has been positively spectacular this Spring


The colour of these Nicholas Kirkwood booties leaves me weak.

I’d love to paint a room this shade!


Slim Paley Photo

Please don’t tell me I’m the only one that sees that happy little dolphin face in the wisteria tree trunk – and no, I’m perfectly sober.

I never drink when I pack…U-Haul would have to be called.



Sadly, I will just be missing “Savage Beauty”, the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met.


Vogue photo

A perfectly reasonable excuse to return to New York again before July 31st, don’t you agree??


Slim Paley Photo

Happiness is a bouquet of fresh lilac


and a Lavendertini 🙂

(from a previous Slim Paley post)


Portrait of Alice Perry Grew by Lilla Cabot Perry

Poor thing- looks like she could have used a Lavendertini

Ps. I say we bring back fresh corsages– how divinely romantic!

In another life I would make fresh ones myself and sell them on Etsy…maybe that’s what I will do when I grow up!



OK, I had better get back to my packing…

Have a spot of lavender tea on me, and Wishing Everyone a very Joyous Easter Weekend!




  1. Stunning blog again Slim. Your Wisteria has the real WOW factor – amazing photography and colours. I love the Dior watch and the Nicholas Kirkwood booties. Have a fantastic time in NYC and have a Lavendertini for me and I hope the Easter Bunny is good to you. Happy Shopping.

  2. Breathe taking! You, my dear, have an incredible eye for color. I would buy your fresh corsages everyday. Boy, I’d have to start dressing better to live up to your corsages…hmm.
    I so enjoy your beautiful blog, and the peeks into your lovely homes and gardens.
    Thank you for sharing.
    SF Bay Area

  3. Breathtaking photos!!
    IF you don’t want the tulips to grow after you cut them, make a tiny slit on the stem up by the flower bud (I swear it works!).
    I’m heading to New York myself, and since you are the guru of knowing THE coolest most eat-worthy restaurants could you pleeease share some eateries on your list???
    Bon Voyage!! 🙂

  4. i have a wonderful recipe for lavender cookies – perfect with a cup of earl grey tea – the first time i made them i was worried that it would be like eating soap – instead they were divine

  5. The continuing growth of the tulips is bizare and a wee bit creepy – As an experiment I left some in a vase after the blossoms were dead and they still continued to grow about 6 inches. But, tulips are gorgeous and I couldn’t live without them.

    I am completely in love with the wrapping paper (any source info.) I still miss the old violet strewn Bonwit Teller bags and wish I had kept one. You might just need a Bergdorf’s purchase for their classic lavender bag as an Easter accessory.

    I see the dolphin as well as a really nasty looking angler fish to its right, but I did have a bit of wine so maybe it is a turtle.

    I also agree that the coursage is due for a comeback along with the parasol(maybe not together – one wouldn’t want to look like an anachronism).

    Lovely post and a Happy Easter to you!

  6. It’s all so beautiful, Slim, and the necklace – absolutely breathtaking. Love the watch too. I was dreaming of a ligne roset togo in lavender for my new place…just a thought, so soothing and springy. Happy Easter to you and your family, have a great time here in NY, I have to check out that exhibit!

  7. hi slim,

    i knew you must be leaving town b/c the weather is supposed to be clearing. but how wonderful to be visiting #1 for easter.

    i think i went to the same school that jennifer lynn pelka went to as i always mess up when writing recipes. readers or larry usually catch my mistakes.

    and btw i am an awful gift wrapper. i don’t know why either. i’m just the worst and it’s embarrassing.

    your flowers are just beautiful. have a safe and happy trip.


  8. Oh, and if you’re in the area of the Time Warner Center there is a delicious elderberry and lavender concoction at the Stone Rose Lounge.

  9. Love all violets and the pretty! thank you as always. happy travels, and yes! come to Brooklyn — the cherry blossoms are still putting on a show at BBG. Plus the VCA exhibition is still at Cooper-Hewitt. Cheers,

  10. You just confirmed to me that the tulips DO grow! I thought I was losing my mind last week. I had tulips that I trimmed one day, and a few days later, they were crawling out of the vase, slumping over extra long! I knew it! I knew they grew! Enjoy NYC. Love ALLLLLLL the lavender! xo

  11. I have a great idea, SP. When you’re in NY this weekend, just come on by my house and do some of your magic here. I will make you a Lavendertini — or 2 – 0r 3.

  12. Gorgeous as always! Violet is the color of spring – I’m wearing a new lilac colored shirt myself today (with white color and french cuffs). I had no idea tulips continue to grow -your bouquet is gorgeous. Lilacs…yummy!

  13. Gorgeous post! I’m quite impressed with your lavender pudding, but further down isn’t that a bouquet of fresh LILACS? And that’s just crazy about tulips continuing to grow. Really? The wisteria is gorgeous! Hubby cut ours (a volunteer) back to nearly nothing last year because he was afraid it would bring down the power/phone lines it was entwining 🙁 Happily, some remained and gave a good show. We need to figure out how to trim it back to create those thick twisted trunks that look like something from a fairy tale. Wisteria is a bit of a monster and will take over if given half a chance. And, yes, I see the dolphin face and maybe others? Reminds me of those drawings for children where you found all different kinds of animals hidden in the trunks and boughs of trees. Enjoy your trip to New York.

  14. be still my heart! so beautiful!!! yes to smiling dolphin….enjoy your weekend with older son…yay for you! thank you for yet another stunning visual feast.

