Seeing Red

Slim Paley Photo……..First red rose of Spring climbing up my wall

So what better way to bid adieu to the pastels of Easter than a little dose of RED?!

Oprah looks great in it. So does Cate Blanchett. Angelina, check. Drew, adorable and let’s not even talk about Sophia.  My point being; they’re all very different, and yet they all look fabulous in red.  Now I find red difficult. Even with lips. I really love the idea of deep scarlet lipstick and yet whenever I put it on, I always chicken out and wipe it off at the last minute. It’s all I see when I do the last minute check in the mirror (The Take One Thing Off rule? The lipstick!)  I blame Penelope Cruz for the last 3 red lipsticks I’ve bought.  The two before that,  Scarlet Johansson. On the other hand, or cheek rather, it’s surprising how natural a true red blusher can be ( My  1/2 dozen ‘Penelope’s and ‘Scarlet’s have now been recruited as blushes) It delivers a true pinched-cheek flush.  Bourjois used to make an intense deep red that looked rather horrifying in the pot but just a dab was divine. I bought it in London. I kept it until it was down to the cardboard base (which, btw, is higher up than one would imagine-They trick us you know- for those who’ve never reached the bitter end of a Bourjois blush) If anybody still has any left, I’ll take it…

It was darker than this current one.


See? Blonde. Red. Good!.

Christian Loubitin Spring 2010

Marchesa Fall 2010/11

True Story-Many years ago when we lived in NY, we were invited to a black tie event in LA. For some reason I felt that I HAD to have red dress. I shopped like mad until I found just the right one, had it altered (which cost almost as much as the dress) and off to LA we went, my precious dress wrapped in tissue like a Faberge egg. The morning of the event I thought it would be a good idea to get a little sun by the pool. If I told you lobsters would blanch at my appearance I wouldn’t be exaggerating. It must have been the décolletage treatment I’d had the day before. I couldn’t, of course, wear a red dress that positively paled in comparison to my chest. Couldn’t. The dress, my chest and my mortification all stayed home that night. Silly girl.

Over-sized Bell Lamp by Fly Designs for Axo Light.


How much do we LOVE The Red Shoes?!  Have you seen the newly restored version yet??

Moira Shearer


1948 Buick Streamliner by Norman E. Timbs, restored by David Crouse for the 2010 Concours D’Elegance

Now THIS is a beautiful car-  What happened to all the beautiful cars??



“Squares” cabinet by Nosigner

Chanel Spring 2010  Aqualumiere Gloss in Party Red

Minu-turner clock (comes in many other colours)


Dracena light fixture


Cerruti Fall 2010/11





Dior Christal Tourblion watch

more adorable


Talbot Renfor Fall 2010/11

…aaand not so much… looks comfortable though, especially the Tin man knees.

(believe it or not, the show was meant to be a tribute to The Red Shoes)

Tell It To The Trees

Dead Oak wrapped in red cotton strips by Philipa Lawrence for “Tell it to The Trees” U.K.

This exhibit does look wonderful, check it out..


Kenneth Cobonpue table and chair.

Balenciaga large wallet.

Monique lhuillier Fall 2010

.Lulu Guinness ‘snakeskin’ clutch


Moira Shearer in The Red Shoes

Are you wearing red?!.

Oh! and PS:  If you are going to wear red lips, you MUST MUST get some Email Diament red toothpaste. It turns your gums very pink and makes your teeth appear much whiter- TRUST me on this!  I may not know from tanning but I know my toothpastes!

Ok, now I’m really going to bed.  It’s almost time for the next post!

37 thoughts on “Seeing Red

  1. Hi Sliim, it’s very late here in Calif, you are working too hard!
    Re: RED. I’ll give you the superb red rose (altho I can’t stomach cut red roses in person), red lips, nothing better! Red is the ONLY color for a Ferrari, but the rest……………….hmmmm……….quite a stretch. The flag of Japan is a superb example of the color red used to perfection, I have yet to see a red dress that worked (without conjuring visions of Nancy Reagan!) The red shoes of the film, definately, ditto a strawberry, a candied apple, a ripe cherry, I’m digging here…..

