About Slim

Photo Lisa Romerein  for “C” Magazine


I’m a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend and ‘Work in Progress’

striving to Live in the Moment

(any minute now :) )

I love to design interiors, snap photos and fiddle with flowers.

I started this blog in June 2009 on a dare.

Now, even I’m shocked.

I love my family & friends, books & travel, martinis and people who make me laugh.

What else do you need?


Contact me at slimpaley@gmail.com

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87 thoughts on “About Slim

  1. I did it… I blogged…or am blogging…I am a blogger?
    Anyway…hurray for me!!!
    It took several attempts to find you – as I kept entering Slim Pickens….no where close to you.
    Thanks for the 21st Century!!!

    • Well, Lisa, you are not actually BLOGGING quite yet- you are “commenting” on MY blog. LOL.
      But baby steps my dear…and welcome to the 21st century- hope to see you on Twitter by next week!

      The skies the limit now-



  2. Love your site…you have such an incredible eye. The photos are so beautiful and elegant, especially those from your garden. Very inspiring.

  3. Ah what a nice blog you have Slim Paley! Fresh flowers, green leaves , nice dresses , shoes , bags….
    And travel……. I’ll keep you in my favorites and come often to follow you.

  4. Dearest Slim,

    Thank you so awfully much for your lovely comment on Diane’s blog. It’s funny because when I had dinner with Christian May (Maison 21) and Heather Clawson (Habitually Chic) a few weeks ago at the Chateau Marmont, your name came up….H and C were talking about you and how cool you were and were astounded that I hadn’t checked you out yet. Now I have! And they were right!

    Please let me know if you come to LA — we’ll have to get together for a classic cocktail (or two).


  5. I am soooooo happy I am receiving your blog. Loved absolutely everything even the fab shoes that
    would make me 7 ft. tall. Could hardly wait to scroll down for my next surprise. Your photos are so exquisite. They make me happy.
    I can’t wait until your next blog. This is more fun than all my magazines combined.

  6. As if I wasn’t feeling bad enough about me,my life, my future…I had to go to your website and meet you. I wished I was you for a moment – but now I am inspired. Thank you

  7. I’m so happy that I could inspire you in any small way Leslie. Don’t worry- everyone has their bad days- trust me. Being able to laugh is a great tonic. Failing that, a martini won’t hurt. :)

    • Such a sweetheart you are!!!!! I “LIVE” for your blogs and photos. When your name pops up it makes me happy. Doesnt that make YOU feel good that you have touched so many lives in so many different ways. I think you are extraordinary and cant believe that you took the time to write to me with your busy schedule. It means the world.
      A Ghiradelli chocolate martini with whipped cream sounds good. in Carmel at the Highlands Inn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get me out of LA!

      Have a lovely day!
      Best, Leslie

  8. Since I am a newcomer to your blog, the archives have been my entertainment. I loved your take on small spaces. We took a small space in our home, wall papered it with a dark interesting pattern, and stuffed it full of antiques. Who would have known that you could get so much furniture in such a small space. It is our very favorite room in the house. We refer to it as our “martini” room because that is where we love to retreat on a winter’s eve, drink in hand and solve all the world’s problems. We are weird in the way that we like rooms to have themes. They just sort of start out “normal” and morph into an area with a feeling or theme. Our martini room started with a large oil painting of Admiral George Dewey. From there, we found other memorabilia concerning Admiral Dewey and the Spanish American War. We have spiced it up with masculine items which make the room more period in nature. It turned into a gentlemen’s smoking room of sorts…but we don’t smoke.

    We are also nuts on antique lighting. When we bought our most boring ho hum new house, we removed 24 cheapo light fixtures and replaced them with antiques. We find lights add so much character to a home. In the winter, when the days are short, our home glows with the old lights that create the most interesting shadows on our walls.

