A Hat, an App and The Fab Four…

watercolours slimpaley.com

Newport RI. slimpaley.com

It’s Friday and

I’m in love…

with a new App that I must share, in case you haven’t discovered it yet.

 It takes your photos, like the one above

Waterlogue copy 2

and does this.

bookshelf slimpaley.com

Painted in Waterlogue slimpaley.com

and this. In like 10 seconds.

It’s called

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 12.43.31 PM

 Here’s the link;  WATERLOGUE

Amanwella, Sri Lanka slimpaley.com

The Amanwella hotel, Sri Lanka

Waterlogue slimpaley.com

The watercolour I did not paint when I was there.

The Ivy slimpaley.com

A very blurry and rushed iPhone photo

Painted in Waterlogue slimpaley.com

just became a little more interesting.

Here’s Waterlogue’s story;


vintage ice machine slimpaley.com

Original iPhone photo

ice machine slimpaley.com Instagram

makes its way onto ‘Instagram’

Painted in Waterlogue Slimpaley.com

and then ‘Waterlogued’

I’ll admit it’s a bit of a cheat, and certainly doesn’t come close to a real hand-done watercolour (except, ya it does!) but it’s so much fun!

Perhaps it might even inspire one to really paint.

marble kitchen  counter slimpaley.com

Our kitchen counter

Painted in Waterlogue

becomes a sweet little vignette

slim palsy beach house

A bedroom at the beach house (photo via House Beautiful)
Painted in Waterlogue


There are plenty of options to play with; depth of colours, brush strokes etc.

 for example,

Waterlogue info

but don’t let this scare you in any way- click 3 times Dorothy and bam, you’re an artist.

It’s THAT easy.

beach house slimpaley.com house beautiful

Another pic from the beach house (photo via House Beautiful)

Painted in Waterlogue

You can get as abstract as your little artistic heart desires

Waterlogues may be instantly emailed, tweeted, Tumblr-d, Instagramed, even sent as snail mail postcards directly from your account (for an additional $1.99)

The Front Porch, Sun Valley, slimpaley.com

  “The Front Porch” store in Sun Valley, Idaho

Painted in Waterlogue slimpaley.com

I really like this one, even if I do say so myself, but that’s part of the fun.  You never know how the pics will turn out. Some photos I think will be great don’t translate well and vice-versa. I’ve only just begun to play.

‘Waterlogue’ may very well have created their ultimate monster in me.


Lastly, as my post title promised, a flashback…

Not sure how many of you caught the Grammy Awards last Sunday, but much ado was made of Pharrell’s choice of “chapeau”

Now I’m not one to toot my own horn ( except every possible chance I get 🙂 ) but the moment I spied that HAT I was transported right back to 1980’s London faster than you can say “Kajagoogoo”!

I couldn’t resist chiming in to the Twitter Universe immediately ( I believe I was the first to call itcue horn) to inform all the haters that, in fact, Pharrell was sporting an uber cool vintage Vivienne Westwood/Malcom McLaren “Buffalo Girls” hat.

Yes, I’m that old and also apparently proud of it on occasion!

Pharrell's Vivienne Westwood hat

Pharrell's hat

These were early, East Coast feed tweets, People!!

BTW, Ronan never tweeted me back. Whatever…see if I watch his new show now.

Although I realise Malcolm McLaren & Vivs Westwood weren’t as well known Stateside, if you’re young and even vaguely interested or, um, perhaps just wish to ignite old memories too, you can click to view the original video HERE

As I hash-tagged in my tweet…nothing’s ever really new, just re-intrepeted.

Pharrell  Beatles special slimpaley.com

PS. Pharrell wore THE hat again the next night at the taping of ‘The Night That Changed America; A Grammy Salute to the The Beatles’  which I was most awesomely lucky enough to attend.

The Beatles 50th anniversary show , slimpaley.com

And what an brilliant show it was. I don’t want to spoil the surprises-just watch if you possibly can. It airs February 9th on CBS-50 years to the day The Beatles first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.

50 years.

George Harrison slimpaley.com

Have a FAB weekend and we’ll chat again…

in February!



PS. I have no affiliation nor receive any free stuff from Waterlogue



  1. AWESOME AND THEN SOME! Spot on Miss Slim! Spot on! Way to know your fashion history!!! Love it!

  2. I love that app!! I will get it, take pics and then paint the waterlogged pics, basically copying myself and the app in order to create something new! Maybe I can paint Pharell’s hat!! Awesome!!

  3. Dying now…going to heaven because of you!!! Thank you!!!! Must send you rose somehow!!!

    Sent from my iPad


  4. I just downloaded the app – thank you so much for the recommendation! You made me nostalgic enough to watch “To Shy” – I’d love to get the story on that one from you!! Have a great weekend.

