Photo Lisa Romerein  for “C” Magazine


Mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and ‘Work in Progress’

striving to Live in the Moment

(any minute now 😉  )

I started this blog in June 2009 on a dare.

Now, even I’m shocked.

I love my family & friends, books & travel, martinis, Negronis and people who make me laugh.

What else do you need?

Besides popcorn


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  1. Dear Slim,
    I am currently writing a weekly lifestyle column about interesting people in my on line column at noozhawk.com. a Santa Barbara daily newspaper. I wrote for the Montecito Journal for 12 years doing a similar format.In addition to my weekly column I have recently signed on to be contributing ‘style’ editor for Seasons Magazine beginning in December( I have a feature currently running on Caroline Diani and her husband Jeffrey Doornbos in the summer issue) .
    I love your blog and I would love to write a piece about you and your popular blog . The articles are up to 1000 words., can include up to 12 photos. I write from a first person consumer experience.
    If you go on to the noozhawk site and click on ‘more news,’ a search box will come up and you can enter my name and look at the pieces I have had published with them since 6/13.
    Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in.

  2. I am truly inspired by not only your blog, but your life philosophies. I just turned 50 a few months ago, and I too am very private and an introvert. One week ago today I went into work at my high stress, very long hours corporate job, and sent my letter of resignation to human resources and my manager, then got up from my desk, with my coffee cup in hand, and walked out. My health was affected seriously due to my job. As scary as it was, it was time for a change. I received my degree in interior design over 20 yrs ago. I was a single mother for many years, and was never able realize my dream of being a full-time interior designer until now. Kids are grown, and I have made the decision that it’s never too late. Thank you so much for sharing your truly inspiring story.

  3. Slim,
    I believe in your life philosophy, and would like to add


    carpe diem

    Respectfully , Live Love Laugh

    • True that, Stuart. Thanks for the reminder. (yes, just seeing these comments now, July 6th, 2016- speaking of carpe diem)

    • Thank you so much Stephanie!
      As you can see, the ‘work’ is slow…but I said at the beginning I was a ‘work in progress’ 🙂

  4. Hi Slim, I love your IG posts (not to mention your hubby – not meant to be creepy there!)
    Been wondering how the SP name came about? Could it be a reference to the social swans of NY? Please reveal … Find me @travelwithterib
    Happy 2018!

  5. Just wondering what made you decide to use Slim Paley’s moniker. One of the greatest icons of NY society. I would love to hear..thank you.

    • Hello Teresa

      I think perhaps you must be thinking of either Slim Keith or, more likely, Babe Paley.
      The name of my blog is not the name of an actual person but rather a combination of those two well known names.

      Happy Holidays!

      Slim Paley

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