    Thank you for the fabulous creative ideas you are sharing. Most of us can not afford all the extras but we all can make things better even on a small budget. :) Pam

  9. The red and white rose surely looks like the olf fashioned rose, Rosa Mundi. if it blooms but once a year although plentifully and if it has a fragrance, it must be she! This rose was named for, I beleve, King Henry III’s mistress, Rosamund.

  10. Good Morning from NYC,

    I just started following your blog and it is just wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing the beauty that inspires you!

    Quick question, and I searched your blog for an answer without success, what camera do you use?

    You images are so saturated with color, I love them, and am in the market for a new digital camera.

    All the best to you and yours!

    • Thank you so much Tina

      I use an old Leica D-Lux 3. I would rec. the newer Leica D-Lux 4 – small, light, easy to use and great for travel.


  11. Read the piece in House Beautiful, what you said about Out of Africa

    so resinated with me, that has been my favorite movie for years now.

    Loved your beach house. Had to check out your blog, great!!!!!

  12. While devouring House Beautiful last night, drooling over this FABULOUS beach home, I quickly came to a halt. “NO!” It’s HERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Slim, Slim, Slim. May I say….that home of yours is indescribably delicious? Oh, you have a slice of heaven, don’t you? Blessed woman are you!

  13. I found your blog so inspirational! I Love it and the stories and photos felt like home. Your beach house in House beautiful was beautiful :)))

  14. I was so inspired by your response/insight to interview question in house beautiful and how beautiful is your home… I had to check out your blog..and am glad I did, you have such great taste!

  15. Like Elodie, I found you and your home in House Beautiful so charming, I just had to explore your blog. Love the ‘white floozy’ line and asides about the ex boyfriend. And your aesthetic made me swoon. Talented, down to earth and Canadian all at the same time. Wow.

  16. I just saw your Sunflower Seranade and was inspired to respond to a blog for the first time! I wish you could meet my daughter who also lives in S.B….and is an artist…homemaker…and gardener…and mother and sister and daughter, etc.!

  17. Yay! I can’t believe you found MissFancy! I figured it was just my friends and my stalker ex boyfriend looking at that! Anyways, it was very thoughtful of you to comment and it means a lot to me…and my mom. :)

    I really want those Gap underpants now…


  18. Thank-you for the inspiration! Read your piece on boys. Reminded me of what is most important. Even though I do miss Barbie on occasion. Best to you!!! Xo

  19. Can you share with us what camera/lens you use to take your divine photographs that you post on your blog? thank you

  20. You are an inspiration!! I’m new to reading blogs but you may have just made me a regular. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and thoughtful ways!

  21. OXYGEN… I’ve just found my new source of brain-stimulating, bubbly-as-champagne, oxygen. As a wife/mother/sister/daughter/friend/employee/employer/entrepreneur living in a perpetually left-brained world, your site is giving me not only the “eye-candy” that everyone needs now and again, but more importantly, brain-candy… aaaaaaaaahhhhh ;-)

  22. A friend recommened your beautiful site. I too love taking pictures with my Leica especially when my roses are in bloom. Thanks for your inspiration. :)

  23. Hey, I’m Vanora and I’m 14 years old.
    I was looking around at images on Google, and happened to find this site. One word: Wow.
    Now this is a wonderful, decent site made by someone who is truly inspiring, intelligent and talented. Thank you so much. You’re amazing.

  24. Had dinner with my sis (and your dear friend) last night…thanked her for directing me to your wonderful blog. WOW!!! So thoughtfully and beautifully put together…just like its creator. I’m now officially addicted! Thanks for making my world sunny.

    Hugs to you, my friend. S

  25. I’m new to your blog and am digging through archives to see photos of your homes. All very lovely. Is your blogging name a nickname or are you a relation to THE Babe Paley?!

  26. Slim! I have recently discovered your blog (many thanks to Rita Wilson on twitter, another fave :) and am amazed by the love, effort and dedication you put into your site sharing beauty on the planet. Your gifts are amazing and inspirational. Thank you for everything , oh and for introducing me to Fleet Foxes…could “Blue Ridge Mountains” be any more beautiful? Cheers!