  5. Slim,
    I love waterlogue. I’ve printed a watercolor of my Christmas tree. It’s such a cool app. I’m simply not with it, I thought the hat was a Canadian mounty hat.

    Your watercolor prints are inspiration for me to try more prints.

  6. Yes Slim, I know that you were in that music video “Too Shy” from Kagagoogoo. It was one of my favorite songs growing up. And, I do not mean to toot MY own horn but that app. is something that I do not need because I am too much of an excellent painter to need it.

  7. Just started to see applications of that app on Instagram lately. Can’t wait to play! Your results are great! As for the hat, everything old is new again…one of the benefits of growing older, and wiser!

  8. Of course just purchased after seeing your amazing results, even though I thoroughly enjoyed doing some of my own watercolors on our recent trip home from Australia.
    I have already started to play with it but I don’t see the options list you showed….just a set of painting style examples along the bottom and then some numbers ( small, medium, large choices) and darker to lighter scale….where did you find that list of choices re paper, etc.
    Thanks for any hints on how to use. Or which style you used most often, if any……
    As always, love your photos and ideas!

    • Thanks Marsha
      As I said, I’ve only JUST starting playing around with the App myself-so I’m by no means proficient yet. The painting examples and choices of sizing, light-dark, border/no border are all the options I’m seeing, but if you email one of your photos (just send it to yourself as a test) those other options are included in the body of the email, so I presume there are more choices if one delves deeper.
      Hope this helps!

  9. That app is great- i can’t wait to try it out! I took a virtually identical photograph at Amanwella this summer, one morning at breakfast. I have it as the wallpaper on my phone and people often ask me if it is a real place because it is so beautiful.

  10. I’m not allowing myself to get this app. 🙁 I think I would do nothing else!
    Have a wonderful weekend, beauteous one…

  11. I feel a new addiction coming on…May even have to hang up my paint brushes…..hum….not. I’m getting that app before any of my East Coast Pinterest buddies find out about it! Seems to be all over the west coast right now!!!! BTW. love, love, love your kitchen!!! I’m about to get those countertops!!! xxxooo kb

  12. Hello American family!…Love your pictures and the Waterlogue app!!!!…..Awesome!!!!….Just keep it up!!!…And you can keep your hat on!!!!….X

  13. After your first words, The Cure is stuck in my head! Ah the 80s!

    Waterlogue blew up all over IG yesterday but I warn if you have a 16g iPhone loaded with music and photos, may not be enough memory to install IOS7 which is needed for Waterlogue. Bumping up against memory limit so much, I’m thinking of upgrading to 32G this weekend… And getting Waterlogue!

  14. Did get the app. Love it. I played around with current photos to see what worked best. Now that I know, can’t wait to take pictures and convert them to “watercolors” to display in my home. I did not see all the options/modifications you listed – that would make this good app an even better one. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Wow! wish waterlogue was around when I attempted watercolor paintings..all I made were Rorschach prints over and over…while the chick next to me made adorable winter scenes of ice skates, fuzzy mittens and cats. Very annoying! But technology has come to my rescue now…soooo happy! Thanks for sharing, you find all the cool stuff, Slim!

  16. Slim, I seem to remember you put up one or two of your own water colors over the years and I also remember thinking they were brill. May we glimpse them again, please?

  17. Clever you about THAT hat ..why don’t all those fashion experts know what you do ? like everyone else v. impressed by the new app..how far can you go ? Jackson Pollack anyone

  18. Being English I should have recognised the Westwood influence but really thought,like a previous reader it was a Canadian mounty hat,you really have become true American not noticing that! Already waterlogued,great app, did you know that fashion trends AW -14/15 highlight painterly,which is in effect a handpainted print ….

  19. Oh my — In the past 24 hours, I have Waterlogued EVERYTHING … old family snapshots, my friends’ houses, flowers, palm trees, sunset/sunrise, postcards, impressionists’ paintings, my toes, and on and on. Truly an impressive amount of fun for $2.99. Did you know that the creator has two other photo editing apps: percolator and popsicolor? Percolator looks kinda klimt-y. Thanks so much for the app tip and for the hours of enjoyment I get from reading your wonderful blog. Susan

  20. Just ordered and love this app I am a watercolorist and I do acrylics but can always use another eye to give a new spin on what I am painting will help in format of ra painting and help with scale!,I love it

  21. I am DANGEROUSLY obsessed with this now. Just what I need. More art. I feel a little light headed I’m so excited. Thaaank you! But also I may never forgive you when I have to lease another storage unit for my archival library of watercolors for everything that has ever been photographed.

  22. What a fabulous app! And thank you so much for showing off our store. We love the patio in the summer time, especially when we have the brightly colored furniture. We hope you come back to visit The Picket Fence in Sun Valley, ID again! {Not the Front Porch store, sorry! :/ }

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