  15. I love how you’ve assembled the most amazing lavender photos, including the ones you took. But that floral dress from Vogue is breathtaking. I did see the dolphin in the wisteria trunk too, even without a martini or two. BTW, never had a lavendertini before. I like my martinis dirty, thank you very much!
    Enjoy your trip to NYC–I just got back a few weeks ago. Hope the weather is nicer for you! ~Delores

  16. Lilaclicious! What are those sweet purple buttons of petals in the cups? … tinitulip?
    I know that lavender pudding was scrumptious with those clever violet candies as sprinkles – lucky person that found that surprise treasure sitting in front of them. It has been a lovely lavender month what with all the early spring gifts from the ground. The agapanthus are just stretching up and that is the end of my purples – so as a lavender groupie – thank you.

  17. Beautiful as always, Slim! I love using lavender in cooking, but have never had a lavendertini! Have you visited Santa Ynez Lavender Co? It’s only 30 minutes away, but feels like Provence…

  18. Oh, how I LOVE VIOLETS and all things LAVENDER !!!!! My precious little Fur-Baby is even Named – “Little Miss Violet Dior” !!!!! By the way, I intend to make the pudding – AND – in pudding recipes, you always stir in the butter after you take the mixture off the heat ! Hope this helps ! Have a Lovely Lavender Weekend ! V

  19. I’m thinking: I can’t believe Slim is going away and leaving all those beautiful flowers home alone. Stunning. Thank you, Mother Nature and Slim.

  20. Travelling mercies to you on your trip to NYC and a JOYEOUS Easter weekend celebration with your family. I’ll be visiting my parents with son in tow, too 🙂
    Do lavender dryer sheets count?
    LuvYa-MeanIt, Courtney

  21. I wish I could grow lilacs. Love your posts…something to look forward to, they always bring a smile or chuckle!

    Have fun in NY.


  22. Gorgeous photos !! Your wisteria flowers are so amazing and I never knew that about tulips !! That McQueen ring is to die for..I would love to see the Met exhibit ! Have a fun trip.


  23. I have made violet ice cream and it was delicious. My favorite shampoo in the world is Lavanda from Santa Maria Novella in Florence , Italy.. Great camera. Danette

  24. Lilacs, freesia and wisteria ~ three of my favorite scents! What beautiful bouquets, and then those jewels..would you love to have that cool weight on my clavicle!!


  25. Hi Slim…I can smell the lavender through your perfect pics……And the lavender pudding….Yum,yum!!!!!…..Our building in Paris is covered of lavender as well!!!!!…Have a good trip in NYC….

  26. My compliments to your divine taste in all things design, food, couture and photography are frankly becoming redundant (please forgive the gushing adoration)…many Easter blessings to you and your family!

    P.S. Amazing dolphin face in that Wisteria! What a joy it must be to walk by it daily!

  27. What a breath of fresh respite, Slim Paley. You would love this store in my town: http://www.temeculalavenderco.com/ You’ve inspired me to visit it since homeschooling a fifth grader is turning out a lot tougher than I thought (do you know how to find the area of a parallelogram?) I see the happy dolphin face too. Reminds me of Polyanna who always seeks out the good in everything. In fact I might just go to the lavender store in braided pig tails. 🙂

  28. Forgot to add the significance of lavender as it relates to Easter: in the Bible lavender was called “spikenard” or “nard.” This is the ointment the woman used to anoint Jesus’ feet, and Judas complained that the money spent on this ointment could have been used for the poor. In the movie Jesus Christ Superstar, it’s where they sing, “Try not to get worried, try not to turn on to problems that upset you…” 🙂

  29. What incredible wisteria! And could you possibly have grown those divine lilacs here??? Well on second thought YOU probably could! I do feel terribly out of it on this one however as the only allergies I have are sulfa and lavender! All those great things you write about I can’t enjoy. Have a lovely NYC Easter holiday!

  30. The Wisteria in NC is particularly beautiful this year, as well. And that smell… Heaven! I am currently looking for an excuse for an NYC jaunt myself. Maternity clothes AND McQueen. Yes, please! Happy Easter!

  31. Can you hear me laughing…..Uhaul would have to be called !! I am still laughing . That is such a visual. This post made me soooooo happy.

  32. Happy Easter to my favoritest, bestest, blogger—love , love your flower arrangements and everything lavender. Have a safe trip and take tons of pics to show us!

  33. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything with lavender in it, but that pudding looks delicious!

    Happy Easter to you and your family Slim, have fun in New York!

  34. I totally agree with pearlsandprose. A stunning post. I will revisit it many times I think.
    Have a wonderful time next week , enjoy your visit with big Son,
    Happy Easter , and thanks again for sharing . xo

  35. Gorgeous! Your photography is stunningly beautiful. Thank you for it, and for how you juxtapose it with images of equally gorgeous jewelry, dresses, and paintings. Such a treat for us, your fortunate readers. Marvelous!

  36. Butter is stirred into the pudding just after it comes off the heat and before it sets. Gives it a slightly richer finish, but is not strictly necessary as you found out.

  37. Hello SP,

    I’ve missing your blog! I’m not spending too much time online lately, I’m trying to take it easy since I found out I’m pregnant.

    This post is making me smile! It’s so beautiful.

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your son. 🙂 Nothing matter more in this life than creating great moments with people we love…

    Have a great week!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  38. once again your photographs are breathtaking Looking at your easter bouquet I could almost smell those lilacs. Your posts are definitely a bright spot in my day. Thanks for all the inspiration.

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