  2. Another great post Slim. I have the same red lipstick experience you do. I so badly want to wear red lipstick, have bought many that are lovely in the tube but wipe it off on my way out the door-feeling too garish. Maybe there is the perfect red out there for us. Call me if you find it. I haven’t given up on red yet.

  3. I love looking at red but not wearing it. When I see it on others I think, wow, they look so great, but when I put it on I feel like everyone is staring at me. Ditto the Red Lips, Rock Lobster. No can do.

  4. Ahhh…. at 7, my goal in life was to have red toe shoes….. I finally earned them by winning the role in our ballet recital with the red shoes as “the” part of the costume….and then I quit. I always told my mother she shouldn’t have let me stop those classes. How different my life would be had I the grace of a ballerina.
    Thank you for the memory Slim!

  5. Red rouge allure 58 chanel lippy has been perfect for moi for 4 years,discovered it in Bangkok,also have 3 red rose glass tables lying in storage ,those will be making their debut soon..horay!I think SP like v much!!!
    Sure every sexy woman has had a jezebel dress or red thigh high boots { v.good pal got her husband with those } I have some loafers from Argentina in red.Red nail polish is also the only colour I wear on toes and nails. Also every film I watch if the leading lady turns up in a red dress she is either going to kill some-one or sleep with them….

  6. Seeing the restored 35mm print of “The Red Shoes” in theaters was honestly one of my favorite cinematic experiences ever. I’ve never seen colors like that in a film before. Kinda makes me nostalgic for technicolor (can I be nostalgic for something that ended decades before I was born?). Mom, I would also recommend checking out “Lola Montes” if you’ve never seen that.

  7. Red is my favorite color, and is used all throughout my home. However, I’m just like you: As soon as I put on the lipstick….I wipe it off again. Somehow, I think it makes me look older.
    As a teen I used Bonne Bell….this really deep red gel rouge, but it went on beautifully and
    stayed put all day. It made you look slightly flushed and was sheer so my freckles, er, faux
    finish, showed through! Wonder if I can find that again? I’m a blonde and I don’t like myself
    in red. Maybe a sweater tied around my neck, but that’s about it. Red shoes: check!
    Have some cute new red espadrilles for spring. Thanks for a great post!

  8. Where do you get the red tooth paste? Great idea! I am a blonde and LOVE to wear red lipstick when I am feeling particularily naughty. My favorite – good old MAC. Normally MAC is a bit dry but it works with the red because you dont have it then bleeding around your lips. Only Betty Davis can carry that one off. A little dab of some glossy gloss right in the middle of your bottom lip to draw attention and viola! You are set. I used to work with a girl who was fair skinned, straight black hair and she worn not a stitch of make up execpt for RED LIPSTICK on these over sized lips of hers … amazing. She went on to eventually date Prince for a while (not A Prince – THE Prince) You get the picture.

  9. Such a beautiful happy post. I adored The Red Shoes, it was totally my fav. I kind of thought I could be Moira . I think red lipstick looks fantastic on pale complexions. The gowns and shoes adorable.
    My friends had arranged a wonderful gal brunch for my 50th. I struggled through many thoughts as to what to wear, as this day was going to go right through the evening.
    I chose red, really beautiful- or so I thought until I went to kiss my husband good-bye and he looked at me in horror. To this day if I even touch it I can see that look.
    yep we are still together. I can not think of one red item in OUR HOUSE.

  10. I am a blonde and have always loved a red lip. My newest favorite is Nars Red Dragon-the perfect matte lipstick. I have also favored red dresses, seriously, nothing makes you feel sexier. I have multiple…for each season, occasion, and mood.

