A Classic Combo

Ralph Lauren Fall 2012.

Give me anything I can wear in public that even vaguely resembles a bathrobe and I’m a happy camper.

 I’m still feeling the colour red, but mixing it up with black & white and welcoming some holiday sparkle.

A winning combination.

James de Givenchy for Taffin (price on request) You first.

Jean Paul Gaultier

 minaudiere by Chanel

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 8.07.38 PM

Alexander McQueen

Utterly timeless chic. Slim Keith in one of the most iconic images of red, black & white

Cruella for Christmas anyone?

Have you noticed how nails have become such a huge focal point lately?

Fail. I’m trying though. Really I am. I bought “Strong Nail System” and I think it’s maybe, sorta, kinda working.

As long as I don’t actually use my nails for anything.

50th anniversary edition of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

Carolina Herrera 2012

Martyn Bullard’s home in LA

Are you watching Millionaire Dollar Decorators? If so, who is your favourite? I cannot take my eyes off of Martyn’s upper lip!

Adorbs kid’s room via tumblr-sorry I don’t know who designed it

Pottery Barn

PC030034via TartanScot blog

Throws available at Pottery Barn (on sale right now)

Yves Saint Laurent

Le Royal Monceau Hotel Paris

Fendi iPad case

“New York” custom silk rug by Dream Weavers

Oh, naughty, naughty Tom.

Love a red door, especially against this charcoal black.

Moncler Gamme Rouge 2012

Excusez moi, but isn’t that lift a two seater??

photo“Zwack” a tasty, inexpensive liqueur in a fun, wintery bottle. Available at Bevmo.

la-et-jc-the-last-typewriter-made-in-the-uk-ha-001Brother Where Art Thou?

Do you know what this is? This is the LAST TYPEWRITER to hobble off the assembly line two weeks ago at “Brother”, one of the largest manufacturers of typewriters in the world.

 Are we feeling old yet?!

The perfect homage to the writer in all of us, by Mary Katrantzou

Woops. Lost the credit

At least I found her some eyelashes for the holidays at Shu Uemura


_PUC0599.450x675A nod to Surrealist Meret Oppenheim at Celine.

Why hide your sound source?  Elipson “Sound Tree” speakers-perfect for Christmas!

A glimpse of Spring (I know it’s December) at Prada  2013


Do you have snow?

I went to choose our Christmas tree today and was worried that I didn’t have enough sun-screen on.

Tomorrow- I decorate. So much for my nails. After all these years, I’ve finally retired my old, rickety wooden ladder and bought a new metal one that even has my name on it. Alert the press.



  1. Thanks for all the wonderful and varied entertainment over the past year! I am looking forward to more of the same next year. Wishing you and your family a Christmas filled with love and laughter. Warm wishes. x Sharon

  2. Great post as always, thought of you while reading Vanity Fair’s Truman Capote article…have you read it yet? Lots about Babe and Slim…

  3. Wow – everything was absolutely gorgeous!!! I am going to look at it over and over again. Beautiful post.

  4. Reminded me of the old joke,,”What is white and black and red all over?….an embarassed penguin! Happy holidays–great post.loved everything including the guy thing.

  5. I know someone who would LOVE that typewriter. Do you think it’s for sale? And that typewriter dress! click click click click ding!

  6. Love all of this although I could do w/out the nails and lashes. Regarding MDD, I’ve been fixated on Martin’s lip too. Jacqueline is my fave. I loved the scene when she was reading 50 Shades.

  7. Ahhhhhh…….even though it will be 94° tomorrow here in Melbourne, and we’re going away for a spa weekend….I AM going to wear red, black and white…….the switched seasons be damned, it’s Xmas darn it, and I don’t care if everyone here is in turquoise and orange and hot pink!

    Home to NYC for the holidays in two weeks! Do you think I can decorate in two days when I get there?Where DID I pack up those decorations when we left?

    Thanks, as always, for the visual treats and inspirations.

    • Oh, forgot to tell you that I’m still wearing one burgundy nail on each hand with a different color of nails polish on the rest….thanks to your colorist’s assistant’s prior inspiration…….they think I’m very avant down here! I say, “Kudos to Slim!” and they think you’re some kind of guru……and you are!

  8. Y:ou’ve made a red believer out of me…again. I had to use “diamond dust glitter” on my steps and drive for our Christmas party this week…go figure! Hah – we just watched “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” AGAIN for the umpteenth time…still humming. franki

  9. Oh, I worry that the price request to Taffin is going to be one of those:”if you have to ask you can’t afford it”!
    As always, a stellar post.
    P.S Ah, now I see. the inspiration for “Slim” !!! How stunning she was! Now I will check out Ms Paley.

  10. Love this post…Slim Keith outfit here I come Saturday night (hope my stable friends do not read this blog). I have Evernoted this post because I love it so much!

  11. Like a dog to a bone…I googled “Strong Nail System” instantly. I’ll give it a try. I’ve tried everything else.
    Very pretty images and the furry shoes were good for a laugh. Actually the McQueen ones were too. Love the image of Slim. Chic and fabulous!! Keep the reds coming, I’m trying to work up some holiday spirit over here. The lashes will be on my list for sure this year 😀
    Have a terrific weekend with your tree.

  12. Delicious! So inspiring! Thank you for keeping all of us up to speed and cool! You are our gift for Christmas. M Hammerstein

  13. Slim,
    Great post, but I confess I was just a little depressed at the news that Brother is closing its doors. I had heard there was a cult following of typewriters.
    Fun images, thanks. Good luck with the tree and decorations, I hope you’ll share some pics.

  14. Slim, amazing and inspiring images. I love the black cape and the Color Block Coat!
    Agree with Stefan, I love everything Pottery Barn especially the linens and throws!

    Art by Karema

  15. Gorgeous Slim! I’m really into red this fall. I don’t usually wear red but lately I can’t get enough. Not sure what that’s about but it’s the root chakra. It’s survival. I love how your posts are one beautiful picture after another and just when you think there can’t be more, it keeps going. Beautiful and thankyou. I hope you’ll post pics of your tree!

  16. Funny, I never wear red and black these days and now I am getting a hankering. Thanks for the inspiration! And as for MDD, I am Mary all the way…except I find Ross and Jeffrey to be kind of adorable. But maybe that is just because I work with my husband, too. xx

  17. Far, far too much to respond to at this late stage in the evening SP. You lost me (and won me) at the Cruella reference(s). As a child, admittedly–and I am a nice person–I was far more interested in the villains and villainesses than the heroines in Disneyland. Oops. And didn’t you just mean “Saint Laurent”? He is a pretentious twat for doing so if you ask me, but again, oops!

  18. Dahling…..truly a delicious post. You have more talent in your baby finger than all the Million Dollar Diva’s put together. I do know one thing for certain….one of them needs an intervention.
    Love from NY.

  19. Slim, as always, love the post!! Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the red-black-white combination is my absolute favorite. Thanks for the fun!

  20. I don’t know where you find all this fabulous stuff. I loved it! how great would it be to have that typewriter? So many good things here.

    I’m a total Million Dollar Dec junkie. I’m so happy on Tuesdays. The show cracks me up. I love Mr, “Totally delicious,” and Kathryn, her maid and Mary and Nathan. Jeffery bugs me. Ross is cute, but seriously needs to lose the bun!


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