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  1. good day slim
    got the link and here I am (wow it is totally fab here)
    we have no electricity today (I think we paid the bill), so if my blackberry makes any spelling errors, do not think it is my fault!

    ps. that was a lovely evening and a lovely place with lovely people. lovely is an underused word except when I use it. LUVERLY

  2. Bart told me to check out your blog. I was looking at your design tips as we are doing an extensive remodel. I love the sola tube idea. I was actually going to put those in at all the dark places but have not spoken with a real person who actually had used them so I am glad you were the guinea pig here and gave them a go…..

    Any tips on kitchen appliances? I was thinking subzero fridge (I already have one but the door opens the wrong way and the MAKE you buy a new one as the door does not reverse…what a racket!), DAcor 48″ range, Blanco sink and Grohe faucet. I am going for carerra marble counter although EVERYONE I talk to tries to talk me out of it as it is impracticle. And trust me….I am a very messy cook and spill like crazy. I am going for a clean modern look…white cabinets, stainless and no fussy stuff. Very sleek, chic and sexy…sort of Euro but not too as my house is still a ranch home. I guess transitional would be more the style. Any tips you can pass my way since you have done lots of remodeling would be appreciated. Thanks. Cathy

    • Wow Cathy- Don’t get toooo sexy in that kitchen or Bart will never let you out of there.
      Don’t let any of those naysayers dissuade you from the marble counter tops. I have NEVER understood the bad rep. that marble gets as a counter top surface- after all, what are all those boulangerie and charcuterie counters made from in Europe??! You may even hone the marble first so that it has more of softer look, as long as you seal it and continue to seal it every couple of years (one simple visit from Harbour Seal you put on your calendar every 2 years). Strong acid will take some shine off, ie. lemon juice (who cares?) but that’s about it. We did a kitchen remodel in Vancouver over a year ago and faced the same bring down from contractors there. We went with the marble and it is gorgeous. Check out Calacatta marble- I think it is the most beautiful for kitchens.
      Sub Zeros are still the Meryl Streep of refridgeration. My personal favourite for ranges – Wolf, and for ovens Viking. May I add that Miele steam ovens are also fantastic, you can plumb it right into your wall as you are totally remodeling.
      Hope this helps!


      PS. I forgot to mention that I have honed marble counters. I’ve had them for 15 years and they still look great and I would do them again in a heartbeat. :)

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