  11. Dear Slim’s Son—

    Any and All Michael Powell / Emeric Pressburger films are to be worshiped at the alter of perfection. Please take in ‘Black Narcissus’ on your next Powell jaunt. It is based on the superb Rumer Godden novel. The movie is a masterpiece and ranks with ‘The Red Shoes’.
    Ah–so you have discovered Lola! You have great taste–just like yo mama.

  12. Beautiful post but you’re freakin’ me out posting fall fashions already, i’m soooo looking forward to the spring & summer in Vancouver.

    I’ve tried that toothpaste, it’s amazing!

    I want that car…

  13. Slim, I look forward to every single post. The reds you posted are gorgeous! I especially love the blonde with red lips. I wish I could pull off that look! Your personality shines through in everything you write. Love it!

  14. Finding the right red can give you such a sense of euphoria — “ah, the universe is a controllable place. I got this red thing all figured out, let me have a crack at the world’s problems.” But the fear, the wiping off at the last minute and subbing in a subtle pink gloss, I get that too.

    As someone who totally subscribes to the whole “take one thing off” (elegance is refusal after all) I still think red lips are possible as long as you don’t do anything else. Plain outfit, not a lot of jewelry (but, if needed, a lot of under eye concealer) mascara, and the red lips. Or sunglasses and red lips if you’re feeling timid.

    There are so many great new reds this spring, just try one more time. There’s the new Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle which is actually a true red with neither cool nor warm undertones, or Maybelline ColorSensational in Very Cherry or Red Revival. Oh, and Revlon ColorBurst (Americans sure spell the word ‘colour’ funnily) in True Red, Crimson or Ruby. Um, YSL’s Rouge Volupté in 16 or 17 are nice pigment-rich shades. But really, a sleek, minimalist Chanel lipstick tube is a balm for the soul, you know?

    Oh, and try not to be swayed by anything Scarlett Johansson does. She is twelve years old (well, virtually) and copying her will only end in tears.

  15. Hi Slim,

    I have always only worn red lipstick. Don’t ask me why, I’m not a very adventurous person. Mascara and red lipstick period. I’m currently using Aveda Poppy because I work for Aveda and I get it free. If I try to wear a pale shade, at the last minute I put on red and go out the door. How weirdly opposite of you!


    p.s. Where do I purchase that toothpaste? I think I need it.

  16. If anyone had any doubts about the popularity of matte red lipstick, you only had to watch The Academy Awards—-it would be impossible to miss all the magazine covers of Sandra Bullock in her gorgeous dress and the ultimate matte red lip. As for me and my house, we like Nars “Jungle Red”….delicious!

  17. This post had so many great ideas I have to post some on my FB! I knew Gaj would love the red shoes. Film that is. That car is unreal and the red lipstick so lovely. Thanks also for the toothpaste tip. love red lipstick at least once a week.

  18. The photo of Moira Shearer dancing in the ivory dress and scarlet ballet shoes is amazing.
    And I love that cute sports car.

    LOVE RED, but talk about tricky – in my case many mistakes tend to be made.
    EG: back in the early 90′s when Doc Martens were on the scene, I picked up a pair of red patent Doc boots in London only to get them home and be told by one of the guys in the office that they look like Ronald MacDonald’s boots. HA HA!

    I laughed when I read about your red lipsticks getting recruited as blushers. I know the feeling. And wow, clear reds really do look fantastic on fair skin! I cannot stop myself from buying red lipstick. Throw me in rehab. There was the sheer Chanel that tasted funny, the lustre MAC in Capricious, the Guerlain gloss, the sheer blue-red Dior, the pure red MAC and the Bobbi Brown red that leaned subtly towards burgundy. There are way more . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    The lipsticks always end up in a good home. I have two girlfriends that look FABULOUS in a RED lip so they are my beneficiaries. One of the girls throws her towhead blond hair in a pony tail, whips on some matte red and “makes an entrance” that you don’t see everyday of the week. Me? I’ve never stepped out of the house in red. (Because I look like Jack Nicholson playing the Joker.) Luckily there is tomorrow and now I’m primed with fresh ideas … Chocoslovakian’s Chanel Rouge Coco, YSL’s Volupte’, Melanie’s NARS Dragon Red, Nancy’s NARS Jungle Red, Angel’s Red Rouge Allure #58 by Chanel, Aveda Poppy from the Gardnener’s Cottage and Chanel’s Aqualumier Gloss in Party Red. It will be easy. I’ll print this post and skip down the street to Holt’s at lunch.

