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  1. In reading your comments, many were on books you’ve recommended. Do you have an ongoing list? A separate post? I’d love some new, good reads. Thanks!

    • Sorry for the delay Virginia

      I do not, but that is a very good idea- I will work on it. Right now, I’m trying to catch up on “tagging” older posts, so some books, but not all, can be found in the archives under “reading”

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  3. Oh darn, I am trying to locate your post re: cooking mushrooms, and I can’t find it….any chance you could let me know where it is? Thanks, Debra

  4. And the humorous post on the thoughts of cat?? Can not find. Wanted to share. Thanks, Kitty

    Slim, you may have need of an editorial assistant. Me. or just the cats will do. Kitty

  5. I think you talked about the camera you prefer to use when traveling. Please let me know which posting that is found in. Thank you.

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