The Ice Man Cometh Not


Slim Paley photo


Yes, some of you might remember this photo from around Christmas time last year.

I snapped it from the window of my home in Sun Valley.

Enormous icicles were hanging all along the north side of the house and the snow was deep.

This year, thus far…snow, snow, where did you go??

There’s nary a flake to be found.



Also from a post last Christmas, but well worth repeating;

The amazing Freddie Mercury singing “A Winter’s Tale”

Talk about chills!



Oscar de la Renta silver beaded tassel earrings $395



Giorgio Armani SS 2012 finale



So pretty, so easy!



Stocking stuffer from Buccellati




These are very cool

cast glass logs, that look like giant crystals


Jeff Benroth glass logs

(I saw some similar to this at Ruzzetti & Gow, NYC




“Snowball” votives available at Bloomingdales

Corto Moltedo clutch





PS. I know what you’re thinking- Slim, you missed a day on the Advent Calendar!

What you’re forgetting is that next year is actually a Leap Year and therefore, I didn’t really miss yesterday’s post.

Don’t think about that too hard. You’ll get brain freeze.


Day 22ish 23 People- time to get serious!


31 thoughts on “The Ice Man Cometh Not

  1. I don’t have a fireplace, but if I did I’d want a glass sparkly log.

    I wish it would snow here for Christmas instead of being hot and humid.

    Meanwhile I spent HOURS today polishing silver. You’d like it- French, early 19th century, Fancy.

    I have already set the table. Seriously. I do not muck around. x

  2. I love the glass logs with candles. I’ve never seen that before, but what a great idea!
    Hope you’re feeling all better and are having a great time. Thanks for the inspiring posts.
    Best regards, Ruth

  3. I am hoping I find that watch in my stocking. If not, I’ll take the de la Renta earrings, please.

    All the best for a fabulous Christmas,

  4. Your blog has been my advent calendar, opening a treat every day leading up to Christmas. –Thank you! You have a wonderful eye with a sense of whimsy.
    I searched back to find your suggestion about roasting figs with Lyle’s golden syrup and couldn’t find it, would you mind sharing it again, please? Trade you for a cranberry salsa recipe… Happy Christmas…nearly there! Bliss

  5. Such an elegant day….beautiful….thank you!
    Keep your fingers crossed and keep thinking SNOW! The iPad weather shows a “slight chance” Christmas night….Monday partly sunny and then chances of snow the rest of the week. Keep dreaming!

  6. The things I learn about myself from reading your blog! I did not know until just now how desperately I need glass logs! I do.

    Just another thing my husband will never understand.

  7. Perfect post!!! Love the snow, want the earrings and the watch, fabulous dresses, want the purse, own similar “ice cube” votives, ……… about the glass logs – hmmmm…. do love the look – would be fab in really contemporary house or in snow country. Sending thoughts of snow to the mountains of ID.
    This is one of my favorite posts this holiday season. Hope 2012 brings much joy and happiness to you and your family.
    Merry, Merry!!!!

  8. That’s surprising about the lack of snow…I’ve never been to Sun Valley but I sort of lumped it in with its neighboring state Colorado, where they’ve gotten tons of snow.

    I’m putting that watch on my wish list…I have a January birthday…perfect timing. (joking)


  9. LOVE those glass logs, which would totally work for me right now as it it is oddly warm here in New York, too. I guess it is better than trudging through snow…but I still like a White Christmas. Happy Holidays!

  10. Very shimmery post! Thanks, Slim! All across the main cities in Canada, it’s going to be a green Christmas this year. Now that’s weird and what about the Ice Hotel in Quebec?

  11. Speaking of Queen, here is a cool clip of a Canadian guy that won a contest to play in a Queen tribute band that’s touring North America.

  12. Have a wonderfully Merry Christmas, Slim! Thank you for doing what you do – even when you don’t feel like it and even when you don’t have time.

  13. The White Christmas arrived in northern New Hampshire this morning! Snow covered forests and lawns, but clear roads! Best of all possible worlds! Merry Christmas to Slim and all your great commenters.

  14. What do those logs do? reflect candles in the fireplace? What a great idea for summer! Would love you to explain.

  15. Idaho is relatively pleasant weatherwise this Christmas–my grass is still bright green, asphidistra (sp?) still blooming merrily on the porch along with the pansies. Thank you for all your lovely posts. The photo of the gates is one I kept off Pinterest as well.

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