  19. Hi Slim! Love all of these fantastic pictures! Well done. There is something supreme and “royal” about the color red. I actually wrote a whole week’s worth of blogs on the color red back in February, and it was amazing what a unique a color I completely “rediscovered”. By the way, I hope it’s okay – I added you to my blogroll. Your blog is too good not to recognized! :)

  20. Agree with Linny C. Always good to have a girlfriend who has the opposite colouring – so clothing and makeup mistakes can go to a better home. (BTW – the Holt’s @ Bloor and Yonge? The mothership?)

    Beautiful beautiful blog, Slim.


    • Thank you Choco! (may I call you Choco?!)
      I’m flattered, and also very impressed by your knowledge of lipsticks-my goodness!
      Obviously, between you and Linny C, my readers and I have a couple of “In House” expert consultants now!
      Thanks so much for all the great suggestions!

  21. Hi Everyone
    Love all the great comments on this post!!
    I am now really inspired to give RED lips another chance. Can’t wait actually! After putting up this post, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the “reds” I had forgotten to include (I told you I had sleep issues)
    I think Kimberly is right- “Red, part II & III” posts could shortly be forthcoming. There are so many iconic and inspiring reds to acknowledge, it’s impossible to do justice to this colour in just one post.

    Re the Email Diamant toothpaste- if you google it you will find many sources to purchase it from- make sure you get the red (comes in a yellow box) The least expensive was $13.95, but that site was sold out. Amazon carries it anywhere from $19 to $22 and Bigleow’s I believe for $17? If you are in NY, many higher end pharmacies and beauty supply stores carry it. In LA, the beauty supply store next to Christophe’s Salon in Beverly Hills, and in Las Vegas, the great beauty supply shop in The Fashion Show Mall stock it too. Expensive for toothpaste but it lasts a long time as you won’t use it everyday.

    Red Rules!

  22. Dear Slim – Yes, perhaps I have a slight obsession with collecting, but I prefer to call it ‘archiving.’ (I’m a beauty writer, so I rationalize it away as part of the job.)

    And if all our lipstick suggestions are making you purchase things you otherwise wouldn’t have, well fair is fair — because of your beautiful photography, I now have a ‘To Get’ list that includes (but is not limited to) the lavender and linen tissue box, gin, various sunglasses, and fresh cut flowers – (v v necessary during a gloomy Toronto April.)

    Keep up the lovely work,


    PS. To Linny C – Oh, the Vancouver Holt’s is the real mothership. It looks massive.

    • Hi Choco,

      You are a beauty writer?! Cannot wait to exchange favorites with you!

      The new Holt’s make-up department is massive and more fun than Disneyland. If you weren’t at the other end of the country, I’d say “let’s kill an afternoon there”. ;)

      Looking foward to hearing your favs!
      Linny C

      • To: Linny C
        Am visiting Toronto ‘mothership’ today. Shall think of you ;)

        (Apologies to Slim for using your blog as a Makeup Addicts Anon. bulletin board)

  23. Slim,
    Love the Christian Loubitins, wish I had someone to buy them for! (no thats not an offer) I am however sad that Dorothy’s Ruby slippers never got a mention, they are afterall the most famous red shoes in history!

    • How true is that?!
      Yet another reason to revisit the colour RED again soon- I could pick less expensive shoes next time…just putting it out there!

  24. Slim,
    Love that you included the Streamliner. We just showed at the Amelia Island Concour in FL
    and the Streamliner was positioned next to us. What a sexy crazy car. I love the days when an individualist could realize his dreams.

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