  27. Slim,
    I just discovered you! I am reading your older posts to get to know you better. What a find. I love this blog. Best, Kitty

  28. I am a 66 year old chic grandma!!!!! of three boys, Ethan,Taylor and Ashton. and a mother of three daughters . …with a wonderful husband of 40 yrs!!!!! I am going through Chemo, well havent started yet, next week, and several of my friends are in love with your blog and forwarded it to me. . I must say I am toooooooo. Exquisite!!!! My friends gave me an Ipad2 and I must say your blog is a blessing. I am so inspired by your exquisite taste and during chemotherapy your blog will bring me much joy as I look at your archives and current inspiring and stunning pictures and life!!!!! You are amazing!
    Want to hear a cute story? Our middle daughter lived in NYC for ten years post college and is a fashion publicist, a newlywed and moved back to LA YAYYYY, and started her own PR biz, lifestyle and fashion, and i have had my hair cut in stages, facing the big no hair thing, anyway, I hated it and had a meltdown. She and her husband came over for dinner and she said: “Mom, you look like you own an art gallery on the Upper East Side!!!! It is so chic it is the best haircut you have ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, yes?
    Anyway, thank you for all the pleasure you have brought to my life. Leslie

    • What a lovely, sweet comment Leslie.
      I’m so touched and thankful that with all you must have on your mind, you would take the time to write and share your story. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder to be sure, but it sounds like you are blessed with a great deal of beauty in your life…
      and I like the way your daughter thinks!
      I will keep you in my thoughts and will look forward to hearing how well you are doing!
      Please stay in touch

  29. Our oldest daughter has three boys and is also a GIRLY GIRL!!!!! and looked forward to dressing her darling in tuu tuu’s!!!! sparkly things, headbands, all the cutest trendy things. When I read your blog about your, and I might add, GORGEOUS BOYS, I THOUGHT OF BLAIR AND HER ASHTON, TAYLOR AND ETHAN and she uttered the same words!!!!! I forwarded it to her and she got a kick out of it! Their bedroom, bunks and all, well the two olders ones, have a beach mural as their theme and it is wonderful living in SD and your Carribbean theme resonated with me. She loved it!!!!!! Ethan is a hockey player so we loved your son in his hockey gear. What cuties they are. We now LOVVVVE boys. They are the best, No moods, just mostly even, love their mommies. You both are truly blessed. xo Leslie M.

  30. Hi there – Just saw your spread in HB from last September. GORGEOUS!!! In resources, it didn’t indicate where you found the fabulous strung shell piece of art above the fireplace mantel. Do I dare ask if that is your creation? Please tell!! Thx, Kathy

  31. Where have I been? Your work is amazing. Thank you for sharing your talents….we just need more! I found you through Cote de Texas and we be forever grateful for Joanie sending you my way.

  32. Thrilled to discover you on Cote de Texas. Will now have a perfecto view on my former home in Santa Barbara–from the current perch in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

    Love the conjunction of ‘Slim’ and ‘Paley.’ California-chic and Upper East Side. Both swans–like vous! All best~

  33. Aloha from Maui! Also a thanks to Joni from Cote-de-Texas for mentioning you – you have the wow factor for sure. I know I will enjoy reading your blog for many months and hopefully years to come. So happy to have found you – I plan to learn a lot from you! All the best!

  34. Love your site. A great break to my hectic day to view somethings beautiful from my neck of the woods (Wisconsin). Loved your, “Get down from the bleachers,” quote in the HuffPo article.

  35. I have loved your blog for several months now. The pictures of your beautiful flowers will sustain me through our brutal midwestern winter. Congratulations and keep it up! It’s a delicious treat for my soul.

  36. I have been enjoying your posts for the last year. I just now clicked on this part of your post and I would first like to start with.. you are beautiful !! , of which I am already aware. And secondly may I say thank you for sharing who you are with so many. The elegance, glamor, humor, and ultra cool woman you are would make most of us green eyed monsters, but then ya go and have this humble, self effacing thing that just makes us know that we are all on some level contending with all the same issues as every body else. May you be blessed with a lifetime of health, beauty, and happiness.


  37. I have been a loyal fan of Slim Paley for a long time….you never cease to delight me with your photography, your humor and your wonderful joie de vivre! We share a love of Bhutan and you applauded me as I sent my three children there as a graduation present/21st birthday/ graduation present….remember?! They returned with such amazing memories and photos!!
    I have just launched a website and would be so thrilled if you would take a look…I think you might like it! http://www.follyfinds.com
    Many thanks for all the delightful moments you have given to your readers…the internet world is a better place because of you!!

  38. I am a new arrival upon the glowing recommendation of Reggie Darling and already love what I see. Reggie raved about your exquisite taste but he didn’t mention that Lady Paley is an absolute knockout! Very much looking forward to your future posts!

  39. OMG. Just found your blog while googling. You are so beautifully stunning!! And witty and stuff. Hey no fair. How come you have all that style and grace and wit and you’re not all lousy on the inside and stuff? Are you like an elvish person? (No not Elvis, like the Tolkien-ish elves) I think so. Take care. Be back soon!

  40. Slim, I just found you on Pinterest. Love what you love and your amazing variety of interests. I’m a Maui blogger and The Artful Hawaiigirl. Love everything design. I pin lots of interior designs on my favorite places and spaces at Pinterest. I paint fabric for thirty years but dying to paint on canvas. I create hand made cards and design country farmbtours on Maui. Life is good. Glad I found you.

  41. oh!

    your blog is just delicious.

    saw the article about you in Santa Barbara Magazine.


    happy writing.


    love from teamgloria x

  42. loved seeing your classically beautiful home in House Beautiful (in 2010–that’s how big my magazine pile is but I’m slowly getting thru it). i just started a blog, too. it’s under construction because it’s too difficult for my right-artist brain to figure out at the moment. but you might relate to some of it….
    thanks for writing.

  43. I’ve just found your blog and it’s great. Well done and I look forward to following you more.

  44. I live for your blog! It makes me so happy and puts me in the best mood. I am so grateful to my friend for turning me on to it. You are one amazing woman!!!!! So talented and so much of what you do resonates with me so I am living vicariously through you!!!!! lol
    xo Leslie

  45. dear ms paley, It may be rather boisterous of me to ask but would you be willing to sell your luisa casati tunic/coat and if so what may the price be. i have been obsessed with luisa for years, she is my muse, my idol and i would kill (not literally) to have a former possession of hers. if you are unwilling to sell it may i ask where you got it from, kind regards, jayden :)

    • Dear jayden
      I love ‘boisterous’ but also share your passion for Luisa Casati’s style, so unfortunately I’m not willing to part with the tunic coat. I acquired it many years ago in Bath.

  46. you’re adorable, but please stop putting an apostrophe in “it’s” when you’re saying “a candle sheds its light” or some such. “It’s” means it is. “Its” in the possessive carries no apostrophe. It’s correct to say a restaurant loves its patrons. I do think you’re educated, but this repeated error makes you seem not-so-much. Thanks millions!

      • Still reading and amazed on your latest post about the woman who sent you all of the clippings of Slim Paley “bound” ready for editing…it’s perfect. Congratulations…if that’s the appropriate word here.

  47. Hello, I would love to know what you packed for your Moroccan trip – you and your friend always look fabulous but so appropriate for your surroundings.

  48. I’m trying to use one of your pictures in a power point for college…but there is no publisher citation, so I cant. asdfghjkl;’ I like your blog though! It is so pretty!

  49. Miracles are free…thoughts are free…air is free…perfection is free…words are free…how much are your pictures? :-)

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